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Michael D. Lightning

This is Kind Of Michael D. Lightning(The eater of the Wave Wave Fruit) if you change the animation style to One Piece's style.Message to Admins: Please let me keep it i really want people to see the owner and eater of the Wave Wave fruit

Wave Wave Fruit

Basic Information

the wave wave fruit is a Super Rare Paralogia(A Mega Rare Devil fruit Hybrid between Paramecia and Logia) type Devil Fruit that makes the user able to become and use waves of heat, cold, magnetic energy, micro etc. It has been eaten by Michael D. Lightning.


Its appearance is a Rainbow-ish Mango. the powers looks very similiar to that of Edward Newgate(White Beard) and that of Bartholomew Kuma(Kuma the tyrant).

Rainbow mango
White Beard

Attacks, Skills and Uses


It can be used for many such as range and close combat and in combat it can be used as defense and offense, it can be used in day to day life like cooking, transportation, building and cleaning.

Attacks & Skills

Wave Punch: Surrounds the arm with either one or more waves to punch the opponent it can be amplified by using haki.

Wave Hand/Hands: Sends balls of waves flying out of your hand/hands to damage either the opponent or the environment(Damaging the environment can be useful for combat since you cab make stuff fall on top of them, trap them or put them in the way of your opponent) or both.

Wave Bubble: Creates a bubble around the user that is made out of waves that can either be used to kind of act like and explosion and be sent att all directions or kind of like a shield that doesn't block the opponents attacks but causes stuff to happen to them(what effect it has depends on what wave that has been chosen).

Magnetic Flight: Creates electromagnetic energy that the user uses to fly i'ts a great way to go from one place to another.

Magnetic Lift: Creates electromagnetic energy that the user uses to lift either objects or people or both it's a great way to transport both objects and people.

Black Goku Blade

Wave Sword/Swords: The user Creates a blade or blades out of the waves that surrounds the user's hand/hands and also sticks out a little from the hand/hands similiar to that of Black Goku.

Wave Push: Certain waves can be used to push away opponents or objects can be used when something is in the way or if the opponent is to close.

Wave Field: Similiar to that of the "Wave Bubble" it creates a field but not around the user but at a spot the user have chosen and it can be used the same way as the "Wave Bubble".

Wave Beam: it shoots a beam that's made out of waves or a wave that can be used in combat or in damaging the environment.

Wave Slashes: with a kick or a chop with your hand you can make slashes very similiar to Rankyaku(Part of the One Piece martial art Rokushiki which was mastered by the cp-9 crew) which is a air slice instead of a slice of Waves like this attack.

Wave Boom: Creates an explosion like attack made out of a wave or more that is used only in combat or in when in danger since it creates a tremendous amount of destruction.

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