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Winter Wonderland
Date Started: May 16th, 2020

Date Finished: July 20th, 2020

Setting: Paradise; Glasteria

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: Marine Associate Hermes makes a surprising discovery that can potentially lead to havoc and chaos around the world. Marines and World Government officials are driven to the scene to locate the defected associate, however pirates and other third party combatants turn the island of Glasteria into a battleground.

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“I-I-I did it, I did it Victor!” the drunken scientist stuttered in glee, his voice echoing throughout the tiny facility. “Get your ass in here Victor before you miss out on me making history!” he continued, staring down at his Mona Lisa; his greatest accomplishment.

“What do you want Hermes? It’s like 3 am. yawn” Victor responded, not ecstatic to hear another one of his mentor’s so-called great discoveries. "I swear, if it's another one of those weirdly attractive minks that ends up having penis, I'm going right back to sleep and I'm not coming back out." As he rubbed his eyes to wake himself up, upon reaching the desk, he stared down at conglomerate of papers. "What is it??" he asked with a puzzled expression, unable to figure it out on his own.

"Are dumb Victor? I-I-I-is that it? Do you lose a couple brain cells every-time you blink or something burp It's a fucking map." Underwhelmed with his apprentice's inability to discern the map's contents, Hermes excitement suddenly plateaued. "You know what, get the fuck outta her Victor. I don't want you ruining this celebration because y-y-your second-degree autism."

"I can tell it's a map, Hermes. But a map of what? You don't ever label anything your work." Victor challenged, deciding to remain put despite Hermes' sudden rant to see this big reveal is exactly.

"It's a map to find a clue but I guess that's why you don't get it." Hermes turned away, grabbing his gourd of cheap sake. Tearing the lid open, he guzzled it down as if he were a dehydrated in the deserts of Alabasta.

"You know what fine, you're who called me here you drunken..." Victor stuttering, couldn't come up with a proper insult. "You d-dr-drunken..."

"Second degree autism. Like I said" Hermes spoke with sake-infused spit coming from his mouth as he said it.

Wiping his face from the saliva, Victor didn't even try to retaliate. Suck his teeth and throwing his hands, he went back to his room to hopefully get some sleep.

Sticking his tongue out to get the remnants of a now spoiled celebratory drink, Hermes through the empty gourd to the ground. Right before Victor was out sight, the scientist let out one more. "I'm fucking Victor, I jerk off to Okamas when I'm alone so no one can judge my disgusting fetishes..."

"That was one time!!!" Victor yelled from across the room before slamming the door behind him. Ending the conversation.

Scoffing as his retarded roommate, Hermes returned to his seat as he laid eyes upon his marvelous discovery."What is it, what is it..What do you mean what is it. It the key to everything. I could make the whole World Government my bitch. If there was a God, he'd come down here, rape me then kill me for even having this info." Once the words were out in the open like that, it finally dawned him. "Holy shit, I can make the World Government my bitch..." Goosebumps rolled down his back. He couldn't make it out, was it excitement or fear "Oh my god, the World Government is gonna kill me!" Fear it is. Fumbling and falling all over the place, Hermes scattered the papers all over, ruining his ultimate discovery. "I'm screwed.."

Just Ice

Three Days Later

"Oh sick, it's like an Ice Kingdom!!" the young Marine captain cried out, as he gentle breeze harden his nipples. His eyes couldn't breakaway from structure, even for a winter island this was extraordinary. "You think if we wrap it up early, Commodore will let us explore for a little while?"

"Why ye want to. This freaking cold actually sucks titles. I say we get there, handle business and then bounce as soon we're done." one of his subordinates responded, rubbing his hand together to try to prevent frostbite.

"Are you crazy? Glasteria is like Water 7 but for navigators. You can buy eternal log poses, maps and also the Marine Research Base there has done some great studies on meteorology and cartography. There's no way I'd miss this chance just because of some cold weather!" Excitement filled his body but just as it reached its crescendo , an annoying voice echoed in his head. "So why do you think they called us here anyways?"

"I don't know but it can't be just for some missing paperwork. There's like four commodore vessels behind us, right?" the lieutenant had actually been wondering the same himself."You think there's some pirate raid or something? Maybe something valuable has shown up. It would be cool if we're the ones who find it don't ya think?"

Kami went silent for a moment. The government has always known pirates have come here so why now impose their rule. What's changed in the last four days to bring about such a response. "And why was father so adamant about me coming..." Kami recalled his conversation with his superior over the Den Den Mushi.

"Hey hey, Kami, you good bro?" the lieutenant nudged him a bit as the silence was deafening. "You didn't freeze there did ya?"

"Nah, just lost in my head. Hopefully they give us some explanation when we dock." Kami noted, as the ship carried onwards to the ice kingdom.


One of the Ships that followed Sora's Ship was way tooo dull for a Marine Ship. It had badly scorched marks all over the ship, The only thing that wasn't dull were the words G-5 imprinted everywhere on the ship, from the sail to the tugboats. "Why are we coming to this shitty Paradise ? Arent we supposed to guard the New World ?" one of the Marines complained to the ever presence filled Captain of the Ship, X Caesar. The other Marine, who was sitting near a unknown heat source, complained "Its soooo cold,"

"Will you all just shut up, the Higher ups have asked us to be present here, We follow the orders okay ?" X Caesar bluntly replied, taking heat from the flames that crowned the back of his neck. "But There are other Marine Ships coming here as well, what must be the reason ?" the other Marine sitting close to X Caesar questioned. "I have no idea, but first we make sure we land safely, we may have to use our icebreakers, in order to set foot on land. The rest will soon come forward." X Caesar replied, his right hand pinching his chin, as if he was in deep thought. "Why was it so urgent ? and why G-5 ?"


Right behind Caesar's ship was a pretty normal Marine Ship, but their captain ain't so much as normal as other captains. In there Dr.Megapunk and his creation that is the Captain, Robo-Marine. Robo-Marine was ordering the other marines in the ship. "A beautiful day isn't it, my Robo-Marine?" says Megapunk to Robo-Marine. "It is a chilly and beautiful day." Robo-Marine replies. Robo-Marine turns around to walk toward the helm to talk to the helmsman.

Robo-Marine gets to the helm and asks the helmsman,"Is it all possible we can go faster my friend." The helmsman replies, "And who the f--- are you again?" "The future of Marine Law Enforcement." replies Robo-Marine. "The future is my @--" replies the helmsman as he spits on Robo-Marine's visor. Robo-Marine just walks back to Dr.Megapunk. Megapunk notices what happened and says to Robo-Marine, "Don't worry about him, I'll file a report on him, 'bout disrespecting a marine.Just focus on the mission at hand here." Robo-Marine just stares into the ocean quietly while they are sailing toward the island.


As the beacons of justice sailed through the cold blue abyss, along the docks of the crystalline paradise was a woman floating around a like a leaf in the gentle breeze. "My my, sure is a lot of them isn't there." she noted, closing one eye as she focused on the other to count the ships. "One...two...thr-.." her attention was suddenly captivated clouds above. "Oh wow, that one looks like a bunny. No wait, a snail!"

Almost on queue, the black transponder snail began to ring. Gacha it exclaimed as she answered the call. "Yamichō, where are you? Have the remaining troops docked yet?"

"Professor, you're not gonna believe it! Right as you called I was just looking up at clouds and noticed one that looks identical to a transponder snail." Yamichō continued to ramble. "And then and then, you called right after. Do you think your science can explain that?"

Although not audible on Yamichō's end, the Professor let off a deep sigh. "Just make sure you explain that we need him alive. ALIVE, you hear me!"

"You're so right! We should go to a live concert. I heard there's this crazy good new type of music called rap and..." But right as the professor was going to cut her off, the sound of the navy vessels horn announcing their arrival stopped either of them from continuing. "Alright Professor gotta go, BYEEEEE!" Tucking her hand back into her oversized sleeve, she stretched her arm upwards and welcomed the group of Marines with an animated wave. "HI EVERYBODY!!!"

"Who's that?" Kami's lieutenant questioned, positive his superior would know the answer.

"Holy shit its commander of the Marines' Science and Research Unit, Captain Yamichō. Dude she's like a legend!" Kami's inner fanboy overtook him for a moment. "Her and the professor basically have advanced our science department several centuries!!"

"That little girl is the head of the science and research division, you lie." His lieutenant was perplexed by the idea that a woman who couldn't even reach his waist in height, could some how be higher rank than him. "I guess everyone's just better than me huh."

"Stop whining! I heard she has this sixth sense for underachievers, Tetetete." the blonde-Captain giggled, disembarking from the ship and making his way to the Science head.

"Welcome, hello, greetings, buenos días.." Yamichō greeted all her new subordinates as they filed up in several lines; a skill each of them should've learned in the academy; though she could tell some were being especially difficult. "First, I want all of you to know I'm happy you're all here to celebrate my twenty first birthday!!!" she mimicked the sounds she had hoped to hear from the silent group. "Oh yeah" "Woohoo" "Partay" Despite the tough crowd, her joyful antics carried onward. "But before we can get started, we can begin we need to find the guest of honor!"

"And who's that?" a voice echoed from the crowd.

"10 point to Grifindor!" She playfully responded, pleased that someone was finally interacting. "The guest of honor is someone who goes by the name Hermes. And I couldn't find him myself because I don't know what he looks like - silly old me has worked with him for three years and I only just found out he existed." Clapping her hands together, she concluded with the following, "So let's make him feel special and find him, okay!"


Sucking her teeth, she noticed this little birthday celebration didn't conjure the excitement that she was hoping for. "Oh yeah, one more thing...the marine who find him gets a promotion..."

Like a Tsunami, a massive wave of officers rushed into the city of ice with one objective on their mind. "PROMOTION!" With such a driving force, she was sure they get the job done soon enough. "I wonder if they have any sweets on their ships.." she mumbled as nearly all of them dashed passed her.

Among the wave, Kami and his lieutenant leaped upward atop of one of the building to break away from the pack. "No way we'll find him with all of us together like that." his subordinate commented. "So what's the plan?"

"I need you to wander the city. Go to bars and restaurants and see if the name Hermes opens any doors." Kami responded before surveying the beautiful city for the possible scouting location.

"And what will you do?" the lieutenant wondered.

"I'm going to put my training to use!" he winked before blasting off to the skies.


Robo-Marine entered the island and started his mission, to find this "Hermes" according to his programming. Dr.Megapunk is right next to him watching him. They were both walking to the town nearby, but Robo-Marine was being very slow. "Could you walk any faster?" asked Dr.Megapunk losing his patience. "My programming isn't capable of that now." Robo-Marine replies. "Remind me to put some wheels on you when we get back to my workshop." says Megapunk.

