Back in the restaurant Miya was watching all the injured people: Lucy, Faust, Kamiko, Margret, and Mutsu. Shi was doing his best to care for Nathan's crew. Miya spent her time near Mutsu. Mutsu, who was now conscious, smiled at Miya.

" How are you doing, sis? Haven't seen you in years. You sure have gotten beautiful. How much do those breasts weigh now?"

Miya grabbed Mutsu's hand. She squeezed his arm and twisted it. The white haired swordsman was already in so much pain that he howled.

" Ow! Goddammit!"

" Sorry," Miyu said. But Miyu wasn't really sorry. Mutsu had it coming the way he talked to her. Miyu then wrapped bandages around his right arm. " You seem better, Mutsu. When we were together you were always crying. I have thought you'd make it as a marine."

Mutsu saw the humor in Miyu's word. " Well I did have some help."

" You're very lucky that Daniel brought you back here. You could have died if he hadn't."

"I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time."

" Will you please listen, Mutsu. I know you hate pirates with a vengence, but please leave Razi and his friends out. They're good people. I can see it. They're only kids. You don't have to hunt them down."

" I'm afraid I have to, Miya. I have too because I get the same sympathy for pirates as I do my foster parents. I don't know how prickly your parents taught you, but mine have shown me no one is innocent. I am weak now but I will get stronger. And I will start with the swordsman Daniel. Before I can take all of them I will take care of the boy with the lions' rage."

" Then you've already lost. Daniel isn't one to give up. None of them are. They won't let you kill them. Whatever you throw at them will make them come back stronger than ever with a stronger thirst for fighting. Chasing them will only bring them closer to taking down the chairman of your marine association."

" If I become chairman... I'm going to make the pirates association my private property !"


Tears cascaded down both Nathan and Magare's eyes. Magare could feel the life force leaving him. Nathan was also sad. Razi saved his life and he couldn't save his. What kind of Pirate King was he?

" Remember..."


When Razi was a young boy - Razi was a wolf cub. A red wolf. When he was young he lost his mother and father. Now he was floating downstream in a cardboard box. Razi's voice was so small his voice was pique size. Was anyone going to save him?

Razi was saved by the most unlikely of hero. A bird swooped down and carried Razi out of the box. Its talons were squeezing into his stomach. The bird was carrying puppy Razi to its nest. But a bigger bird came down and swallowed the smaller bird. Razi fell from the birds tarsus into the ocean.

Razi fell into the ocean. Under the crushing water a giant fish nearly swallowed him. But before it did the shadows of hands pulled him out. Razi was now in a bucket being carried to the haul of a ship. The man was handsome. A lean, muscular, blonde-haired man with a rather sleepy look and some stubble around his chin. He was wearing a purple jacket and a light blue sash adorned with an elaborate golden-yellow belt around his waist. Dark gray knee-long pants and black sandals, and on his left leg he wears what appears to be some sort of straw decoration. On his chest was bare cross and crescent moon mustache symbol that resembles a dark blue silhouette of Whitebeard's Jolly Roger tattooed on it.

" I'm going to close your eyes," Marco said. " When I count to three you're going to open them and see the face of your new daddy." Marco put his hands on Razi's small eyes. And Marco kept them closed. " One. Two...Three." Marco let go of Razi's eyes. Razi opened his eyes; he saw the face of a smiling man with a warm heart. " Welcome to the world, Razi."

A young boy walked out of the haul. His hair was messy black, which almost reaches down to his shoulders, along with some strands pointing upwards on top of his head and a tuft obscuring most of his forehead. He has green eyes with sit pupils similar to that of a snake's. Wearing a long, black cape reaching down to his feet, with golden edges, a much lighter collar around his neck, and a white ribbon hanging down on his chest.

" Father!"

The green-eyed boy ran up to his father, Marco, and stared at the small body of Razi. He was so adorable. The way Marco cradled it reminded him when he used to be cradled by him. Marco rubbed his son's hair.

" Himura, this will be your new brother." X_X_X_X A month passed and raising Razi was hard. The young wolf was too rambunctious. But it was also Marco's fault; that didn't mean he was going just forget about it. Marco left the door open and Razi ripped everyone of his books.

" Razi, what did you do to my room!" Marco shouted. " Come here!"

Razi's ears folded back and his tail stuck between his legs. Razi knew he was in trouble so he didn't look at Marco. Marco grabbed Razi behind his neck and lifted him up to see the mess.

" Just look at what you did." Marco looked into Razi's eyes. They were sad. . " Don't give me that puppy dog face! I'm going to have to punish you." Razi made three whimpering noises. " Aw, don't cry, Razi. Tell you what. Find and bring me back three chickens and you'll be forgiven."

Razi licked Marco's face.


" Razi, come swim with me!"

Himura was swimming by the boat. Himura wanted to explore the island but Marco said he couldn't leave. He never allowed Himura to journey very far. Razi jumped into the ocean and swam to Himura, doggy paddle. Razi felt like a tiger swimming in the ocean to catch its tuna. But instead of eating the tuna Razi licked Himura's face with his sloppy tongue.

" Stop it, Razi! That tickles! Hahahaha!"

" Himura, time to come back onboard. Make sure to use the pulley to get Razi back on deck."

That was daddy calling. Himura had to listen to him. So Himura swam to the small boat with the pulley. Himura wasn't allowed to go through the water in it. It was for emergencies only. Such as if the boat caught fire they would swim to shore.

" Did you have fun, Razi," Himura asked. Razi nuzzled his nose against Himura's arm. " Good. Fun is good."


" Daddy, will you sing Razi and me a song?"

" I don't know. It's past your bed time."

" Please daddy."

" Alright."

" It is the fire within our souls.

Keep careful watch of your brothers' soul.

Know that deep inside those eyelids are just admirance.

Good-bye to passing season.

Say good-bye to...passing seasons.

This is life - our circle of admirance.

Sail through the seas.

Let the debris fall.

Those eyes will twinkle, there are lots of thorns in the dreams that I can open my eyes to see.

Trusting in people, finding the lies, and the tears are painful.

As long as the town has its way, I can't throw it away.

Keep careful watch over your brothers' soul.

This is the end...

Fire in the Mountain

Lonely in a room one boring afternoon, I raise that concealed face.

I hold close to me only those dreams that I can open my eyes to see.

Even if my heart is swayed by the blowing howling wind and battering rain.

Keep careful watch over your brothers' soul.

Keep careful watch over your brothers' soul.

" You two need to get too bed. G'night."

Himura was sleeping in a hammock. Razi was sleeping under him. Himura scratched Razi's back before he went to sleep. Tomorrow Himura would finally do it. He'd finally get to leave the island.


" Dad, can Razi and I leave the ship?"

" What for?"

" I was thinking we could explore the forest and look for treasure together. Please dad."

" Absolutely not! The forest is dangerous. I can't go with you boys today. I have things in town I have to pick up. You will stay in this ship. I permit you not to leave."



Marco left. Himura was trapped on the ship with nothing to do except play with Razi. Himura picked up a rubber ball and threw it to the mast. Razi would pick up the ball and carry it to Himura.

