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Hello There! Welcome back to yet another Kami's Guide to Success. This one has been requested by the user base on discord so let's make it happen. For our third lesson, we'll be talking about references.

What are References?

The little blue numbers at the end of sentences.

So I think before I explain how to use them, it's important I clarify what they are exactly. Well, to put it simply, it's to provide evidence or validate whatever claim you're making on non-roleplay page. The most valid comparison I can come up with is when your cite your source in an academic paper. On mother wiki for example, they source the manga or anime for references. On fanon, in our FC more specifically, we reference roleplays, other pages, responses to newspapers etc etc.

How to Reference

One thing your page needs before you can add references is well a section to add references. I personally just add this little scroll box with the correct syntax at the end of every page with references:

== References ==
{{Scroll box

And with that now you're free to add references. There are three ways to properly add references to your page:

*<ref>[[Roleplay Name]]—This event occurred in this roleplay.</ref>
*<ref name="RefOne">[[Roleplay Name]]—This event occurred in this roleplay.</ref>
*{{Qref|name=Ref Two|rp=[[Roleplay Name]]|This event occurred in this roleplay.}}


  1. Roleplay Name—This event occurred in this roleplay.
  2. Roleplay Name—This event occurred in this roleplay.
  3. This event occurred in this roleplay.

I prefer option two as it shows the roleplay that the event to place in (like in option one) and can also be referenced again if the original reference is one the page like option 3. Below will show you how to use the same reference more than once on the same page (option two and three only):

*<ref name="RefOne"/>
*{{Qref|name=Ref Two}}

See Also

If you use the template


as place holder for citations.

For a more detailed description please check the following link or message any of the admins!