They were walking up the hill to the village when Robo-Marine accidently slipped down the island. Robo-Marine falls down to the bottom of the hill. Dr.Megapunk sighs to himself and walks down the hill to get him up. "There's got to be a faster way to get up there." says Megapunk as he helps Robo-Marine get up. Megapunk then sees a civilian who is riding on a wagon with two horses. Dr.Megapunk yells to the civilian and says,"YOU THERE, We'll be riding on your wagon there sir, we have business to go to at the village you're heading." "Oh alright, always here to help a fellow marine or two. The civilian then sees Robo-Marine and gives a look of amazement toward Robo-Marine. Dr.Megapunk and Robo-Marine get on the wagon and Megapunk says to the civilian, "Shall we get going now?" The civilian tugs his horses to get going. At first, the horse had a little problem pulling the extra weight, especially Robo-Marine's weight, but they were eventually able to start making the trek to the village on the top of the hill.


As the G-5 ship, landed on the base, he looked at the entire island, it was rather busy, filled with Marine's and such, but none of the G-5 Members had any clue what happened. "Oye ! Idiots secure the ship and scout the Island, maybe they are holding a Sake Party for all Marines in here," He ordered his crew, "Our job is to make sure justice is on this place, so it doesn't matter if we don't know our mission, just follow your ideals and you will see justice"

After motivating his team, X Caesar made his way to collect information, and he did it in the best way possible like he usually does, if Dead Men tell no tales, a drunk man tells many. He made his way to the Closest Bar to the Oceanside, Sitting by the window he looked out at the ocean and the streets whilst ordering the Best Deluxe Sake the Bar had to order in order to beat off the chill.

Everybody's Got a Reason

Wandering through the snow-white roads, the members of Hooded Pirates huddled together as their captain, Hooded Kilkenny, instructed them to rally around him. "Listen boys, we got us here a good ol' fashion goose hunt, ya heard." After clearing the mucus from his throat, spitting on the shoes of the crew's jest, he continued. "We got us two objectives. Ferst, y'all gotta need to find as many treasure maps as possible, cause lemme tell ya, we broker than a two dollar whore who just got her teeth kicked in."

"Shit I'd fuck her..." one of them responded, grabbing his crotch as he said it.

"We know you would Bozzo, you'd fuck Patrick here if he'd let ya." Kilkenny responded, before snapping his fingers to get the group back on track, they were liable to lose focus at any moment. "Alright alright, now secind, we need us a navigator. Cause Neptune knows we aint riding through these seas with blind-ass Tony here guidin the Mary Sue. Ain't dat right"

"Yup!" they all chance in unison, still scarred from their last expedition with Tony as the navigator.

"Now git before I end up finding both them objectives and leave y'all here for dead." Kilkenny ordered as they all scattered like pigeons. He knew half of them would probably end up in some bar five minute into the hunt but shit, at least they wouldn't bothering him. Once they were out of sight, the wanted captain surveyed the icy nation with the hope that something would stick out.

"You need a map boss?" a street side salesmen approached the now, solo pirate. "You lookin a little loss."

"I guess you can say that. You got a spare?" Kilkenny answered, turning to merchant who reeked of vomit.

Letting off a sinister smile, the salesman happily responded. "Yea for about Bsymbol.gif10,000."

"Does the map show me how to become control sea kings too? Fuck outta here with dis bullshit." Kilkenny flicked off the man before heading in the opposite direction.

"No, but it will help you find anything you want on this island. Including some nice-looking navigators too." Salesmen continued to plead his case. Having heard Kilkenny's speech from earlier he knew the blonde haired pirate couldn't resist. "If ya ain't got the money, that's cool. All you need to do is help me with this little favor."

Stopping at the sound of this too-good-to-be-true proposal, the Hooded Pirate sighed as he turned back around. "And what exactly is dis favor?" clearing his throat yet again.

"Just follow me, it shouldn't take too long." he joyfully answered, pointing toward the back alley.

"Alright then, lead the way." Kilkenny followed the salesmen into the alley. "Just so you know, I have a tight asshole!"

In the cool winter town of Glasteria, Rukia and Eldes make it into town after treading through the colder fields of the island. The two of them stand outside near some local stores.

"Zhahaha! I always said that I enjoyed the cold and Glasteria certainly fits the role! I've even been to icy mountains that pales in comparsion!" said Eldes with a large smile on his face.

However, Rukia doesn't look to happy as, despite wearing a very large jacket, is still affected by the cold. She would transform into her armored form of her Devil Fruit powers but she knows it will just attracted too much unwanted attention.

"I-I don't s-see h-how you can even s-stand t-this weather, l-let alone n-not wearing a j-jacket!" said Rukia while she was struggling to get the words out as her teeth was chattering. Eldes simply stated that he been into many wars in the past saying his body has adapted to many climates. Rukia simply looks at him with annoyance in her eyes and she sprouts her dragon wings to cover herself more hoping that people would think it's just part of her jacket.

"Well, I guess standing out here with one of us freezing to death isn't solving anything huh? Let's just head instead of that nearby restaurant for now and warm up! I'm feelin' hungry anyway! Zhahaha!" said Eldes as he leads the way into the restaurant. Rukia sadly states that she misses her fur and follows behind him.


Sitting in the corner of an unknown restaurant in the winter city of Glasteria a man looking for his father together with his only friend.

“Do you want anything Godspeed?”. An awkward silence lingering over the two as Akira remembers. “Oh yeah you don’t speak. I forgot” Akira taps him on the shoulder and proceeds to walk over to the bar. As always, Godspeed follows him as his only companion. As Akira walks over to the bar he says “ Hey barkeep do know anything about a certain pirate?”.

An older man with a long white beard stands at the bar and simply replies. “Depends on who you are speaking. Giving out information just like that can be dangerous around here”.

With a shocked face, Akira looks around and jumps on the ledge of the bar going close to the man’s ear. “We aren’t as friendly as we might look” he says.

The old man with a terrifying expression replies “Ok. Who are you looking for?”.

Akira jumps back down and sits on a chair right next to the bar. “I don’t know his name but it’s my father. He should look somewhat like me”.

After hearing such a reply, the man laughs out loud and says “Man you really are stupid eh”.

Offended by the insult, Akira yells “ Hey it ain’t my fault he left me at a young age. I have heard he has been here before”.

The old man simply looks at Akira and at Godspeed then replies “You guys are really a weird team eh”. The man begins to walk to the back of the restaurant and looks back and says. “There is a hut up back north. Go there and tell the man that Old Bucky send ya. He should be able to help ya a little bit”

Akira looks at Godspeed with a confused expression and says “Wait was it that easy?” Akira hops down off the chair and proceeds to walk out of the restaurant. “Well I guess we now know where to go” As he says that, Godspeed with his signature smile runs up to Akira and grabs him under his arms. Akira shocked yells “Slow down Godspeed. I know speed is in your name but can’t you slow down. We are not in a hurry right now”


"Captain! Captain! Captain!" A young blonde hollered aloud as he looked around a plaza filled with people. "Haaa." An emerald colored hair girl next to the man sighed. "He seriously got lost? Our navigator got lost in a city full of navigators? Kind of ironic isn't it?"

"More childish than ironic if you ask me. But it is Leo so what more can you really expect, you know?"

"And he's supposed to be our leader?"

"No one told you to come along and become a pirate with us princess... but yeah, that's our 'fearless leader'. Lets just grab some grub, knowing Leo he's probably just out looking for a map or something. He can take care of himself better than what we could do for him. Let's go Mari ."

A chestnut brown colored young man emerged from the crowed as Merlin and Mari left to the nearest restaurants. He was was draped with a black cloak and had an open and confused face.

"So...I'm lost." He said realizing he has no idea what so ever where he was.

"Damn it! I, I was sure they were just here! Merlin is gonna kill me for getting lost!" Leo complained before sighing and began to wander around again. "It was my idea to come out here in the first place too so I'm gonna be stuck hearing it from Mari too. I just wanted to see this city, which is freaking awesome!"

"Hey Kid!" A merchant yelled and quickly approached Leo.


"Well yeah! Kid. You look like someone who likes adventure and treasure! Any way i can interest you in a map to a massive fortune?"

"You got the adventure part right but not the treasure."

"Wha-what?" The merchant paused in disbelief, "Everyone that comes here is looking for treasure maps kid, quit playing around with me"

"Hm? Well guess ya can't say that anymore, huh? Hahaha!" Leo laughed and joked around almost exactly as a child. "All i really am looking for are my friends. You wouldn't happen to have seen them would? They're a-"

"Don't fuck with me you little shit!" The merchant angrily yelled at Leo, "I was trying to just scam you but you know what!? Give me all your money now!"

"Heh, i guess you haven't seen them. But try not to make a scene." Leo paused and looked around, "I'm a pirate and am supposed to keep a low profile."

"You little!" The merchant pulled out a knife and lunged trying to stab Leo.

"There you are!" Two loud voices emerged as two swift chops were slammed down on Leo's head!

"Captain you idiot!" Merlin yelled as his right hand was slammed down on Leo's head.

"You seriously got lost in a place you wanted to visit?!" Mari asked as her left hand was slammed on Leo's head

"ow, ow, ow, ow!" Leo complained and rubbed his head in pain. "Guys!" He cheerfully looked at his friends, before noticing his stomach was on fire.

"Wha-what-what are?" The merchant asked.

"Oh, i'm captain of the Inferno Pirates, Leonardo Elio and your knife won't work on me, I'm a Flame Human. I ate the Mera Mera no Mi."

"B,b,but how did the hurt you just now?"

"Good question, but more importantly you should ask yourself, "Why hasn't he just burnt me alive even though i tried to stab him?" and the answer is "I haven't burnt you...yet." Leo pointed out before the man took off screaming.

"Idiot I said keep a low profile! telling someone your name, that you're a pirate and what devil fruit you ate is not low profile!" Merlin angrily slammed another chop Leo's head and scolded him. "Let's go we still have a few things to do before we can leave."

The three pirates took off and seemingly blended in with the general public almost instantly.

(A Few Hours Later)

The three pirates were seen drinking some ale in the middle of the plaza, all three of them wearing long cloaks or in Mari's case a royal green robe with a fluffy hood. Leo was rubbing his head as Merlin had barely finished scolding him for getting lost (yeah Merlin be like that).

"So are going to tell us what was so important that you had to leave and get lost?" Merlin asked before taking a swing of his drink.