" This sucks!" Himura shouted " Why won't Daddy let us leave the ship?" Himura looked at Razi. He shuddered. " No, I'm not angry with you, Razi. I'm angry with Dad. It's just not fair..." Himura's voice had become so cold and icy; a second voice was inside of him. " Why do I have to live in a ship with a man who isn't my father?"

Razi felt something different about Himura. Something sinister. If Razi could talk he would stop the next idea Himura thought of. But he couldn't because he was a wolf and wolfs can't talk.

" You know what, you and I are leaving this ship, Razi. We're going into the woods and dad can't tell us what we can and can't do!"


Himura finally got to see the forest. It was beautiful. The Crepuscular rays sparked on his right side. And the animals - insects, reptiles, forest climbers - were magnificent. Himura was living in paradise.

" The tropics of this wood are aesthetical. Their so big here! We can do anything. I know, let's play catch." Himura pulled a rubber ball out of his cloak. " I brought the ball. Go get it, Razi!"

Himura threw the ball towards the forest. Razi scattered into the forest after the ball. The ball bounced into a bush so that's where Razi followed.

" Come back Razi," Himura said. " Don't go to far you dumb wolf."

Himura would never forget that sound. It clamped over his heart. He heard Razi crying. These tears of pain.

" Razi!" Himura ran to Razi's aid. Razi wouldn't cry like that unless he was hurt. Oh why didn't Himura listen to Marco and just stay in the boat? He arrived to see Razi being assulted by another wolf. This wolf was much bigger than Razi, meaner looking too, snowy gray fur, and scars all over its face. The wolf had its jaws around Razi's neck and squeezed the poor animal.

" Stay -" Himura picked up a stick and ran towards the wolf. " away -" Himura swinged the stick back and forth. The wolf let go of Razi's neck and growled. " from my -" Himura then leaped over the wolf. Himura let out a howl as he banged the stick against the wolf's head. " BROTHER!"

The wolf was beat. It must have been famished. No food in its gulch made it weak. The wolf ran away from Himura; he never wanted to see that awful creature ever again. Razi was injured. A large slat was opened on his neck and Razi shimmered from the cold air.

" Razi..."


In the entire time Himura knew Marco he was only violent two times. The first was now when he smacked Himura in his right cheek for disobeying him.

" You idiot!" Marco shouted. "How could you leave Razi to be bitten!"

Razi looked awful. His ruffled fur was wet from the blood dripping on his back. Razi was barely breathing.

" You have to help him, father," Himura said.

" I cannot," Marco said.

" What?" Himura said.

" The wolf that attacked Razi, its fangs were dappled with poison. The poisons already spread to his heart. The most he'll survive for is one day."

" There has to be a way to save him."

" There is." Marco brought a bag back too Himura. He opened the bag. An orange fruit, seedless, without a stem that had the apperance of a grape fruit. " On my travels away from the boat I found this. This is the Devil Fruit of Tony Tony Chopper. Hito Hito No mi Devil Fruit. It will transform Razi into a human."

" What are you waiting for?" Himura said. " Give it to him."

" There will be some side effects. For one he will never be able to go into water ever again..."

" It's fine! Give it to him."

" There's more. Razi is still young. His mind does not know its proper place. When he eats this fruit and becomes human he might forget ever being a wolf."

" Are you saying... he'll forget about us? But we're his family."

"I know."

" We saved him from the river and took care of him."

" I know."

" We played together...we fought together..."

" I know."

" He thinks of you as his father -"

" I KNOW!"

Marco almost let his regression control him. He almost smacked Himura again. But how could he? Himura was only saying the exact things Marco was thinking.

" I know. You shouldn't blame yourself for this, Himura, even though this is entirely your fault. No matter what form he takes he's still Razi. If there's anything you want to say before his transformation say it before he forgets."

What could Himura say? He was so nervous. However, Himura walked up to his best friend in the whole wide world Razi. Himura touched Razi's neck as he talked. His voice was slow, monotone, and hard to hear, but Razi understood him just fine.

" Razi...I'm right, even when I'm wrong, I'm always right. Make sure to eat lots of meat to grow strong bones, but don't forget to eat vegetables now and then even though you hate them. Try not to lose in anything you do. But even if you fail, find the fun in everything. Sleep in more. Be sure to bathe. And if you ever go your own way make sure to find plenty of friends. Don't just be friends with the first few people you met. Try to be friends with people like us: me and Marco."

" Is that all you want to say?"

" Yes."

Himura walked backwards beside his father. Marco brought the Devil Fruit to Razi's lips. The wolf hungrily sniffed the Devil Fruit and licked his lips. Razi ate the fruit. Not a piece of its disgusting, juicy texture.

" That didn't do anything!" Himura said.

" Patience," Marco said. " We'll see in the morning."


Morning. Marco and Himura walked into Razi's room. Sleeping in Razi's bed, naked as the day he was born, was a boy. This boy had Razi's fur, two pointy wolf ears, Razi's wolf tail, but he was a boy no less. His human hair was black as smoke and his nose was thin.

" Is that...Razi?" Himura asked.

" Himura, Razi needs more sleep. I'll take him."

Marco walked to the naked son. Marco didn't mind touching the naked boys body just like a father isn't afraid to look at his sons penis. Marco picked the boy up and carried him to the door.

" Himura," the boy said. There was no longer any doubt in his mind. This was Razi. The next thing he said teared Himura's heart. " I'm sorry I couldn't bring the ball back to you."

Marco opened the door and walked to Razi's bed. Himura was glad Razi was gone. He didn't want Razi to see all the waterworks running down his face. It would make him look weak.

Flashback End:

Now Magare felt just like Himura ten years ago. She clenched her hands and waterworks came out of her eyes. The same thing happened to Nathan. Why does everyone who's around him get hurt?

" You're a murderer!" Magare shouted. " Do you have any idea who've you just killed?"

" Another poser pirate," Suzuka smirked. " It's been so long since I killed a pirate. My sword arm is getting flabby."

" Who you killed was the greatest visionary I've ever met. All men should be live him." Magare still clenched her hands as she stood upright and howled at Sukuza." He has a passion you'll never have! Dream. Patience. Those are formalties that must be preserved. If you were going to kill anyone then kill me! Your attack was pointing at me!"

" Hahahaha!" Lota laughed. She was sitting on a hedge behind Sukuza. She was a witch. " What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? I don't know, but you look like a stupid kid when you cry! Hahahaha!"

" And who are you to challenge me?" Sukuza shouted. "I've conqured mortality itself. I've spat in the eyes of the Marine Lords! This is my realm now, I've sacraficed too much to let you take it from me!

" This is for Razi! Chi Chi No Bloody Scythes!"

Blood flew out from Nathan's wounds in his forearms and shaped itself into scythe blades before they quickly hardend. Nathan swung his left arm outwards and threw the scythe at Sukuza. The scythe would have chopped off Sukuza's neck, if a flower with a mouth didn't grow out. The scythe went towards the flower and it absorbed it.

