After fixing the Time Line Problems my series titles are finished and completed.

(One Peace Generations Saga)

Adventure Awaits Us: The Search for One Peace

One Peace Generations: Valient Hearts

One Peace Generations II: Forsaken Heirs

One Peace Generation III: Guardians of Honor

One Peace Generations IV: Children of Meridian

One Peace Generations V: The 5th Sentinel

One Peace Generations VI: Chronicles of Maka (Second Half of the Saga)

One Peace Generations VII: Broken Dreams

One Peace Generations VIII: A Black Future

One Peace Generations IX: Shades of Malice

Legacy of Krosia: Those Who Come After

(Vibrant Dawn Series)

Vibrant Dawn: A Brand New Day

Vibrant Dawn II: On to the New World (In Progress)

Vibrant Dawn III: End of Days

(The Bloodline Epic)

The Bloodline Epic

The Bloodline Epic II: Of Gods and Kings

The Bloodline Epic III: The End

(Final Book hopefully)

Cross-Gen: Virael and Deva

Newest Series Idea Soon to Come

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