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Welcome to the Jungle
Date Started: June 3rd, 2020

Date Finished: June 12th, 2020

Setting: Nam

Characters Involved:

Synopsis:The Lucky Pirates go to Nam in their adventures. A map was given to them by Cassie's father. The map led to treasure and a devil fruit. But first,they have to make the emperor,Esposito Dante,content with the presence of the Lucky Pirates. As many things happen in this adventure,from a port battle to a total robot invasion. This is one of the most intense adventures the Lucky Pirates have faced yet.



Bill is on his ship, the roulette, and was staring toward the island. He was thinking about the stories he was told about the island. The story of the war against the marines and how this was one of their most embarrassing defeats in history. He remembers seeing the pictures that were taken there. Of how marines were getting killed without being known where the enemy was at. He remembers his dad talking about the stories he read about the soldiers and the news he would hear from the local transponder snails. His dad said that he would've lead the marines to victory if he was there. But the war happened about 43 years ago, when his dad was still a kid.

He looks at the map Cassie's dad gave to him. He also remembers what her dad said to him, "If you want to take out the slave business, you got to get more powerful, here take this map, maybe what this map leads to will help you with that." Boy does Bill hope now.

Cassie walks to Bill and asks, "You ok honey," she kisses him on his scarred cheek, "You've been quiet lately and staring towards that island."

Bill replies, "Yeah,I'm fine." He sighs.

"Why not you take the load off and tell me what you're thinking." Cassie says knowing that Bill has something in mind.

"I'm somewhat afraid to be honest." Bill says.

"Why are you afraid?" asks Cassie.

"It's because of the history of the place," says Bill, "Marines got their embarrassing defeat here if you ever heard about it, they also said that when you see the look of who they were fighting, they were horrifying, saying there's a race of reptilians there, and aren't afraid to kill someone and eat them."

"Now you don't know that." Cassie says,"How much of the stories that are actually told truly?"

Cassie brought up a point, he smirked and said,"Not much, they emphasize on things a bit much sometimes."

"And if things go wrong, we're always here for you as a crew." Cassie says.

Cassie gets taller so she could be face to face with Bill and the two kiss among the sunset as they're sailing.

Barock comes in and says, we're within shore, want to drop anchor now and go into the island?"

Bill says while he's hugging Cassie,"Drop anchor, but we'll enter the island in the morning."

Barock replies, "Yes sir." and walks away to drop the anchor.

Bill and Cassie walk to their bedroom to go to bed for the night and have some fun.


"Lady Naoko, there appears to be an unknown pirate ship near the southern shore of the island. What will you like for us to do?" a tall green lizard man approached and asked.

"hm? have some of the dryads and elms keep an eye out on them once they enter. If they feel for whatever reason we should worry i'll go myself with Antonio to handle the situation." A girl responded. She was in a tightly fitting yukata with a massive oil pant styled paint brush tied to her back.

"Yes M'lady."

"Ohh... Have Antonio be ready in case we need to leave, don't want to deal him when he wakes up from his naps."

The Rising Sun

In the morning, Bill and Cash are the first ones who get off the island. Cash says to Bill, "I haven't been in this island in 20 years."

"You lived here?" asks Bill.

"Born and raised here, so that's why you might want to be careful walking around places. Elms and dryads might be watching us." says Cash.

"Whatever you say." Bill says while he gives the signal for everyone else to come down. He thought dryads and elms were only legends he's been told as a kid. But he figured he should trust Cash since he knows what he's doing.

"I wonder if there are some cute boys we can screw with, Sonya." says Sauna.

"Same here." says Sonya.

"I wonder if there will be hot girls i can take paintings of." says Rob.

"You three are the most perverted people i've known," says Bill,"Even for a skeleton, I had low expectations of you Rob." Bill continues as he gently grabs Cassie's hand.

"You mind if I stay here?" asks Helena.

"Go ahead Helena, be the lookout while we're gone." says Bill

BaRock jumps from the ship and yells, "GOOD MORNING NAM!!!!"

Cash hits Barock's head with his scally fist and says,"Do you want everyone here know we're here!!!"

Cash then grabs his guitar and says,"Since I'm the only one who knows this place, everyone stay behind me, while I play my guitar."

"What are you going to play?" asks Alex with Bones on his shoulder.

"I'm going to play a song that the island knows, it would mean we come in peace. Now everyone, follow me." Cash-A-Way with his scaly fingers strums the guitar and starts playing the song of the island while he is leading the pirates into the island.


"I'm going to play a song that the island knows, it would mean we come in peace. Now everyone, follow me." Cash-A-Way with his scaly fingers strums the guitar and starts playing the song of the island while he is leading the pirates into the island.

"It looks like one is a native because of the song he's playing'" An elm states as they were observing from a far. "Relay it back to Lady Naoko" he informed another Elm who informed another and Etc.

Eventually when word got to a dryad who pulled out a den den mushi. "Lady Naoko," She said. "It looks like they're informed of our culture and according to one of the elms one seems to be native and playing a song of peace."

"I see." Naoko pauses before kicking herself off her seat and steps into her wooden sandles. "I'll head over either way. No point on watching them and waiting for their true colors to show. Plus Antonio should be intercepting them sometime soon." Naoko then hangs up her den den mushi and heads towards the exit.

"He has a pretty good head start but knowing him, Antonio probably took off on foot." Naoko then extended her hand out as a small bird landed on it. "Hello little one, did you want to hep me out today?" She then pulls out the massive paint brush from her back and a pink cloud appears on the brush end. She tosses the bird up and then...

"Arto Change!" Naoko with grace traces over the bird and her devil fruit took over. The bird was transformed into a massive eagle made of Japanese oil paint. She quickly jumped on it as it took off flying south! "Should be there soon now."


"You sure we going the right way?" asks Rob.

"Yes, we are," says Cash,"We should be heading towards a massive wooden gate that's an entrance to the island." Cash continues.

"Does this place have to have such annoying creatures?" asks Sonya, who is not liking all the bugs flying around.

"How about we all stop complaining and enjoy the nature." says Bill as they're walking, "See,Bones is loving this island."

Bones is jumping onto trees and grabbing the bananas that one of the trees have. Bones is smiling as he is tasting the rich,sweet banana. Bones then hears a sneeze, he looks down and swears he thought he heard the tree sneeze. But Bones shrugs it off and runs off with the Lucky Pirates.

They keep walking till they come across the wooden gate. They see the massive gate and astonish its beauty.

"What do we do now?" asks Candy, as she talks for the first time.

"I say lets over it, I can grow for you guys and drop you guys over." proposes Cassie.

"No can do," says Cash,"We would be in deep shit if we did that."

"Then let's destroy it and let them know we're hear!" says Barock as he runs towards the gate.

Cash grabs Barock and smacks him multiple times,"YOU REALLY WANT US IN DEEP SHIT DO YOU?!?!?!" says Cash. "I should've mentioned that the gates are elms themselves, so they can hear what we are saying."

"How do you know that?" says Bill.

"I can tell by their scent." says Cash. He then walks forward and bows toward the gate and says, "My name is Cash-A-Way of the Gators. I am a former resident here. I am here with my friends who are here to be inside the island and wish for diplomacy, they only mean peace with you my friends, even though one of them is dumb."

"I'm afraid we cannot allow that at the moment. The king's representative will be here soon and has asked us to not allow anyone in until they arrive." The elm to the left announced.

"And we'd like to see you group of younglings try to make your way through us. We may be trees but in case you haven't noticed you're all a little out numbered." The elm to the right replies as he looks over to the left revealing ten dryads watching on and looks over to the right with another ten. "So I'd wait if i were you lot."

"I would wait," The elm to the left adds, "The king did leave a powerful combatant and really don't want a native Gator member's blood be shed in a pointless battle."

The shadow of a massive eagle covers the gates and the pirates. It was an odd eagle as its feathers and overall appearance was that of oilly paint instead. It quickly dived down and a single woman jumped off of it and landed in front of the gates.

"Hm? What do we have here? Some rookies trying to invade?" Naoko asked aloud.

"No M'lady it appears a native has come back home and wishes to show his friends around." The left elm chimes in.

"Some of his friends lack respect for us and even proposed to attack and destroy us." The elm to the right adds.

"Oh really?" Naoko the grabs her massive paint brush from her back, "Now don't you lot go and start disrespecting this island or its natives. My Captain hates that, frankly so do I."

"I am deeply sorry for my colleague's actions." Cash says as he stares at Barock,"And we will willing wait for your leader that is coming."

"Im sorry if it offended you when I said I could get over you guys." says Cassie.

Bill then walks up to Naoko and says,"I'm Captain Bill Chance, Son of Captain Iceberg, and Captain of the Lucky Pirates," he says as he offers a handshake,"This is the rest of my crew, the one that apologized is my wife, and the rest is my crew that i formed."

Bones runs to Bill and tugs on Bill's pants, "What do you want?" says Bill.

Bones points towards the dryad that has fruit and also rubs his stomach, suggesting he is hungry.

"I guess my monkey would like that dryad's fruit, do you think he can have some?" asks Bill.

Naoko looked over at the dryad and nodded her head, signalling for the it to bring the fruit over. "You did good asking instead of just taking it." Naroko mentions as he dryad brought it over.

"However the King won't be here until later today, he's currently off the island. But knowing him, He'd let you guys enter, you seem peaceful enough." Naoko placed her brush on her back. "Gatekeepers, open the doors and let them on in."

"Yes M'lady" The elm to the right began to open his half of the gate.

"Of course Lady Naoko" The one to the left agreed and opened his half of the gate

"I'd be on my best behavior though. Things haven't been the greatest between the citizens of the island and visitors." Naoko turns her back to the visiting pirates and walks past the entrance. "My subordinate Antonio should be here soon. He'll act as an escort, so i hope you don't mind."

"We won't mind at all." says Bill.

Bones is handed the fruit from the dryad and is enjoying it with a smile.

Naoko walked away, "I need to keep an eye on them.Even if one of them is a native, things have most likely changed since he left. If they do anything while i'm here, Captain won't even think about making me a 'Peccati'. She walked further into the forest and off the trail.

She approached a group of dryads. "Continue watching them will you? Also inform the elms of the Gator area they will be having visitors and to assist you with keeping watch."

Naoko paused for a moment and thought to herself, "As much as I don't like Antonio i think with his reputation, he can handle them."

"Also i'd like the guards of Gator be prepared for anything come sun down."

"M'Lady, don't you think you're over doing it a little? They look peaceful enough, i mean Sir. Antonio, the Elms and ourselves will be there." A pink lily dryad interrupted.

"Maybe. But when the king arrives i'd rather be able to tell him 'nothing major came up' than 'I had to handle something major'. But how about if you guys feel by sundown the guards should be prepared than so be it or if its not needed than don't. I trust your judgment." Naoko began to walk away.

"Yes ma'am!" The twelve dryads respond with cheerful smiles on their faces as they waved away at Naoko.

"Did you know Naoko is up for a promotion among the king's crew?!" The pink lily dryad asked. "I hear she's a candidate to becoming a 'Peccati'! She doesn't even have a bounty yet and is already reaching that rank. "

"Of course she would be. She was trained by Lady Megumi after all." A moss dryad adds. "Plus the way she approaches everything is just masterful. I head her devil fruit is also really powerful but I've never seen it in action yet.

They all walk across the right gate, but Sauna and Sonya wanted to ask the elm gate,"Do elms per chance, have a di--" they didn't get to finish the question as Bill and Cash grab the two before they were able to finish.

Cash looks at the monkey and the dryad together as they were all walking in the forest. He seems to look at her like he was wondering if he knew her. "Did I know you, you seem familiar, like i seen you not as an adult dryad, but like a toddler." asks Cash.

The Escort

The dryad paused and looked at Cash, "You tell me, Cash."

"You wouldn't have known my name unless you knew before me. I also can tell by the way you just spoke." replied Cash. Cash looks at the dryad, it's orange hair and light green skin, and the leaves that represent poison ivy. Cash then remembers her, "Wait, that you, uh, shoot what's your name?" He snaps his fingers to try to remember, "Peggy, that was we skinks called you, that you peggy?"

"Yes," The dryad replied as she brushed her hair from her face. "It has been sometime. Here I thought you would've had some trouble in the world. Being born a skink makes you a target out there."

Cash laughs and then says, "Miss, being born into my family, which are prominent musicians, you can get pretty far around the world making money. It's how I met this crew and that dumbass over there." as he points out to BaRock.


Cash then rolls his eyes and said, "I ended up working for the Fishman Island Country Club before I joined their crew."

"Well look at you. Going places and seeing the world. I guess you're out living your best life and making friends while at it." Peggy the points out the path to follow. You should check out the island before you go straight home."

"Don't worry miss, I will." Cash says, "We might be here for a while my captain said, he said maybe 1-6 months depending how long we find what we're looking for. We can catch up later, let me see if I can find a way to have you join our crew ma'am, some of our crew members like Cassie there would be more interested in learning some botany from an actual plant, and I'm sure you are jealous of me traveling." Cash says cheerfully as they walk into the main city.

"Well I'm sure something could be arranged," Peggy smiled after saying that. "As you already know we dryads naturally cannot leave this island. No matter what we've tried in the past, every time we do, we end up getting sick and close to death's door." She looked over at cash not pausing from the walk, "But thanks to the King, we finally have the ability to do so."

"Don't you mean the grand elder miss?" asks Cash.

"Sorry Cash, i forgot you've been off the island for so long." Peggy giggles as the group enters the main city of Baytona. The there were a few black flags waving with a jolly roger of a skull with devil horns and a halo above it, surrounded by blue stars.

"The Elder still exists and leads our day to day politics and lives. But as of late the island itself is claimed and under the protection of a pirate, The Yonko, Esposito Dante." Peggy smiled greatly after saying his name.

"Oh I heard of him in newspapers." said Cash.

"A YONKO!!!!!!" Bill yelled as he overheard them talking, "Oh shit,I'm not prepared for this, please tell me he's not gonna cut our heads off?!?!?"

All the dryads that were part of the escort group giggled and smiled greatly when they heard Bill's panic.

"We call him, 'Kind King' for a reason." Peggy declares, "I'm sure he won't kill you if he you don't give him a reason too. I'm sure that was why lady Naoko warned you all to behave."

"Well that's good." Bill says as he recollects his cool. He felt embarrassed by the giggles of the dryads, but was comforted a little when Cassie said, "You even made me laugh by that panic."

"You should know Naoko and our Escort Antonio are members of the Libertà Pirates." Peggy began, "I, myself prefer to to work for Antonio instead of Naoko. Where she is cautious and waits out her enemies, Antonio encourages and fights alongside you. Don't be surprised if we see a lot of either of them."

"Who is this Antonio, we obviously had seen Naoko, and Dante is a yonko, but who is antonio?" asks Bill.

"He's one of the newest recruits to the Libertà Pirates. He's a pirate that's liberated six islands who were not protected by the WG. I'm sure you'll get along."

"That's pretty interesting,How did he manage to liberate six islands?" asks Bill.

"These are questions you should be asking him, aren't they?" Peggy asked.

"Peggy's right," Cassie said, "we should save any of our questions for him or Dante if we meet him.

"Uh Peggy," says Rob, "While we are waiting for Antonio, can I get a painting of you?" asks Rob.

"You better not pull off any perverted shit Rob." says Bill, "I'll have Cash keep an eye on you while you're painting. " continues Bill.

A Glorious Introduction

A group of different skinks ran by with smiles on their faces heading out of the city in a cheerful hurry.

"Hm? I wonder where they're headed." Peggy asked herself before turning around and see an ocoming figure. "Oh, looks like your escort is finally here."

A group of men and skinks with trumpets line up in a single file motion. They then start blowing the trumpets when they see a white horse at the end of the line. The man in the white horse was no one than Sir Antonio himself, el libertador.

There were crowds cheering when they saw him coming. Bill even mentioned when the crowds came, "Where did the crowds come from?, it's still morning an there's a crowd here."

Antonio was on the horse smiling greatly unto the crowd and waving at them. "Good Morning my dear fellows." Antonio greets the crowd. "I must be quick though, I need to talk to these new people we have in or premises. I will definitely be back though my good citizens."

Antonio then ties up his horse on a post and signals the buglers to leave. He then greets the dryads, "Morning ladies, so who do we have here?" asks Antonio while greeting the dryads.

"Lady Naoko asked for us to guide them until we met up with you. What took you so long sir?" Peggy asked. "I heard the chiefs were meeting today, were you with them?"

"No No, I wasn't, I was just slow getting up this morning, I was trying to make my wife pregnant last night. The same thing we've been trying for about 3 or 4 years now without success." Antonio says it with a tiresome look on his face. "Mind if we go inside for this?" he says as he points out to the cafe. "I thank you girls for escorting them for their safety. I won't need you girls anymore, but I would like Peggy and oh shoot, i don't remember your name ma'am with the pink lily?" asks Antonio.