" Thank you, poser. I was feeling a little weak...until you gave me the strength to walk again." It was a underdog of a fight. Nathan's attacks weren't working. Magare was traumatized. And Razi was dead. Nathan wanted to kill the bastard! Anyone who murders someone for no reason deserve to die! Nathan heard the cackling of Lota in his ears.

" Let me kill the black one, Sukuza!" Lota exclaimed. " I'll scratch his face off with my claws."

" I'm afraid that won't be necessary, Lota. I can handle both of them myself. All I need is another bow tree and all there blood will be mine."

" Blood," Nathan thought. " That's it." Nathan turned around and jolted towards Razi. Magare's tears were dripping over his face, until Nathan grabbed her arms. " Magare, I know how we can save Razi."

" What?"

" Think about it. He has no blood and I can manipulate blood. If I can refill his body with blood maybe Razi will come back to life. I'll need some time. Can you distract them long enough?"

" I can and will." Magare pulled Nathan's hands off her shoulder. But then she grabbed Nathan's hand so he could touch her heart...but really it looked like he was touching her breasts. There was fury in her eyes. " For Razi."

Nathan also banged his hand on his chest. " For Razi." It was a good plan. Sukuza, however, wouldn't give them the time of day to use their powers. He pondered which member he should suck the blood out of next.

" Hmm...I'm sorry, I can't decide which one of you I can suck the life out of next. I guess I'll just suck out both your blood."

" You can actually do that?" Lota said.

" I have enough power to wipeout the whole town - breakfast, lunch, and dinner- all of them will have to wait!"

Sukuza slammed his hands against the ground. More of the roots that sucked Razi's blood emerged. Nathan and Magare didn't have the speed to block his attack.

" Narukami!"

A large bolt projectile of lighting striked the branches. The branches ignited. They turned into mulch. Who coudl have done that? Nathan and Magare looked up on the roof of a house. Daniel and Jane were standing there.

" I told you we should have took a left," Daniel complained.

" We're here now, aren't we?" Jane shouted.

" I know you," Sukuza said. " Yes." Lota handed Sukuza a flyer. He showed it to Daniel and Jane. On the poster was Jane. Only half her face was covered with blood, her clothes were splattered with blood, and her old crew of bandits were standing behind her. " Fallen Angel Jane. You have a bounty of thirty million beli's."

" What?" Daniel said.

Jane found this hysterical. Daniel acted so tough around her but when he found out there was actually someone stronger than him he looked so pale.

" Hahahaha! I have a higher bounty than you, snowflake!"

Daniel and Jane jumped off the house and landed on their feet. Daniel glared at Jane. That bitch! Who did she think she was? Her bounty wasn't something. Daniel was sure he could get a high bounty if he put his mind to it.

" Oh yeah, well, if you're so strong why don't you fight the evil marine guy?"

" No problem. Rhythm Echo."

Jane used an assassination art. She walked around Sukuza eyeing him through her disheveled hair. Then a motion created an afterimage of her body through a varying cadence of steps. There is a total absence of noise during the movement and multiple phantoms appeared. Sukuza, Lota, Nathan, and Daniel didn't know which one was the real Jane.

" I can't believe it," Magare thought. " She actually knows that assassin technique? Can she move as fast as lightning?"

The real Jane, the one standing to the left of Sukuza, jumped out and attached him with her giant scythe. But Lota blocked her attack jumping in and transformed her hands into spears. She prepared to jab those spears into Jane, but Daniel used his swords to stop the attack.

" Let me get something straight," Daniel said. " I saved you because you promised to be on our crew. Are you going to live up to that promise?"

" Don't worry fool," Jane said. " We've entered into an alliance and I'm not the type to break it. Of course, after we win the battle I can't guarantee anything."

Daniel and Jane were giving Nathan and Magare the distraction they needed. Magare held Razi's head up with her hands, Kaya moved his legs with his tail to get the circulation moving, and Nathan bleed trickles of blood into Razi's mouth.

" He's still not breathing," Magare said.

" I know," Nathan said. " We'll need something to boost his circulation. But I don't know how -"

" I know of a way." Magare kissed Razi. Her lips went sideways and went straight into his mouth. Nathan was confused? How was kissing going to help? But Magare wasn't kissing. She was blowing air into Razi's mouth.

Jane was fighting Sukuza. She kicked him under his jaw. Sukuza retaliated punching Jane in her face.

" Rose Sweep!"

A whip-like rose with thorns appeared in Sukuza's hands. He swiped the whip at Jane's feet. But Jane leaped over Sukuza. Her hands accumulated with electricity.

" Thunder Palm!"

Jane smacked Sukuza with her lightning palm. The lighting spread all over Sukuza's face. Sukuza swiped his rose-whip at Jane, smackign her, and moving her away. Sukuza's face was covered in burning scorch marks. But it quickly faded from his face.

Daniel jumped in the air and curled his fingers to attack with his palms. Lota ducked one of Daniel's attacks, but she was hit with a knee in the gut. Lota grabbed Daniel's leg and threw him over her shoulder. Despite being a weak looking marine she was actually strong. Daniel landed on his hands then spun around and kicked Lota in the head.

Lota rushed at Daniel with one hand. Daniel bounced off the ground and for her to ram him. Daniel tried to jump over her, but was caught midair and slammed into the ground. Daniel coughed up blood. He was cut short as Lota stomped onto his stomach. Daniel held his stomach in pain, while Lota picked him up and tossed him into a building.

" Get back here!" Lota yelled as she began to rapidly punch Daniel who couldn't defend himself. He was unable to grab his swords.

" Tigress Kick!" Daniel yelled kicking Lota in the knee. Lota fell to one knee.

" Tiger Spinning Tornado!"

Daniel leaped in the air and kicked Lota across the head sending her flying.

" Didn't think I knew martial arts, did ya?" Daniel laughed. " Well I learned a little something from Momo. Jaō Shunsatsu!"

Daniel unsheathed Yoko Rashien. He slashed his sword diagonally upwards, unleashing several fiery cross-slashes that rip the around around him at once. But none hit Lota.

Sukuza is very taciturn and reflective. While fighting Jane, Jane bombared him with electricity. Sukuza blocked her attacks creating a wall of thorns around him. But al these attacks were wearing him out.

" You know what, I'm working too hard."

Sukuza was protected behind the wall of thorns. He takes a wooden effigy out of his yutaka. He takes a branch of leaves, weaves a netted decoration around the doll, and burns it in with a match. He drops the doll. The fire rages, amassing the auras, a beast from his powers. Sukuza's beast is a slender brown tree standing on six roots bent like spider legs. It has two zigzag indentations wrapped around its body from missing bark. There are two large, crooked horn-like gnarls on both side of its head, and another smaller gnarl on its forehead, with a tuft of green leaves in the middle and a large, menacing dark-red eye below them. Its are arms are held horizontally, thin upper arms and thick forearms, with missing rings of bark at the elbow and shoulder; a black shadow connects them. Each upper arm has a single small spike. The forearms have a small branch immediately before a large cuff of green foliage at the wrist, connected to hands with three wooden pincher spikes for fingers.

