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Imnotfallen Imnotfallen 30 April

Hey everyone. ( Important )

Hey, so I have been an admin on this wiki for about a few months know. I asked Young Piece which is one of the co-founders if I could "revive" or "remake" the wiki since it was pretty dead and I have done a bunch of stuff since then. I have added a new background, added a favicon, added a wordmark, added a discord, remade the top navigation, and even added important pages like a manual of style, rules, and different kinds of policies. ( I'm even working on a new front page but I'm not good at coding ) I'm the only admin that is still active and I am on the wiki daily. ( The other admins haven't done any edits for a few months ) The reason I'm saying all of this is because I would like to become a Bureaucrat so I can add a new team of admin…

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