"Victoria, but while you can dismiss on most occasions. Orders from Lady Naoko are above yours. These ladies will stay out here and won't follow us inside." Victoria the pink lily dryads replied. "So after you, sir."

"Fair enough Victoria, you and Peggy will come with us." Antonio says.

Breakfast at Room 12

Antonio,Peggy,Victoria, Bill and the rest of the lucky pirates to the cafe. The owner of the cafe says, "Morning Antonio, would you like to sit at the usual sir?"

"No, I will like a private dining room upstairs." replies Antonio.

"Sounds good sir, here are the keys to room 12, upstairs third door to the right." the owner says.

Antonio led everyone else to the dining room. The dining room was a very fancy one, mostly used for private parties. "Breakfast will come shortly sir." a waiter in the room said as everyone got seated. Antonio sitting in center of the table, Victoria and Peggy sitting next to him, Victoria on the left and Peggy on the right,protecting him like bodyguards. and the Lucky Pirates covering the rest of the table.

"Before breakfast comes in," says Antonio, "Is there anyone else in your crew?" asks Antonio.

"There's two others on our ship," says Bill, "An angel and a viking sir, they are there to protect the ship." continues Bill.

"Smart move," says Antonio approvingly,"Dryads, can you girls relay a message to the ship that there will be a small convoy of skinks coming for them to escort them to the docks. Like message one of the elms or someone to send that message to them, and make sure the two come here." asks Antonio.

"Peggy, go handle that will you?" Victoria asked.

"What? Why do I have to?" Peggy angrily responded.

"Because i asked you first. Now go."

Peggy rose up to her feet and left the room to give out the message.

"Don't worry guys, she'll just go down and tell the message to the elms, who will give the message to them. She'll be back in about five minutes." says Antonio.

"Now, let's get to some more serious stuff." says Antonio, "What are you guys here for?" asks Antonio.

"We're here in search of treasure." says Bill. "I've gotten this map from my father in law."

"Mind if i see it?" asks Antonio

Bill hands the map to Antonio so Antonio and Victoria can see it. Antonio studies it, then stares at Bill, then stares at the map, then at Bill.

"Why are you searching for this treasure?" asks Antonio.

"Because I was told by my father in law that it would help me." said Bill

"Help What?" Antonio asks.

Bill leaves out a sigh then says, "I want to take out the celestial dragon's slave business."

"The celestial dragon's slave business?" Antonio said with astonishment.

"Yeah, since that time my wife here got caught by slave hunters and i went looking for her, while at the slave house, i noticed the terrible things that the business does, and when i freed her and the rest of the slaves in the house, I felt happy helping them. I want to do the same thing again but this time take out the business entirely."

"Didn't they called that the greenhouse massacre, where someone killed everyone in the slave house and released the slaves unnoticed. The massacre was found out the next day, everyone even a celestial dragon with multiple bullets on their chest." asks Antonio

"Yes, and that was me who did that." said Bill

"First of all, I am impressed by how you managed to get away with slaves unnoticed, I would like to do that myself, but I wouldn't have had the guts to do it myself. And second, I support your cause, taking out the slave business would do a great deal in this world, but it will be hard. And since you've got away with it, there are even more marines in Saboady. So it makes sense that you will need to be more powerful to come back to that place."

"So, would you guys help us?" asks Bill

"Not yet, I would talk to dante before making you guys our allies."

Antonio looks at the map, "The treasure according this map is in an old cave in the western section of this island." Antonio says, "It even shows that this is in a cave that has a temple mark on it."

"Would you know where that is at?" asks Bill

"I do know it, It's the only one known in the area over there. It was a cave that was used as a temple for the ancestors of this island. But that place is very sketchy, no man has came alive out of that temple cave. There are booby traps in there and other things that can kill a man." says Antonio. "You still sure you want to go on this journey?"

"Yes, I don't have much to lose besides my wife or the crew, but my wife wants to come with me to see the treasure too." says Bill

"That is a very valuable thing to lose, your life and you wife that is." says Antonio

Then waiters come in to serve breakfast at their seats. The waiters serve every type of breakfast food, Pancakes,sausage,bacon,eggs,waffles,french toast,hash, and even scrapple. With all the food brought in, it looked like a buffet.

"Thank you waiters." says Antonio, "We'll continue this after we're done eating and when Peggy comes back, I want her to see this also."

"You all remember the king is a pirate right?" Victoria asked before taking a drink of water, "Don't be surprised if he wants some treasure." She looked over and out a nearby window and sees even more Skinks and some Dryads running in the same direction the others did earlier.

"We can make negotiations after they get the treasure," says Antonio before taking a bite from his pancake, "Like I said, they might not even survive the trek." "Speaking of which, is Peggy back yet waiter?"

"She should be coming upstairs shortly sir." says the waiter.

"Thank you." Antonio says after swallowing a piece of the pancake.

"Hmph," Victoria ignored Antonio and kept drinking her water before the door to the dining room opened and Peggy walked in.

"I sent word out, your friends should be here soon enough." Peggy announced before walking towards Victoria, "We need to talk, V. Like right now."

"Can the discussion wait till after I discuss our plan with you two?" asks Antonio.

"S-sure sir." Peggy took her seat next to Antonio again. "So what's the plan?"

"So,you and your pirates, Im sorry, what's are you guy's names?" Antonio asked.

"I'm Captain Bill E. Chance and we are the lucky pirates." says Bill

"Well Bill, a pleasure to meet you, I'm Antonio White, just call me Antonio." says Antonio. "How did you get half of your face scarred anyway Bill?" Antonio asks.

"Well,it's a long story." says Bill

Alex then interrupts but says, "Shouldn't we have done introductions at the beginning?, we should listen to what the plan is." Alex says while watching his monkey,Bones, hop onto Peggy's lap.

"You're right buddy," says Antonio, "Thank you for interrupting me, I might've gotten a bit off-track." Antonio says while eating some eggs.

"Anyway, this is the plan, you lucky pirates get the morning to get ready for the trek, anyone that is going to the trek will need to get ready. And anyone who is not going can have a fun time here on this island as long there is no trouble. I will also have Victoria and Peggy here watch you guys, Victoria watching you guys having fun, and the Peggy supervising the trek. Do I make myself clear?" Antonio asks

"Of course sir," Peggy responded and looked over at Victoria and widened her eyes.

"Fine" Victoria scoffed and agrred.

"Ho? Just who gave you permission to offer them such a deal?" A familiar voice was heard, "Antonio you should really talk to your superiors before making these deals or plans." Naoko entered the room. 

"Well shit," Antonio muttered. He puts on a smile and says, "Good morning Naoko, I thought you were going to leave this interrogation to me?" "I have it covered Naoko, don't worry." says Antonio.

"You call this an interrogation? Seems more like all you're doing is having chitchat over breakfast." She then evilly snickered at Antonio, "Peggy, tell them what I ordered will you, sweetie?"

"It appears we have some violent visitors," Peggy began, "It looks like we have some violent visitors who are attacking the harbor. Luckily the chiefs of the Skink tribes are on their way to handle the problem. Three different pirate ships are attacking yours though."

"So, if you want we can rush on over," Naoko declares and walked out the door, "Though I would hurry if I were any of you."

"Great, just great," said Antonio says with a tired look, "Why didn't you guys tell me?" "Bill, all of your guys going?"

Bill then stands up and says to his crew,"Cassie,Barock,Alex,Candy,Sauna,Sonya,Cash, and Bones. Let's go kick some ass."

"What about me?" said Rob

"You will stay here and paint the dryad escort and the city here. Don't want our prized painter to be dead." says Bill

"But I'm a skeleton, I can't get killed." Rob implies

"My point exactly, your bones are weak, we can't afford you breaking your precious bones." Bill said with a smirk, "I'm sure the dryads will be good bodyguards."

"You guys ready then?" says Antonio.

"Yes sir." says Bill

"Then get the army ready!!!!Sound the alarm!!!!" Antonio yells at the waiters.

One waiter then runs to the town horn and blew it. Suddenly, 1,000 men started appearing in line with their clothing. Skinks and humans in army clothing in line by the tens. Carrying rifles,muskets,swords,spears, and other weapons.

"Peggy and Victoria, take the lucky pirates to the battlefield, I need to go to my men."

"Yes sir" both girls lead Bill and the lucky pirates to the battle

Antonio then gets his horse and rides to his men in formation. He studies the group of soldiers. He then takes his sword off his scabbard and then says, "My men, we have violent visitors that are attacking the harbors. They are also attacking our ships there and one of our good visitor's ships. Your goal my fellow comrades, is to prevent those pirates from causing anymore damage. Remember my brothers, we are fighting not just for the liberta pirates, or for the lucky pirates. We are fighting for your family and you country. FOR NAM!!!!!" yelled Antonio

"FOR NAM!!!!!" yelled back the army.

"DRUMMERS!!" yelled Antonio, signaling the drummers to start playing

"TRUMPETS!!" yelled Antonio, signaling the buglers to put the trumpet in position to play

Antonio then looks at the army one more time, then he turns his horse to face the harbor, which is barely even spotted in the island because of all the vegetation in the island.

Antonio then raises his horse then points his sword at the harbor and yells,


The bugles start playing and then we hear the soldiers charging to the battlefield in line. With Antonio in front riding on his horse with his sword in hand. An army of 1000 unified by Antonio to do one goal, defend Nam.

Battle in Pearl Harbor

The battle was just beginning as the invading pirates were forcefully docking on to shore. They were releasing a massive amount of canon fire at both the Lucky Pirates' ship and the shore where the defending soldiers were charging from! Antonio lead the charge and was slicing cannonballs before they could explode and even charged right against the invading pirates.

"Arto Change!" Naoko exclaimed as a she used her massive brush to release a huge rainbow cloud and swiped her foes, turning their bodies into a much more oil paint like bodies, stripping their strength from their bodies! The Skinks behind her quickly took the invading soldiers!

"Push back! Push them back!" Antonio exclaimed! He moved on and claimed more lives of the invading force!

We could be doing a lot better ya idiot!" Naoko yelled at Antonio, "If you would cut out the need to give out these stupid speeches and just fight!"

Three more pirate ships entered the harbor and many of their pirates were ready for battle as they quickly joined in! The tide of battle quickly changed. For every defending soldier, there was three invaders!

"Crap!" Naoko thought as she turned her brush into jet black as she coats it with Haki! She then runs in and slams it against foe after foe! "We need to call in the rest of the forces on the island at this rate!" She yells as she blocks five attacking pirates!

The Lucky Pirates and the dryads ran into the battlefield and saw the whole scene coming together. They saw the invading pirates attack the defenders of Nam. They looked at their pirate ship, the roulette, and saw Helena and Arny fighting together to protect the boat. Bill then said, "We got to get to our ship."

"How are we going to do that?" asks Cash.

"We are going to need some aerial coverage." Bill looked at Cassie. Cassie knew what to do.

Cassie then activated her size-size fruit, and grew taller than the trees in the area. She then started squashing enemy pirates with her feet. Everyone in the fight saw this and were stunned by her size. Even Antonio letted out, "HOLY SHIT!!"

While most were stunned by her height and destruction. The Lucky Pirates moved in toward their ship. Bill then told Peggy to take out any enemy coming into the boat while they were running toward the ship.

Peggy then used nature to get trunks shape like spike to come out of the ground and impale the invaders.

Victoria would then use her lilies as discs to throw at people, the speed of her lilies were enough to cut off the heads of the enemies or any other body part.

Cash took out the rifle in his guitar and loaded it and used his deadeye at anyone nearby.

Alex would use his pistols to shoot at the enemy, and if anyone was close, he would kick them with his haki-mixed-with-friction legs.

BaRock would then turn his muscle into rock and charge at the invaders. With his rock muscle, he was basically bulletproof as he was charging into the invaders.

Sauna and Sonya would use the friction in their legs to go on fire and attack anyone nearby.

Bones would be on Peggy's or Alex's shoulder from time to time because he left his weapon at the ship

Candy would go out and help out the wounded, and if the invaders were nearby, she would activate her feathered dragon form and breath fire on the invaders.

And Bill himself would pull out his Thompson from inside his shirt and start blasting people nearby.

The Lucky Pirates and the dryads eventually made it to the ship, they all then using their specialties fought off all the invaders back onto the harbor.

"Nice job Helena and Arny for trying to protect the ship." Bill compliments

"Yeah, I know, but what do we do now?" asks Arny, we're running out of ammo all of us and there are a lot more coming from those three ships."

"Try to aim the cannons at the ships Arny and try to destroy them." Bill then commands

"Is there anything else we can do?" asks Alex

"Let Cassie squash them, let Candy burn em while helping the wounded, let BaRock charge into them, what the rest can do is defend this ship and pray more help comes." Bill then says, "And don't waste a bullet." He then turns towards the invaders and starts spraying them with bullets.

So the Lucky Pirates, the dryads, and the defenders were starting to get tired while fighting.

Off the coast and away from the harbord, a large, pitch black ship was seen. IT had a massive sail, with a jolly roger surrounded by light blue stars, matching the design of the ones from the city.

A tan young man, with white hair was standing at the center of the top deck. He was dressed in and all black suit and a red robe decorated with golden crosses. His eyes a fine shade of gold, appearing almost ageless, yet wise. His face along with his smile was simple and childish.

"Looks like we may have got here just when we're needed." he declares smiling, "Now how should we go about this?"

"Dan-chan!" A tall busty pink haired called out and approached the young man, "Can I handle it? These last few days have been too quiet."

"Hm? Well i was wanting to stretch my legs but I guess i better not. Knowing the Skinks, if i showed up and handled the situation then it would just hurt their warrior ego. So be my guest Megumi."

The woman smiled and kicked herself off the ship! That one leap alone closed the distance and she quickly landed on top of one of the invading pirates' ships. She then placed her hands on two of her four swords that were tied to her hip.

"Let the fun start!" Megumi yelled out! She then drew her two swords and in that instant sliced the ship she was standing on top of in half as she then jumped off the ship! You know what they say! The bigger you are! the harder you fall giant girl!" Megumi then not knowing the giant was an ally sprang forward and ran one of her swords deep into Cassie's arms, almost cutting them off all together!

Cassie screamed in pain, it was so loud that it literally blasted enemy heads off from that sound ringing in their head so much.

When Bill saw Megumi put the swords into Cassie, he just stood there on the ship in shocked, he promised himself to make sure Cassie doesn't get hurt or anything. But he didn't, and he's now standing in the middle of the ship still in battle.

An invader saw Bill just there in shock and decided to take advantage of it by charging at Bill. Fortunately, Cash saw it and blasted the invader with bullets. Cash then runs to Bill and slaps him with his alligator hands. "Snap Out of it Captain, we need to focus on the fight now, not stare at your woman's heavenly naked body." Cash yells at Bill. Bill then refocuses and nods at cash and then reloads his thompson to spray more bullets at the enemy.

When Candy saw Cassie get hit. Candy finished fixing the wounded soldier she was handling by breathing fire to "weld" his gunshot wound on his arm. She then turned into a full-grown quetzacoatl dragon that is from her fruit. She then flew up to Cassie's arms, where she whip her tail at Megumi to flick her off. The tail hits Megumi and makes Megumi fall. Candy then "welded" Cassie's wound together to have Cassie stay in the fight.

Peggy fortunately made a safe landing for Megumi's fall. Peggy then travels to where Megumi fall and said,"Don't fight her, she's the ally in this fight."

Antonio then runs to Megumi and Peggy on horse and then he sees Megumi,"Ah madam, seems you're in time for the fight, mind if you could help us by not trying to kill her." Antonio says while pointing at Cassie. "Oh, and don't try to kill them also." Antonio also points out the ship with the jolly roger that represents a card.

Megumi looked at Antonio, "Don't you dare give some kinda order you little shit," Megumi looked at Antonio in the eyes with a deadly glare. "I'll kill you next time you dare talk to 'l'Inferno' that way."

'Purupuru... Purupuru... Purupuru' Megumi reached and pulled out a small pink den den mushi from her cleavage, "Hello?"

"Megumi," The same young man's voice from the ship earlier was on the other end.

"Dan-chan!" Megumi squealed loudly and smiled greatly.

"Have they killed any of our people?"

"A few," Megumi responded as she looked around and saw some of the Skinks dead on the floor. "I can count around ten of our men."

"I see...." He paused as Megumi's den den mushi closed its eyes and smiled innocently. "I give you permission to cut loose a little. 10% at max okay?"

"Eeek!" Megumi screamed excited again, "If I finish this quick enough will i get a prize?"


"Right, right." Megumi giggled and got a grip of her two top swords.

"Get to work," he said and hung up the phone.

Suddenly a massive wall made of vines rapidly grew and cut the battle field in half! Vines from the forest sprung outward, gently got a hold of all the injured and deceased, carrying them away from there. Megumi then took off and quickly emerged on the right side of the massive wall.

