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  • LupineSoul

    So I finally created a page for my character Tensai!

    It's not so bad, follows my style of typing a short introduction first! :D


    The name of the page is supposed to be: Tensai Winterbreeze, "Straight Ahead"

    BUT it shows up as Tensai Winterbreeze, !!!!!

    Now I don't know how to change it, either remove the comma or type his wanted name beside!

    Does someone know how to alter my article's name?

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  • LupineSoul

    Aww... Come on!

    November 26, 2009 by LupineSoul

    So! I joined this Wikia and hoped at least a person to reply.

    Such inactivity-ness!  (The horror!)

    I'm ashamed to post a story or character page if there isn't anyone that reads or comments on it. So I guess I'll have to wait for someone  in order to begin my work. :D

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