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Vento Caelus is a member of the Rōshigumi Pirates.


Caelus is a young man of average height with a lean build, amber eyes, and messy black hair. His main outfit consists of a pitch-black shirt with a high collar and long sleeves. The sleeves have brown leather that cover the wrists and upper arms. He wears light brown pants that are cut below his knees and, around his waist, a pair of brown belts that cross each other. Additionally, he wears a pair of dark-colored socks and a pair of boots.

Personality and Relationships

Since an early age Caelus had a drastic sense of "worthlessness" and has had an inferiority complex since as far back as he could remember. This mostly stems from two specific things from his upbringing, the constant put downs his family had put him through for being born so frail, even taking their personal issues out on him with ruthless beatings. The second being the slaughter his family went through at the hands of monstrous pirates, him being the only survivor as the pirates saw his beaten, skinny and frail body, believing him to already either be dead or at death's door, him being so weak and surviving only because he was weak, stuck watching everyone he knew even though they abused him die was a traumatic event. These events will instill a cruel and oppressively sense of inferiority into which still manifests itself to this day.

Upon meeting Musashi, not only meeting his match but his superior. Not just in a physical sense, but on a fundamentally and emotional level. Where Caelus sees his own life as useless and even calls it's importance less than that of a pebble, Musashi belives that Caelus's life is as precious as his own. Even after their fight, even after Musashi had won their battle, the young red haired ronin insisted that Caelus was someone worth the air itself. This in turn sparked a level of life in the young man that he hadn't experienced ever before. He had found something, a new goal, he wishes to see Musashi's dream realized, offering himself not as a weapon but as an ally and a friend. Caelus looked forward to the next day, and despite still feeling little of himself at times, he truly has flourished into a new person in his own way. He refuses to hold back the crew, being the type to monitor the battlefield and offer assistance in anyway he can, do chores around the ship to help everyone out, and even take time to read the books he collects to grow.

Since joining the crew, Caelus has displayed being one of if not the most well rounded and highest level in intelligence, being the one to help or create the plan of attack alone. He's able to command his allies from both the front or sidelines, creating new strategies on the drop of a dime. Even after the massacre of his family and gaining his Kaze Kaze no Mi, Caelus had shown how powerful of a weapon his mind is through his innovation of his fruit, capable of making complex shapes and constructs with it, create amazing walls of rapid winds for defense, even things such as make a vacuum like effect with his winds, effectively choking people. Even beyond battle tactics Caelus seems very knowledgeable in the system of the World Government such as how you get thirty percent less for a bounty if the person is turned in dead rather than alive, the names of many Marines from commanders to admiral, almost as though he had studied them before hand.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Prowess

Devil Fruit

Kaze Kaze no Mi:The Kaze Kaze no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into wind at will, making the Caelus a Wind Human (風人間, Kaze Ningen).

Caelus has been seen allowing simple attacks such as punches, kicks to swords and bullets to phase through his body by simply turn this body part or just his entire body into the element of win. Not just that but other uses have been seen as Caelus can gather the winds themselves around a part of his body, condensing it, building pressure to increase the power of his strikes to immense levels. Going from a simple extra push to allowing him send a punch of his from one side of a city to another. Though he can go a step further and use this same ability to rapidly increase his speed, making his attacks more and strike at monstrous levels, making most foes struggle as not only does it help him set the tempo of a fight through sheer speed, but by altering between speed and strength and his years of martial artistry it becomes as though one were fighting the force of nature and wind itself. These bursts can even be expanded by him turning his arms into a powerful eruption of air capable of going from able to push a few groups of people off their feet to even causing a large Marine base to collapse in on itself. Its even been mentioned that this fruit is considered to hazardous to fight against in a closed space, as it creates a vacuum like effect, making it difficult to breathe as the fight prolongs.

Thanks to his years of ownership of his d evil fruit, his control over the wind has become masterful in many regards. One being his ability to manifest potent tornados at the drop of a dime, his most scene being when be releases on to surround his body. This can be to block on coming projectiles such as spears, bullets, even roaring flames. A more controlled and sharpened form which shreds anything or anyone trying to get close to him such as trees, rubble, human flesh and bone as well, creating a devastating defense. A method Caelus has to further enhance this defense by condensing it down to a small personal sphere

Tactical Skills

Caelus is a brilliant strategist due to his genius level intellect, he's capable of analyzing any given situation and using his immense analytical skills to come with the best strategy for victory. In a moments notice he can evaluate the skills of his enemies, allies, the surrounding environment, and really just about everything. This was how he could overcome not just large numbers of opponents but also enemies much stronger than himself. In fact this intellect and cunning was what allowed him to keep up with immense powerhouse and skilled swordsman like Musashi during their first encounter.

Because of his naturally weaker body, Caelus is also tactically cautious with a strong perception for danger, able to asses that he stood no real chance against the likes of Elio Francesco in their encounter, instead deciding to resign from combat which lead to the young warlord giving a green Caelus tips on the use over his fruit.