"Nitōryū: Chi no izumi," Megumi whispered to herself as she charged in and almost instantly emerged on the other side of the placing her swords back in their scabbards. "Now may your blood pay for the lives you've taken. You damn bastards."

The wall of vines sunk into the ground, revealing the hundreds of soldiers standing just standing still. When Megumi's swords clicked into the scabbards, the bodies moved. Their heads, chest, and even their entire bodies were cut in half and blood was shot every where. Completely drenching Megumi.

"He said 10 but i only needed around half the effort."

All what was left after that attack was the ships and the crew members in the ships. Cassie would continue her part by grabbing the ships from her hands and crush them. Bodies would fall from the ships being toward apart. The bodies would fall into the defenders and they would take some of the pirates left prisoner.

Bill was taking care of the rest of the enemies on his ship when Cassie was destroying the other ships. He was using his pistol because he ran out of ammo for his thompson. There was one pirate left. Bill ordered Barock and Cash to pin him. Cash and Barock put the pirate on the ground subdued by them. Bill would then walk to the scared prisoner, look at his pistol, then said, "I don't remember if i used all of my bullets in this one or if there's one bullet left, but tell me, you feeling lucky today punk?" Bill would then point his revolver at the guy and shoot the dude straight in the head.

The battle was over.


The enemy pirates were annihilated, while they did take a few prisoners. Antonio looks at the battle and looks at the army and says, "Today was a good day, my friends. We were victorious today, now go home to your families and daily lives now."

The army then dispersed.

Antonio then walks up to Megumi and Naoko,"Good Morning Megumi, I forgot to be a gentleman while in battle."

Bill is then walking toward Megumi, not looking very happy. "YOU, NEARLY KILLED MY WIFE!!!" Bill was about to pull his gun at her when Barock and Cash subdued their captain, "Captain!,come back to your senses captain."

"Yeah, we don't want to knock you out Captain." BaRock also says.

"SHE NEARLY KILLED MY WIFE!!!!" Bill yelled at Barock and Cash while subdued by them.

Cassie, while still tall, heard Bill yelling. She shrunk herself back to human size and ran toward Bill being subdued by BaRock and Cash. "Bill it's okay." Cassie says in a soothing voice while Bill being still pissed.

It took a while to calm him down, Cassie was soothing him with her words saying it was okay, she's fine. She also told Cash and Barock to get off Bill, she gave Bill a hug. Soon, Bill just went in tears crying. "I've nearly lost you Cassie...again." Bill said while choking a few tears.

While Bill and Cassie were hugging. Cash walks up to Megumi and asks, "I'm sorry ma'am for what is going on. The names Cash." Cash then looks at Antonio and says, "I think we're going to have to wait sir. Do you mind if we have the day to relax?"

"It's fine, Bill might want that for himself." Antonio says as he looks at Bill and Cassie hugging each other. He then thinks of his own wife.

"Antonio, make yourself useful and get Naoko here." Megumi glared at Antonio and brought her attention to Cash and Bill, "While i appreciate your apology, the next time he talks to me like that I will cut off all the limbs from your crew." Her eyes were just as sharp as the four swords tied to her waist. She then turned her back to them and faced the harbor, seeing the coming jet black ship.

Antonio, looking at Bill and Cassie again, then stared at Megumi with a not happy look himself. Antonio saluted and left to get Naoko.

Candy, who just turned human again after becoming her dragon, and is naked, walks up to Pegumi, "I am the only medic around here ma'am. All the wounded are safe now from death. I took care of their wounds ma'am. Do you mind if you can give me and Cassie some clothes if your people have any?" Candy asks for Cassie and herself.

The black ships pulls into harbor and the sails are immediately pulled up. It drops the anchor and stops in place. The crew aboard is seen rushing from one side to the other, preparing to dock down.

"Now, now Megumi. bring them some clothes will you?" The tan young man from before calmly responds.

"Dan-chan!" Megumi jumped and lunged herself to the young man.

"Get them some clothes...now." he calmly orders, stopping Megumi mid air.

She composes herself, "Right, sorry Dan-chan." Megumi then boards the ship to get clothing. "If you ladies would like, feel free to board the ship and follow Megumi."

Candy followed Megumi. Cassie told Bill she'll be back. The two kissed and then Cassie left.

Bill relaxes as he watched Cassie get to the ship to Dante's ship.

Rob then appears out of the bushes and says, "I got paintings!!!"

"ROB!!!!" Bill,Cash and BaRock yelled at Rob, "You were supposed to stay with the dryad escort. What are you doing here?" Bill asked

"Those girls are boring, I painted them like they were statues. Then I tried to get sexual with one of them, and she wasn't buying it. I guess they aren't Boned from me." Rob said with a grin.

Bill,BaRock, and Cash give Rob a dumb look after saying the skeleton joke.

Rob then notices their not happy looks then continues, "So I hid from them, made a painting of me painting trees in the room so they wouldn't notice me leave from the other window. I then ran to the battlefield and painted it," he then shows the detailed painting he made. "I also then made a painting of Cassie and Candy walking to the ship." Rob says as he shows the painting.

Bill,BaRock, and Cash just gave him a weird look at Rob when they saw Rob's painting of them.

Meanwhile, Antonio is walking toward Naoko when he sees Peggy, he then goes toward Peggy first and says, "The Lucky Pirates are going to be taking this day off. Tonight, I want you to supervise them at their ship for the night."

"Yes sir." Peggy says

Antonio then walks over to Naoko that is farther and says, "Megumi wants to see you at their ship."

"kay," Naoko replied as she took off to the ship.

"It's nice to meet you all, I'm Esposito Dante." The tan man introduced himself, "I see you've met Toni and Nana. Also i can see you've met Megumi there."

"Bill E. Chance," Bill says as he shakes Dante's hand. "This is my crew, the Lucky Pirates," he points to his crew,"and that is my ship, the roulette." he points to the lucky pirates' ship.

"Captain." Alex then comes to Bill,"The ship has some damage taken from the battle, but I should be able to fix it with Arny by tonight."

"Sounds good" says Bill

"Anyway," Bill says to Dante, "We are here to search for some treasure, Antonio there said where it's at is one of the most dangerous places in the island." Bill then shows the map to Dante.

"I'm sure we can work something out. For now i must go and greet the injured. I also need to go pay my respects who passed away today. Megumi will bring your friends back soon. So if you'll excuse me." Dante then walked away smiling as always.

So everyone went to their places for the rest of the day, there was no more excitement for the rest of the day.


Peggy was on the Roulette, the Lucky Pirates ship. She was there because Antonio ordered her to supervise them. She was sitting on one of the chairs that were on the deck of the ship. Peggy was also staring at the ocean and the stars above.

Cash walks up to Peggy and asks, "Would you like some coffee or hot chocolate?"

"No, just water will be fine." Peggy replies.

"Sounds good, a nice cup of water coming soon." Cash says then walks away.

Later, after Cash gave her water, Bones runs to Peggy and decides to lay on her lap.

"You're monkey seems really friendly, wasn't his name Bones?"

Cash was heading for bed so he couldn't hear it, but Alex walked toward her and said, "Yes, his name is Bones, he's my monkey."

"He seems nice." Peggy then pats Bones' head

"Yeah, he is, until he has an idea." Alex replied

"My name is Alex, I don't know if you remember me from the meeting. I'm the shipwright of this crew." Alex greeted himself.

"hmm." peggy just ignored Alex and kept petting Bones.

Both of them just sat there on their seats for a while, Alex was staring off into the skies. Alex then stops the silence, "You've ever traveled before?"

"No. We Dryads are bound to Nam and can't leave freely without slowly dying." Peggy responded, "As much as some of us dream, not all of us ever get the chance to see more than this island."

"Oh, well then." Alex said then went quiet.

"I don't want to be rude, but are there reasons why you dryads are rude toward men?" Alex then asks curiously.

In the past, men would take advantage of many generations of Dryads. They did so because we were too nice and allowed them to. Even some Skinks would do this. It wasn't until we finally stood up for ourselves did things turn around. We're raised with a primal hate and distaste for men of all races." She then looked down at Bones, cracking a smile and blushing. "Of course, there are some exceptions. Like the king."

"I'm not against women standing for themselves, it's just not all men are naturally bad. I usually try to stay away from women, this is the first time in some time that i've talked to someone besides the captain or Arny or Bones." as he points to Bones

"So you've decide now is the best time to talk to a girl?" asks BaRock from the crow's nest laughing while also trying to sleep."What an idiot." BaRock utters before falling asleep.

Alex just ignores him,"You and I aren't so different." Alex says to Peggy

"Maybe. But a nice conversation won't change of generations of being raised to naturally hate men." Peggy coldly answered.

"That,you ain't wrong." Alex says, "I was wondering, can you girls speak to animals. If so, what is he saying to me?" Alex then asks.

"No we Dryads only talk to plants for the most part with only the High Priestess being able to talk to animals as well."

Bones then makes signs like he points at Alex, and makes a love-looking look, then points at Peggy, then he falls on Peggy's lap laughing.

"But I do know what that means." Alex says annoyingly.

"He seems really energetic too!" Peggy laughed and saw how hyper Bones was.

Alex was a bit embarrassed by how Bones was acting and laughing at him. So he decided to get off his chair,"I'm going to go to sleep,I better leave you alone then with Bones. Have a good night Peggy." Alex then walks away to his room.

"Night night," Peggy says as she keeps petting Bones. Peggy then saw 2 shooting stars fall from the sky before she went to sleep with Bones on her lap sleeping also.

Cassie was watching the conversation from a distance that they were not able to notice. She then walked back to her and Bill's room below deck, which is the captain's bedroom.

"What took you so long?" Bill asks while shaving,"I thought you were only taking a shower?"

"I did." said Cassie,"I also went to the kitchen to get some water before bed. But I saw Alex talking to that girl Peggy."

"Oh,what about it?" asks Bill

"Well,I was thinking how cute the two look together." Cassie was saying while still imagining it.

Bill laughs then says,"Cassie,no dryad would want to date a man, neither be married by one."

"Didn't a giant just married a human?" Cassie reminds Bill.

Bill then replies,"You got a point, but would a dryad marry someone even though being taught to hate men?" Bill says it while finishing his shave.

"All you need is love." Cassie says.

"If you are saying what I think you're saying, I think Alex is trying to bite more than he can chew."

"Was dating a giant a bit more hard to bite than you're supposed to chew?" Cassie says as she gets close to Bill

Bill then laughs and replies,"Well,then i guess things are possible."

"He's like you,likes a challenge,maybe danger too." Cassie then says while getting closer to Bill

"Alex doesn't like danger,I like danger." Bill says as he pulls Cassie to her.

"Prove it to me." Cassie then says

Bill removes the towel off Cassie and decide to fall onto the bed on top of Cassie.

Alex was walking back to his room, going past Bill and Cassie's room. Alex then hears a loud moan from the room. Alex stopped from a moment, then goes past the room and says,"Hope she doesn't grow out of the room and nearly sink our ship like last time."

The Buck's House

At Dante's office in Baytona,Nam. Dante was studying the map Bill gave to him to look at for the night. While he was studying, he hears Antonio and Naoko come in arguing over the battle this morning, about Antonio giving speeches.

"Let me tell you something,the men's morale need to be high before battle. And are maybe more important than the battle itself." Antonio argues to Naoko as he enters the office.

"The battle is what is more important!" Naoko exclaimed, "Speeches are for before or after a battle, not when its literally just seconds before it begins. We lost ten men today! Ten families lost their fathers,brothers, and uncles!"

"HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED OVER 14,000 MEN DIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?!?!?,Today was nothing for me!" Antonio then yelled at Naoko. Biting himself for reminding himself of that fateful day.

The moment Antonio said "Today was nothing for me!" Dante released the smallest fraction of his Haoshoku Haki, forcing foam to come out of Antonio's mouth and forced him to prostrate himself. Dante then looked over and smiled, saying "Oh? just because it was only 10 lives today was nothing? Any day a friend or ally dies, should be considered a failure. That's what drives to grow."

Antonio recovers from his foamy experience and says,"Yes Sir,Sorry Sir." Antonio spits out the rest of the foam. Antonio gets up and then asks,"May I talk to you privately sir?"

"Naoko, go get Megumi for me. Also I could use a cup of tea." Dante asked.

"Y-Yes sir!" Naoko left the room quickly.

"Now then Antonio. You'll have until her or Megumi comes back. I do have calls to make too."

"I see your studying the map that Captain Chance had, what do you think?" asks Antonio

"While I do want to help them, if the treasure is real and on our island then i feel like we should claim it. We are a Yonko crew, any treasure found can fund us more."

"Yeah,but if there's devil fruit in the treasure, i mean, you already have a devil fruit sir." he points out to Dante

"And besides,I am inspired by that man, he wants to take down the celestial dragons slave business, and if there's a devil fruit there, it more than likely can help them. and I also think we should consider them allies." Antonio says to Dante

"No." Dante responded without hesitation. "They're no where near the standards to be our allies. I measured them up and could tell none would've been up for the task. Next where you ay i can't eat another fruit doesn't eliminate the value a Devil Fruit has."

"Dan-chan!" Megumi let herself into the office.

"Antonio i'll consider it. But i can't make any promises at the moment."

"Yes sir,good evening Megumi." Antonio raised his tricorn hat to greet Megumi

Megumi just ignored Antonio and walked passed him.

"Have a good night Toni. Try to rest up and not think so hard about it." Dante waved off Antonio. He then turned to face the pink haired samurai,"Megumi, are the kids sleeping?" Dante asked.

"They're both a little tuckered out after today's training." She responds, "Why do you ask?"

"I have an idea."

"Yes sir, have a good night sir." he puts his tricorn hat back on and walks out of the office. He gets outside and gets on his horse and rides back to his house, the White Mansion.

He heads inside where he is welcomed by his butler,Terry, who is an alligator skink.

"Welcome back sir, would you need anything?" the butler welcomes him.

"Just a nice warm shower Terry." Antonio says as he's heading upstairs to the shower

"Very well sir." the butler walks back to his bedroom

Antonio then took a shower, then went in to his bedroom, where his wife,Maria, was brushing her hair there.

"Hey honey." Antonio greeted Maria

"Hello" Maria greets back. Antonio then kisses her wife on the cheek while she was brushing her hair.

"So,were we lucky this time?" asked Antonio

"No,I talked to the doctor, he still says the same thing,"one of us is infertile,and you will never have a baby." the same stuff we've been hearing for ten years." Maria replied

Antonio looks out the window of their room,"All we got to do is hope, speaking of which, tomorrow is our tenth anniversary." Antonio points out

"I know." says Maria,"Still can't believe it."

Antonio nods in agreement. He then sees two shooting stars falling from the sky. "Look honey," Antonio motions Maria to come to the window to see the shooting stars fall.

"Let's make a wish,honey." says Antonio to Maria

"We know what to wish for." Maria replies

"I know." says Antonio,"I know"

Antonio and Maria then go to bed and decide to have fun again for two nights in a row. Antonio says that even though it might not work again,they might as well have fun with it.

In the distance

Meanwhile in the dark, a ship that is far from the island,too far for anyone on the island to see, stops to look. The jolly roger had a metal skull and crossbones with red eyes. A man with a binoculars studies the island.

"Sir, is that the island?"

"Yes it is my young one, that is the island marked for termination" says the man with the binocs."Get the T's ready for tomorrow afternoon."

"Yes sir"

and then the ship disappears into the ocean mist.

Good Morning Nam

In the morning, Peggy woke up to the sound of Cash ringing the breakfast bell that is below deck in the kitchen. "Get up everyone, time for breakfast." Cash exclaimed. Peggy walked to the kitchen where some members of the crew got up. Captain Bill was there talking to Arny about weapons. Cash saw Peggy and said, "Morning Miss Peggy,had a nice sleep, BaRock is finishing making breakfast.

"IF YOU SMELLLLLL WHAT BAROCK IS COOKING!!!!" Barock yelled from the kitchen that was behind the counter.

"Would you like anything miss?" Cash asks Peggy.

"Just water for me." Peggy replies.

"Sounds good ma'am." Cash nods and then goes to the kitchen

"HEY ASSHOLE, I NEED WATER ASAP!" Cash yells at BaRock in the kitchen.


Cassie walks into the kitchen in her pink bikini and walks to the counter right next to Peggy, "Nothing like hearing Cash cuss in the morning," Cassie says to Peggy, "How have you've been doing?" Cassie asks.

"I've been doing good," Peggy responded smiling, "I had fun petting bones last night till he feel asleep on my lap. How about yourself?"

"I've been doing good myself also." Cassie said with a refreshing look, "Nothing like getting laid by my husband." She said with a giggle.