" Think Jane. Think. His creature is obviously made out of wood. What gets rid of wood? Fire. So all I have to do is shock and it'll burn."

Jane accumulated electricity into her fingers. She zapped at the big-eye monster tree. The leaves and shadows were scorched. But the creature didn't burn.

" It didn't work..."

" Only normal fire can burn through my wood creatures, if that's what you were thinking."

" How did he know what I was thinking?"

" Now that you're trapped everyone will see an angel die..."

A small projectile went straight through the wood monsters stomach. The inside of the monster burned. Whatever was inside of that bullet was explosive and ignited on contact.

" What?"

Jane knew who fired that bullet. She turned around. Standing on the same building she and Daniel were standing was Jen and Momo. They actually came. They came to help her.

" Hi," Jen said. " Sorry we didn't show up until now, but we heroes are always fashionably late."

" Daniel, Jane, are you alright?" Momo asked.

" We're just fine thanks to you," Jane smiled.

Jen was holding his two revolvers. One had recently been fired. Smoke was blowing out of the gun. Sukuza was afraid of him. Fire. Fire could spread over the trees and burn them. If Jen shot him he'd burn alive faster than he could say "Ah".

" A man who can unleash fire?" Sukuza pointed at Lota. She was still hurt from Daniel's Tornado Kick but Sukuza didn't care. " Lota attack the guy with the guns!"

" Yes, Sukuza."

" Uh-oh."

Lota lunged towards Jen. Jen ran as fast as he could away from her. Jen ran down the streets with Lota chasing after him.

" Jen, come back!" Momo shouted.

" Look's like your velvet is gone," Sukuza smirked. " Now you shall feel my ultimate power. The Over Growth."


Lota never ran so fast before. Keeping up with Jen was hard. Jen was fast and had a lot of stamina. It was almost like he could never get tired.

" How does he move so fast?" Lota thought. " We've run around the whole town twice and he hasn't even slowed down. Is he some kind of super human track star?"

" Good," Jen thought. " If I turn a right now I'll lose here. Then I'll get back to the guys. I'll tell them I beat this girl with my..."

" Jen, success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

" Dad..."

What was Jen thinking? He wasn't a coward. He was going to be like his dad; dad a noble warrior of the sea. And noble warriors of the sea don't run away from anything. Jen slid to a halt and thrust his revolvers towards Lota.

" You want a piece of me!" Jen shouted.

" Yeah!" Lota shouted.

" Then come get me!"

Jen fired two caliber bullets at Lota. Lota moved her fiery pink head under the bullets. Lota then transformed her right hand into a wooden spear and jabbed it into Jen's stomach. Jen's stomach twist and he was pushed to the ground.

" Ha, you missed me!"

It was official. Jen wasn't as sharp of a shooter as his father. But he still had his Devil Fruit powers. His soul travelled from his shell and entered the knife. The knife went into her back. Lota howled at the top of her lungs. The knife wasn't sharp enough to kill her. She yanked the knife out of he leg, but was hit by a chair leg.

" What is this?"

It didn't take Lota long to destroy the leg. She transformed her right arm into a meat grinder and smashed it. Lota was so angry. The worst thing she say was Jen standing before her.

" You're responsible for this. Somehow you were able to control those objects. But how did you do it." Jen didn't answer Lota. He just stared at her with fierce eyes. " Tell me!"

Lota transformed both her hands into spears. Lota crossed the spears before she attacked Jen. She lunged at him and struck both her spears into Jen's throat. Jen exploded. Lota felt like five men punched her in the stomach. In the aftermath Jen was standing above her. He was offering his hand to her.

" How did you do that?"

There was a long pause between Lota and Jen. But Jen finally ha the will to speak. " I have the power to control inanimate objects. But I can also talk to spirits of deceased people that come from the Other World and appear in visible forms to haunt the livings. What I used is called my Ghost Kamikaze attack. This one adopted the same personalities as me and explode the moment you touch them." Lota thought about how she was going to attack Jen. He was in a false sense of security. He believed she needed his help. He was right - she needed his help of killing him. Lota transformed her right arm into an axe.

" I will cut your head off and bring it to Sukaza if it' the last thing I do."

Lota got back on her feet and prepared to hack Jen's head off. But something seemed different about Jen. His hair was pointed in a single shoot. One of his ghost spirits were possessing him.

" Dead Wave!" A voice, definitely not Jen's, boomed through the town.

Jen sends a wave of ghosts rushing toward Lota, splitting everything in its path, including the very ground itself. Lota quickly covered her face with her axe. The dark waved bounced off the axe and hit the ground.

Lota tried charging at him again. She swings at him, but Jen jumps out of the way from Lota. He had a birthright. Some new kind of speed was given to him from being possessed. then he jumps back.

" Genesis Zero!"

He charged green darkness energy on his fingers and summons thousands of black phantoms to strike at Lota. She was tapped to the point of her being engulfed completely by their sheer numbers alone.

" I thought he was the weakest member of the crew. But he's not. He's strong."

Lota was able to break out of the darkness. She could hear the ringing of those ghosts in her ears. Jen extends his hand forward, creating a multitude of hands, composed of dark energy, trying to grab the target.

" Darkness Stream!"

Hundreds of hands punched her at once. Lota saw hundreds - no, thousands of faces circling her. She was then thrown out of the circle.

" He's too good..."

Lota lost. She didn't have any power left to fight. A pirate would take her own life. She deserved to die. Losing...she cold never be with Mutsu or Sukuza. Jen returned to his original self. His sweet self. Jen sat crossed legged next to Lota, pointed at the birds that fluttered over them, and laughed. Lota had never seen a pirate laugh before. She actually enjoyed his company. Maybe even more than Mutsu or Sukuza. What have they ever done for her?


" Nathan, we need to bring Razi back now," Magare said.

" I'm trying the best I can!" It didn't work. Nathan nearly donated all his blood into Razi. But it didn't work. " Razi, I don't know if you can hear me, but I want you to know you're a friend of the Blood Pirates. And I wouldn't mind having you as my rival for the Blood Pirates. That's why you can't be dead. You can't because both of us have to reach the Grand Line together. It's our dream."

Daniel, Momo, and Jane gathered around Razi. It was a tragic end for such a good person. Momo wished Jen was here to witness this. Daniel and Jane were crying. Daniel pat Momo's left shoulder.

" Momo, your my friend too," Daniel said. " I love you, man. You're a brother to me, bro."

" Thanks, bro," Momo said. " And Jane, will you be our sister in this fight?"

" I don't know," Jane said. Then she shrugged." Oh, what the hell. Better hitched than dead I always say."

Jane, Momo, and Daniel made a line. This was their last stand. They were joined by Magare. She pulled out her bow and quiver and raised it to Sukuza's head.

" I, Magare M Marguerite, will fight with the...what's the name of your pirate crew?"

They didn't know. Razi never told them what their name was. I guess that would be something to write on his deathbed: " here lies Razi, the captain of the no name pirates"

" Whatever it is, we're glad you'll fight with us," Daniel said. " What do you have to say about that, Suzuka?"

