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Vera Dragoness
Japanese Name: ベラ・ドラゴネス
Romanized Name: Bera doragonesu
English Name: Vera Dragoness
First Appearance: ???
Affiliations: Council of Ten
Uranus Imperial Empire
Uranus Royal Family
Occupations: Princess
Knight Captain
Military Commander
2nd Seat of Council of Ten
Pirate Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Epithet: Crown Princess (クラウンプリンセス, Kuraunpurinsesu)
2nd Seat (2番目の座席, 2-Banme no zaseki)
Valkyrie (バルキリー, Barukirī)
Age: 19
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Bounty: N/A (not a pirate)
Birthday: ???
Status: Alive
Japanese VA:: ???
English VA:: ???

Vera Dragoness (ベラ・ドラゴネス, Bera doragonesu), also known as Valkyrie (バルキリー, Barukirī), and commonly as 2nd Seat (2番目の座席, 2-Banme no zaseki), is the main protagonist of the manga and anime, One Piece: Rise of Revolution. She is the founder and captain of the Valkyrie Knights, as well as the Uranus Imperial Empire`s Military Commander. Her lifelong dream is to secure the shield of Vaneir, so that honor can be restored to her kingdom with the return of her kingdom`s Sacred Treasure.

In the anime, she comes across as a serious, maternal-like figures to the other Knights, as she is actually the oldest of them, even if she is very small in terms of her height.

Vera is the niece of Sarie Nantokanette and Sterry who are the rulers of the Goa Kingdom, she is married to Alice Nantokanette, 1st-born daughter of the Goa Kingdom.


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