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Foley is an assassin who has been hired by the world government and secret organizations on several occasions when they want a job done discretely.  He resides in San Faldo near Water 7, where masquarades are very popular.  He possesses devil fruit abilities and is often referred to as "the shadow".


Foley is of average height but is on the scrawny side.  He wears a black garb with a hood, and carries only the bare essentials to get the job done.  He wears a mask that distorts his voice and has green lenses with several visual settings.  When he does take his gear off he is skilled at blending into crowds.


Foley keeps a low profile and those who do get close to him are little more than resources.  He is very good at keeping secrets and oaths with his allies.  He never offers his services for free but has been known to accept all kinds offers in exchange for them including: heirlooms, favors, jokes, and on one occasion all the turnips he could carry.

Powers and Devil Fruit

Foley ate the Furrato Furrato no Mi, otherwise known as the Flat-Flat Fruit.  He is capable of compressing is body into a two-dimensional figure, he can slip through narrow crevices and go completely unnoticed.  With his dark suit and skills at blending in, he can stand against a wall or crawl along the floor and appear to be little more than a shadow.  Foley prides himself on his stealthy approach getting closer to his target until it is opprotune to strike.  When he assassinates a target he can use his razor thin limbs to easily slice flesh.  The overall weakness of his power is that any damage he takes when flattened out can be exponentially worse, so it is imparative that he is not caught.

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