Sukuza wasn't impressed. So what if they had four pirates. It didn't change anything. Sukuza pulled a flower out of his yutaka. He was about to unleash his ultimate weapon.

" Okunen Ju!"

His powers transformed the plant into a spear. And then striking the ground with a spear, a large number of bamboo spikes burst out of the ground and impaled Nathan, Magare, Jane, Momo, and Daniel. The spears wrapped around all of them. They were completely incarcerated and defenceless, even Nathan.

" I am wilderness. I am forest. I am...death!"

Nathan tried controlling blood out of his body to fire at Sukuza. It didn't work. Nathan couldn't use his powers. Magare couldn't fire from her bow. Momo couldn't swing his pipe. Daniel couldn't swing his swords. And Jane couldn't accumulate electricity. Sukuza transformed leaves into two chakrams. He was on his way to kill Razi.

" Sleep well, Wolf Fang Razi. These dreams will be your last."

" You monster!" Magare shouted. " You're going to kill a helpless person who can't protect himself?"

" Yes. Everyone in my dojo were helpless against Wyrm, but that tyrant did kill all of them. And he kept me alive.." Sukuza took off his yutaka. Dozens of leaves and pinecones fell out of his yutaka. He showed all of them a big hideous scar." To suffer." X_X_X_X Razi was living another one of his memories. This one was a dream. In this dream he was in a blank area without trees, river, ground, just a big empty space. And he was there with his dad Marco.

"New eras don't come about because of swords, they're created by the people who wield them. If you're to become King of the Pirates then you'll need to learn how to swing a sword, Razi."

" What am I, father?"

" You're pure of heart - but so are fools. All our lives have a beginning and an end. No-one can change that. We once fought together for an ideal with our swords. It wasn't for power or for glory, but to create a peaceful world where people could live without fear. And, if you should forget about that, then what did we fight the revolution for?"

" Why must I become King of the Pirates, father?"

" Are you feeling forlorn, Razi?"

" No. I want to help the world. But everyone I come across is rotten."

" Do you want to kill them, Razi? You'd be doing the devil's handiwork."

" I thought I made it clear, I have no desire to take anyone's life, no matter what the reason. And also, I'm sure I'm not the devil! But I lost. Does that mean I'm wrong about trying to change the world?"

" Razi, Suzuka's logic dictates that the winner of a battle, in other words, the strong, is always correct, that it does. If the truth could be discovered by winning one or two battles, then we'd all go through life without ever being wrong. A person's life isn't so simple a matter, that it isn't. The true answer is something you find out yourself by how you live your life from this day forward, that it is."

" I think I get it now. You train a dog with food. You can buy a person with money. But there isn't a man alive able to influence the Wolf of Me."

" Yes. You are you are. Razi, over time you'll gain new powers. You might even be as powerful as me. But don't let that go to your head. No matter how powerful you become you're still a human being. And you have friends. People who rely on you. Your anima, the thing that connects everyone's spirits, is what draws people to you. Razi, live your own life. Stay the life as a wolf. Stay the life of a human. You are you are. You are my son. Have you remembered everything Himura told you?"

Razi nodded. He understood now what he had to do. His vindictiveness was his strongest point. He was going to go back and help everyone.

" I am a wolf. I am a human. I am Wolf Fang Razi. And I love to fight."


Sukuza raised his chakram over his head. All it would take was one slash into his jugular and Wolf Fang would be dead.

" Now my opponent will feel the roots of my power!"

Sukuza slashed his chakram's towards Razi's throat! Magare, Daniel, Momo, and Nathan screamed. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Razi's hands grabbed the chakram. Two strong feet pushed into Sukuza's chest sending him flying. Razi was awake. He stood upright and smiled his canines.

"If you require an opponent, I will fight you. If you want to taste the ground, feel free to attack me."

" Razi!"

Sukuza was filled with much turmoil. One swift kick couldn't finish him. He did bleed from his nose however. Sukuza wiped the blood off his nose.

" This is what training brings you?" Sukuza pulled two more chakram's out of his yutaka. He threw them at Razi. ZOOM! Razi quickly put on his boxing gloves and punched the chakrams. Both of them transformed into harmless leaves and blew away from the breeze. (des). " Ha! All that training...I see a little potential in you."

Hey, I'll have you know that I almost really did kick the bucket during that training, so don't you dare sum it all up in one word, even if it is a nice one like 'potential'."

" Rose Darts!"

Sukuza threw his darts at Razi. These one's had the same poison toxins that hit Nathan. But Razi used his speed to catch the darts. They rolled off his hand and bounced against the ground.

" Hmm. Very good. But let's try something wider. Petals and Thorns!"

Sukuza unleashed his razor-sharp whirlwind of roses. They blew towards Razi. But Razi disappeared, reappeared beside the roses. Using his speed, he pummeled the roses with rapid speed with his boxing gloves. The razor-sharp petals transformed into regular petals that fell on Razi's feet.

"Even your dark skinned friend couldn't dodge that. I don't give a damn about my life. But, if I have to die, I sure ain't going alone! I'll be dragging you all the way down to hell with me!"

Razi morphed into his half-beast form and dove at Sukuza. His claws cleaved straight through his body waist. Razi stumbled onto the other side. He turned around to see Sukuza's body cut in half. " I didn't mean cut through you! You were just doing your job! And I cut you in half, and I'm sorry! I'll tell everyone that you were a brave marine!"

Sukuza's body transformed into grass. His two halves reattached and formed Sukuza's original body. " You can't kill me! Your friends couldn't kill me! I'm made entirely out of plants! I transformed into grass the instant you attacked. Your attack didn't even faze me. Plant Shuriken!"

Sukuza lobbed three flowers towards Sukuza. The flowers flattened and became flat discs with five razor sharp blades sticking out.

" Wolf!" shouted Razi as he was running towards Sukuza. His hybrid form shrunk until it was the normal size of a wolf. The three flower discs whizzed over Razi's head. Razi jumped up onto Sukuza forcing the marine to the ground. Razi opened his mouth and took a large chunk of skin from Sukuza's side. Razi heaved green molecules of grass out. " Blah! You taste like vegetables!"

" We're free!" Momo screamed with joy. Sukuza was so distracted he didn't even notice his plant failing him.

" We're nuances again," Jane said.

" Now we can help Razi," Magare said. " Let's go," Nathan said.

" Stop," Daniel said. " Razi doesn't need our help."

" How can you be so heartless?" Magare said.

" It's not being heartless. Wolves hunt in packs; the omegas distract the pray so the alpha can go in for the kill." The wound in Sukuza's skin morphed into flowers and expanded until it was fully healed. Grass dripped from his hand as it formed a long three-foot blade. " Swordplay isn't my forte, but we marines use any weapons as long as it gets the job done."

Sukuza ran towards Razi unleashing barrage of slices. He sliced one after another. Each swipe Razi jumped in different directions. The grass sword cleaved above Razi's head. But Razi rolled to the side avoiding the final blow. The sword in Sukuza's sword melted away the grass then a chakram appeared. " Come back here and fight me like a man!"

