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Vesper D. Dorian is a New World Pirate and captain of the Requiem Pirates. He is also the older brother of rookie pirate, Vesper D. Xenos. He is also the father of Vesper D. Ophelia and Vesper D. Helios and the husband of Calliope.


Dorian is tall young man of medium built sporting long black wavy hair where part of his hair reaches past his shoulders while the majority of his hair is tied up in a very large ponytail. He also has slanted black eyes that are obscured by his messy bangs.


Dorian has a calm, collected but carefree personality which he usually displays most of the time towards everyone. He often wears a smirk on his face which does annoy people who think he's being cynical when in fact he doesn't and would excuse it as his "normal face".

As captain of his crew, he's very serious on his part and takes matters into his own hands regarding the protection of his crewmates. He is also known to be highly caring towards his crew members when protecting them and is the same way with the safety of his younger brother, Xenos. Despite the two force to go their separate ways sixteen years ago, he often worries for his brother's wellbeing and is shown to be proud of him when it was found out Xenos became a pirate. He is even shown to smile whenever he gets updates on Xenos' bounty increase showing how much he's proud of how far Xenos is going to reach the New World.

Unknowing to most of his crew, he is a very loving father and husband towards his family. He is known to be highly possessive of his wife Calliope and is extremely protective of his two children Ophelia and Helios being his treasures. He is equally proud of each of them for the paths they wish to go on and is often the one besides Calliope who encourages his children to explore the world and become stronger.

However deep down, he is a sadistic and corrupted individual due to years of abuse. He often would keep most negative feelings he had to endure to himself out of fear of relapsing. When he becomes angry, he begins to laugh psychotically to the point of losing his sanity.



Dorian shows to have high authority over his crew and trust. He views them as his family and treats them as such. Of the members of his crew, he is the closest to his firstmate Xander, and his wife Calliope whom they have a daughter named Vesper D. Ophelia and a son named Vesper D. Helios.

Family and Friends

Vesper D. Xenos

Dorian is shown to be a very supportive and caring older brother towards Xenos. When Xenos first entered into the New World with his crew, Dorian was quick to protect him from the Marines going after them. When he found out Xenos became a pirate, he was extremely proud of him knowing that this was the path he wished to go down.

Abilities and Powers

Dorian is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and is one of the of the few people in the world who has master the Naitoshēdo Ken, thanks to training under Tsukikage since he was seventeen and was considered a prodigy. Combined with his years of training under his mother and father since childhood, he is able to keep up with most of his opponents without getting exhausted.

Devil Fruit

Dorian ate the Airon Airon no Mi, a Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate iron in a person's blood. Dorian can use the iron from a target's body to dramatically diminish the quantity of hemoglobin inside them, reducing the blood's ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. If the target is unable to function, the target will eventually die and if the target doesn't replenish their iron in time, this gives Dorian a huge advantage to simply kill his opponents either with the use of his powers or using the Naitoshēdo Ken.

When his Devil Fruit is awakened, he is able to turn the iron inside a target's blood into sharp objects such as razor blades, needles, pins or scissors to internally damage them making their death very swift and deadly. He can also use his powers to reattach severed body parts back onto his body using the iron in his blood.


Happiness to Sour

Dorian was born as the eldest son of Vesper D. Kratos, an infamous bounty hunter who hunts pirates and other species for a good price and Circe Astraea, an assassin who hunts and kills bounty hunters and Marines. One day while on a mission, Astraea encountered Kratos; the two would eventually fall in love becoming lovers and not long after they had a son they named Dorian. However, it was all a façade for her to get closer to assassinating him. Astraea had to keep her occupation a secret out of fear her lover would kill her knowing that she was an assassin who was tasked to murder him.

During Dorian's childhood one day when he was eight years old, Astraea tried to poison Kratos but failed. After he recovered, he would later find out that his wife was an assassin and was tasked to kill him. Because of her betrayal, Kratos became mentally, verbally and physically abusive towards Astraea and their son Dorian. When Astraea was pregnant with what would have been Dorian’s younger sister, she miscarried due to Kratos physically punching her in the stomach severely during a heated argument in front of Dorian. After assaulting Astraea, Kratos would physically assault Dorian to the point he would start coughing up blood and at one point telling him he wished he was never his son. The abuse would continue on for five years.

When Dorian was fourteen years old, out of a drunken rage, Kratos violently raped Astraea in front of Dorian out of his horror, then brutally beat him until he lost consciousness. After one week, Astraea gathered the courage to leave Kratos behind and took Dorian with to start a new life. They would reside on a new island in the New World(don’t have a name for it yet) where they lived a peaceful life until one day Astraea would give birth to another son she would name Xenos. They would live peacefully for three years until one fateful day, while out looking for resources for his family, Dorian would stumble across a weirdly looking fruit that captured his attention. While looking for resources, he ate the fruit which despite the horrid taste, he continued to eat it. Suddenly, he heard a loud blood curdling scream coming from back at his home when he quickly ran back to check in on his mother.

When Dorian made it back, he was welcomed to the site of his mother who was brutally murdered lying in a pool of blood. He then began to look frantically for his little brother only to find him being held at knife point by their father Kratos. Out of rage, Dorian activated his Devil Fruit for the first time causing his father to drop Xenos on top of his dead mother. Kratos began to suffocate as Dorian started cutting off the oxygen from his blood causing him to lose consciousness. Unbeknownst to him, the fruit that Dorian ate was the Airon Airon no Mi making him an Iron human. Before Kratos could regain consciousness, Dorian grabbed Kratos’ dagger and slit his throat before stabbing him multiple times letting his anger out all in front of his younger brother Xenos.

After Dorian killed their father, him and Xenos quickly escaped the island and were on the run for nearly two years until when Xenos was five, he decided that he couldn’t bear to have his little brother be involved with his escapades. One day, Dorian stole a ship and managed to sail into Paradise to the West Blue where Dorian dropped him off to be raised by a foster family while he headed back to the New World. During his journey back to the New World, his ship would be wrecked on an island where he would be rescued by a clan where they specialized the Naitoshedo Ken and for the next ten years he would master the art before heading back to the New World but at the same time he felt that he didn’t want to abandon his younger brother whom he left behind.


  • Vesper D. Dorian's image source is Mard Geer from Fairy Tail.