"Oh yeah, one of these!" Leo excitedly revealed a brand new Log Pose o his right wrist! "This is a Log Pose. It's a compass-like navigational device, a necessity for traveling the Grand Line. To be honest i guess we really got lucky for making it here without one huh? Hahaha!" "Idiot!" Merlin again yelled and smacked Leo on the head. "Yeah we really were lucky we didn't get lost and just die."

"Ow! That's what I just said!"

The two of them slammed foreheads against one another with enraged looks on their eyes.

"You crazy pyro brain! Who says things like that!?"

"I guess I do! duhh!"

"Don't 'duhh' me!"

"Uhh, guys?" Mari nervously adds.

"Not now Mari! Captain needs to be taught a damn lesson!"

"Guys, i have a feeling we should get out of here soon."

"Not now Mari, Merlin needs to be reminded why I'm the captain here!" Leo angrily shouts.

"Guys I'm serious!" Mari insisted!

"Mari! We're pirates! What the hell does this island have that should scare us so much!" Both Merlin and Leo turned their aggression to Mari.

The sound of rifles being pointed and cocked back surrounded the three pirates as a small squad of ten marines surrounded them.

"Maybe them?" Mari adds. "Yeah...maybe saying that out loud wasn't the smartest move on you guys."

Both of the boys got to their feet and smirked. Neither really all that nervous or scare of their current situation.

"This city has been good to us, so I want to keep collateral to a low Also no point of killing these guys, they probably just saw some rookie pirates and want to make a name for themselves." Leo declares as he cracked his knuckles.

"You're right," Merlin take's his sword off his hip and uses a string to tie the sword to its scabbard, "Which is why I'll take it from here, you and Mari get out of here. I'm assuming that Log Pose isn't all what we came here for."


"I'm the First Mate, remember? If you fight, you'd probably end up setting this entire plaza on fire and get unnecessary attention on us." Merlin looked back at Leo with a grin. "Plus if me and Mari leave you alone, who knows where you'll end up getting lost to."

Mari and Leo looked at one another.

"Mari, let's go!" Leo ordered and picked up, cradling Mari in his arms. "Merlin, i'm counting on seeing you later before we take off." Leo then jumped over the fountain behind them and quickly took off.

"Aim!" The Marines called out as their rifles were pointed directly at Merlin.

"He can be an idiot, almost too much of an idiot sometimes." Merlin thought to himself and gripped the hilt of his sword tighter.

"Fire!" The ten Marines fired their rifles directly at Merlin!

"But he's my captain, I'll happily follow him to an early grave if need be." Merlin then swung his sheathed sword, blocking almost every bullet with only two actually grazing his left and right arms.

"That all you got!?" Merlin called out, charging in at the Marines.

"Single Sword Style: Grève Gainée: Décuplée!" Merlin's speed dramatically increased as he struck each of the marine in the center of their chests, knocking the air out of their lungs.

Haaaa!" Merlin let out a heavy gasp of air, "That early grave won't come today." ---

Purupuru... Purupuru... Purupuru

The echo of the transponder snail resonated throughout the small workshop. No one was there to answer. Although it was disorganized before, the room looked like it's had been scavenged by wild animals. Tapping their foot into the white, right outside the complex, a figure stood ominously as he heard a sudden uproar. "Target still missing. Marines have touched down." they noted, before suddenly disappearing.

"MARINES! MARINES! THE MARINES ARE HERE!" many exclaimed, alerting the many pirates and criminals across the districts. Mayhem spontaneously ensued in the streets. Unbeknownst to the pirates, the Marines had no intentions of capturing them however, chaos breed more chaos. And as the flocks of white and blue navigated through the luxuriant kingdom, some idiotic fools thought now would be the perfect time to take a stand.

"Come and get me!" the pirate demanded. Ask and thou shall receive, like a swarm of bees, the marines quickly stripped and cuffed the man with little effort. They meant business. Only fools would challenge this many marines who were this determined.

"Achooo!" Kilkenny sneezed, wondering how far this salesmen was planning to take him. "Hey boss, sounds like there be some fun happenin' out there right now. How bout we check in on this a little later."

"No, no we're almost here." the salesmen pleaded, urging the pirate to carry onward with him.

Although he naturally wanted to go wherever the part was, Kilkenny had a strange feeling that this man had something he needed. "Well alright then." he gazed backwards, before carrying on.


Both Rukia and Eldes hear the large commotion coming from outside. They hear from the other panicking pirates as the Marines start to close in on the pirates.

"The Marines are here now? How troubling..." said Rukia as it seems like she is about to activate her powers and fight. Eldes quickly put a stop to that saying "Rukia, there is no need to fight. You're not even a known pirate yet so try to keep it under control. Especially as it seems they're much more motivated for some reason." Eldes was very stern in his words as he leans forward thinking about a plan. Rukia tends not to put up with a lot of Eldes' antics but she knows when he gets series, it is a good time to listen to what he says.

"It's shame but we're still lacking an enteral log post and a navigator for your crew Rukia" said Eldes almost in a concern tone. He knows that Rukia can't really begin her adventure and advises her to just try again another day. Rukia looks very upset but she manages to keep her composure before saying some words. "Fine, but we need to find a good path to escape from here." she said as she looked around in the bar with people panicking.

"So, I heard you need a navigator and an enteral log post it seems? I can check off both of these requirements for you if you let me tag along nyehehe!" These words suddenly came from a strange woman who wore mainly all black clothes and an attire resembling a witch. She also had piercing yellow eyes and a smile that looks like she could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Although Eldes looks relaxed, Rukia is understandably cautious.

"W-Who even are you and what do you mean tag along with us?" said Rukia defensively. The woman simply puts her finger over her mouth saying "All of that is for later. Now, come on! There is a secret hatch just to the back of this area that leads straight to the harbor to my little boat! We can escape that way while the other suckers are being caught by the marines!" said the mysterious woman in an excited tone.

"Zhahaha! I like this woman's tone! She needs an excitable member on your soon-to-be crew Rukia!" said Eldes with a large smile on his face. Rukia obviously looks annoyed but she reluctantly decides to follow this woman through the passage to safety. Of course, Rukia ask two important questions.

"Who are you and why are you helping us?" Rukia said. The girl smugly smiles simply saying "The Black Cat and I like ya!" Rukia is very annoyed not getting a straightforward answer before responding with another question.

"Do you have a name at least? You need to be forward with me if you want to join my crew." Rukia said in a matter hoping for a direct answer. "You're a feisty one! Like me! Nyehehe! I'll tell ya because I like ya! Kathy Summers at yer service!"


As Akira and Godspeed are going down the city streets of Glastaria they notice the sudden lack of pirates and wonder if something happened.

“Hey, Godspeed can you fly up and check what is going on” As he says that, Godspeed bounces from the ground and flies up in the air like a Sky Dot Bird.

“Do you see anything my friend” Godspeed floats back down and lands right next to Akira. He nods and points to an alley right next to a building with a big sign saying marines. “Huh. That’s weird seeing that here” As Akira looks over at the sign a commotion can be heard from around the alleyway. “Uhhhhh. Finally something exciting” As he says that, they both run over to the alleyway and run through it.

As they run through they spot a beaten up marine lying on the ground. “Godspeed. Wait” Akira turns around and goes over to the marine. Without saying a word he grabs him and puts him over the shoulder. The marine looking confused as to why a random person would do this says. “Who are you” Akira looks back and answers “I’m just a guy trying to find his dad”

As he says that a gunshot runs through the air and scratches Akira on the cheek. “HEY. What was that for” As he tries to look for the one who did it, he spots a woman with brown hair that looks to be a warrant officer. The woman looks angry and upset as she yells “DROP. HIM. NOW”

Akira slowly puts the marine down as he tries to explain. “This is a misunderstanding ok” Akira looking worried looks at Godspeed to make sure that he has got his back. “I found him in the alleyway beaten up and I just wanted to help”.

With a confused face the woman yells yet again. “I don’t want to hear this nonsense from a low life pirate like you”

As Akira being offended argues with the woman, Godspeed slowly puts the man up so he sits on a wall. In the meantime, Godspeed takes a small rock and throws it at the Warrant officer. The rock hits her right in the middle of her face as she looks confused about what just happened. Godspeed using his devil fruit to float with an insane speed at the woman knocking her out.

“You didn’t have to do that ya know. I had this whole thing under control”

Godspeed simply looks at Akira and takes the woman over to the male marine. He looks through the woman's pockets and finds a Den Den Mushi. He tosses it to Akira and points to the marines.

“Yeah I get it” Akira uses the Den Den Mushi to contact the nearest marine facility. “Ehm hey. There are two marines knocked out at an alleyway” At the other end of the call a manly voice responds. “Who is this and how did you get this” Akira looks down at the two marines and says “That’s not important but just get here. I’m tired”

Akira then throws the Den Den Mushi on to the Warrant officer’s lap and proceeds to walk away. As they do the marine male says. “You guys are such weird team”. They look back and smile. “Yep we know”


Masquerading behind all the chaos, the weather had gradually grown turbulent. Tough to discern such a glaringly obvious fact due to the disarray and the fact most were unfamiliar to the winter island's climatic tendencies but the temperature had become exceedingly low and the light snow that once gently fell like tiny white balloons from the clear white sky, had grown dark and heavy, with freezing winds carrying them with purpose.

"Holy shit it's cold..." one of the Marines who had been randomly searching for Hermes noted, alarming the rest of the group.

"Was it always this dark here?" another commented, shivering in place.

All of the sudden, the downpour of sleet worsened, leading to an epic snowstorm of massive proportions that covered the entire island. Cold didn't even remotely describe the situation. It was force of nature beyond comprehension. Those who wandered the streets would feel paralyzed due to the blasphemously low temperatures and aggressive winds; frost bite, exhaustion and eventual death would occur to even the most resilient in minutes. "Do you wanna build snowman?" a deep voice sang from the skies above, inaudible to those below. "Come on, come out plaayyyy. Hermes I never see you anymore, come out the door, it's like you've gone awaaaaaay!" he continued, each syllable augmenting the ferociousness of the weather. "We could be best buddies...but since we're not, now you have to DIE!!!!" he cleared his throat for the finale. " you wanna be a doesn't have to be a snowmaaaaan!!"

By the end of his performance, dozens had already met an untimely fate; civilians, marines and pirates were dropping like flies as the storm was unbiased and greedy. Such an extraordinary feat was conjured by none other than infamous mercenary, Sub-Zero. A testament to his greatness, his bounty didn't accurately reflect his danger as no one has ever identified him and lived to tell the tale. His services are iconic and highly regarded by those who worked in the shadows, the Underworld. And unfortunate for those who were currently being held hostage in ice paradise, they were simply casualties of war. Hovering from above, the mercenary watched as his technique slaughtered those below.