Sukuza threw the chakram towards Razi. Razi turned around and shouted, " I'm not a man! I'm an animal -" The chakram went right into Razi's mouth as his head leaned back. All of Razi's friends - Daniel, Momo, Jen, Jane, Magare, and Nathan - gasped as they thought Razi's head was cut clean off. But Razi leaned forward with the chakram still in his mouth. The chakram crumbled into tiny metal pieces and Razi unleashed a powerful scream. " Yeeeeoooooow!"

Sukuza morphed his right hand into a spear. He didn't care how much pain Razi was feeling. He jabbed the spear at Razi. Razi, recovered, dodged it and grabbed onto it with both his hands.

" What are you thinking carrying weapons?" Razi said. " Weapons are very, very bad." Razi broke the spear in half. He threw the top piece away. " There."

Sukuza was growling like a wild animal. Everything about Razi was infuriating. He couldn't delve with the four unlucky bastards that follow him. He transformed his spear into a hammer. Sukuza brought it straight down, Razi jumped back avoiding the blow. Razi ran towards Sukuza delivering one punch to his jaw. Razi dove in and unleashed several strikes onto Sukuza's body, but all of them just went through the grass.

Then blue wings sprouted out behind Sukuza's back. Sukuza took to the air. It wasn't wings that were enabling him to fly. Behind Sukuza was a giant four-sided flower. Razi was petrified.

" What's the matter?" Sukuza smirked. " Afraid of butterflies?"

" H-How did you know!" shouted Razi.

" You think the Admiral Five are the only ones who have intel on you? You should be wary of your friends. One of them is working for us."

" I don't believe you! Don't you dare accuse any of my nakama of working for you!"

" Oh, whoever said it was a member of your crew. Our spy has been reporting to us since the moment you lead them back to your pirate hideout. Since you led them to the execution sight. Even when you saved her from certain death. Why don't you stand up and take a bow, Magare."

All eyes turned to Magare. She was just as surprised as everyone. She a traitor? Magare seemed so sweet and caring before? But was it all just an act. Daniel, Momo, and Jane unsheathed their weapons and held them up to Magare's neck.

" He's lying!" she cried. " I've never met this man before in my life!"

" And yet you knew exactly who I was," said Sukuza. " There's no need to hide it any longer, Magare. She's one of us. Duh. What, you think that innocent frightened girls just lie in the street waiting for their Prince Charming to appear. It was all an act."

" I am a Kuja!" shouted Magare. " A Kuja would never betray her friends!"

" Kuja? Except you're not a pure Kuja. Isn't it true that your people banished you from your island? That you were unwelcomed by any of them?"

" Yes but -"

" Pure and innocent? There's no such thing in this century. All women are liars and cheaters. They leech the life out of you and -"

" Shut up!" shouted Razi. " Magare isn't like that!" Razi turned to Magare. She was scared but Razi's smiling face was nectar to her troubled heart. " Magare is very kind-hearted and polite, although a bit naïve. She is a sun vegetable. She's warm and caring on the outside and has a good heart. Everyone knows she's a good person. Daniel, Momo, Jen, Jane, Nathan, and me. Even if she was a spy all along I don't care. She's still my friend."

" Razi..."

" You're such a sap," Sukuza growled. " A wannabe pirate. There's a place for wannabe pirates like you. Its called Impel Down."

" I'm not a wannabe pirate. I will be the greatest pirate I the world!" A small yellow pellet fell out of Sukuza's hair. Razi, seeing the pellet, picked it up and brought it to his mouth. " Ooh, candy." Razi stuck the pellet into his mouth and chewed on it. Daniel, Momo, Jane, Magare, and Nathan were trying to tell Razi to " spit it out" but he already swallowed it. " Yuck! This candy tastes awful!

" That wasn't candy, you idiot!" Sukuza shouted," it was a Rumble Ball! For years we've been trying to duplicate the Rumble Ball of the ingenious Tony Tony Chopper. And you just ate one of our failed experiments."

" Failed?"

" The last person who ate it ended up in a comatose condition!

" For God's sake Razi,"shouted Nathan, " spit it out!"

But it was too late. Razi had already transformed. He was no longer in his hybrid form. This form was more slender. And his wolf ears stuck in his head. His claws had expanded. Razi felt great power surging through him. He was ready to fight. Sukuza flew straight down with his Parrot Sword in his hands but it was cut into several chunks with a simple swift of Razi's claws. Sukuza jumped back avoiding another swipe from Razi's claws that would have decapitated him.

" Claw Blitz!"

Razi covered his arms in front of his face and his body suddenly becomes engulfed in his fingernails. Razi soared straight at Sukuza like a missile. While flying towards him only his head can be seen, and his body covered in spiraling nail. Razi slammed straight into him. Sukuza fell too the ground. His fingernails dripped with roots that cushioned his fall.

Sukuza threw more rose darts at Razi. Razi ducked and dodged. He was catching his breath behind a building. " I need to become something stronger," Razi thought. " Big...Think big..."

Sukuza threw a small boulder-like flower at Razi. The boulder exploded into plaster chips. Sukuza stood back watching him. Waiting for the smoke to clear he'd make another shot. The shadowy outline was all he could see. But this form was big...too big for any of Razi's previous forms. Jane shuddered thinking Razi was going to transform into his werewolf form again.

The smoke soon cleared. Razi was standing there. His hair was much shorter in this form. His legs were also longer. His claws were now nearly gone as just mere stubs rested on the ends of his fingers. His wolf ears were back, but his snout had almost vanished from his face. " Wow! I feel great! I feel great!"

" I was wrong," Sukuza said. " You're not a wannabe pirate. You're just an idiot."

" Not as big of an idiot as your! Beast Hammer!"

Razi's body vanished instantly into a black blur. Before Sukuza could even use an attack the black blur was right up underneath him. Razi launched several punches at high speed into Sukuza's body. Sukuza didn't even have time to turn to grass before his attack. His chest was swollen and badly bruised.

" That's it!" Sukuza shouted. " PLAYGROUND!" Vines started to spread out from Sukuza's feet overwhelming the floor. Razi found himself stuck in place. He looked down at his feet. Sukuza's vines had firmly wrapped around his legs and was holding him in place. Sukuza took out another chakram. " Die!" Sukuza drove his chakram deep into Razi's chest opening up another wound. Razi regressed to his human form.

" Die?" Razi grasped the chakam. " If I die here my dream and my father's dream die, too. That isn't going to happen! Not here or now!" Razi broke his legs out of the vines and slammed his foot into Sukuza's groin. Sukuza smirked as his groin area was pure flower.

" You can't beat me! I am invincible!" shouted Sukuza, " Any attack you hit me with will just be useless. I'll just grow from the smallest seed!"

