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The World Government Expects Every Man Will Do His Duty!

Pirates, revolutionaries and anarchists alike have attempted to declare war against the World Government. However, throughout organization's illustrious history, never has a declaration garnered such a response. The Wukong Pirates, an infamous syndicate of menacing pirates who have managed to seize the skies above, have declared war against the entire world! Clouded by the illusion of supremacy, these despicable criminals hope to plunge the seas into chaos and lawlessness. Their leader, notorious Pirate Emperor Donk E. Kong, plans to carry on the mantle left by none other than the Pirate King himself, Gold Roger and turn the world into a Pirate Paradise.

"Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory."
Fleet Admiral Heiwa
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Attacking numerous World Government affiliated countries including Alabasta, Dressrosa, Kano Country along with dozens more, Wukong and his empire of bandits are targeting civilians rather facing than facing Marines head on. This is a global affair that can forever change the course of history. Thus, the World Government isn't asking you to fight on their behalf. Fight for your country. Fight for your neighbor. Fight for your loved ones. Fight your land, your freedom, your security. Fight for yourself. Fight for whatever gets you out of bed. But fight you must as losing this war may jeopardize everything. Enlist in the Marines today and fight for what's yours!

Pirates are not freedom fighters or heroes but criminals who loot, rape, kill and destroy! Do not let the Pirate King's tyranny live on! Enlist Now!

Better known as "Wukong" is one of the Four Pirate Emperors. Revered as one of the few to ever match the Pirate King in combat, his reputation has earned him the epithet, The Strongest Creature.

The world has not stopped in response to the declaration of war; the wicked do not rest; however nor does Justice. In the bridge between the two halves of the Grand-Line, Sabaody Archipelago, two power forces of nature clashed. Marine Admiral Midorinari faced "Yellow Beast" Elio Giovanni in a duel that left Groves twenty-four through twenty-six in complete carnage. Although Midorinari managed to succeed in preventing any casualties, the Yellow Beast managed to escape imprisonment yet again. How will the World Government and the Marines handle pirates who are capitalizing on the disarray caused by the war.

WENP: Crossworld

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Issue #46 has been once again delayed due the results of villainy. Treacherous Pirates are continuously trying to silence the praise of heroism and justice. However, so long as you fight, we will too! Our staff is determined to provide real-world content and thus will be capturing the war in all the captivating detail. Join our hero and maybe you too can come out in one of these issues. As always, stay safe, stay vigilante, and do your part in helping maintain Justice! You too can be a Hero! - 11 August 1522