"Here is your drink madam" Cash says as he gives Peggy a cup of water. Cash then sees Cassie,"Morning Princess, breakfast will be ready soon, BaRock is getting the eggs finished."

"Sounds good, my husband is wanting to talk to us about today before we all head out." Cassie says, "You planning on joining us Peggy?" Cassie asks Peggy as she shows Peggy a seat in the dining room.

"yes," Peggy looks over at Cash, "You guys picked a good time to visit Nam. The king returned to the island for the summer festival."

"Festival!!!" Sauna hears while she was serving breakfast to the pirates

"Will there be cute boys?" Sonya asks Peggy

"Will there be girls i can take paintings of?" asks Rob

As soon as Rob finished speaking, Bill immediately replies, "The pervert club will not be doing anything today to ruin the festival." "Peggy, how long will this festival last?" asks Bill as he walks and sits next to Cassie to give her a morning kiss.

"Well the big kick off starts in a half hour. Its at the massive ancient Skinks battle grounds. But it should last all of today. But i hear the kick off is one of the main attractions. Still no word what it is though."

"Interesting, We were planning to stay here for a few months after we do this treasure hunt, so I guess we will join in to the festival, if we make it out alive."

"Don't worry Captain," says Cash, "You worry too much about things we don't know." Cash points out to Bill.

"You got a point," Bill says, Bill then notices everyone is here in the dining room.

"My friends, so today is going to be one of our biggest days yet, this is the first time we are going to find some treasure, and I want to know which of you is interested in joining the treasure hunt, the ones that are not interested will stay in the island and enjoy the festival." Bill says to the Lucky Pirates

"So who is wanting to join?" Bill asks

"You're going to need me." Cash says, "I'm the only one here besides Peggy here who knows the island."

"Of course im coming with you." Cassie says, Bill was expecting that

"I'll come" says Alex with Bones on his shoulder, Bones then makes a noise saying he'll join his master

"You're going to need a medic" Candy then says, saying that she'll join

"I'm interested" said Sonya, her twin Sauna then says, "Better stay alive sis."

"I'll join, don't want to miss the excitement." Says BaRock

"And I'm assuming Peggy might be joining us?" Bill asks.

"Well, I actually am not allowed to." she looks over at Cassie, "See dryads aren't allowed in the cave because something in there is like poison to us."

"Would you be able to lead us to the cave?" Cassie asks.

"Yes, of course." Peggy smiled before pausing to ask, "Did you get the King's permission after all?"

"We will soon," Bill says, "We're going to his office once we're done here." "Everyone done eating?" Bill then asks

"Yes sir." Everyone says

"Then let's get going." Bill says leading everyone out of the kitchen

When everyone came down off the ship, a group of soldiers arrive to them.

"Excuse me, but what are you guys doing?" Bill asks as the soldiers walk to the Roulette.

"We were ordered by Sir Antonio himself to protect the ship while you guys are done." says the highest ranking officer there to Bill

"Well then," says Bill, "Better leave you boys alone, go do your job, i'll send Antonio my condolences."

"Yes sir" the officer salutes Bill like he was one of the officers.

The Lucky Pirates and Peggy then walk to the the main city of Baytona

The Office

Meanwhile, in Dante's office, Dante was studying the map again and was going over today's plans. Antonio comes in to greet Dante.

"Morning Sir," Antonio salutes to Dante, "I did not think so hard like you ordered me to sir" Antonio says, "But i was woken up disturbed by those nightmares again." Antonio then says.

"I have plans on giving them a fighting chance to the treasure." Dante said not breaking from the map. "Both Kai and Megumi protested, so I found a compromise."

"uhhh,that is good news sir." says Antonio,"But I've been having these nightmares of that terrible day, if you know what i'm meaning?" "And every morning when i wake up from those nightmares, i go downstairs and drink a cup of scotch. But I hate scotch, and what alcohol itself does to people, but my doctor says it's the best way to cure it, and I was wondering if you would know a better solution,sir?" Antonio then says.

"I'd say to rest and keep yourself off any unnecessary violence. Drink some tea maybe."

"Yes sir," Antonio says. He then walks to the window looking out to the city. "Today is a nice day for a festival, and a nice day for my tenth year anniversary with Maria." Antonio does say cheerfully.

"It certainly is a nice day and happy anniversary Antonio. We should hold a little party for ya. Could you find Megumi and tell her I want the kids ready for today."

"Yes sir," Antonio then salutes Dante and then leaves the office.

A bit after Antonio leaves, a knock is heard on the office door. It was Bill and Cassie, waiting to speak to Dante.

The Big Deal

"Welcome, welcome." Dante greeted his guests, "one second," Dante snapped his fingers and Naoko walked in behind Bill and Cassie. "There we go."

"Hello again, madam." Bill says hello to Naoko. "Now,despite Sir Antonio's preferences, we are willing to negotiate who gets what from the treasure." Bill then says.

"Any and all treasure will be turned over to me and my crew so long as it meets the minimum exchange rate for a Devil Fruit. For example a single fruit on record was sold at 5,000,000. If there is no money available the fruit will belong to me. Of course, You won't be going alone into the cave."

"Shall we tell them the good news?" Naoko asked.

"Of course i need some type of insurance in place. So my kids will be going in around the same time as you. They will have their own copy of the given map. Also Naoko will be sent in a few minutes after, without the map of course for a handicap. You will also only have until the Kick off event ends. Then Megumi will go and handle this properly claiming any and all treasure including the devil fruit. If any of you eat the fruit before bringing any extra treasure, everyone of my men have full permission to 'resolve' that." Dante's entire voice and face was so friendly and kind while saying all this.

"Excuse me," says Bill, "Who are your kids?" Bill asks confused,"And we were also told by Antonio we would have the morning to get ready,then the afternoon is when we go hunting for it."

"He did huh? Well then the festival won't kick off till this afternoon I guess. My kids will be at the entrance. Trust me, you'll know them when you see them."

"Ok, so let me get this straight, when we find the treasure, we let you guys handle it out, and then we'll make negotiations?" Bill asks just to get clarification.

"If there are any jewels and gold found, any treasure for currency it will be ours. If there isn't enough to pay for the price of a devil fruit, then we will take both. Any objections or trying to screw us over, your entire crew will be handled by every soldier on the island. Just like i have that team of soldiers at your ship. You will only have until the end of the kick off event, or else Megumi will go and claim both any and all treasure. These are my conditions."

Bill looking at Dante, was wondering if he should trust Dante, a part of him says that Dante will be an honest man, but another says that Dante might just get the treasure for his own self and the Lucky Pirates won't have anything. Bill was getting upset the more he was thinking about it. Bill took out his coin and looked at it, he thought to himself,"heads,i think he's honest. Tails,I'll take the treasure for us." Bill then flips the coin. It went high in the air, and landed on heads.

"You got yourself a deal." Bill says

"Not Yet." says Cassie,"May I request something,Mr.Dante?" Cassie asks with a curious yet serious looking face.

"You can ask for anything you want," Dante chuckled saying "Of course I hold all the cards here."

"Well,unlike of what my husband thinks,I think what you're proposing is a bit unfair." Cassie says,"And I would like to propose that,if we find the treasure and bring it back to you guys, we are given Peggy, that sweet dryad, in advance, if she is willing, automatically."

"Honey" Bill says to Cassie in shock,"What you are asking,might be a bit too much." Bill says,

"It looks like though you are letting him have an unfair advantage." Cassie does say. "And this going nowhere without my part in this."

"Well, this is his turf." Bill then says

"Then he should be fairer to his visitors." Cassie then argues

Bill then was like,"Ok, our funeral." Not deciding to argue with his wife.

"You have my permission to agree with the deal, Dante sir." Antonio says, coming back. "Peggy is under my command, and I think she would like going out." Antonio then claims.

"Oh? You feel you are owed something?" Dante asked, "Let's review this, shall we? This is my island, filled with soldiers who will die fighting for me, so killing people who are trying to 'force my hand' won't be a hard task. Next we have the fact I don't have to give you anything and take the treasure for ourselves, money and devil fruit. Next we have that Dryads can't leave this island. Last i have this to say." Dante then stood to his feet and walked over, "I could kill you both here and now, not lose any sleep over it and still claim the treasure. I am a kind king, but do not take kindness for being a fool."

Dante then looked over at Antonio. Also, did I hear you right?" Dante asks, "I have 'your' permission to hand over Peggy? Why is that? Because she is one of your men? Toni," Dante was then face to face with Antonio, "I am the Captain, your men are my men. You are one of my men. If you have forgotten I gave you a home, food, and even men, when the whole world took everything from you."

Dante smiled, "Next time you say something like that, your wife will be sent out to the middle of the sea in a small boat, alone. In the new world of course". Dante then walked back to his seat. "I am kind and giving, but I am still a pirate and none of this is personal. The well being of my lands and people come before the needs of visitors."

Antonio then salutes Dante, then muttering and criticizing to himself,"Son of a bitch"

Bill then looks at his wife Cassie, who looks ashamed. Bill then asks,"Anything else you want then?" Bill asked a bit annoyed. Cassie just stayed there silent.

"Then we have a deal." says Bill. "We'll give everything to you once we find it." "I am sorry for my wife's claims."

"No problem at all." Dante then looks at Naoko, "Naoko be ready for later, okay?"

"Yes sir!" Naoko replied.

"well then i'll have the kick off event postponed till later this afternoon."

"Sounds good, one more question, there anyone else besides the "kids" that are coming with us?" Bill asks.

"The kids will be going same time as you, Naoko will then go in after five minute head start. Lastly Megumi will enter if no one is out by the end of the Kick off."

"Well then, all we just need is a good handshake." Bill then offers his hand to Dante.

"Sorry," Dante shook his head, "No can do. It's bad luck to shake a possible deadman's hand."

Bill laughs then says,"Yeah you're probably right, but there is a reason why we're called the Lucky Pirates." Bill shows Dante his coin and then goes to Cassie,"Let's go." "Have a good day Mr.Dante." Bill says as they leave the door.

As they left, Antonio then walks towards Dante then says,"I am sorry for my speech my lord. I beg for your forgiveness." Antonio says then bows towards Dante.

"You've already been forgiven, but the trust i had in you has been strained. Be with your wife today. Spend the time you two have, together."

"Yes sir." Antonio says gladly, happy he gets to be with his wife today.

Outside, Cassie and Bill get out,"I'm sorry honey, I nearly had ourselves killed." Cassie said, a little bit shaken she was.

"It's alright honey." Bill hugs Cassie with reassurance,"But when you married me, you did join the pirate life, and the pirate life is way more unpredictable than the life of a princess." Bill says with Cassie hugging him.

Cassie then cries,"I miss home already." Cassie then says.

"Me too honey." Bill says hugging her while she was crying on Bill's suit. Bill then started to think of his homeland and his dad, he's been wanting to see how his dad has been. But he hasn't made letters for him or anything. So Bill would decide in his mind that if he makes it out alive, he will make a letter to his dad.

"Come on honey,crying will not help us be prepared for what's coming." Bill says soothingly."We must get ready." Bill says as he gently grabs Cassie's hand and walks away.

Antonio then comes outside and sees Bill and Cassie,"Senor Bill." Antonio calls Bill out. Bill turns around,listening to Antonio. "I am sorry for what has happened, my captain is not really a person to mess with I should've warned you that."

"It's all part of being a pirate, there are no apologies needed for that." Bill then says.

Antonio then nods, he get's on his horse and rides away. As he rode away, the people cheered for him.

High Noon

Everyone was ready, Cash gotten his rifle and his weapons ready. BaRock did some weightlifting all morning. Sonya practiced her fire legs attacks. Alex practiced his haki-flame leg. Candy got her medicine kit ready. Cassie was with Bill getting ready because Cassie was basically ready. And Bill was finishing polishing his weapons, his thompson and his pistol to be exact.

The Lucky Pirates that will be going were walking to the city's square, where they were told by Dante to meet his "kids". As they were walking, Bill asked Cassie,"Why are you wearing you nice bikini again?"

"Cause if I need to grow,I won't need to be shredding all of my clothes." Cassie then says,"Besides, there are plenty of other pink bikinis out there."

"Oh." Bill says as he looks at Cassie's "assets" while they were walking.

Cassie noticed Bill looking,"Keep your eyes on the road, Captain." as Cassie moved Bill's face to the road while Cassie was blushing.

Bill smirked then said,"Yes my good wife."

They made it to the town square, where they waited for dante's "kids" to show up. Cash then noticed something and exclaims to the crew,"What or who is that?"

Two figures walked towards the Lucky Pirates. One was a small girl, wielding a massive scythes and wearing a black cloak. She had pale skin and amethyst colored eyes as well. The other was a blonde boy with diamond colored and patterned designed eyes. He had a golden colored scarf on too. He had a rapier tied to his side.

"Who,the f*ck, are they?" Cash asks to Bill

"They're supposed to be the kids we are to meet." Bill said.

"Uh,hello little ones, we are happy you can join us. Are you kids ready, and can you kids give us a name?" Bill then says to the kids.

The girl looked at Bill, "I am Alexandra and this is my brother, Adam." She introduced herself and Adam.

"Well, my name is Bill and we're are the lucky pirates." Bill then says, "Are you kids ready to go then?"

Both of the kids looked at one another and sighed before taking off. "We were ready since this morning." Adam says.

"Oh." Bill said,"Then lets get going." Bill starts to walk away and towards the temple cave.

"Why kids again?" asks BaRock

"I don't know, he just told us they will be with us." said Bill.

"I would be careful what we say to them." advises Cash,"Whatever we say might be transferred back to Dante."

"Yup, and i don't want anything bad to happen again." Bill says

The rest then left the square and went west to the most dangerous place in the island. In search of the cave temple.

Raiding the Temple

They all went through the path to the cave temple. When they got there, it was about 2 hours later when they got there, and they just crossed the thick swamp to get in there. Finally when they reached the cave,they saw the giant cave opening. They also saw an old sign that was a symbol of that the cave was a temple. All around the cave is old ruins.

"Wow, look at all these ruins." BaRock says

"About over 8,000 years old to be exact." says Cash

"We don't got time to stare at the ruins in awe. We ready to enter the temple?" Bill then asks.

"As ready as we'll ever be." Cash then said

"Then let's get in there." Bill says as he leads the crew and the kids down to the cave.

As they were walking down the cave, they noticed skeletons laid across the cave, showing previous trekkers that died.

"Ain't that encouraging?" Bill said sarcastically.

They continue walking down the dark cave, it soon got darker and darker.

"Sheesh, anyone have a torch we can use." BaRock asked

"Sonya, use your friction so we can get fire from your legs." Bill then orders.

"Yes sir." Sonya says as she fires up her legs.

BaRock then took a torch from one of the walls and light one with Sonya's fire.

"That's better." Bill said as they continued walking

They came across many booby traps, like stone tiles that were really flying axes traps, or swinging pendulums, but they were able to go past it smoothly.

Soon they reached a room where there was a balance scale in the middle. On one side of the scale was weight, and the other side of the scale was a block of gold.

"What type of trap is this?" asks Barock

"Looks like a balance thing, where in order to get to the next room or treasure, you need to have something that has the same weight as the gold block." says Cash,"You would need to remove the gold block with something that is heavy as the gold block and replace it quick before the weight goes off balance." says Alex

Bill looks at the scale,"Looks like this gold block weighs 30 pounds, anyone have anything that weighs 30 pounds?" Bill then asks the group

"Adam," Alex called for her brother before jumping off and landed on the center of the scale. She sent the chain tied to her scythe which tied around the gold bar. "Now."

Adam walks over and takes the sword tied to his waist and threw it into the scale the exact moment Alex pulled the blocks off. "My sword weighs about 30 pounds." The two scales were balanced out because of the sword.

What happens is that a wall suddenly slides away to show more to the temple.

"Great. I thought we were done." Bill says sarcastically.

They continue through the temple where they come across a spiders nest a bunch of thick webs are blocking the passageway to the next door.

"Well...that's interesting." says Bill

"Yeah, how do we go through that?" BaRock says

"Uh,Barock?" Sonya says as she sees a bunch of tarantulas on Barock's back.

"What?" asks Barock

"You know what nothing." Bill says to try not to scare BaRock.

Bill remembers that the kids have scythes,"Can your scythes go through this web?"

"I would be careful, I smell a momma spider." Cash then says sniffing the air.

"Adam, handle the webs will you?" Alex asked as she looked up. "One mama and ten children." Alex then jumped wall to wall, one side one side of the room to another. She quickly got up top side and wrapped the chains around to spiders and tossed them against the wall so hard the chain ripped them in half. The other eight quickly attacked her but just as they did Alex spun around cutting off each of their heads off.

Adam walks forward to the walls blocking the door. "Sōdaina Iriguchi!" He then slams a fist into the wall of webs as a shock wave is released, slowly ripping away at the webs.