" Fine! I'll squash you whole! Five-Form Melee! Human!" Razi jumped back another few feet. " Beast!" Razi morphed into his beast form and ran at Sukuza. He bit and tore a chunk of grass off of Sukuza's leg and kept going until he was on the other side. " Hybrid!" Razi morphed into his hybrid form and tackled Sukuza throwing him drastically off balance. Razi jumped into the air. " Speed!" Razi changed into his latest form. He started punching Sukuza's body driving him closer to a building with every single blow that landed. Razi was about to deliver the finishing blood, however, his body abruptly transformed into his human form.

" Looks like your minutes are all used up."

Sukuzu used his Rose Sweep attack to trip Razi. Razi fell hard against his back. Then Sukuzu got on top of him with a chakram in his arm. Sukuzu was about to decapitate Razi.

" Good-bye, Wolf Fang Razi."

" No, Razi!"

Magare rushed in to help Razi. Her both gave Razi enough time to push Sukuzu off. Magare lunged towards Razi and grabbed him. Her body glowed. The light covered Razi and Magare. When the light faded a new figure emerged. A canine man, with fur predominately brown and yellow. It possesses a short, round spike on the back of each forepaw, in addition a third on his chest. He has a long snout and ears. He possesses cream-colored fur on his torso, and blue fur on his thighs that resemble shorts. It has developed four small black appendages on its head.

" Is that...Razi?"

Sukuza sensed an uncomfortable aura looking into the brown-yellow humanoid wolf's eyes. He sprouted a large flower behind his back. Sukuza spun his body around. The scary face of yellow eyes with red pupils staring at him. Razi was undaunted by it.

" What's the matter? I thought you were afraid of butterflies."

The brown-yellow furred wolf strided slowly towards Sukuza. Sukuza was daunted. He slammed his hands against the ground. Sukuza's body becomes outlined in green and he slams his hands into the ground. Giant roots with spikes on them come out of the ground and strike Razi. Flames engulfed Razi's body and burned the roots away.

" Bone Crush!"

Razi puts his paws together and spreads them apart, creating a light green bone of energy. He hit Sukuza with it.

" Power-Up Close Combat!"

Razi repeatedly attacked Sukuza with a lightning fast barrage of open-handed strikes with both of his hands. After the attack, he lets out a deep breath and his arms shake. Sukuza was beaten to a bloody pulp. Blood splattered from Sukuza's nose and dripped over Razi's eyes. Sukuza couldn't believe he was losing.

" This is not possible!"

" Sukuza..." Razi grabbed Sukuza by the collar of his yutaka and raised him off the ground. " You have threatened the lives of hundreds of pirates. And you have threatened the lives of innocent people." Razi raised Sukuza over his head like a ballerina and span him around. Sukuza was a tornado in Razi's hands. Razi wasn't going to kill him. But he never wanted to see his face again! " Begone!"

Razi threw Sukuza with his almighty strength. Sukuza screamed the entire way. Something in Razi told him this wouldn't be the end of Sukuza, but at least he was gone with him. Razi felt tremendous pain in his ribs. He lost balance and fell on his hands and knees. He was speaking too his mind.


" Hey, Himura, don't even think about peeping on us!"

" Trust me, I won't. Do you see anyone worth peeping at around here?"

Yume clocked him. She talked to Kaho, brightly. " Come on, legs go!"

" Even though I said I wouldn't...I'll do I because she said not to."

Himura waited until Yume and Kaho were in the bath house. He snuck in through the door...splashed with a bucket of water in his face. Yume and Kaho were standing there, holding buckets, their chests covered in towels, laughing.

" Too easy!" Yume laughed. " You idiot, you expect that with all these boys around we'd *actually* bathe naked?" X_X_X_X Razi was in a void with Magare. Her body was transparent. She was nothing but an image in Razi's eyes. Razi touched Magare's arm but it shattered like glass.

" I have to go now," Magare said. " My time on this Earth has perished. I have to go to where I belong."

" No, you were suppose to join my crew, Magare!" Razi cried. " You're just going to leave me along?"

" You're not alone Razi. You'll always have Daniel and Momo and Jen and Jane. Razi just promise me one thing."

" What's that?"

" That when you become King of the Pirates that you'll always be a kind pirate king."

" Yes. A king pirate king."

Magare smiled. Her smile was worth a thousand daggers, which she could not have because she was dying. " And please take care of Kaya. He means so much to me and I love him. His favorite food is squirrels. Be sure to stroke his back one hundred times a day. He's afraid of the dark so be sure to let him sleep on your lap. If he wants to coil around your left arm, that just means he cares about you."

Magare rose off the ground. Razi tried to pull her back down, but his arms just went through her. She was a ghost. And she was moving to her next life.

" Good-bye, Razi."


In the real world, Razi was standing over a pile of stardust shaped out to look like Magare. Magare's pet boa, Kaya, was looking at the stardust and hissed. Tears cascaded down Razi's eyes. Tears also cascaded down the eyes of Momo, Jane, Nathan, but not from Daniel. He could never cry. Jen showed up but did say a word because he saw Razi was crying. But Daniel walks up to Razi and rubs his back.

" It's not your fault, Razi," said Daniel. " It' not your fault."


Three days later

Razi promised Nathan he wouldn't leave him until every member of his crew recovered. Three days later, the crew are about to sail away. Razi was onboard the ship spending time taking care of Kaya. Jane is watching them.

" Will he ever be okay?" Jane said to Daniel.

" I'm sure he'll be fine," Daniel replied. " He's not going to be that way forever. Depression just isn't his style."

Daniel and Jane heard Momo hollering towards them. They ran towards the mast head and saw Momo walking towards their board. He waved to them carrying a giant bag.

" Permission to come aboard," Momo said.

" Permission granted."

Momo walked onboard the ship. He unloaded tossing the bag over his shoulder.

" What do you got in the bag, Momo?" Jane asked.

" Just something to keep us warm." Momo pushed the bag to the ground. Rolled up blankets rolled out of him. There were hundreds of them. " Ta-da."


" Of course not. I bought them from a real tailor. By the way, where's Jen?"

" He had some business he needed to take care of," Jane said.


Jen was with Nathan and the rest of his crew. The rest of his crew - Faust, Kamiko, Lucy, Margret - they were all healed. It was all thanks to Jen. He helped them by giving them herbs and medicines that protected them from sickness and helped their clotting. In just three days they were ripe as ran.

" You know what," Jen said shaking the hand of Nathan. " You'd make an excellent doctor. Your blood transfusions really helped them out."

" Well I owe thanks to you as well," Nathan said. " I would never been able to heal them if you didn't get your ghosts to fetch all those healing herbs."

" Thanks. What I lack in medical expertise, my ghosts never fail."

" Oh Jen."

Jen turned around. It was Miya and Shi showing up to say their farewells to him.

" I thank you for all your hard work. And as a thank you -"

" You'll take away my debt?" Jen asked hopefully.

" Oh no, the debt is still there." The giant visage appeared over Miyu's head. This time Jen didn't shudder. " You still have to pay back every beli you owe me before you die. I was just giving you these bento's for you and your friends, charge free."

" Oh, thank you."

" There's something else I wanted to tell you?"

" What's that?"

