sorry bout this my computer is being a pain and won't let me message via your talk page in any case, I do not like trolls or spammers so if you would kindly tell me who exactly has committed the grievous act I will quickly terminate them without mercy. Unfortunately it is hard for me to tell when somone spams, I have not been here as long as you to know who is the rightful owner of a page and who is just spamming it to dick with me. And I hate to have to drag a higher power such as yourself into something as trivial and bothersome as this. Pesky gnats, it would be easier of the owner of a page messaged me when their page is spammed... that way i know what has happened and can deal with the problem quickly.

MrPlasmaCosmos "The start of a whole new world lies in the hands of one with the mind to create it!" 03:50, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

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