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Space dandy by captainpocky-d7294mj

It's pronounced "VROOOOM!"

Vroom is a member of the Banks Pirates, as a well as former action star and stunt man. He had a rising career in the West Blue's booming entertainment industry until they realized his only talent was crashing into things. He met Quinton Banks who told him he crashed better than anyone else and encouraged him to follow his dreams.


Vroom is a handsome man but has many scars. His hair is dark and spiked with gel. He wears a red, white and blue jump suit like a stereotypical daredevil and has a scarf wrapped around his neck. He usually has a cocky expression on his face.


He is an over the top show off who takes his stunts very seriously. He isn't all that bright, as he often corrects people trying to pronounce his name, telling them "it needs to sound more like an engine." He is extremely loyal to his crew.

Powers & Abilities

Vroom's greatest strengths stem from his devil fruit powers, which allow him to transform partially or fully into almost any kind of vehicle. With such versatility this makes him one of the fastest and strongest members of the crew. Some of his transformations include a motorcycle, a car, a helicopter, a jet, and on occasions turn his punches and kicks into trains. The only weakness to this power is Vroom's lack of control over his vehicle forms causing him to hurt himself just as much, but this can be overcome if another crew member is operating or piloting his vehicle forms.


  • As all the Banks Pirates have a toy theme, Vroom represents playing with toy cars.
  • Image used is one of Space Dandy
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