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Vixen Pirates are a powerful pirate crew which resides within the New World part of the Grand Line.  They're known for every member being female.  Tachibana Tsuchi and Daidouji Toma are the Captain and Vice Captain respectively; the two of them, and all of the other crew members, were close friends as children.  

Jolly Roger

Crew Members

Name Job on the Crew Bounty
Tachibana Tsuchi Captain 853,345,643 Berries
Daidouji Toma Vice Captain 900,000,000 Berries
Hotta Ginno Cook 434,098,344 Berries
Amano Kin Navigator 234,345,534 Berries
Aoki Aguri Shipwright 145,345,974 Berries
Akita Mashi Head Intelligence Officer 345,345,345 Berries
Matsukura Chiyo Lookout 709,092,234 Berres
Takenaka Towa Sniper 800,000,000 Berries
Aoyama Kitsu Cabin Girl 345,234 Berries
Takeda Nai Unknown Unknown

Protected Territories

Crew Strength

Relationships Amongst the Crew


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