Just as the webs are cleared the blood and dead bodies of the spiders fall to the floor. Suddenly the massive mother spider falls with Alex's scythe going in top side and already out through the bottom of its mouth "Lets keep going." she says as she rips her scythe out and her and Adam continue.

"Wow, i feel like after that breeze, that all the weight on me disappeared." BaRock says.

"Or that a bunch of spiders fell and died from your back." says Sonya

"What?" Barock asks with a raised eyebrow

"Nothing." says Bill, "Let's continue going down the path." Bill says as he leads the way.

They continue walking down the path when they entered another room. This room had three doors and a plaque on the middle of the floor. There was a plaque on each door with a word in an ancient language.

"What's the language written on the plaque and doors?" asks Bill

"Looks like old-skink language." "The language of the ancestors, I remember my mother forcing me to study the language." Cash says.

"Can you read it then?" asks Bill

Cash then reads the plaque on the floor,"Each door has an answer to the riddle, but one door will lead the way to the main temple, but the other two doors will lead to your death in a certain way." Cash then reads the riddle,"Two Bodies have I, though joined in one the more I stand still the faster i run, what am I?"

"How are we supposed to figure that out?" Bill says, "Anyone know the answer to that?" Bill then asks.

The two kids looked at one another. "We've cleared the path twice. Your turn." Alex declared before taking a seat next to Adam. They both sit crisscross.

"Fair enough." Bill says.

"Hmmm." Cash says, "Two bodies yet one, standing still yet running."

"A river?" Bill asks

"Don't think so, it doesn't have two bodies." Cash says

"Has anyone asked themselves where the light is coming from?" Cassie asks

Bill and Cash look at the light, the light is shining through a hole that is in the shape of an hourglass.

"An hourglass." Bill reveals

"2 bodies, yet one, time goes faster by standing still!" Cassie then claims

"Which door says Hourglass?" Bill asks Cash

Cash points to the door on the left,"That one."

"Then follow me." Bill says, "I think we're getting close."

"Adam, did you bring the lunch with you?" Alex asked.

"No, but I brought cookies." Adam hands over Alex two cookies as they're not paying all that much attention to what was going on.

They kept going into the temple until they came across a maze at the bottom of the cave. They noticed the maze shape and the design as they were going do to the level of the maze.

"Now how are we going to find our way there?" asks BaRock

Cassie then takes off her bikini, "Hold this honey?" as she takes it off and give it to Bill

"Why?" asks Bill

Cassie then grows till she can't with the roof of the cave nearly hitting her head. "I'll tell you guys which direction to go while im tall." Cassie says as the cave shakes with her voice so loud.

"Easy,Easy there honey." Bill says, "We don't need to die of a freaking avalanche caused by you honey."

Cassie told the pirates where to go, or stop when traps are coming. Since she was tall she was able to see the whole maze.

When they got to the center, there was one more door for them to go through. Cassie shrunk herself back to regular size while walking to where the rest of the Lucky Pirates are at.

They all then entered the room, there they will see piles of gold everywhere, there was money everywhere in the room. There was also a treasure chest in the middle of the room. Bill opened the treasure chest and saw more gold and jewels in the chest. He also saw a small little bag that was holding something. He wanted to grab it but remembered what he promised. He closed the chest and then said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we made it."

"Hmm. Pretty decent amount of treasure huh?" Alex asked Adam as they seemed to appear, as if out of no where.

"Yeah, I'm sure papa will be happy." Adam replies as he looks all over the jewels.

"Uh, I don't think so." A short (5' 5") man with crazy white hair appears with a bunch of metal skeletons around him.


Antonio was enjoying his day with his wife Maria, which were both outside on the balcony sunbathing. Suddenly, a skink warrior was running to the mansion at full speed. "Sir sir, there is trouble going on everywhere on the island." the messenger said.

"What kind of trouble?" asks Antonio.

"We are under attack, by metal skeletons that have cannons for guns. We tried shooting them back, but they keep moving like they never felt a thing." the messenger was saying,"A lot of people are dying as we speak, these things are everywhere."

"The Termination Pirates..." Antonio said,"I read about them...I can't believe they marked us for termination." Antonio also says

"Get the armies ready, we're going to need everyone at the city." Antonio orders

"Any speeches before battle sir?" asks the messenger

"No, we should destroy those sons of bitches quickly!" Antonio says as he runs to his horse after putting on his outfit.

Marked for Termination

"I see you led us to some treasure." says the man

"Who the f*ck are you to be?" Cash asks with an angry look

"My name is Vegeta Fries, most people call me Dr.Vegeta." Vegeta says

"I saw you on newspapers," says Bill,"You lead the Termination Pirates everyone speaks of."

"That is correct, and I had marked this Island for termination and purification." Vegeta says with a smile.

"Purification?" BaRock asks

"The only way to clean this world of sin is to kill every human being alive that is not perfect, which is everyone but I." Vegeta says while astonishing himself.

"You sure do put yourself on high standards." Bill says

"I do, so I can be on the levels of God." Vegeta says.

The D-Terminators start to grab the treasure chest and move it away from the room

"What are you guys doing?" asks Bill

"Taking the treasure away from you guys, you guys won't be needing it once this island is purified." Vegeta says with a smile

"You sadistic,insane, and enigmatic bastard!" Cash says to Vegeta as the D-Terminators move the chest away from the room.

"I'm the one with the vocabulary, you inferior fool!" Vegeta yells at Cash. "Anyway, I must get going to see the rest of the island get purified." Vegeta says with a smile, "TTFN, Ta ta for now." Vegeta says then gives out a big laugh when the door closes behind them.

Suddenly, the room started to get filled with sand, it was rising very quickly as more sand appeared.

"What the f*ck!!" Cash says as he sees it

"Cassie, now is the best time you try to get us out of here." Bill says alarmingly.

Cassie then grows to the roof of the wall,"I can't go farther." she says scared

"You got to GROW!!!" Bill says to Cassie, "Or else we'll die here." Bill says

Cassie growed to where she was filling up the room with her size. She was squishing everyone in the room, so it was not any better than getting drowned by sand.

Eventually, she grew so much, that the room exploded as she grew even faster and bigger. She then started filling the room that had the maze in it and soon made the whole cave burst. She had grown out of the temple cave. She made a hole that made it to the surface of the island. "I did it!!!" Cassie said.

"I'm sure that is not 120 feet." Bill says to the other pirates.

"From what I think, the distance we came down had to be at least 1 mile." Cash says

"You're saying that she is a MILE TALL!!!!!" Bill then said

"More than likely." Cash says

"I'll get you guys up here." Cassie says with her giant voice.

After Cassie brought everyone up, they saw from the top that D-Terminators were every village destroying the villages and killing everyone in them.

"Holy Shit." Bill says, "What are we to do now?" Bill asks

"We should go find that treasure that they took from us." BaRock said, "We shouldn't come back empty-handed to dante."

"I think we should help out the people," Cassie said still tall, but not as tall as she was.

"What do you kids think?" Bill then asks the kids.

"...what?" Alex asked. "Look"

Quickly the robots were being wrapped up by the massive and many vines from all over the island. There were three vines for each Terminator, each three times their size. It was as if the entire island was fighting on its own behalf. Any D-terminators that managed to get away were being shredded and destroyed by Megumi with no real effort. Within a matter of seconds into minutes, no D-terminators remained on the island.

Both Adam and Alex took off after Vegeta. "Papa wants treasure," Alex called out. "So we'll bring him all the treasure needed."

The entire island began to shake furiously!

"Well, that does handle things differently." Bill then says surprised, but not really surprised because he knew Dante could've done something like that.

"I'll go take care of wounded," Candy says,"You guys won't be needing a medic." Candy then turns into her feathered dragon form and flied away to one of the nearby villages.

"Come on guys, let's get that son of a bitch." Cash says running into the forest.

Baytona Safe?

Antonio was riding on his horse quickly to Baytona. He didn't want to miss the action, and thought it was required of him to go there. As he was riding, he saw Cassie in the distance explode out of the cave. She grew so tall that she was noticeable in the island. "What are they doing?" asked Antonio to himself.

Later, Antonio would make it to Baytona in one piece. As he ridden, he noticed D-Terminators destroyed everywhere with vines around them. He also noticed a lot of people wounded or killed on the sides of the streets of Baytona. While he was walking, he noticed Candy was there healing a civilian. She was welding the wound back together that was in the civilians arm. "There you go honey?" Candy would say to the civilian.

"Miss Candy, I thought you were with the Pirates and the kids finding the treasure?" Antonio asks Candy as he sees her.

"I was, but we ran into some issues." Candy says as she goes on to tell what happened to them. "So, I decided I should help the wounded here or at any other village. I am the quickest one to heal people anywhere on this island." Candy says as she finishes the story.

"Let's go up to Dante's office and have you explain what happened," Dante says, "You might want some clothes too?"

"I'm good, finding clothes is the least of my worries at the moment." Candy says as they run to Dante's office.

Then they enter Dante's office, Candy and Antonio.

"Sir, I might know who caused this, but..." Antonio says as he sees a D-terminator laid on the floor."How did that get in here and What happened? asks Antonio, looking very confused.

"I was taking a nap." Dante says rather bluntly. "It woke me up and I took care of it." He got to his feet. "I've taken care of all the rest of them on the island. I've also already lifted every ship out of the harbor with vines and keeping them suspended until I've caught who caused this. Also every other ship and submarine, anywhere near this island that i don't recognize has been ripped apart and destroyed."

"Oh that is good news then, but I think I might know who caused this." Antonio says,"If you remember reading those newspapers, a man named Vegeta Fries. An ex-marine that was declared insane by the marines themselves after he blew up a country to test out his bomb that he created. He created these things and has destroyed any island that was near him." Antonio says, then Antonio pulls out a wanted poster for vegeta,"This man is wanted by the marines for his insanity and destruction for 60,000,000 berries!" Antonio says as he gives the poster to Dante,"The man is that insane!"

"No, this man is dead. Or at least he'll wish he was." Dante smiled and laughed innocently as he walked toward the exit. "I'll find him, don't worry." Dante then leaves his office and walks outside of the building. Then kneels down and stabs a finger to the floor. "There you are!" He thought to himself as his body turned more plant like and turned into a tree.

Candy still being there said,"Are you interested in how far we made it to the treasure, cause we found the treasure, but was taken by that Vegeta dude, and there's also piles of gold still there at the bottom of the cave. Cassie blasted a hole to get us up to the top quicker before we were going to be drowned by sand." Cassie explained

"Drowning by sand?" Antonio asks

"Long story." Candy replied, "So yeah, that vegeta dude has these things carrying the main treasure for him."

A Goose Chase

We see the children from earlier running at top speed chasing after Vegeta! Both of them were silent and just focused on catching the bastard running away with his robots.

The Lucky Pirates run with the kids after that treasure. "You give us back our treasure or else we'll use deadly force on you." Bill yells at Vegeta

Vegeta was on the edge of the shore when the Lucky Pirates and the kids were running after them. "How did they get out?" Vegeta said crazily wondering. "Doesn't matter, I'll be out of here with the treasure soon." Vegeta says with a grin,"Boys, wait here for our ship to arrive." Vegeta says,"And take care of those inferior fools, for I am your God, and they do not worship me."

The Lucky Pirates then stopped when they went face to face with Vegeta and his four terminators surrounding them.

"This is where it ends you crazy bastard." Bill says to Vegeta

"Oh,I think this is where it just begins." Vegeta says with a maniacal grin."My Terminators....TERMINATE THEM!!!!" Vegeta yells

The terminators then walk towards the Lucky Pirates, with their cannon guns ready to shoot when suddenly, a man appears wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses, has a machine cannon gun and shoots it at the D-Terminators and destroying them effectively.

"Fight with me if you all want to live." the man said.

"Now, now" Dante's voice can be heard surrounding them. As if it were coming from all directions. "No one is going anywhere or with any treasure." Dante then emerges from the ground and walks closer to everyone.

"Papa!" The kids exclaimed together!

"So i take it you're the one who's behind the death and injuries of my people?" Dante asked.

"Yes," Vegeta says with a unhappy grin,"I am here to purify this world of all its sins." Vegeta says pretty creepily.

"I see," Dante walked over closer to him. "Prostrate yourself." Dante ordered as he released a ridiculously small amount of Haki to force Vegeta on his knees. "Alex, Adam, leave. Papa needs to do some work. Escort the Lucky Pirates and the treasure back to the city."

"I'll help carry the treasure." the man said

"How do we know that you're not going to steal it from us?" Bill asks the man

"The treasure is not my interest, but I am interested in helping." the man says

"Well then let's go." Bill says to the Lucky Pirates. The Lucky Pirates would leave the area and went to the city back with the treasure carried by the man and BaRock.

"Let us begin shall we?" Dante asked Vegeta. "Pick a number from one through ten will you?"

"What is this you are doing?!" Vegeta said spitting out blood from the haki punch,"I am your God!" Vegeta then thinks about it,"six!" Vegeta says as he spits more blood out.

"I've dealt with people like you before. Insane, god complex." Dante then forced Vegeta's mouth open. "Eat this will you?" Dante then forced a flower down Vegeta's throat. "One, two, three, four, five, six." He counted each tooth until he landed on the sixth one. "Winner" Dante then grabbed hold and slowly pulled the tooth out and gave it a few twists doing so. "Lets see here." Dante stepped on one of Vegeta's hands. "3, 2, 1" Dante calmly counted backward before slowly putting pressure down on the hand, breaking each bone with in it. So much pressure the hand ruptured, bleeding uncontrollably.

"Don't worry, you won't be dying any time soon." Dante smiles. "If you try to escape this by running towards death,I'll bring you back myself." Dante then begins to secrete an acid like substance which lands on the ruptured hands, burning and eating away at the hand's innards. "We're just getting started after all." Dante then looks down at Vegeta. "The flower i fed you, it increases your sensitivity of touch and even sends a kind of high to your brain. You will experience a pain like no other. All to die when i feel like you've had enough."

The pirates kept on walking when they heard a scream coming from Vegeta, none of them looked back.

You feel like a millionaire?

Back at the office, everyone was there, even Dante and the pirates. Dante given Cassie and Candy clothes. Bill hired a pawnbroker to come to the office to check the worth of the treasure. Bill hands the pawnbroker the gold bar that was at one of the trial entrances they found. "How much is it worth?" Bill asks.

"I will need a scale sir." the pawnbroker said.

"Well,we got one right here." Bill gets out the scale also from that trial.

The Pawnbroker weighed the gold and checked the purity of it. After calculation, the pawnbroker said,"What you have here is a 30 pound gold brick worth at least 1 billion berries." the pawnbroker said amazed.

"1 BILLION!!!!" Bill and some of the members of the lucky pirates say,"And that's not even the rest of the treasure that we found." Bill said. Bill then walks over to dante, who is sitting on his desk, with the bag that was found in the chest."Whatever that is in the bag is paid for by that brick Mr.Dante." Bill said as he motions his hand politely to hand the bag over to Bill.

"Papa, can we get lunch yet?" Alex asked and whined as she sat on Dante's lap.

"Please papa. We forgot to pack one earlier." Adam joined in.

"Hehehe, its okay kids, as soon as we're done we'll eat up I promise." Dante says as he pats the both on the head. He then looks over at the Lucky Pirates. "I am a man of my word ladies and gentlemen. You brought me more than enough treasure so you are free to take the devil fruit if you like. But all the rest is mine."

"Thank you." Bill says as he grabs the bag from the office table.

"Wait a minute, we won't get any other -?" Cash says when he is interrupted by Bill

"Don't ask anything else." says Bill,"I went through enough shit to get this if you ask me." Bill says annoyed. Bill unwraps the bag that was tied. When he opened it, he flipped the bag to see everything that falls, and onto the table falls two devil fruits.

"Two devil fruits?" Bill asks to himself.

"Your going to have to pick one, you can't eat both or else you'll be dead." BaRock said,"I came close to eating a second devil fruit before when someone warned me what happened if i did."

Bill looks at the two devil fruits, one is a golden cherry, and the other one is an orange with a white swirl on it. Bill puts both in his hands. He then decides to put the orange in his pocket. "I'm going to eat this one," Bill says,"Gold has been the luckiest thing I've found yet." He then opens his mouth and eats the golden cherry.

When he ate it, he gagged and was sickened by the taste of the fruit."May look good but tastes like shit." Bill then says as he was trying to regain his cool.

Cassie then walked to her husband and asked,"You okay honey, yeah mine didn't taste good either."

"None of them do." says BaRock

Bill then gently grabs Cassie by the shoulders and asks,"Notice anything about me that sticks out?"

"Nothing but your pretty two-faceeeeeee" Cassie says as she abruptly grows so tall that the roof of the building is destroyed and she falls to the building next door.

Everyone was just standing there in shock,"What,the f*ck did you do?" asked Cash

"I don't know, I just tried to hug her and she just grew." Bill claims as he is just as surprised.

