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Vesper D. Xenos is an archaeologist from the West Blue and the captain of the Wisp Pirates. He is also known to be the one of the few people in the world who can read and understand the ancient language of the poneglyphs.


Xenos is a medium built man of tall height with somewhat messy black hair, which almost reaches down to his shoulders, along with some strands pointing upwards on top of his head and a prominent tuft obscuring most of his forehead. Part of his hair is brushed to the right side of his face covering up his right eye. He has red eyes with slit pupils similar to that of a snake's and a thin scar across his nose he obtained since he was a child.

Xenos' main attire consists of a long, black cape reaching down to his feet, with golden edges, a much lighter collar circling his neck, and a white ribbon hanging down on his chest. Underneath it, Xenos has a plain gray shirt with brown cuffs, a large metal band circling each of his biceps, a light sash circling his waist that hangs a distinctive, pale blue cloth waistguard, consisting of four long pieces of cloth reaching down below his knees. He also wears a pair of armored boots.


Xenos is known to be a quiet and serious individual who usually keeps to himself expect when with he is with his own crew. He does display bits of sadism but only towards those who harms his crew. Overall, he rarely shows any emotion except when something genuinely affects him.

Xenos is a tactical person when in many situations. He likes to take a situation at hand and think it over before going into battle unlike his firstmate Blaise, who usually goes ahead and fights on impulse.


Powers and Abilities

Xenos has expert hand to hand combat skills however he prefers to fight using his devil fruit powers via long range.

Devil Fruit

Xenos ate the Onibi Onibi no Mi, allowing him to control wisps however he wishes to use them. Depending on which type of wisps he wishes to use, he can use them for various purposes to aid his crew or for combat. Xenos is able to summon a variety of different colored wisps that are under his control, each colored wisp having a different skill.


  • In Greek, Xenos means "stranger", while Vesper in Latin means "evening star".
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