" I spoke to Mutsu yesterday. Apparently he, Lota, and Hansel left to gather more marine help. As for Eiza and Suzuka...he has no information about them. But I wanted you to know Mutsu will have to deal with me before he can ever reach you."

" Uh, thank you."

Jen walked to the members of the Blood Pirates and shakes their hands. But because Jane was perverted he rubbed his face over the hands of the three girls - Lucy, Kamiko, Margret - until he reached Nathan.

" I wanted to wish you luck on your way to the Grand Line, Nathan. I'm sure you'll find lots of exciting adventures there."

" Thanks, but we're not going to the Grand Line."

" You're not?"

" No, first we need to get supplies in another town. Your captain may have beat me to the Grand Line but I will beat him at being King of the Pirates."

Jen grinned. Nathan grinned. The two boys grasped each others hands so hard their muscles bulged out. Nathan gave Jen a heartwarming smile and Jen gave Nathan a heartwarming smile.

" We'll see about that."


" Cast off!"

Daniel and Jane pulled up the anchor. It was time for time to depart. Momo was in charge of the helm. Razi stood in the Crow's Nest watching Logue Town on the horizon. Razi gently stroke the head of Kaya. After the three days Razi spent with Kaya, Kaya had grown very fond of Razi. Not as fond as Magare though. Razi still had some work with it.

" But what about Jen?" Momo said. " Are we just going to leave him here?"

" If Jen wanted to come with us then he should've stayed with the group," Jane said. " Not that I care. He's probably in some brothel working whatever magic he has on the girls there -"

" Hey guys!"

They all look up and see Jen on a hill. He was smiling at them.

" Jen!" Everyone shouted.

Jen runs down the hill and makes his way towards the boat. When Jen reached the harbor he jumped. He gave his jump everything he had. But he didn't jump high enough. " Ahhhhhhhh!" Jen almost fell into the water, but Momo races down and catches him.

" I got you!" shouted Momo.

" Yeah, but who's got you?" shouted Jen.

Momo tripped. Both Momo and Jen fall into the water. However, before they hit the water a small circle of ice appeared and they fall on it. Daniel and Jane are surprised.

" Ice?" Jane thought. " Who do I know has ice powers?"

Daniel and Jane turn around. They couldn't believe who they saw. It was Eiza of the Admiral Five. She was wearing casual clothes. She was tall, slim, young woman with an ample bust. Simple, round metal bracelet were on her right wrist. She still had that Marine cap over her long blue hair. She sported a white shirt, which left her abdomen and forearms exposed, decorated by a wavy blue motif, and tied in a knot below her chest, which was exposed by the shirt and covered in a dark bikini top, with white edges flanked by wavy, protruding hollow trimmings. Black capri pants were help up by a tighter-fitting, lavender belt adorned by red heart, and high-heeled sandals.

" You!"

Daniel and Jane raise their weapons. Daniel raised his swords while Jane raised her scythe. They charge at her and prepare to slice her, but she traps them in a block of ice each. Daniel and Jane couldn't move. The only thing the can do was speak.

" Put your toys away, kiddies," said Eiza. "I didn't come here to fight you."

" Then why are you here?" Jane said through the ice.

Eiza didn't answer Jane. She just stared at Jane with her icy cold eyes. She then walked up to Razi.

" Wolf Fang Razi, you know what you did?"

" What?"

Eiza stared at Razi with those cold eyes for a good long minute. Then all of those cold expressions on her face disappeared.

" I want to join your crew."

" WHAT!?"


Eiza was hemorrhaging too quickly. Eiza coughed blood through her mouth. It wouldn't be long before she died.

" Is this what death feels like? I don't want to die. All I ever wanted was to see the Partas Land and all its people one last time."

Eiza saw a glowing spirit moving towards her. In that glowing spirit she saw the face of Magare. Magare, a spirit of energy just flying overhead, smiled at Eiza. She was going to save her.

" I have come to help, lost soul. For I was sent by Wolf Fang Razi to save one benevolent soul."

" What?"

The glowing spirit of Magare illuminated through Eiza's dark vision. Her wounds, her bleeding, everything healed back inside of her. She was alive and breathing normally again. And she was saved by Wolf Fang Razi. Even though she swore he was an enemy, she was going to make it up to her.


" So you see, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be alive today. Let me repay your kindness by being your nakama."

Jane and Daniel shattered out of the ice and moved towards Razi. Both shouted at the top of their lungs in his normal human ears.

" Razi, you can't seriously let this girl join you!" Daniel shouted. " She's a GIRL!"

" Yeah, and she's evil!" Jane shouted. " She attacked me and Lucy and she -"

" Okay...welcome to my crew."

" WHAT!?"

Daniel angrily shook Razi. " What the hell are you thinking?!"

" I don't know. It's the first time someone asked to join my crew without me having to ask and I guess I just got excited."

Jen and Momo, the two comedy pair, climbed back onto the ship. They walked towards Eiza preparing to back her up.

" This girl is a demon!" Daniel yelled. " The moment she turns her back she'll stab us with a pike!"

" There was literally a million chances where I could have killed you," Eiza said. " But I didn't because when someone saves my life I pay them back a hundred times."

" Yeah, and she saved us," Jen said. " If it weren't for her Momo and I -"


Kaya slithered off Razi's arm and slithered up to Eiza. Eiza was completely fine with the snake. Eiza liked animals. They were her virtue. Kaya rubbed his head against Eiza's arm as Eiza giggled at the snake. Jane was seeing a side of Eiza she never thought she had.

" Kaya likes her," Razi said. " That's got to count for something."

Eiza clenched her hands. The inside of her palms glowed blue. Eiza sprayed the edge of the boat with ice forming a slid.

" And she built us a slid," Momo said. " No one's ever built us a slid!"

Time went quickly by. Razi, Jen, and Momo were having fun with Eiza. Momo went down the slid, fell into the ocean, and slid the slid again waving his arms side by side. Eiza soon covered the whole deck with snow. Razi took time to build a snowman out of the snow. Eiza also animated live snow birds, small birds made of ice, into the air for Jen to shoot. It was so much fun. But Daniel and Jane were standing by the mast watching her.

" No matter what she says, don't trust any of it," Daniel said.

" Right."

" Hey Jane," Razi said. " Look at this."

Jane turned around and looked at Razi. His ears were covered in snow that looked like panda ears. And he was wearing a diaper made of ice. Jane couldn't help laughing how ridiculous Razi looked.

" Hahahaha!"

" Snowball fight!"

Momo, Jen, Razi, and Jane got into a snowball fight. Snow powdered the deck with Eiza making it snow. She circled her finger around glowing blue. Everyone was having fun, but Daniel. Daniel walked up to the helm and stirred it.

" I did not sign up for this."


Outside the desert city of Alabasta, Umbrage stood outside a cave. In that cave was Umbrage's master. Two giant red eyes glowed from the darkness.

" Welcome back, Umbrage," a deep voice bellowed in the cave. Umbrage was silent " Do you still hate all humans?" Umbrage nodded his head. " Is there one human you've found to be more satisfactory than the rest of these mortals?"

" Yes I have."

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