The pawnbroker then pulls out a book from his suitcase and says,"I believe according to this book," he says as he goes through the book,"That you ate the raki raki no mi, or the luck luck fruit. Whoever you touch will become unlucky and make you very lucky." the pawnbroker then said.

"Can I touch anyone without intent in getting rid of their luck?" Bill asks

"You should be able to do that soon enough." the pawnbroker says,"You just didn't know you activated it,you will soon be able to know though.

Bill then smiles sheepishly at Dante and says,"Sorry for the roof, and the building next to it."

"Haaah." Dante just sighed as he picked himself up and the two kids jumped on his shoulders. "We'll be getting some food now, right kids?"

"Yeah! Papa we want pizza! Pizza! please!" They both scream in joyous unison.

"You're forgiven for the room and the building if you have repair it with the rest who will be hired to do so. Seeing as how you'll be here a while." Dante waved off as he walked away with the kids.

"Yeah we will be here for a while, and don't worry, we'll have my shipwright Alex and my Blacksmith Arny have it done before the kick-off festival ends. Seeing that it's not even done yet. As Bill looks at the clock outside. "Uh,would you like a handshake now, mr.dante, i swear i won't get rid of your luck." as Bill pulls out his hand waiting for a handshake.

Dante walked away without facing anyone, "From here on out you won't be dealing with me anymore. I now consider you all as pirates. In time maybe allies. Try to build some fame and power though or else you'll just be another group of pirates in my way."

"Well, it was nice meeting you Mr.Dante." says Bill

The man that helped carrying the chest then asked,"Is Vegeta finished?"

"I believe so," said Bill,"We saw Dante took care of it and never seen Vegeta again."

"It's a shame it wasn't the real one." Barnaby said

"What?" asked Cash,"What do you mean it wasn't the real one?" Cash said confused

"Vegeta doesn't go anywhere unless he really wants to, that was only a clone of him." the man said,"Vegeta is a user of the mono-mono no mi." the man said

"And how do you know this?" asks Bill suspiciously

"Because I am to find the real one and terminate him." said the man

"Can we ask what your name is?" asks BaRock

The man then stands up,"My name is Barnaby, and my mission is to find him and terminate him."

"Who gave you this mission?" asks Bill

"Dr.Megapunk,the one who created me." Barnaby then replies

"Created?" Bill asks

Barnaby then pulls out a giant knife and cuts his skin, he then pulls out the skin to reveal a skeleton that is the same as the D-Terminators,"I was rewired and reprogrammed by Megapunk." Barnaby said coldly

"Megapunk," BaRock said as if he heard that name before,"Isn't he the marine's scientist at the moment?" BaRock then asks

"Yes," Barnaby replies,"But I am not marine nor pirate, I only do what I am told."

"Well," Bill says with some curiosity,"I would like to meet this real Vegeta myself and have a few words with him.""Would you then like to join us?" Bill then asks

"If it means I get closer to him then yes." Barnaby says

"Great, you'll join us as uhh," Bill looks at Barnaby to think what position Barnaby can be,"You can be our marksman." Bill says as he sees all the guns Barnaby is carrying.

The Lucky Pirates then went downstairs and went outside to get Cassie.

"You ok honey?" Bill said sheepishly and with a smile.

"You sly dog,of course I'm alright,naked, but alright." Cassie replies

"Alex and Arny, get started repairing the building and the roof." Bill orders to Alex and Arny.

Antonio then comes over and says,"I am glad Dante didn't do anything to you guys, and I really hope you kick those celestial dragon's asses once you get to that point." Antonio says with amazement,"And no matter what Dante says,I'll be your private ally." Antonio then salutes to Bill like the captain Bill is.

"At Ease, soldier." Bill says as he offers his hand to Antonio. Antonio grabs the hand for a handshake, and suddenly Antonio had this refreshed feeling of some energy.

"I feel refreshed after that handshake." Antonio then says,"I don't know why though."

"It's because I gave you a fresh set of luck, you looked pretty low on it." Bill said with a smile.

A Lucky or Unlucky Day?

Later that evening, all the Lucky Pirates got around and made it to the city, where the festival was beginning after the kick-off. Peggy was there with the Pirates after all what has happened.

"Oiiii!" Megumi yelled out. "Dan-chan said the festival is going to be canceled. He and the rest of the crew will be spending our time to fix the island and help those in need." She then walks closer to the group, "If you want to make yourself useful and stay on the island, i'd get to it."

"No problem." said Bill. Bill then looks at the crew and peggy,"Well guys, what are we going to do until the festival kicks back up?"

"Me and Alex can repair any houses that need repairing." Arny then says

"Then you two get on it." Bill says. Arny and Alex then runoff to get started on the nearest building that needed fixed. Alex gives Bones to Peggy before he runs off though.

"Let me help you guys with the lumber." BaRock then says while chasing them

"Me and Sonya can start making food for those that need it." Sauna says as the two go to the nearest kitchen to make food for the people that might've lost homes.

"I can administer last rites to the dead in the hospitals." St.Helena then says as she flies off to the hospital.

"I guess that could be done." Bill says as Helena flies off.

"I'll be painting the scenes of this." Rob says as he paints a picture of a little girl picking up a rose from the dirty ground.

"You do you then." Bill replies

"I can go pick flowers for the dead." Cassie says as she kisses Bill

"You go do that then. And what about you Cash?" Bill asks Cash

Suddenly, a busty red-haired girl in a red dress comes out of a building yelling,"Cash, Cash you're finally here!" the girl comes to Cash and gives him a hug,"It's me Cash, Scarlett." the girl says.

"Scarlett...I haven't seen you since you was four." Cash says,"What are you doing here?" asks Cash

"Who is she?" asks Bill

"My name is Scarlett Widow." said Scarlett,"I sing for Cash's Uncle Charley,who is a jazz musician." "I consider Cash my brother."

"How are you and the rest of Uncle Charley's angels doing?" asks Cash

"They're ok, but you should come with me, Cash, it's pops, he's been sick lately, and the things that came earlier came into his bedroom and nearly killed him." Scarlett says.

"You must get going then." Bill says,"I won't interrupt you." Bill says as Cash and Scarlett run off to the hospital.

"What are you going to do then?" Cassie asks Bill

"I'll go speak with Antonio and see what things can be done for the next few months. We're going to stay here and relax for a while. Anyway where is Barnaby?" Bill asks

"He went to help out look for Vegeta if he was still around." Cassie said. "I'll see you later sweetie." Cassie kisses Bill bye before she walks off to the gardens.

"Can you come with me Peggy?" asks Cassie,"I would like to pick flowers with someone else."

"Yeah, that sounds-" Peggy paused half way through her sentence.

The floor around them began to shake! Everyone around the city were looking around and some Skink children run to the outer ring of the city.

"It looks like the king isn't taking this that well." Peggy softly declared. "He hasn't done this for a while."

Adam and Alex head toward where the shock waves and vibrations were coming from. "Papa!" they yell out!

Bill was walking to Antonio's house when he heard the ground shaking,"PEGGY, WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR KING DOING?!?!" Bill yelled to Peggy from the other side of the street

"He's sparing against all the chiefs of the Skink tribes and Megumi." Peggy explains as a gust of wind was blowing small debris around.

"You're telling me he's pissed off right now and is laying his anger on the chiefs?" Bill says as the wind blows.

"No, not at all." Peggy explains. "He's letting the chiefs take their anger out on him and has Megumi attack him. This is his way of getting his anger out. None of their attacks are actually reaching him or breaking his skin. Those shock waves tend to come from all the chiefs attacks landing at once and Dante just tanking it."

"Oh, that makes sense then i guess." Bill says,"I'll just ignore this then and be on my way." Bill says this as he calls a horse and buggy cab and tells the driver to Antonio's house.

"Well then," said Cassie,"Let's go Peggy, the dead don't wait for their flowers, they need to be buried soon."

"Yeah, lets go!" Peggy exclaims.

The Secret Garden

Peggy,Cassie, and Bones walk to the nearest garden. Cassie looked at the garden flowers,"There has to be better flowers than these. Would you know where a better garden is at?" Cassie asks Peggy with Bones holding her hand.

"The dryads of this garden should be here soon. They can give new life to all these flowers."

"That sounds sweet." Cassie says, I suppose we can wait till they come.

They wait until about five minutes later,when the dryads of the garden come in. The dryads come and gave the garden a new life, flowers sprang up everywhere as they spontaneously grew, there were roses,daisies,sunflowers, and even bluebonnets.

"Thank you ladies." Cassie says to the dryads that soon left back to their hideouts.

Peggy and Cassie were picking flowers for a little while,soon Cassie asked Peggy,"Have you ever wanted to travel around the world?" as she was picking some roses.

"Of course, that's the dream all dryads share." Peggy started, "Sadly naturally we can't leave the island without risking death. Some of us do get lucky thanks to Dante and do manage to leave."

"Well." Cassie says thinking,"I should apologize for something."

"Apologize for what?" Peggy asked.

"I uh,tried to recruit you with Dante's permission to the crew without your permission." Cassie said admittedly,still shaken up from Dante's reaction,"I just wanted to be thoughtful of someone in the island and show the world, you girls don't usually have the chance to travel like we giants didn't have the chance to travel most." Cassie then started crying,"Ever since Bill asked me to come with him,i didn't know how to repay him,so I thought,he would want me to recruit someone who usually doesn't have a chance,have a chance." She cries on the roses that were not blooming, but when she cried, the roses bloomed. "I'm sorry." Cassie said choking on her tears.

"Its fine really Cassie. Truth is a lot of us gave up the dream of leaving this island for years already. But Dante brought us faith and hope to see the world." She then hugs Cassie, "But to be fair i'm sorry you asked him. The king is so protective of us, so knowing you asked him without me doing it. Things probably got a little heated."

"You don't know the half of it." Cassie said trying to recollect herself,"I nearly got both me and my husband killed." Cassie says as she hugs Peggy back. After a while of hugging each other,Cassie broke the silence,"I can probably ask Bill to ask Dante,to see if he's in a better attitude." as she was wiping off the dried tears.

"I'd like to be there when you ask him." Peggy says, "I feel like that would be for the best."

"When is he coming back?" Cassie asks as she tries to collect flowers again.

"Lady Naoko said he has plans of leaving the island today. So i think it would be best to go to him when we meet up with Bill."

"But Bill is at antonio's by now." Cassie says,"What should I do,call Bill? Is there a transponder snail nearby?"

"No, but we can always deliver these flowers and then find one in town and call Bill."

"Well," Cassie looking at all the flowers they've picked,"Let's deliver these flowers and find one then, sound like a plan?" Cassie says.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Peggy yells excited.

Peggy and Cassie leave for the morgue or the people that wanted flowers for their dead. Then after that Cassie and Peggy found a public transponder snail to call Bill.

Lord Have Mercy

Scarlett and Cash walked to the hospital where their dad was at. They walked into the main office room to check where their dad is held in which room. Then, they went upstairs to one of the middle levels of the hospital. Uncle Charley was there, seeing to his older brother, who is Cash's dad.

"Hey Uncle Charley." Cash says as he removes his hat.

"Hey Cash, it's been twenty years." Charley says

"Definitely," Cash replies,"How is pops doing?" he then asks

"Not so good," Charley said,"He's been sick for the past few months and he just got blasted by those robots with multiple shots. We don't know if he'll make it." Charley then says.

"How many shots was he blasted with?" Cash asks

"twenty-three" Charley replied hesitantly,"He wouldn't go down easily,and the robots shot him many times. He was holding his shotgun when he was found laid there with multiple shots."

"That you son?" father spoke quietly.

"Yes it is pops." Cash says

"I might not have long son. And I want to say some things to you." his father replies.

"Don't say that Willie," Uncle Charley says to his older brother.

"Charley,I'm nearly ninety year-old gator,most gators don't live to this age, and these wounds just hastened it brother." Willie says to Charley

"I want you to lead the Highwaymen, Cash." Willie says to his son

"I can't dad,I'm living the life of a cowboy and pirate, how can i do that when i can only do so much." Cash then replies.

"Then find someone around here who can." Willie says

"Why not give it to my brother Chris?" Cash asks

"You can do that." Willie replies

"You be good to my daughter Charley." Willie then says to point out Scarlett,"For I saw greatness in her when I adopted her and the rest of the angels."

"Yes brother." Charley replies

Everyone sat there with Willie lying there still for a while. Suddenly St.Helena came into the room,"I came here to administer last rites to your father Cash." Helena then states.

Cash looks at Charley,who then looked at Willie and checked Willie's pulse, Willie had no pulse and died. Scarlett then cried on Cash while he was hugging her. Cash just sat there silent,staring at his father, who was a good father to him, and a great neighbor in the island of Nam, who entertained the island with music.

Cash then puts his hat back on and says,"Go ahead Helen." Cash says as he stands up and walks away from the room.

"Cash, wait." Scarlett says as she comes with Cash.

Cash and Scarlett go outside of the hospital,where Cash sits down on a bench and opens up a lighter and pulls out a churchill cigar. Scarlett and Cash just sit there for a while. Scarlett then opens up a conversation,"Well,what now?" She asks

"I better get Chris and talk to him about the highwaymen." Cash replies as he's smoking the thick cigar.

"Well,what about us?" Scarlett asked

"Charley has taken care of you girls." Cash replies,"He's done good for you girls, singing in his jazz club."

"But,me and the girls been wanting to travel like you did Cash." Scarlett says,"You're one of the few that gotten to leave the island." I especially want to know where I came from as a human."

"I doubt you'll find the answer to that." Cash says,"There are many red-haired humans out there, and it may be likely that their dead." Cash then sighed and said,"When we found you girls,you girls were laid there on our front porch. Obviously someone didn't want you four or you guys were kidnapped or something." Cash finishes with.

"But we want to travel Cash,with you guys." Scarlett says

"You'll have to live the pirate life." Cash says,"And it ain't an easy life to live."

"Who says I haven't done piracy before." Scarlett shows as she shows she stole some money from Cash himself and smiling with it.

"You've got to do better than be a thief." Cash says unimpressed and still smoking.

"What can I do then?" Scarlett says

"Can you do espionage?" Cash says,"I remembered you always wanted to be a spy or something when you were young." Cash says remembering Scarlett in the younger years.

"I could,and I can." Scarlett says,"Uncle Charley actually gave us books on how to be spies. And us girls read it and practiced it. He said spying would help us better as performers and singers."

Cash then laughs and says,"Wondering what he really meant by that." Cash said thinking out loud. He then looked at Scarlett and says,"I don't really know if I can let you guys in to the crew,but I'll sure talk to Bill about it." Cash says.

"Thank you for trying." Scarlett says as she flowed her hair back.

"Excuse me Cash, but someone is wanting to speak to you on the transponder snail." A nurse came by to tell Cash.

Cash then crushes his cigar and goes inside to answer the transponder snail. "What's up?" he says as he answers it.

What is Love?

Arny and Alex were repairing the roof of a house when they were starting up a chat.

"Hey Arny,Why are the girls here rude?" Alex asks

"Cause they were taught to simple," Arny says,"Teachings from your childhood stay with you for life, and it's very hard to break them. It's why some fishmen are born to hate humans,or vice versa." Arny says as he hammers some nails into the wood.

"But don't you think we can change that?" Alex asks.

"Alex,let me tell you something." Arny then points the hammer at alex,"The history of the vikings is long, but there are some things you can learn from it."

"Like what?" ask Alex

"Well,us male vikings didn't give the proper respect for women until generations later. We mostly considered them back then house people, who were to stay in the house and do the housework, it wasn't until thousands of years later we would change that. But now, we have women go on raids with us and fight our battles with us." Arny says as he keeps on hammering.

"What are you proposing?" Alex says

"If you show the dryad the respect that they want,they will respect you better. It all starts with the mindset that you want to change the world for the better by giving others respect." Arny says

"How do you know all this?" Alex says

"Interacting with my own village and interacting with other people in other countries and species." Arny says

"Oh." Alex says

"Don't worry Alex,I only grasped the concept when I was only 25,and I'm 41 now." Arny says chuckling and patting Alex's back.

"Hey guys," Barock says as he has a transponder snail in his hand,"We have a call."

"Well don't just let it keep ringing." Arny says,"Answer it!"


Bill was at the entrance the the White Mansion when he was dropped off for their location."Thank you sir." Bill says as he pays the driver. He then walks to the entrance. The door at the mansion was a wooden door with a gold handle in the middle. Bill then knocks on the door of the mansion. Where one of Antonio's butlers answer the door.

"What can I do for you sir." the butler asks.

"I am here for Antonio." Bill says,"He said I can come over when I had the time."

"Follow me sir." the butler then leads Bill to outside to a pool, where Antonio and his wife were sunbathing next to the pool. The butler then walked to Antonio,"There is a man here that said he can speak to you whenever he has time."

