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Vintergröna is an island located in the New World. Vintergröna is a large and very open Island under the control of the Blomma Kingdom but more notably is a territory of a Yonko, Dante Esposito. It is a rather peaceful island, free of any real predators as the dwarves are the only ones inhabiting the Island.

Layout and Locations

The Majority of the island is covered by trees, mushrooms and many, many plant life. Especially after Dante's introduction to the island as he brought thousands of new plant lives to the island for the dwarves to enjoy. There is though a massive mountain sized tree in the middle of the island surrounded by large plateaus which are also covered by plants.

City of Babylon: The capital city of the Island and of the Blomma Kingdom. It's a city that has completely adopted a way of life that lives within nature itself. The houses are built within or hanging on large trees that grew all over. The dwarves here are peaceful and loving but have a strong control over the natural mana in the air. They believe in 'Nature's Champion'. After meeting Dante the dwarves of Babylon view him as their diety's reincarnation. The citizens view him as their leader and consider Babylon as Dante's home.

Inhabitant's Culture

The island is ruled by a monarchy, the Blomma Kingdom, a kingdom made of entirely of Dwarves. They are fairly friendly, usually welcoming visitors to the island with ease. But unlike other dwarves, these aren't air headed and are actually more than willing to harm anyone that tries to hurt their island or take advantage f their hospitality.

The dwares there believe that there is a deity known as the 'Nature's Champion'. Someone who is one with nature, someone who will protect and support the entirety of their island. This is the image they see in Dante after meeting him, an were very willing to form an allegiance with him after they saw him take out a pirate crew invading the island.

There roughly one million dwarves which in habit the island. Each member among them are greatful and dedicated to Dante and his crew even having their armies train even harder than ever before in the hopes to serve Dante. So much so that their army of only fifty thousand turned to two hundred thousand as they hope to be of better use.

After Dante's introduction to the island it had gained access to pop greens and all of Dante's personal cross breaded pop greens. The dwarves built upon them, further crossing them, making them stronger than before. They've even integrated them for everyday life. They also formed a unit within their armies that specialize in using pop greens in combat, made of twenty thousand soldiers.


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