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After a little thinking, i think i have an idea for what the devil fruit standards on this wiki should be. 


  • Has to not include any of the other elements
  • Either has to be body manipulation, substance generation, environment control, or changing the user's appearance. There's also the special Paramecia sub-section (it's canon by the way), and it has to be some wacky ability that can offer two completely seperate abilities, like how Katakuri can both become mochi and create mochi, and Luffy can both stretch his body and repel weak force attacks. 


  • Has to be an element that is naturally happens or just something that can be controlled that is some sort of element. So, no ability to become and create fries. 
  • Has to have some sort of natural weakness, such as Ace to water, Aokiji to magma, Enel to rubber, etc. 


  • Has to be an animal such as a Bear or Lion, and if a different species of the animal, needs to have a model, such as the Bear Bear Fruit, Model: Polar Bear. 

I think those are good rules.

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