Frost Fight

Leaping from building to building, Sora was unfazed by the drop in temperature due to his own fruit's versatile capabilities. Although the storm indirectly aided him in his search for the Wanted Man, Hermes, the hero in training could not simply watch as his comrades and those he's sworn to protect die below him. "What's the point of justice if you can't protect the people who have faith in it!" Sora exclaimed, abruptly stopping his search and turning to the skies. Focusing his powers, the blonde-haired marine attempted to gain control of the clouds through his logia powers. But even with his years of training and exemplary control, he couldn't manipulate the clouds.

"Another logia user and a strong one at that." he discerned, sensing an anomaly in the clouds. "Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained!" Kicking from the roof, Sora blasted into the skies to challenge the figure killing those below.

Walking through the crowd, X Caesar looked at his men frantically going through the cold island. Hours earlier, he had managed to seduce the waitress at the Bar, while this didnt lead to any intimate relationship between them, X Caesar was able to gather some good intel. "So this guy, did this and that......" His thoughts being interfered by the sudden rise in temperature. "Oi, the weather lady didnt announce such rise in temperature, was she lying ?"

Scanning the skies he was a flashy Marine (Sora) making his way from roof to roof, Following him, X Caesar flew through the sky, until he almost caught up to him, "Oi Flash-pants,....." His eyes, immediately noting Olaf. "xehahahaha.....Absolute Zero, so you are the one behind frosting the village are you ? Wait till I abosulutely zero you. Shiny Knight, stay about of this, the other guys need you, leave this one hell of a nutcase to me."

Watching as the marines rose to the skies, the two unbothered by the temperature decline, Sub-Zero carried on with his next performance. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....Jack Frost nipping at your nose..." his deep voice resonated with the howling winds; the words carried purpose, they controlled the frozen weather like a conductor managing the choir. In that moment, the area surrounding the two officers would manifest into a war zone. The turbulent winds would grow sharp, capable of slicing through armor, and the temperature would reach levels the would most certainly limit their movements. Furthermore, the wind carried snowy clouds around the duo as it slowly formed a prison. "Snow Prison" he thought, monitoring the duo.

Currently maintaining his logia transformation, Sora heated up his direct vicinity by constantly allowing the currently to flow back and fourth within him. "Who's this guy..." Sora mumbled, taking note that his new ally was aware of their opponent's identity. "No way! There's nothing I can do down there! If we work together, we can quickly beat him and save as many live as we can!!!" Sora passionately chanted. With his transformation allowing him to remain unfazed by opponents attack, with a cool head, Kami noticed the prison slowly forming around him. "Don't breathe the air!" he relayed to his new parter, unsure if Caesar held the same intangible abilities as he did. "He might try to freeze you internally if you inhale the snow!"

Initially, Kami had planned on detonating like bomb of electricity to increase the island's temperature but also diminish his opponent's control over the skies. Unfortunately, his new partner put a damper in that plan. "Oh well..." he contemplated, before extending his arm outward to release a straight blast of electricity towards where he believed the assailant was. "If he uses logia to avoid, use your haki to hit the snow!"

Caught up in the act, X Caesar took no heed to his partners words and flew high towards the sky in order to meet the troublemaker head on. Gaining enough altitude he coated his fist with Armament Haki and looked around to find traces of the snow body. But what he managed to not to was, forgot to forget breathing. Hypothermia slowly kicked in and Caesar lost conscience and made a heavy landing to the ground.

As soon as we was about to land, a a tree sprouted from the ground, as a young Marine with Spiky Hair approached the scene carrying a host of local bar, which Caesar had just been to. Saizō, stared at Sora, "My Captain isnt as dumb as he he is, he had been drugged by this female earlier today. There is a lot more going behind the scenes than he we are getting to display here. You have such a flashy ability, Why don't you zap me with all you got" He spoke to Sora in a rather condescending tone, while motioning with his left index finger which was at his eye level to bring it on.

Kami was dumbfounded when his ally had suddenly fainted mid-fight. "What the hell?!?!" he expressed, watching as the man's body lifelessly descended. Although his enemy stood before him, Kami's attention couldn't be more fixated on the life he needed to save. Turning abruptly he shot a thin line of electric current towards his fallen ally. Despite what it may appear, Kami wasn't attempting to electrocute his the falling marine. Rather, by emitting static charge with nearly no voltage, he'd be able to grapple Caesar and make sure his descent wasn't as abrupt- which he managed to do successfully.

Upon minimizing the impact of Caesar's fall, Kami noticed another marine standing nearby. Although hundreds of meters in the frosty skies, the captain utilized his sensory haki in conjunction with his devil fruit powers to hear Saizō's request. "What is he talking about?" Kami realized the man had some weird devilish ability but could he be trusted. He wondered about the girl in his arm. Given the fact that his superior was unreliable could his subordinate be any different. His instinct told him to not trust him to try and figure out a way to solve the situation on his own. However he recalled what his father told him.

"Heroic Justice is to save as many people as you can as quickly as you can. People are counting on you to make the decisions and save them and their love one. If you don't act swiftly then how can they trust you?"

"Well how can they trust me if I don't make the right call!" he cried out, frustrated that he never asked this question to his vice-admiral. Despite his better judgement, he conjured his max power, 400 million volts, and sent a massive pillar of lightning towards Saizō. "Please let this work!" he begged, allowing his body to assimilate into the pillar to avoid being hit.

Saizō smirked, at the lightning pillar heading towards him, he knew dodging the lightning wasn't as easy as sleeping in one of the worst Marine Bases to ever exist. He had his eyes eyes fixated on Sora, stepping a few steps backwards from his initial position or rather jumping backwards, a Tree sprouted from the ground , where he initially stood. The Tree growing strong and upwards, while its roots moving is all directions away from the center. The lightning struck the tree and set it on fire, but instead of burning away, the thick branches of the tree organised themselves to spread the flames across the tree, untill the Tree itself soared sky-high and reach the top, to those who saw it it was akin to the Beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk, but currently it was set ablaze, providing heat to the surroundings to counter the winter. The blazing roots themselves set a path across the cities road system, in order to give heat to the cities people.

Blood spurt out of the Saizō's mouth as he looked at his art and fell backwards, only to be caught by to his lackey Marines. Mustering enough strength to catch the unconscious lady (who if you have forgotten was the lady carried by Saizō and claimed to be host of the Bar who drugged Caesar), Saizō threw her high towards the Burning tree. The Tree brought forth branches to catch hold of the lady and crucified her by hugging her tight. Having caught flames, The women now died screaming the last breath out of her body.

Smiling at the Burning of the women, Saizō shouted, even though he was struggling, "All Hail Mother Justice who nourishes all Beings, I have taken revenge on the witch who dare dirty her hands by making harm on one of your children." All the surrounding Marines cheered at the sight, "Burn the Witch,", "Death to the Scoundrel," and many other slogans erupted from the G5 Marine Camps, which eventually became a mass celebration joined in by few like-minded Marines from other branches and then the local population.

Despite the cheering up, Saizō felt a bit weak inside his body, although to others he showed no such feelings, "Damn my Haki is too weak," he spoke inside his head, as he wiped out the blood from his mouth with his wrists.

As the pyro tree branched out throughout the island, Olaf felt the coolness of the surround area decay. "Oh my..." his deep voice echoed as cool winds and and heat conjured by the flaming branches caused the clouds to cry cool yet completely liquid precipitation. Resuming his tangible form, he heard his Den Den Mushi ring. "Yello..." he answered.

"Nice job keepin it cool frosty..." the voice spoke sarcastically. "What the fuck are you doing up there? I need you to keep this place freezing so I can move around without any filthy marines getting in my way..."

Utilizing the same pairing to hear Saizō from a distance, Kami picked up on the electromagnetic waves relayed by the Den Den Mushi and overheard the two's conversations. "So they're after Hermes too.." he concluded. As the pillar faded, Kami sealed his eyes and used the connection between the two lines to track the man speaking to Olaf. Upon doing so, he was tempted to relay the information to the man who helped conjure their defense against the cold, however, witnessing him burn the woman alive, he knew he was wrong about the man. "I'll just have to end this..." Traveling through the sky through the speed of his logia transformation, he suddenly appeared above the assailant. "Quickly" sending down a thunderous kick covered in layer of armament haki, he targeted Olaf's scalp to put and end to this fight.

"Oh dear.." Olaf commented, only having enough time to utilize his hand to try and block the blow. While intercepting the kick, he was sent crashing downwards to the island like a meteor. However, although his body was substantial when the blow connected, as he hurdled downwards, he regressed back into his intangible state to minimize the impact damage.

The impact of his landing sent chills (yes literally) on everyone that stood around, the coldness of Olaf, just being present there, greatly rivaled even the flames torched by the Great Burning Tree. The Marines, began carrying flaming torches made from pieces of wood and began evacuating the citizens for the area. "It's Over" Saizō claimed, as he walked towards Olaf, directing a pointy branch covered in flames.

"All I want for Christmas...." Olaf's voice took on a higher pitch as his melody changed. The coldness and winds that surrounded him began to take shape. His physique began to alter, growing hundreds of different appendages. Reminiscent to the mythical zoan fruit, Olaf transformed into snow-like Yamata no Orochi. However, as if to compensate the for the weakness of extending his size, each appendage was like a small storm, capable of freezing anything that attempted to slice him. The flames that attempted to minimize his frost began to pass out once they were in five foot radius. "....You!!!" the snakes began to scatter across the island, freezing anyone in their path.

"Damn, he went intangible last minute to minimize the damage he suffered. And that shape transformation, he's good!" Kami noted rushing downward to try and put an end to the fight.

"This is bad!!!" Saizō exclaimed looking at the Serpent like apparitions produced by Olaf, fighting evenly, no, on an upper hand against the flaming trees. "Everyone get back!! Situation is out of control." Saizō took step back and merged himself into the tree, before he was completely devoured by it, only to reappear besides the Marine Captain, who was aimlessly(?) rushing down. By using his trees as a slide, Saizō tried to keep up with Kami's motion.

"Big Brother, this situation is beyond our level, he is clearly a Vice Admiral level. Our individual attacks cant do good, if his control is this good. Do you have good medics in your squad? If only I can get treated, look, we need to combine our attacks, but unlike last time, instead of attacking my trees you have to compliment them, then I will take care of the rest." Saizō's eyes shined red yet again, " I have a bad feeling, that he as lost his senses and his Devil Fruit Powers are over-whelming him."

