Willow D. Amos is a pirate captain in charge of the Willow Pirates after the death of his father, Willow D. Nathaniel.



Amos has the potential to be a great pirate captain, however sometimes falls victim to severe panic attacks as the result of the burden placed on his shoulders by his father. Being thrust into a position of leadership so soon after the death of his father has made him a bit uneasy, especially after being forced to recreate a pirate crew from near-scratch.

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

As a young boy, Amos found and consumed the Penki Penki no Mi. This fruit has giving him the power to breathe life into anything he paints so long as the paint contains a small amount of his blood. Amos can also use his paint to manipulate the world around him, by painting tunnels into solid rock that only he can pass through, or by using his paint to redraw an individual's face, often placing eyes upside down and in odd places to throw off vision.


As the son of the infamous Willow D. Nathaniel, Amos has recived training in various weapon styles by the best instructors Nathaniel had at his disposal. Unfortunately, all of said masters were killed long before Amos could finish his training, so he had been forced to improvise a fighting style based on his paints. As a result, Amos is able to reform the paint on his brushes into basic bladed weapons and fights in a double-handed style.

Willow Pirates
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