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Wang Zhi

Wang Zhi the Black Samurai was once a samurai from the Wanon country in the New World after he was exiled for his crimes. Travelling throughout the oceans, taking a few who would work for him and joined the Wraith Pirates. Serving as one of his high rank members. His bounty was later revealed to be Bsymbol.gif214,000,000


he is tall, tan skinned and string built. wearing a bblack kimono with sakura pellats decorated on them with skulls.


Wang Zhi shows no respect for those weaker then him, going so far as to murder his own comrades for their loyalties and no thrill for battle. Showed no reaction when being disrespected by other samurai and turned to criminal acts. His belief for the ways of the samurai have made them weak and being held back by laws and code of the warrior but he still carries some sense of respect of them when refusing to fight someone else's battle and only hunted those with high bounties for pleasure of testing the limit of his strength.

When becoming a member of the Wraith Pirates he's shown to be a loyal member and respects his captain for his strength and reputation of attacking the Holy Lands years ago.

Abilities and Powers

As the Black Samurai originated from the New World it is likely possible he is very strong to have have been born there.



At some point in his past, Wang Zhi had committed heinous crimes of murder, he was exiled from his own country and turned to bounty hunting and piracy. Over the short period of time his reputation grew after the incident of attacking several marine bases and kingdoms. Earning his first bounty at such a high price for Bsymbol.gif147,000,000 in his first several months after exile from the New World.

Joining the Crew

It is unclear when he joined the Wraith Pirates but he appeared to have gained their attention and took a place among the Ox Lord's crew.


  • The character was named after chinese pirate and trader from the 16th century.