Antonio gets off from his seat and sees Bill,"Ah Bill,nice to see you again." Antonio then shakes Bill's hands,"So what did you came here for?" Antonio asks

"The carnival got cancelled," said Bill,"And you said when I had time,I should come by."

"Yes,it got canceled." Antonio said,"But me and my wife are planning a private party to celebrate our anniversary."

"That is good news." Bill says.

"We were thinking of inviting you Lucky Pirates to it." Antonio replies

"As long they look appropriate." Maria then gets up from her seat to join the conversation. She was wearing a purple one-piece bathing suit. Maria saw Bill and his suit and his face and reacted,"You're not a complete mess." Maria says as she noticed Bill's face.

"That is a story I can share inside madam. It is hot out here in the afternoon." Bill says wiping his head with a purple handkerchief.

"Agreed,let's go inside." Antonio says as he leads them inside.

Antonio and Maria led Bill inside where he waited in the living room while they were getting in their usual outfits. Antonio and Maria come in to the living room. Antonio ordered tea while he was changing, so the tea was there on a coffee table.

"Never took you for a tea drinker." Bill says

"Dante told me to drink tea." Antonio replies,"It would help me with my nightmares that I get sometimes."

"What nightmares?" Bill asks

"Why not you tell us how you got those scars and I'll tell you my story?" Antonio asks

"Fair enough." Bill says,"I gotten these scars from a fight with a sea king. Me and the crew were sailing to the tip of the north blue. Up there was this giant squid which was a sea king. Me and the crew battled it, and it got away, not without spurting out this acidic ink at my face. Fortunately,it was only half of my face." Bill explains

"Have you ever wanted surgery to fix that?" Maria asks.

"No,It adds a certain style to me as a pirate,something that other people fear about me." Bill replies to the question.

"I can agree it does." Antonio says

Bill chuckles at Antonio's reply and says,"Now, what are those nightmares you have?"

Antonio leaves out a sigh and says,"I am a freedom fighter,someone tells me to liberate islands,I lead an army to free the island and I take out the king." Antonio points out,"Thing was,one time I wasn't successful. I led about 15,000 soldiers to an island to take out the king. I didn't know though that the king would have marines guard him. There were so many marines there, and they obliterated us. When I said that I led 15,000 men, I would only bring back 60." Antonio said with a disturbed look on his face,"It wasn't until Dante would recruit me when I recollected myself. But him giving me a bigger army has also been advantageous."

"Well,I'm sorry to hear of your losses." Bill says.

"No,it's all part of my experience and judgement." Antonio says,"Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement."

"Not a bad proverb." Bill says.

"Thanks." Antonio replies.

"So what made you choose to become a pirate?" asks Maria.

"The coin." Bill replied,"I didn't know if I should work with my dad as a marine or do what my uncle did before he was killed by my dad. So I flipped a coin to decide, and it chose me the pirate life." Bill explains. "What about you Antonio?" Bill then asks

"I was born into a family of celestial dragons, me and Maria were married when we were 18. She was of a wealthy family. I had the choice to marry her or not, my family would bring out girls from wealthy families and I would pick one. I picked her, and I am lucky to." Antonio says with a smile as he looks at Maria."I was a slave buyer for my family,until about a year after we were married I realized the hard truth about slavery when I accidentally entered a room full of slaves. It was disturbing to me how we were treating them. I tried to talk to my dad or my other members in the family,but they didn't care. So me and Maria ran away. We ran off to a far-away island that would eventually lead me to my career in freedom fighting." Antonio finishes speaking.

"Wow," says Bill,"I'm glad I'm meeting you now as a fellow pirate and not as a celestial dragon,or else I might kill you on the spot." Bill then chuckles.

"I know," says Antonio,"Because when I heard you were after the slave business the celestial dragons own. I was amazed by the dedication you want to do it."

"Yup, but I need to get better to do that though." says Bill,"That's why I came here,I came here to get better, not get brushed off like a common pirate."

"I am heavily-inspired by it." Antonio says.

Bill then looks at Maria,"Hey Maria,may I see your hand for a second?" Bill asks.

"Why?" Maria asks.

"Because I want to see your luck." Bill replies.

"Don't worry honey." Antonio says to his wife,"He gave me luck. It's part of his devil fruit."

Maria then takes out her hand to Bill. Bill holds the hand gently and says,"Yikes,you both been low on luck,let me fix that." Bill gives luck to Maria,which Maria suddenly feels fresh from the input of luck into her. "Feel better?" Bill asks.

"Yeah." Maria replies as she feels like she stepped out of a shower.

"That is great to hear." Antonio says.

They all sit there on the couch. Then Antonio says something,"Me and you are not so different, coming from a different side of the law, and decide to go to the other line."

"Yes,I know." Bill replies

Suddenly, the transponder snail on the table rung. Antonio answers it and then gives it to Bill. "It's for you."

Bill is handed over the snail and answers,"Yes?"

A series of phone calls

"Hey honey." Cassie replies,

"What are you girls up to?" Bill asks

"Nothing really, we were just wondering, or I was just wondering...If we can still try to bring Peggy with us?" Cassie replies

"Cassie,you know you tried,you shouldn't try to get our heads cut off again." Bill replies

"But,Peggy wants to come with us." Cassie replies,"She even will speak to Dante with us to convince him."

"How do we know Dante ain't going to try to bite our heads off with a giant venus flytrap or something?" Bill asks.

"Just trust me honey," Cassie says.

Bill leaves out a sigh,"Happy wife,happy life." Bill says then,"So where is Dante?"

"He is going to leave soon, he's planning on leaving tonight." Cassie replies

"Actually," Antonio replies,"Dante will be at the private anniversary party we are having. But he won't be there for long."

"He's actually going to be at a party here in Antonio's mansion." Bill replies,"I recommend you put on your best uniform and meet us here."

"Sounds good honey," Cassie replies,"See you there,love you."

"Love you too honey." Bill replies.

"Bye." they both say before they hung up.

"Excuse me Antonio," Bill says,"I'm going to make other calls."

Bill then called everyone in the Lucky Pirates to tell what is going on.

Sing to the Heavens

Cash got the phone call from Bill about the party.

"So,will you be there?" Bill asks

"Yeah,me and Charley's Angels will be there." Cash responds on the other side of the transponder snail.

"You bringing a band?" Bill asks.

"A singing jazz group of girls." Cash replies,"My Uncle Charley will be there with his jazz band and the girls will be singing."

"That sounds awesome!" says Bill,"But I thought you were the country type?"

"I am,but jazz is also of the family,so I enjoy the family's music." Cash replies.

"Alright then, see you there." Bill says as he hangs up the phone.

Cash walks out of the hospital and walks to the bench where he and Scarlett were sitting in. Scarlett was still there."Hey Scarlett," Cash says,"Get ready, we got to do a performance tonight."

"What about dad though?" Scarlett said,"Shouldn't we be mourning for our dad?"

"Dad would want us to mourn through music." Cash says,"Let's sing for him,let us sing to the heavens like we are telling him,"We are doing what you would want us to do." lets sing so that we can see the smile in his face in the afterlife." Cash says,"Now Scarlett,get the girls ready,I'll get Uncle Charley."

A Lucky Party

At the party, the chiefs and elders were there at the White Mansion. So were Dante and other wealthy people in the party. BaRock was being the cook, while Sauna and Sonya were serving. Cash and Charley's Angels were doing the music for the party, both jazz and country.

Later,after the angels finish singing one of their songs. Antonio comes up to where the girls were standing."Thank you lovely girls,Now I want to thank all of you for coming to our tenth wedding anniversary party. I still can't believe it's been a decade since I married my beautiful wife. Now, our most special guest is here and I wanted to have him say a couple words. So please give it up for Esposito Dante, our kind king and yonko."

The crowd of wealthy people,chiefs, and elders clapped for Dante as he came up to the stage.

"People of Nam. My friends, my subordinates, my people... my family." Dante began. "I am here not as your king or your Yonko. I am here as someone who is mourning just like you and everyone else in Nam. What happened today was cruel and is what i never want to happen to any of my homes or to any of the people who follow me. For that i have to say my condolences for those who lost their homes or loved ones today. I will have your hoes and businesses repaired and Naoko will distribute money for those who'll need it to get by after all this."

"But speaking as your Yonko and as your king i do have to say something, so if you'll raise your drinks to the air," Dante pauses as everyone lifts their glasses up,"Drink and fill up your cup, eat and serve yourself seconds or thirds, and live life to your fullest! No one will do this to my people and get away with it! I will find him and i promise Nam will have its justice! So for now, drink and have fun!" Dante chanted as he drank everything in his glass.

"That was a pretty good speech,Mr.Dante,probably better than my pre-battle speeches." Antonio says as the crowd laughs."Anyway,everyone have a happy party here. Thank you." Antonio says as both he and Dante leave the stage.

"A good speech indeed," Bill says to Dante,"Now uh Mr.Dante,I know you have to get going soon,but my wife has one last request before you go." Bill says as he shows Cassie and Peggy in their dresses.

"Uh,yes," Cassie says,"I was hoping Bill will ask since he's the captain."

"You're the captain's wife," Bill says,"That position is as important as the captain itself."

"Well...." Cassie says shyly,"I was still hoping you can still let us recruit Peggy here," Cassie points out to Peggy next to her,"She is a sweet girl,and we wanted to pick someone who usually doesn't have a chance to travel,travel with us. I talked to her about it and she does want to come." Cassie says pretty nervously,"Why not you finish,Peggy?" Cassie asks Peggy to speak.

"My king," Peggy bowed in front of Dante. "It's true, I wish to leave with the Lucky Pirates and join their crew. You're the only one who can let me do such a thing. You've been so kind to not just the skinks or elms but to the dryads too. You've done so much for the island and i wish I could stay here the rest of my life to repay your kindness. But my dream, my dream to see the world is, is..."

Dante walked forward and placed his hand on Peggy's head. "What kind of king would I be if I denied you from living your dream." He removed his hand his hand slowly turned into roots. "Naoko and Antonio both spoke volumes about your abilities."

"Thank you my king. You're too kind and generous."

The roots from Dante's hands stretched out and ingrained into Peggy's arms and chest. Slowly she started to loose color to her skin. After a few seconds it returned, so much so that her skin was extra green.

Dante looked over at Bill, "If she is hurt or dies on your watch, I will show you what it really means to piss off a Yonko and hunt you all down." Dante says with a friendly tone and a kind smile...then his cheeks got pink.

"N-now, if y,you don't m-mind. I must be, be off." Dante slurred his words and appeared 'dizzy'.

"Uhh,You ok sir?" Bill asks Dante,"You want me to call a cab for you?"

"Dan-chan!" Megumi appeared from out of nowhere.

"Megumi." Dante looked over at Megumi before throwing his face between her chest and smiling.

"Come here my Dan-chan." Megumi wrapped Dante's had and pulled him closer. "It's okay, e and the rest will take him to the ship and head out."

"Papa's drunk? He really doesn't have much tolerance for alcohol." Alex walked over to Dante and Megumi.

"Well then,Glad I don't drink any alcohol." Bill says. Bill then looks at Peggy,"As Captain of the Lucky Pirates,Me and my wife welcome you to the crew." Bill brings out his hand for a handshake.

"Papa is drunk, papa is drunk, papa is drunk!" Alex teased, enjoying the fact Dante was drunk.

"As the Captain,I'm sure you would be valuable as our botanist next with Cassie here?" Bill says,"Cassie loves studying plants but she's also our navigator, so she would need some assistance in one of the fields, and you would help her in botany am I right?"

"Of course, anyway I can."

"Good,Good" Bill says as he pats her on the shoulder,"Now enjoy yourself for the rest of the time,I'll be talking to Alex and Arny about the ship."

"Looking good there Peggy." Scarlett then shows up,"You looking greener than usual."

"Excuse me?" Bill says turning around to see Scarlett,"You know her?" asks Bill

Cash then replies as he walks to Bill,"Peggy is what Charley's Angels are to Scarlett. Best friends." "I remember these two redheads meeting together before Scarlett's performances when they were kids."

"Makes sense." Bill says,"You had a nice performance up there."

"Thank you,we've been doing this since we were kids." Scarlett replies,"It'll be our last though here,we'll be joining you pirates,me and the angels."

"Now who said that?" Bill asks

Scarlett points to Cash, which Cash had a confused face.

"I said I would talk to Bill about it,Scarlett. Don't put words where they aren't yet." Cash replies to Scarlett.

"You wouldn't want to discuss over this though would you?" She pulls out the devil fruit that Bill left in his pocket, which was an orange with a white swirl.

"How did you get that?" Bill says as he looks in his pocket to check.

"She's a master thief," Cash says,"As well as sing, she's done stealing and espionage before."

"When would she ever need to do that?" Bill asks

"She would spy on criminals that we sometimes get some extra cash from turning them in." Cash replies,"And she's known to thieve since she was able to steal."

"Are these those rare devil fruits?" Scarlett asks,"I wonder what they taste like?"

"Don't you wouldn't like the taste," Bill warns Scarlett,"And you don't know what you will get from it."

"Wouldn't hurt to try." Scarlett says as she peels the skin of the orange to expose the fruit.

"DON'T!!!!" Bill says as she eats the fruit.

Scarlett gags as she falls onto the floor from eating it,"That does taste bad," she says as she gets back up trying to not taste the aftertaste of the fruit."Why am I feeling fuzzy?" Scarlett asks.

Suddenly, nine tails come out of her and she makes a transformation into an anthropomorphic nine-tailed fox."What happened to me?" she asks herself when the transformation ended.

"You ate the devil fruit," Bill says with an annoyed look,"And it gave you some power to be a fox.Though I don't know which type."

Then the pawnbroker appears again and grabs out his book again,"It looks like she got the Inu Inu No Mi,Model:Kyubi no Kitsune." The pawnbroker says as he points out the fruit in the book,"It grants the user to turn into either an anthropomorphic nine tailed fox called Kitsune, or become Kitsune." He says.

"Interesting," Bill says as he looks at the book,"We could use some brains in the crew, you ever thought of joining a pirate crew?"

"I own a bank,so I would need a way to collect my revenue." the pawnbroker says.

"We can take care of that somehow,but I want you to consider joining the Lucky Pirates Mr.....?" Bill asks

"Dr.Tekking sir." the pawnbroker responded.

"Yes then Dr.Tekking." Bill says,"Now move along,I got some things to discuss to people." Bill then looks at Peggy,"I want you and Cassie to take care of Scarlett here to help her recollect her cool. Sound good?"

"How do I look Peggy?" Scarlett says as she twirls around with the tails flying under her dress.

"You look really nice Scarlett! I love the dress!" Peggy cheers on Scarlett.

Bill then goes to Cash,"Scarlett really wants to come with us does she?"

"She wants to travel like me." Cash replies,"She's been jealous of me going out,So she asked me if she and the angels could come with us."

Bill looks at Scarlett,"We could use spies or master thieves I guess." Bill says,"oh to hell with it,she and the angels can come."

"Nice,I'll tell her the news." Cash says.

Later in the party,Antonio and Maria were given gifts from other people to celebrate their anniversary. The doctor came by to them to give them a small box.

"I want to say about how many times you two came to my office to see if you were expecting." the Doctor says to Maria,"But you haven't been successful," he also says,"But I want to say from the last time you came in. I accidentally gotten the wrong results for you two, and when I looked at your actual results...well, take a look for yourselves." The doctor says as he hands the box over to Maria.

Maria opens the box. Inside the box was the results. The results were positive.

Maria screamed in joy and hugged Antonio, who was just as stunned as a sitting stone. Antonio then grinned and hugged Maria and cried in joy. Antonio later walks to Bill and says,"Thank you."

"No need to." Bill replies,"I don't know what luck brings most of the time. I'm just as surprised as you are."

"But thank you anyway." Antonio says as he goes back with his wife.

"Always a jolly time to see young couples expecting." Arny says as he drinks a bottle of ale. Bill was talking to Alex and Arny before Antonio came in.

"So how long do you think it will take for the ship to be renovated Alex?" Bill asks

"Knowing it needs some repairs before renovation, we'll also need to pull out the ship of the water, do the repairs and renovations,and then put it back in after. I would venture to say about a month." Alex replies as he looks at the renovations list Bill made.

"You think you can do all that in the list?" Bill also asks.

"Shouldn't be too hard." Alex replies,"Besides, I'm from the best shipwright place in the world,Water 7."

"Good." Bill replies,"I'll talk to Peggy about extracting the ship." Bill then walks away from the table.

Bill walks backstage to where Charley's Angels,Peggy, and Cassie were at. Bill walks to them and says,"Alex is going to start in the morning doing renovations on our ship,the Roulette,Peggy and Cassie, I would like your help. We need help extracting the ship out of the ocean, is it possible you can pull the ship with your vines Peggy while Cassie pushes the ship to assist?"