Kami's eyes didn't gaze at the wood man however he considered his words. "Big brother?" Saizō was clearly older than him so why would he state such an outlandish thing. Either way, Kami was incapable of helping nor was he interested din doing so, not after witnessing what Saizō had done to the girl from earlier. No, unlike before, where Olaf seemingly had an advantage by starting up his onslaught way before Kami could, now they were on even terms. "Shape...transform..." Kami muttered, transforming his body into a similar transformation to his opponent. Dozens of lightning snake-like appendages tried to branch out and meat the snow counterparts. However, unlike the massive beam that radiated heat and current like no other, Kami needed to limit it as they were closer to land.

Unfortunately, Kami didn't take into account that the land below consisted entirely of snow and water, very strong conductors. As the snake constructs slithered to counter the snow ones, electric pulses scattered sporadically, tasing bystanders and allies. "Son of bitch!" he yelled, withdrawing his counter attack. Falling back to the Wood man, he finally responded to him. "I don't have a medic but I can try and heal you myself!" he suggested.

Landing leg first on the ground, Saizō concentrated on the Serpent , giving a grin, as aelectric bolt zapped past him, missing him by a inch, his grin going wider as Kami fell back towards, him. "You don't have a Medic ? tsk!! I will manage this somehow" He replied to the latter suggestion, "Zai Zai nooooooo Ryūkai !!" he shouted, slamming both his palms on the ground, causing the area to have a small scale earthquake. A Wooden Branch appeared out of the ground, behind Saizō, the tip shaped in the form a Dragons head. As the Dragon, opened its mouth, a muzzle was found in place of its teeth, the muzzle being made of Kairoseki. With Saizō's Command, The Wood Dragon began advanced towards the Snowy Dragon, as Saizō murmered to himself, "Oh God, please work."

Although his moral compass was severely compromised, Kami took no time to consider such things. Now was a time of action. Following Saizō's lead, Kami watched as his partner performed example shape manipulation over his element. "Minimize heat and focus on voltage..." he told himself, sending a piercing current through Saizō construct. Although wood is a decent conduct, it burns quickly, thus too much head would potentially cause the dragon to crumble. Thus, the utmost focus was required in order to make sure such a catastrophic event would not occur.

"If the heavens ever did speak....I'm the true mouthpiece..." Olaf's grew deeper and more ominous as the Marines' attack ventured towards him. Noticing the heat and sea-stone attached to it, he quickly tried to retract his many appendages to avoid being hit. However, the additional speed provided by the lightning along with the power of the wood shred through the cold barrier and reached his substantial body. Being grabbed along the jaws of the beast, Olaf cried out. "TAKE ME CHURCH!" before slamming into the ground. The impact caused a devastating explosion that melted the surrounding buildings and plunged those within them into the cold sea.

With the battle appearing to be over, Kami utilized his devil fruit abilities to pair himself with all marine den den mushi frequencies. "We need back up here in sector C, I repeat we need..." But before he could finish his sentence, Kami sensed the battle wasn't quite over.

"Amen...Amen..." Coated in sheer darkness, Olaf tanked the blow utilizing most nearly all his haki. Although he didn't come out unscathed- his gut punctured from the bite of the dragon and dozens of burn wounds throughout his physique- he stood tall. Changing his tone yet again, he began to sing. "The lights are turned way down low..." frost began to exude from his body, freezing the sea he hover over. "Let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow!"

Before Olaf could do much of a damage, Saizō crawled out of the Dragons forehead , leaving the ice ice baby less time to react, as Saizō clenched his fist in order to punch Olaf who was out of his logia avatar thanks to the shock. In a similar manner, the lightning that covered the Wood Dragon in the form of a Lions mane, materialized into Kami's head and arm, as he too got his fist clenched ready to deal the final blow.


They both yelled out loud, dealing Olaf a sever punch on his upper body.

As their punch connected with Olaf's face, he tried to sing his final chorus. "Let the storm rage on...." his entire ribcage shattered along with his entire body coated in burns. "The cold never bothered me anyways...." slamming into the seas. The water itself are colder as he plummeted into the ocean.

Kami panted as the villain descended into the abyss. "Where are the rest of those marines to help..."

Rags to Riches

"Fuck this shit I'm out!" Trevor finally declared, the lethal weather obviously coercing his decision.

The salesmen obviously was on something as he seemed nonchalant about the literal death storm that could kill them in moments. "No we're here..." he spoke, pointing at the massive building in front of them.

Obviously stopping his retreat as he needed to know why his curiosity lead him here in the first place, Hooded pirates captain laid eyes on the massive facility. "Mufucka I can't e-literate, dafuq does that even say."

"It's Chart-La Company. Any map you need you'll find it there. The world's best navigators work there and they are super rick." the salesmen spoke, hopefully capturing the captain attention. "They probably have millions of belli in there, just asking to be stolen, don't cha think?"

"Finally you're speaking my language, go find my troops. Me and the boys will impregnate this bitch and call the child Donald!" he laughed, before rushing towards the building guns blazing.

Although excited that he finally found a man crazy enough to invade the famous conglomerate, the salesmen didn't have the faintest idea of what his crew looked like nor even the pirate's name for that matter. "The more or the merrier I guess.." Rushing to find the first pirate he'd encounter to help his new partner.

--- Rukia, Eldes, and Summers finally make it out of a nearby hole that the passageway leads to. As the trio prepares to head out, Summers suddenly turns around and starts sniffing the air.

"*sniff* *sniff* "We can't leave just yet!" she said looking really excited about something. Rukia looks a bit annoyed knowing that escaping is the best solution. "Why? We're so close to leaving?" Eldes simply laughs saying that he knows that she is after the treasure that has suddenly appeared.

"It's not just treasure. They have more enteral log posts and maps as well!" Summers said. "We can't be too greedy but I guess having a map isn't a bad idea." said Rukia who almost sounds defeated by the point. Eldes simply walked forward as surveys the area of fleeing pirates and Marines running about the area.

"Looks like it's happening at the Chart-La Company. I recognize some of the maps that some of these maps they're carrying that were made there." said Eldes informally. Rukia instantly trusts Eldes' words as he has a way of knowing things without knowing too much himself somehow. "I guess we better get going hm? The sooner off this cold-as-ice island, the better!" said Rukia who is more than exited to get things over with.

"Come on! Come on! You two are slow! The old guy I can understand but the dragon girl should be getting her wings in check!" said Summers who runs off toward the Chart-La Company. "O-Old? Rhahaha!" said Eldes who seemed to laugh off the comment. Rukia, meanwhile, is thinking to herself looking a little worried. "She called me "Dragon girl" just now. How did she know I'm a dragon? The only thing I showed off are my wings and I made sure to make them blend in with my coat. We need to be careful of this woman..." said Rukia as she and Eldes follow Summers toward the Chart-La Company.

Leo was seen running at his top speed, still holding Mari in his arms. He made a few turns every couple blocks in case they were being followed, before accidentally bumping into a random salesman around the corner.

“Ah, sorry for that. We were just headed back to our pirate ship and-” Before Leo could talk anymore Mari slapped the back on his head.

“What am I going to do with you,” Mari thought to herself.

“Pirate ship?” The salesman asked. “You two wouldn’t happen to be pirates and maybe interested in the Chart-La Company, would you?”

“The Chart-La Company? Hell yeah!” Leo exclaimed

“We need to head back to the ship, Leo. Merlin is counting on seeing us there.” Mari argued.



“You see…”


“See I wanted to go to the Chart-La Company before we left and Merlin did say he knew that the log pose wasn’t all we came here for, so in a way he already knew.”

“....” Mari just glared Leo which sent shivers down his spine.

“Before you say anything I-”

“Fine.” Mari sighed, “We can go do this but the moment I say we go, we go.”

“Ye-yes ma’am!” Leo tensed up and agreed to the conditions.

“Uh? Who’s the captain here again?” The salesman asked rather jokingly before escorting the two pirates to the Chart-La Company.

When they finally reached it and the salesman left them alone. As the two walked towards the building, Mari tugged on Leo’s cloak.

“Before we go in, I feel like the people in there can’t be trusted. Don’t ask me why, i just…” Mari paused and looked deeper at the Chart-La Company building “Just don’t let your guard down, captain.”

Leo raised his right hand and patted Mari’s head.

“With that kind of talk, what kinda Captain would I be if I didn't listen to you.” Leo chuckled as he continued to pat Mari, “Been awhile since i heard you call this idiot your captain too.”

As the two entered the building they were welcomed by a battlefield; bodies on the ground, gunfire being shot, screams and chants echoing all throughout. "Who dafuck are you guys!" Trevor chanted turning his revolver towards the pair. They clearly were pirates but not of his crew. "This building is official the property of the Hooded Pirates, get yer ass outta here before I kill ya." he told the duo.

"I gotchu now!" one of the security officers suddenly emerged behind the Hooded Pirate.

With blinding speed, utilizing his free hand, Trevor withdrew his second gun from its holster and directed it at the man behind him without even turning. BANG Effortlessly, Trevor took the man's life with no hesitation. "Ye heard what I sed, now git before I kill you too!"


The trio have been walking for a few minutes looking around at the chaos that is unfolding over them. "Jeez, this place sure did gone to hell in a heartbeat, huh?" said Summers who looked like she was already regretting her choice. Rukia quickly picks up on Summers' sudden reluctance.

"It's too late to be second guessing yourself. We're already almost there so there is no use turning back. Plus, they don't know we're even pirates so we're fine." said Rukia who was still trying to stay warm. Summers reacted saying she is simply no pirate but Rukia counters by saying that Summers, as a thief, will be captured anyway.

"Plus, we have Eldes here. He may be old but he is powerful." said Rukia. Eldes can only laugh before saying "Well, I'm just here for moral support! If a fight breaks out, I don't want to intervene unless I really have to."

Afterwards, the trio finally made it to the Chart-La Company. They look upon the sight that is before them: A pair being held at gunpoint directly in front of the entrance to the building.

"...Well damn." That was the only two words that Summers could let out clear she was depressed by the situation. Rukia and Eldes both look at the sight knowing the two got caught trying to steal.

"What are we supposed to do now? There is no way to even get inside. And I rather avoid a conflict." said Rukia. Eldes could only think it over for a few seconds before saying "Let's see happens. If it's a fight, we fight."

As they said this, Rukia transforms her right arm into a dragon arm keeping it hidden underneath her large coat while Eldes grasps at the hilt of his sword preparing just in case a fight breaks out. Summers, who looks at them, also prepares herself.

