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  • 76qaBIXBY

    So, with so much great characters, one has to be the best. This month, user's will vote on other pages by different creators. After let's say, 5 votes are in the comments, the voting period will begin with all the suggestions being on the list. The winner will get bragging rights and a tylerelman certificate of happiness. meaning that he will not be angry at you. 

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  • 76qaBIXBY


    October 13, 2018 by 76qaBIXBY

    so, i realized that theres no one piece fanon wiki discord. so i created it. in the server, my names rain of the rain and to join just ask me and tell me your ID, so that you can join. here's the link

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  • 76qaBIXBY

    Devil Fruit Rules

    October 12, 2018 by 76qaBIXBY

    After a little thinking, i think i have an idea for what the devil fruit standards on this wiki should be. 


    • Has to not include any of the other elements
    • Either has to be body manipulation, substance generation, environment control, or changing the user's appearance. There's also the special Paramecia sub-section (it's canon by the way), and it has to be some wacky ability that can offer two completely seperate abilities, like how Katakuri can both become mochi and create mochi, and Luffy can both stretch his body and repel weak force attacks. 


    • Has to be an element that is naturally happens or just something that can be controlled that is some sort of element. So, no ability to become and create fries. 
    • Has to have some sort of …
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  • 76qaBIXBY


    September 17, 2018 by 76qaBIXBY

    So you know Cdswalkthrough, the guy who changed pages and claimed them as his own? Well, he has his own wiki now that copied our name, and characters. What will we do to combat this threat? I mean his wiki is very unpopular but still, it isn't cool to steal a wiki's name and characters. 

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