"Yes. I'll try my best!" Peggy responds. "I just want to make myself useful and help you guys out. I don't want to slow you all down."

"Don't worry about being slow." Bill says,"As long as you focus on what we say,you won't be slow." Bill says with a smile.

"Hey girls,and Bill." Arny comes in with a grin,"BaRock made this huge cake for Antonio and Maria, come look and we might have a taste." Arny runs back to have some of the cake.

"Well,you girls heard what he said,let's go eat some cake." Bill says. Bill then holds Cassie's hand to escort her to the big room where everyone was at staring at the cake. The girls walked behind Bill and Cassie. The cake was a huge cake, it was tall as about ten feet tall to represent the years they have been together.

"Man BaRock,got to hand it to you, you really made a fine cake." Bill says staring at it,"How long did it take you?"

"Not long at all." BaRock says,"Had some help from other chefs but I led the works together.

"We better make sure we all get some right girls?" Cassie asks the girls behind her.

"Yes Ma'am!" the girls reply back and they leave to get some cake.

"Hey Scarlett," Bill says

"Yes Bill?" asks Scarlett.

"You're going to address me as your captain because we're leaving in four months, so I want you and the girls to be ready by then." Bill replies

"Yes my Captain." Scarlett says as she runs to the rest of the girls.

"So she turned back into a human?" Bill says

"Had to help her get to that stage, but after some practice,she was able to do it smoothly." Cassie replied.

"Good, good." Bill replied.

"You must've made Antonio and Maria's day," Cassie said,"They are gleaming with joy by hearing the news that they're expecting." Cassie then says,"Because of you."

"Who,me? No,No,No" Bill says,"I just gave them the luck, that's all."

Cassie hugs Bill,"That's why I love you Bill,you make people not just me happy."

"Yeah,but I want to make you most happy." Bill replies

"Stop debating with your wife and give her a kiss." Cassie says to Bill before the two kiss each other.

"Hey you two," Arny comes back,"You're going to miss the cake if you don't come soon." Arny then eats some of his piece of cake,"Mmmm,this is good." Arny says with a mouthful.

"Well,let's go get some then." Cassie replies.

"Alright then, as you promise me more tonight." Bill says

"Maybe..." Cassie replies

"Come on,let's go." Bill replies as he and Cassie walk up to the cake to get their piece.

A New Boat

A month passes between the party and now. Bill was at the docks when he saw Cassie pushing the boat back in the ocean.

"It finished now?" Bill asked.

"Yup," Alex replies,"All the repairs and renovations and everything else."

"Good," Bill replies,"I've been pretty uncomfortable sleeping in Cash's old place." He says,"His bed gives me cramps."

"Well then you're glad to hear that the ship is done." Arny then comes in and asks.

"Am I ever?" Bill asks,"Let's take a look inside the beauty."

"Thought you would never ask." Arny says,"Let's go." Arny then leads Alex and Bill to the ship.

They got on the ship to view the top deck.

"First,we lengthened and widen the boat a little, just so we each can have some space. It's basically the only change up here that is noticeable." Alex says

"What about that little greenhouse?" Bill asks.

"We'll come to that when Peggy arrives." Arny says,"There is surprises in there for her."

"Then let's go to the second deck." Bill then replies.

As they went into the second deck, there were some noticeable changes.

"There are more sleeping quarters down here." Alex said,"As we're getting new members,We even made a few extra rooms for five more."

"Nice." Bill says

"And in the kitchen we modified some things." Arny says. They go to the kitchen and said, "We now have a thing that makes plant food."

"The food is epsom salt,it's plant food made of magnesium and sulfur." Alex says,"The sulfur would help her absorb nutrients while magnesium helping her increase the amount of chlorophyll in her body, so she can stay green."

"Which means a healthier plant?" Bill asks.

"You betcha." Arny replies.

"So how does it work?" Bill asks about the machine.

"Oh just put whatever food that you're making," Arny takes out a hot dog."You put it in the machine," Arny then drops the hotdog into the machine,"And let the magic happen!" Arny says as he pulls the lever of the machine. The machine did some shaking and some moving, but came out was a hot dog that was green.

"What happened?" Bill says.

"The machine added the amount of sulfur and magnesium needed into the food and made it turn out that way." Alex explains.

Arny then eats the green hot dog,"It tastes like, eating grass or something." Arny says as he eats it and experiences the after taste.

"Yeah,how did you guys make that?" Bill asks

"Going to a library,learning what a plant needs, and making inventions together." Arny replies,"I built this beauty myself."

"Anyways, this whole kitchen and dining room got updated with bigger rooms and better equipment. The bar counters now have drink dispensers so we don't need to go to the kitchen to get the drinks." Alex explains as he pours himself a cup of root beer from one of the dispensers.

"Drinks like what?" Bill asks.

"From a good cup of water to a nice cold soda, or a fresh cold beer." Arny replies,"I might be using the Ale one for a while."

"The dining room leads straight to the performance room, where Cash and Charley's Angels could put on a show for us if they want." Alex then says.

"Or if your drunk enough to sing or play the piano." Arny says laughing.

Later, they go to the medical room."We also upgraded the medical room so it can hold more people, and there are better tools there in case Candy needs it." Alex explains.

"Good,nice to see you didn't just upgraded the kitchen." Bill says jokingly.

"We also created a nice sewing room for St.Helena so she can tailor our clothes like repair them or wash them." Alex says,"You know she likes to clean our clothes."

"And not return them on time sometimes also." Billy replies jokingly.

"And we gave Rob an art room where a glass wall is there where Rob can see outside and paint whatever is outside." Alex then explains.

"Won't be surprised to see some of his perverted artwork here." Bill replies.

"Oh and each sleeping quarters come with a balcony to outside if it's nice and calm." Arny then says.

"Can you close the balcony." asks Bill.

"You can activate and deactivate it through this lever in each room." Alex points out to the lever in his room.

Alex then leads Bill to the bathrooms,"We now have a men's and women's bathrooms, each equipped with three toilets,three showers,two bathtubs, and three sinks to finish it off.

"What about the men's" asks Bill

"It also has the same amount of things there except one bathtub and three urinals." Alex explains.

"Two Urinals you mean." Arny jokes.

"Let's go to the bottom deck," Arny then says with eager,"I can't wait to show you what's down there."

"What is down there?" Bill asks.

"Come with us and you'll see." Alex says.

They come downstairs and they see a workshop for shipwrights and blacksmiths.

"You see that over there?" Arny says,"That's my own personal workshop, now I don't need to work in my room."

"Instead of leaving this bottom deck empty, we reinforced it with steel on the bottom and made it into workshops for me and Arny to use." Alex says. Alex then shows Bill water pumps,"These water pumps turn the saltwater into drinking water." Alex starts to explain,"This pump here goes to the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms and medical room." Alex then shows the other one,"This one goes straight to the greenhouse up there,so Peggy can get the maximum amount of water in there."

"Nice job turning the bottom deck into something useful." Bill replies,"Now I want to check the greenhouse now."

"Well let's go up there now." Arny then says.

Back up at the top deck,Cassie and Peggy were in front of the greenhouse when they saw Bill,Alex and Arny come up.

"Please tell us we're going to see what's inside?" asks Cassie.

"Don't worry," Alex says, he then gives out keys Cassie,Peggy,and Bill,"You three will be the ones besides us who have the key to the greenhouse." Alex says explaining he and Arny already have keys."If there's anything wrong in the greenhouse,let me and Arny know." Alex says to Peggy.

"Okay." Peggy replies

"Can we go see what's inside now?" Bill asks

"After you Captain." Alex says.

"No,I have to give the opening to Peggy." Bill says as he points to Peggy to open the greenhouse.

Peggy unlocks the door with her key and opens it.

Inside the greenhouse is trees,vines,plants, and any plant that is of Nam. The soil quality they're sitting on is the same soil in Nam. Towards the center was some poison ivy.

"We knew your main plant was poison ivy because of your attire." Alex says,"So we put the plant here to help you. We also gave you some plant friends." He then points out to little venus flytraps."These plants as they grow older and taller, will be good opponents against our enemies. So it's like a defense system for the greenhouse."

Bones then pops out from swinging on the vines in the greenhouse,"Bones has been in here since we made it and is loving it, we even gave it a banana tree." Alex says as he points to the banana tree.

"I got to say, Alex and Arny." Bill says,"You guys do one heck of a job when I tell you to do one."

"What do you think of it Peggy?" Cassie asks.

"I love it." Peggy replies,"It looks like Nam in a little house." She continues.

"That was the goal there miss." Arny says,"And we are glad you like it."

"With the greenhouse up here, you get your daily sunlight and a nice view of the ocean at day or night." Alex then says,"You also get drinking water that is being switched from saltwater so you and the plants can have daily intake of water."

"Nice job,Alex and Arny,can't wait to set sail in four months." Bill says to Alex and Arny.

Goodbye Nam

Four months passed since the finishing of the Roulette. Everyone had a relaxing and fun time during the four months. The new members were having their final moments in the island,saying goodbye to friends and family.

Bill and Cassie are going to say goodbye to Antonio and Maria, whose Maria is being noticeably pregnant.

"Look at you now Maria," Cassie says,"You are really being pregnant after all."

"I am," Maria says with a gleaming smile,"It's been four months since that news."

"What gender is it going to be?" Bill asks.

"The doctor says we're having twins!" Maria replies,"A boy and a girl."

"Wow," Bill says,"You two got extra lucky."

"And it's because of you." Antonio says,"We can't thank you enough."

"I heard it many times from you," Bill says,"I keep saying I don't control what luck gives, I just give or take luck."

"You're probably right," Antonio replies,"I keep saying thank you to you and it might be annoying by now,sorry."

"No worries." Bill replies

"Can I feel it?" Cassie asks.

"Sure go ahead." Maria replies as Cassie feels Maria's bump.

"You should feel it Bill." Cassie says.

"I'm good honey." Bill replies,"She ain't my wife."

The four laugh at that reply.

Cassie then tells Bill,"I can't wait till we can have one."

"We can wait honey." Bill replies,"We are pirates,we can't necessarily do it as pirates, we're going to have to take care of the baby, and a baby on a pirate ship is kinda dangerous especially the situations we can get in."

"Well,I think Cassie here wants one soon." Antonio replies,"Besides you got all those girls there, they can help Cassie take care of it."

"True,true." Bill replies,"I might think about it the next few months."

"So what are you two going to do on this island?" Cassie asks.

"We are to stay here till I am promoted." Antonio says,"I quite enjoy it here though."

"What about that Peggy's going to be with us?" Bill asks.

"Well, she was my highest ranking dryad under my command, but I given her position to her friend Victoria." Antonio replies,"Peggy has done great things with us, and we are happy she is moving on."

"Well I'm glad someone else has her position so there are no gaps in the rankings." Bill says.

The morning sun keeps rising above them.

"I think it's about time we get going Cassie." Bill says.

"Thank you for being here." Maria says as she tries to hug Cassie with a pregnant belly.

"You are a great man Bill." Antonio says,"I hope your future adventures bless you, and I hope you kick those celestial dragon's asses."

"I will Antonio," Bill says as he shakes Antonio's hand,"I'll even give them greetings from Antonio and Maria."

"I'm sure you will." Antonio replies.

"Goodbye friends." Cassie and Bill say as the walk away to the docks.

"Till we meet again." Antonio and Maria say as they wave goodbye.

At the docks, the Lucky Pirates were at the ship except the new ones. Bill wanted to see each of them get on the boat.

Bill was at the entrance of the boat standing there waiting for each of the new members of the crew. First comes up was Barnaby.

"Did you come from here anyway?" Bill asks.

"I did not." Barnaby replies.

"Then enter without hesitation." Bill replies.

Barnaby being a robot did what he was told and walked up to the ship.

Next came up Scarlett and the rest of Charley's angels. Scarlett was leading the angels.

"You ready girls?" Bill asks,"You girls grew up here,and you won't be seeing this place for a while."

"We are a family Captain," Scarlett replies,"We got each other,that's what all matters Captain."

"Good." Bill nods,"Then enter."

Scarlett and the rest of Charley's Angels walk up to the ship.

Last came Peggy, who was looking at the ship and at the island behind her.

"You ready Peggy?" Bill asks,"You thought you were going to stay on this island, and you are now given the chance to come to explore the world." Bill then reaches out his hand,"Are you ready to say goodbye and ready to explore the unknown out there?"

"I've always dreamt of leaving," Peggy began, "and while i always did dream to leave alongside my king. I am grateful you all took me in. I am in your care, captain."

"That is good to hear." Bill says as Peggy grabs his hand and is escorted by Bill to the top of the ship.

"Wait for me!!!" the pawnbroker came to the ship running with some suitcases.

"Ahh,Dr.Tekking,I thought you weren't coming." Bill says

"I thought about it, and when I heard you guys were leaving, I decided to come. The revenue from the bank will be mailed to me." Dr. Tekking replies.

"Well then, come on to the ship, we're about to get going very soon." Bill says as Tekking runs to the ship,"We have a room ready for you, and you will be our accountant of the crew."

"Yes sir,thank you sir!" Tekking says to Bill.

"BAROCK!!!" Bill yells to BaRock,"Lift the anchor."

"Yes sir." BaRock says as he lifts the anchor up.

"Alex!" Bill then says,"Open the sails."

"Yes sir." Alex says as he and Bones open the sails.

Bill then walks up to the bow of the ship where the rest of the crew is at."As Captain, I should explain the rules here on this ship for the newcomers." Bill says.

"Rule #1: We are Family, you care about this family first now." Bill says.

"Rule #2: Listen to me, I give you the orders."

"Rule #3: Listen to the Captain's Wife:Happy Wife,Happy Life"

"And Rule #4: Let's all have some fun." Bill concludes,"Anyone have questions?"

No one answers. "No One, Good. Now let's go on an adventure!" Bill then says.

"Where are we going to Captain?" Arny then asks.

"Wherever destiny takes us Arny." Bill replies.

A letter

That night Bill was writing a letter to his dad before bed:

"Dear Instructor Smith W. Edward,

It has been time since I written a letter to you dad since I am a pirate now. I have came across many things since the last time I written,One: I have a fully functioning crew, and two:I got married, but that was about two years ago now.

I was just at Nam recently, and we came across that ex-marine guy named Dr.Vegeta, one of his clones of himself was there bringing destruction to the island. The yonko who owns the island, Esposito Dante, is now allegedly declaring war on Dr.Vegeta. I thought you would want to know this, cause I would like the crazy guy behind an asylum or dead if ya ask me.

Don't go trying to find me dad,It won't look good for yourself and it won't look good for me either. But I'm sure you miss me, so I'm giving you photos of me and my crew. But don't give those photos to the marines,because if you do, you will regret it. Anyways, I love you dad and wish I don't meet you on the battlefield.


Chance E. Bill"

Bill then rolls the letter to become tiny and puts it in an tiny case and ties it on a raven."Alright Poe, Don't be trying to see other ravens till you deliver this now." Bill says. The raven squawked as a reply. Bill then opens the window in his bedroom and releases the bird hoping it will deliver the message.

"Close that window honey," Cassie says on the bed,"You're making it cold."

Bill then closes the window and hops into the bed and snuggles with Cassie.


Lucky Break

In the morning, Bill woke up to a sound of a crash. Bill then got on his outfit and ran to the top deck, where he saw smoke or steam in the front. A ship had crashed into their ship, looked like the Roulette suffered no damage but not the same for the other ship.

Suddenly two humans walk out of the smoke. One was a male and the other one a female.

The male one walked out and said to Bill,"Hello Bill."

A letter

Edward Smith, the father of Captain Bill Chance of the Lucky Pirates, was sitting on a couch next to a fireplace when a raven flew into the house. Edward noticed a letter on the raven's leg. Edward grabbed the letter, and the raven left the building.

Edward read the letter, it was from his son Bill, whom Edward hadn't seen in three years. He read the letter word-for-word. Edward then says,"Oh Martha,look at how our son is." He looks at the photos he was given to of Bill and his crew, he better make sure he isn't seen with those by the marines.

Edward also notices the letter talks about how Dr.Vegeta is probably back. Vegeta hasn't been noticed in about fifteen or twenty years.

Edward then walks to a cave. A cave full of bats and in the cave, is someone meditating. A man wearing black and has three swords around him.

"Mr.Draven," Edward says,"I think you might want to see something." He shows a copy of the paragraph that talks about Vegeta.

"Where did you get this?" Draven asks.

"From an anonymous writer." Edward lies.

"Lying is something you are not good at Edward," Draven says,"You are afraid to break your moral code,so it's easy to tell you're lying." He says when he detected Edward lying."It's from Bill isn't it?" Draven then concludes,"I won't tell anyone trust me."

"You think you can put an end to a fifteen to twenty year old mystery Edgar?" Edward asks.

"Yes, I think I can." Edgar replies as he picks up his three swords.

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