Cutting back to the entrance of the building. "Well I'm Leo and this is Mari. Sadly though I don't quite think we can accommodate what you're asking of us." Leo replied with his typical chipper smile. "But since I gave you our names, please stop pointing you gun at us. I don't think either of us would want to see what happens when I feel threatened."

"Captain's entire vibe just changed," Mari thought to herself, "He's still smiling but I can feel it, he's more than capable of just start fighting here and now."

"Leo," Mari whispered, "there are a few others behind us."

"Well it looks like we're not alone here either, There are a few others behind us it seems." Leo states not even bothering to turn around and look. His eyes still set on the pistol being pointed at him. "So tell me, are things going to get ugly? Huh?" Leo's eyes widened when he asked as a flame ignited on his forehead.

Trevor's eyes narrowed, he didn't take back talk too well. But right as he was about to pull the trigger, he could sense others, more guard, approaching from all directions. "Do your selves a favor and die here, ye don't want to run into me again. ya heard." he muttered, before suddenly disappearing into thin air.

"Hey you stop!" one of the dozens of guards cried out before Trevor disappeared. Just as they surrounded him, the culprit had suddenly disappeared, leaving no trace. "Shit where'd he go?" They suddenly all fixated there attention to those by the doors. "Those are his henchmen! Get em before they break in too!" they all let out a battle cry before rushing in their direction. Some wielded swords, others knifes, a couple attacked with their bare fist. Many stayed behind with guns, prepared to shoot once there was an opening. "What ever you do, don't let these pirates come in!"

--- Rukia, Summers, and Eldes all stand back a bit knowing that a big fight is about to take place. Eldes, knowing good and well he can easily take them all out, decides to stand back to see how Rukia does against them.

"Alright girls! Lets see how you handle these guys! Shouldn't be too much of a trouble eh? Zah-hahaha!" said Eldes as he watches from a small distance away. Rukia looks a bit annoyed but quickly calms down as she prepares to enter her hybrid Dragon form which is a lot bigger in size but not too much to crash through the ceiling.

"Whoa!? You're a dragon?!" said a very surprised Summers.

"Yeah, I didn't think I had to bring this form out but I could use the workout." said a confident Rukia as she roars loudly. She then remembers something and asks Summers a question. "How do you even fight?" she said.

Summers smirked and simply said "I thought you'd never asked!" Summers then starts to take on a different form as her body becomes a large cat creature and stands just a bit smaller in height alongside Rukia.

"I see so you're a Devil Fruit user as well." Rukia said.

Summers is now seen smiling maliciously showing her fanged mouth and even licks her claws showing she is eager for the battle. "Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Liger is my power Dragon Girl. It may not be as flashy as yours but it is still a Carnivorous Zoan and my bloodlust is through the roof now!" Summers said.

"Fine by me. Just remember when it comes to the food chain, Dragons are always on top!" said Rukia as she prepares to attack the Marines with her wind-based powers. Summers could only smile liking Rukia's response as she prepares to viciously attack the Marines as well sending a bunch of them flying around.

"So cool!" Leo looked and admired the two devil fruit users causing trouble for the Marines a head.

"Don't tell me you forgot we are surrounded with rifles and swords pointed at us." Mari asked.

"I can't deny or agree to that, there's no way out of this." Leo thought to himself. "I cannot deny or agree to that question." He says loud and bluntly.

"You idiot..." Mari thought and face palmed herself.

Freeze!" a large group of Marines pointed their rifles at the duo.

Leo looked back at them and snapped his fingers, dozens of arrows surrounded him. "Don't you know pirates don't ever listen to Marines?" The arrows then fired at the Marines, while some met their targets and others missed, they were followed by a massive explosion! Pillars of flames were erupting one after another.

" going to kill me." Leo thought to himself. He then turned around and faced Mari and saw a group of five Marines trying to sneak up behind Mari. "Mari! Move!"

"Hm? Oh, its okay." She says not worrying or bothering to turn around. A figure from above jumps off the roof and slashes the group of Marines. Sakura petals were scattered around in the air. "Merlin's here"

"Oh no," Leo thought as he saw Merlin approaching him.

"I leave you alone with Mari for a few minutes and you start blowing stuff up." Merlin began.

"To be fair, to be fair. This can possibly not all my fault."

"You were distracted by the dragon and liger huh?" Merlin asked.


"Haaah!" Merlin let out a loud sigh before bringing his attention to the on coming Marines. "Let's get to work Captain. You picked this place for a reason right?"

"Yeah, right." Leo and Merlin pumped fists and smiled at the coming enemies.

Leo summoned arrows around him again and fired them rapidly! One strayed from path and flies by, just barely missing Rukia from afar. It stabbed and erupted really close to her and her group.

"S-sorry!" Leo apologized. "Just missed a little bit."

"W-What the?!" said the normally stoic Rukia as she looks over at the erupting arrow that barely missed her. Rukia then shifts back into her normal form before looking over at Leo annoyingly.

"You do know the Marines are the targets now, not me right? It probably wouldn't have hurt me but it would've definitely been an inconvenience!" she said in a stern tone.

"Sorry dragon lady!" Leo apologizes while nervously scratching the back of his head, "Haha, I'll try to be more careful next time!"

"Captain!" Mari exclaimed, "You don't address a woman like that! When we get back to the ship, I'm going to give you a lesson on manners!"

"Good luck with that Mari," Merlin adds, "Leo's been like this for years."

Slowly the Marines began to circle the Inferno Pirates. The three pirates now back to back as the numbers became more and more clear to them. Even so the smile of excitement of battle was still painted on Leo's face as he saw the Marines gather round.

Summers also turns back to normal and starts laughing at what Rukia was called.

"Hah! 'Dragon Lady'! I love that! I'm totally going to be calling you that from now on!" said Summers teasingly. Rukia could only look at her in annoyance as well even going as far as growing a bit.

"Ugh, we don't have time for this. It seems like these Marines aren't backing down." Rukia said while taking out her sword. She feels like going full dragon again is a little dangerous so decides to use her swordswomen skills.

"Looks like it's time for the Ryūmai. It should cut down the rest of these Marines!" said Rukia as she prepares to strike at the Marines.

"Merlin..." Leo says as his voice got serious, "There are somethings in that shop that we need, so losing is out of the option."

"You're talking like if I even considered losing or retreating. Even if he wanted to leave, so many Marines would make that a pain in the ass to do." Merlin replies,

"Honestly, the only option I see is we win. We win and grab everything we need and leave back to the ship." Leo says as he cracks his knuckles. "So holding back is no longer and option for me."

A cold gust of wind blew against the three pirates and surrounding Marines. Suddenly Merlin took off charging to a large number of Marines, he had his hand gripped on his blade's hilt. Some marines jumped up trying to catch Merlin while others simply charged toward him. Meanwhile others attacked Mari and Leo who were still in the same position. Merlin then drew his bade! He made a continuous left turn, quickly circling the other two pirates and slashing the air releasing a huge amount of cherry blossoms while still cutting down some Marines. Each cherry blossom would then be sparked on fire by Leo.

"Merlin! Let's go for the big one!" Leo called out.

"Yes sir!" Merlin then went for one more lap around the pirates then with the momentum he jumps just above Leo and Mari's heads and twists his body causing for a current to be made and a tornado surrounded the three pirates!

"Fiori Di Ciliegio in Fiamme!!" The two yell in unison as the cherry blossoms busted into flames and merged with he man made tornado! Causing the already powerful technique into a force of pure destruction as it was now double he size, shredding anything nearby and burning away any evidence. As the debris clears a huge amount of Marines were on the floor either dead or beaten too badly to move.

The three looked at the Marines holding their ground at the entrance of the Chart-La Company.

Rukia stares over at the group that were attacking the Marines. She focuses on the ones in front of her before preparing herself to strike.

"Summers, are you going to try to sneak inside through this madness?" shouted Rukia toward Summers who was already trying to break through inside. "Way ahead of ya Dragon Lady! Although this damn Marines seem to be against the idea!" she said teasingly. Rukia brushes off the comment before turning her attention back to the Marines that are in front of her.

Rukia raises up her sword as it starts to glow in energy preparing to launch what it appears to to be a flying sword attack. "Barē-fū: Doragon no suraisu!" Rukia swings her sword downward that releases a wave of sword beams toward the Marines slicing them and cutting the area that in in front of her. This attack is further enhanced by the wind she was producing with her attack.

"Woah! That was so cool! Did you see that? Did you see that?" Leo excitedly asked as he was in awe while watching Rukia fight against the Marines. "So! Freaking! Cool!"

Both Merlin and Mari looked at one another with eyes of what can only be called disappointment and 'god damn it this guy is our captain'.

"From here on Captain," Merlin began, "Mari and will move forward with that other individual, they also seem to want to get it and seeing as how the Marines won't let them we can assume they're not on the same side."

"I see. So what you're saying is I should stay here and watch that Dragon lady kick ass right?"

"No!" Mari yells as she slams a fist on Leo's head. "What we're saying is, stay out here and help her out. Because if you go in there, you'd destroy what we're fighting for." Mari was being honest as she crossed her arms and glared at Leo.

"Heh, yeah you're probably right!" Leo replies with a chuckle to his voice.

Mari then placed her fist against Leo's chest, "Don't get yourself killed, okay? Because if you do, I'll bring you back to smack you around and scold you for being an idiot."

"Don't worry. Because by the end of all this, the three of us will be back at the ship. I promise." Leo declares as he turns around and a gust of wind blew against his cloak as it waved in the air. Now heading to back up the Dragon swordsman.

Rukia continues to battle the persistent Marines as they try to ambush her from the air.

"Big mistake!" she shouted as she coats her entire right arm in Busoshoku Haki and uses the friction with her wind to light it on fire.

"Barē-fū: Yama kaji!" Rukia sends a small fire tornado controlled by her wind to send toward the Marines in the air knocking them more upwards and lighting them on fire. She then turns her attention toward Leo who was approaching her.

"Hm? Why you're here all of a sudden? You're not going to try an hit me with another arrow are you?" she asked him.

"To be fair, I did appologize right?" Leo playfully asked with a cheesy smile on his face. "But any who. My crew felt like it would be best for me to come join you...Also because they think I'd end up burning the building down. Not gonna lie...they have a point."

"You must be that confidant in your abilities huh? Although, I did had first-hand experience to that." Rukia said while looking at him awkwardly. She notices that he hasn't stopped smiling since he came and is a bit curious about his carefree attitude in the middle of a battlefield.

"You must be strong then if you can smile in the middle of a battle like this. You're much like Eldes, you'd probably get along with him." she said before turning her attention to the Marines who looks like are regrouping.

Leo looked at Rukai in the eyes, "I wouldn't say I'm strong. Maybe just to stubborn to lose is a better way of putting it." He then sees the Marines gather up as well and ignited a flame on his forehead. "I'll follow your lead, Dragon Lady. Let's kick some ass and have some fun!"

Rukia turns back toward the Marines smirking a bit as she does like his response.

"Fine by me! Oh, and it's "Rukia" by the way." she told Leo before going back on the attack against the Marines.

What's Rukia...ohhh her name." Leo thought aloud before charging right behind her. "Nice to meet you Rukia! I'm Leonardo! Captain of the Inferno Pirates!" Leo yells as he uses his flames for propulsion and catches up despite her taking off earlier.

"I gave those two the lisst of things we needed from there. This way I can help push these Marines back while they can focus on getting what we need. Whoever this Dragon L-, Rukia is, she seems more than strong enough to do so on her own. But her powers are so cool I need to see it closer!"

Rukia can't help but notice all the fire around as she keeps her focus on the Marines. She then asks Leo a question wondering about his powers.

"I noticed all of the fire around you. You're a Devil Fruit user I take it?" she asked him.

Leo then released a burst of flames at some Marines and destroyed a nearby building. "Uhhh, yeah heheh." he nervously chuckles. "I ate the Mera Mera no Mi. it turned me into a flame Human."

"I see a Logia huh?" said Rukia as she chucked a bit. "Not bad I'll say you'll definitely hold your own in this fight. However..."

Rukia stopped herself and transforms back into her hybrid form towarding over the Marines and she raises up her speared arm as she takes flight.

"Mythical Zoans like my Sky Dragon model are considered even rarer than Logias!" Rukia said confidently.

"So Awesome!" Leo yelled at the top of his lungs as he sees Rukia shift to her hybrid form and take on the coming Marines. "Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!" He then looks back around as more Marines approached him. "Fellas, trust me you don't have a chance at taking us in!" Leo then snapped his fingers and created a swarm of arrows at the Marines.

"Whooooo!!!" Leo yells as he sees the beautiful explosions of flames he made with his arrows.

"Mari! Get behind me!" Merlin ordered as he approached the Marines blocking off the entrance of the shop.

"Fire!" The marines ordered as they began to unload their rifles at the approaching pirates!

Merlin drew his blade and deflected any bullets aimed at him and Mari. "That it? Idiots." Merlin thought to himself now only a few feet from the Marines as he felt a footstep on his back and Mari jumped over him!

Mari then landed behind the group of Marines, drew her twin knives and quickly cut some of the Marines as Merlin quickly took care of the Marines in the front.

Rukia thinks to herself for a moment as she is fighting off Marines herself. "The guy is too easy going but he does have the strength to back it up!"

Meanwhile, Summers is still fighting her way through inside trying to get past the Marines.

"Dammit! These guys are too persistent for their own good!" said Summers angrily. She shifts back into her hyrid form and starts to knock away the Marines. She also notices the two others fighting as well. "Looks like those two are having some trouble as well..." she wondered.

"Mari, handle what you can inside!" Merlin ordered, "As soon as I finish these guys off I'll come inside and back you up!" Merlin continued to fight off the rest of the Marines.

"Gotcha!" Mari replied as she took on about five Marines on her own. "I know that idiot captain of mine won't let me live it down if we don't get what we need. Haah!"

Leo had plenty of bullets shot through his head and chest as the Marines weren't holding back and were aiming to kill the young pirates upstare. Fortunatley every shot simply phased through him thanks to his devil fruit.

"Those are nice, but let me show ya my own bullets!" Leo exclaims as he charges forward! He then cocks his arm back and sends a punch straight ahead of him, releasing hundreds of flame bullets, burning and shredding through the Marines!

"If you all want to see your families, just leave. Death is inevitable but this right now is a death you can postpone." Leo says in a calm voice. He then notices more Marines rushing in.

"Fine...Guess we can't avoid it." Leo thinks as he then feels a tremendous gust of wind and slush against him!"Damn this cold weather isn't a joke. I'm okay but Merlin and Mari are a different story."

From her end, the Marines keep firing their bullets up at Rukia so simply uses the gust from her wings to send them back toward them.

"Why go through the effort of using my own attacks if I can just let them hit themselves with their own? And the poor swordsmen could only wish they could hit me from this height." said Rukia as she calmly flaps in the air. She then looks over at Leo who is holding his own.

"The guy, Leo was it? He sure is powerful. I can't let him show me up heh..."

Then, a couple of Marines bring out two larger cannons and aim it up toward her. "Hmm, looks like they decided to finally and literally bring out the big guns." she said as she gets on the defensive.

"FIRE!!!" shouted the Marines as they shoot cannonballs at Rukia as she is able to dodge out of the way of the blasts."

"Mine! Mine! Mine! MINE!" Leo yelled a he hot himself above Rukia's head, "You call that firepower? This is fire power!" Leo then shot himself like a missile aimed right between the canons causing an eruption so great the snow from nearby was sent flying with all the surrounding Marines. He left the once white floor, scorched and pitch black.

"Ha! Fire power!" Leo chanted as he closed his eyes and smiled brightly! "Get it? Hahaha!"

Rukia could only facepalm knowing she has dealt with a lot of bad jokers around as she lands.

"He's definitely like Eldes... I swear bad jokes always gives me a headache..." Rukia thought to herself as she looks over at Leo.

"You're strong I'll give yo that but you have the recklessness of a Logia type mad on power. You'll have to learn to control that. I wonder if you end up accidentally burning your comrades on a daily basis?" she wondered remembering the fire arrow that almost hit her earlier.

Leo's eyes look away from her, "I mean, I wouldn't say a daily basis." Leo hesitantly replies, "I mean, maybe." Leo then remembers all the scolding he goes through from Merlin and Mari every time he sets something on fire by accident.

Rukia taps Leo on the head with her hand in a chopping pose after sighing a bit. She was of course able to hit him using Haki.

"Bad Pyro Boy... Fire burns which includes your allies. I hate to see what you'll do when you're somewhere with a lot of gas..." she replied.

"Ow, ow,ow,ow!! How the hell did you do that? I'm a logia! You shouldn't be able to hit me!" Leo is dumbfounded by the chop on his head, "Who the hell is this Dragon Lady and how the hell did she just hit me?"

"Just because you're Mr. Big Bad Logia doesn't mean you can't still get hurt. Overconfident Logias tend not to last long around here." she said to him in an informing matter. She sighs one more time before speaking.

"An overly reckless guy that's a living breathing flamethrower...that's even more dangerous than these army of Marines" she said in a snarky tone.

"Shut up!" Leo yelled! His eyes turned sharp and his voice was loud. His entire aura turned serious, complete opposite as he has been around Rukia. "Don't you dare look down on me you got that!?"

Some Marines charged at Leo until he swiped his hand releasing a wave of five sending the Marines flying away from him.

"I'm a pirate too! I may be reckless but I'd never hurt my friends! So don't you dare try to lecture me about my fruit you got that!"

Rukia casually ducks between two Marines that were charging at her and grabs one of them by their leg with her tail and slams him into the other one.

"Heh, sure thing Pyromanic. I was saying for your sake as you seem to be bossed by your friends on a daily basis. Not every captain-like huh?" she said with a snarky grin on her face enjoying teasing him.

Leo started to blush when Rukia pointed out the dynamic between him and his crew. "You don't know me and you don't know my crew!" Leo protested, "I am their captain!" Flames began to surround Leo as he then shapes it into a few balls of fire and sent them flying at more Marines!

"Well, you got me there but I'm good at summing up how people are based off first experience and from that sight, yeah you are pretty bossed around a lot for a captain. Given how reckless you can be, I can see why." Rukia chuckled as she blows back more Marines using her wings as they started to charge in. "Wow, you think these guys would get the message?" she said.

"Hey don't change the subject!" Leo yelled as he blasted away more Marines. "I may be reckless and a little childish. Sure sometimes I can set things on fire by accident and i may not always apologize for doing that!"

Leo clenches his grip and he could feel his heart in pain, "I may be bossed around and scolded by them on a daily basis. I don't deserve them following me." Leo then pauses and takes a breath. He let his blood sow down and relax. "But i am their captain," Leo's voice now serious, yet calm, "So I'll be here with and for them. So don't go and start looking down on the guy they follow, because I won't ever let anyone do so."

Rukia grins a bit liking Leo's response. As she knocks back more Marines, she speaks once more.

"So you can be serious when you can huh? Don't worry, I wasn't trying to look down at you. I could sense you had a strong heart but I wanted to hear it from you. Not that overall careless side of you. I said this before, you are strong and worthy of the captain role with your powers. But, if you let that go to your head like you did earlier, you won't be around long enough to keep your comrades safe." she said in an equally serious tone. She closes her eyes and sighs a bit.

"I been there and done that myself. Trust me." she said.

"..." Leo just kept quiet and looked at Rukia in the eyes. "Thank you, Dragon lady. I promise I'll try to work on it." He then gulped, "How did you do that? How did you hit me? At least tell me that much, please."

Rukia nods in agreement from his response but then answers his question.

"You mean when I tapped your head earlier? Oh, I just used Haki is all." said answered.

"The hell is haki?" Leo asked amazed. This was the first time in a long time someone could actually touch him when he had his Devil Fruit active.

Rukia stracthes her head knowing it would take a minute to explain so she comes up with an answer to avoid explaining it too much.

"Well, I'm sure you'll eventually learn about it one day. All I'll say that even the normally untouchable Logia users will become able to hit." she said.

"Even logias can be hit?" Leo thought to himself, "even i can be attack and harmed despite having my Mera Mera. That's what she meant about me being to reckless... Here i thought i could take the world on...Damn it!" Leo struggled to accept the news and clenched his fists.

"I don't care..." Leo mumbled and looked at Rukia again, "I don't care if Haki exists, that doesn't change anything except now i need to add something to our journey." The flames on his forehead reignited, "i now need to learn about this haki and learn to use or defend against it! Because we're still going to see the world!"

Rukia smirks again liking his answer and attitude toward wanting to better himself.

"Took you long enough to admit that Pyromanic. The way you're thinking now makes me believe you'll achieve that goal. Of course, our goals aren't the same but I'm pretty sure we'll have a similar end goal." she said confidently.

From the corner of her eye, Mari saw how Leo and Rukia were smiling and looking at one another. Her blood began to boil and she quickly disarmed two Marines she was fighting. "What the hell is that idiot doing!? Smiling like some kid at some random lady?" She thought to herself as she knocked out a third Marine. Her hear fell a little cold when she saw them.

"Long Sword Style: chute du géant" Merlin yelled the name of his attack as he completed five swipes, each slicing through multiple Marines. "A few more left the we can get started on grabbing everything."

Marines are continue to rush Summers who is trying to get inside as usual. She starts clawing them away slowing working her way to the entrance.

"Seriously, are one of these Marines have a cloning Devil Fruit or something? Why are there still so many and more popping up?!" Summers angrily said.

Meanwhile, some Marines are surrounding Eldes who is simply having a drink while sitting in the middle of the snow.

"Hey, old man! I saw you with that pirate! Are you one as well?" one f them said as they all pointed their guns at him. Eldes could only laugh before speaking.

"Zahahaha! Well, maybe yes maybe no! I'm definitely no pirate, just an old man having a drink." said Eldes who shown no fear whatsoever while a bunch of guns are pointed at him.

A large wave of Marines approached Leo and Rukia all at once and began to release a wave of bullets at the two pirates.

"These bastards don't give up huh?" Leo asked, "Let's finish this up quickly shall we?"

Rukia takes out her sword as it glows with her energy.

"Indeed!" She said and then looks over at the Marines surrounding Eldes who is just smiling away and drinking. "That old guy is at it again huh? Those Marines are screwed..." she said under her breath.

Leo place his right hand in front of him and his left behind him, "if any of you Marines have families and want to be able to go home and see them again, then leave." Leo threatened the Marines as hand sized balls of flames appeared in his palms. Some Mariines were hesitant, as ythey've the kind of destructive power he has.

"No? Fine by me!" The two orbs in Leo's hands grew instantly, "Leone Ruggente!"Leo then released a blast of Fire from his right hand more than twice his size and a smaller blast from his left to help support the power of his right hand blast! The attack sent majority of the opposing marines flying and destroyed three businesses buildings!

"Impressive!" Rukia said with geniune amazement. She smirks a bit thinking it's a challenge of strength. She then pounds her fists together before facing a horde of Marines in front of her.

"Of course, destructive power is pretty much a thing with Logias. However, I'm about to show why Mythical Zoans shouldn't be overlooked either!"

Rukia then transforms into her full dragon form which towards over the Marines as they look up in fear. Rukia then starts to charge up what it seems to be a lot of wind energy in her mouth before forming a condense ball of wind in her mouth.

"Doragon no senpū!!!" Rukia sends the ball of wind at the Marines and as soon it hits the ground near them, it suddenly explodes in a powerful whirlwind who's strength is on par with even hurricanes. The Marines are all sent flying away and a gust stretches far enough to rip apart nearby trees and buildings."

"SO AWESOME!!!" Leo yelled as he admired the power of Rukia's attack! "So cool! So cool! So COOOOOLLLL!" He then noticed there were no more Marines opposing the duo. "Well, time to go help the rest and get what we came for!"

"Indeed!" Rukia said. She then looks over at Eldes who is still sitting down drinking and the Marines that were surrounding him are already defeated. "Old man, we should be finishing up soon." she said toward him.

Eldes waves up his hand. "Sure thing! I'll just be here enjoying the sights! Zahahaha!" he said as he took another drink.

"HAAAA!" Merlin let out a bloody battle cry as he cut down the last Marine that stood in the way of the entrance. "Ha...ha..." Merlin huffed as he put his sword back in it's scabbard, his face dripping in sweat. "Damn, there more than o thought there were."

"Yeah," Mari Replied as she had begun filling a black bag and going trough Leo's list. "They weren't tough, but there was just a huge hoard of them."

Summers suddenly dashes by them hoping to get to some of the items she will need as well.

"Thanks for clearin' out the small fries you two! I thought I would've had to work a lot harder but guess I don't know!" said Summers as she dashes in and grabs some goods.

"No sweat, thanks for the support too" Merlin replied as he quickly joined Mari and looted. "Well most of these things are what Leo asked us to get for him."

"Yeah," Mari reached down and grabbed a Log Pose with a red wrist strap. "This'll look nice on Cap..." She then caught herself mid thought and looked over at Merlin. "I'm guessing he'll need one of these huh?"

"Hey guys!" Leo exclaimed, appearing behind Mari!

"C-Captain!" Mari's face quickly turn red. She then quickly turned around and slapped him! "Idiot!"

"The hell did I do?" Leo asked himself as he rubbed his red cheek.

"Captain!" Merlin hollered, "Found a safe in here." Merlin pointed at a safe that was hidden behind a painting.

"Open it up, we can always use whatever treasure we can get! Hahaha!" Leo chuckled with a smile, excited to collect some more money.

Summers comes out of the building with also a big bag of loot. "Alright! Got our spoils!" she said happily.

Rukia looks at her and sighs glad everything has settled down for now. "'s a good thing because I was actually starting to get worn out. This darn cold weather and such..." she said while putting up her sword away. Eldes also walks up of course not having taking any physical damage.

"Zahahaha! Well that was pretty fun and I didn't even have to lift a finger!" Eldes said despite taking down a bunch of Marines himself. But, indeed, he actually didn't physically touch them.

Merlin sliced open the safe by cutting off the locking component of it, "Cheap iron safe, if these guys would've sprung for steel we wouldn't be able to open it so easily." Merlin jokes as he slowly opens up the door of the safe.

Both Mari and Leo looked at him with a face that just screamed, "Was that supposed to make us laugh?" as their blank faces were not amused.

"...Screw you guys." Merlin scoffed as he looked in the safe revealing a few secret eternal log poses, maps, and paper work.

Summers then opens the bag revealing all of the maps and log posts she managed to get.

"Heh, the spoils of war I always say!" Summers said triumphantly. Rukia admits she is impressed knowing the items would help her on her journey. "Is this all of the items we can get right?" Rukia asked.

"Yeppers! All the stuff except the two that got that safe." Summers said. She then suddenly puts a solid gold band around her wrist happy about her find.

"W-Where did you get that?!" said Rukia suddenly shouting. Summers simply shrugs and says "Well, I just found it on the ground. Guess some stupid Marine dropped it or something. It could be their marriage bracelet but this puppy is made of solid gold! Mine now!" she said while laughing. Rukia looks at Eldes in surprise and Eldes smiles himself holding up a bunch jewelry.

"...You too old man?" said Rukia in a deadpan tone. Eldes simply laughs before saying "Hey! If there's a chance to make fast money, I'll take it! Zah-hahaha!"

"Allllright! That seems like the last of it!" Leo announced as he grabbed a pair of black duffel bags. "You guys all set?"

Merlin and Mari both had a duffel bag as well. "All set."

"Right on! Let's go!" Leo cheered as the team left the shop. and caught up to Rukia and her group.

"Dragon Lady! Dragon Lady!" Leo called out for Rukia.

"Huh?" Rukia turns toward Leo noticing him coming by. "Ah, the Pyromanic. I see you're in high spirits as always" she said.

"Ah a friend you made during all this bloodshed huh? Reminds me of the times back in the war! Za-hahaha!" Eldes said laughing with Rukia looking pretty deadpan on this.

"Dragon Lady!" Leo finally caught up to Rukia's group. "I just wan to say thank you," He began, "Thank you for the lesson and thank you for kind of slapping some sense into me earlier. I promise the next time we meet, I won't be some idiotic Pyro Captain."

Mari heard the determined and mature tone in Leo's voice and silently reached over and grabbed one of his sleeves.

Merlin looked over and saw what Mari did and just laughed his ass off in his head.

"I won't ever let someone look down on me like that again and be a damn good captain, just you wait!" Leo cheerfully continued and raised a fist, pointing it at Rukia, "You and I will have a damn good fight one day."


"Indeed! It was pretty fun I'll admit! "said Rukia with a smile on her face. ---

"I'm glad ye folks had such a good time..." a familiar voice suddenly appeared in front of the group. Hooded Kilkenny seemingly unscathed and filled with energy pointed his gun in their vicinity. "Now why don't y'all hand me my loot and you can be on yer way..." he pulled down the hammer of his gun.

"Oh? What exactly make you think we'll hand any of this over to you?" Leo asked as a flame ignited on his forehead. "You'll need a damn good reason too." Leo seemingly had more than enough energy to fight.

Rukia quickly takes back out her sword and sprouts back out her wings and tail. "And I was just thinking this turned out all easily. Sorry buddy but we took this fair and square!" she said preparing to fight.

"Fair and Square? Y'all pirates or Girl Scouts? This right here is real life...and in real's survival of the fittest!" pulling the trigger of his gun and loud band was suddenly released. However, it wasn't a traditional bullet shots from the barrel but rather a stun bullet, designed to blind and deafen targets for several seconds.

Suddenly, one of the lifeless bodies behind the group of pirates stood tall and with speed yet to be displayed attempted to steal the loot from Rukia as she's hopefully discombobulated.

Mari reached over and grabbed the bags from Leo's hands. "Captain!" she yelled as she moved to the right and Merlin moved to the left to split up and Leo released a burst of fire from his hands to propel him with force to dodge the coming bullet.

"I may be a logia, but since it was Mari calling out...I trust her instincts way more than my ego!" Leo thought to himself as he looked at Kilkenny, "See, I don't mind fighting dirty, and I promised I was going to keep myself in check..." He pauses to observe the man again, "Buuuuut I guess i am a pirate afterall." Leo then released a large blast of fire at Kilkenny!'

"Gah! The hell?!" Rukia said as she quickly leaps into the air to avoid getting her look stolen and tries to recover from it. "That was no ordinary bullet..." she said to herself.

Eldes, who is suddenly looking serious, wonders to himself. "This man is definitely on a different level than the small fry huh? Let's see how you handle a tougher opponent Rukia."

"Hey! Don't overlook me ya bastard!" Summers said after she shifts into her liger form and runs toward Kilkenny with her claws pointing toward him.

"Don't act reckless!" shouted Rukia who was still in the air.

As the light began to fade and the blast of pyro hurdled in Kilkenny's direction, it became quite apparent he was no longer where he once stood. The man who attacked Rukia quickly turned his attention to the fire man and ran towards with incredible intent speed. Twirling, the man launched a kick powerful enough to carry the wind around. However, this was not the extent of the attack. Although not a thick layer of armament, the man coated his foot in haki as he struck at Leo's face. The man remained silent in his endeavors.

The sheer force of the attack sent Leo flying a few feet away, causing him to crash against the wall of the shop the pirates just robbed! Leo fell to the floor and looked at the man that managed to kick him and then back at Rukia. "This is just like what happened with Rukai...she called this haki." He then looked back at his crew. "Mari! Merlin! Get the hell out of here! Now!" Leo ordered as he picked himself back up and the flame on his forehead grew larger. He then cracked his neck and knuckles as he smiled staring daggers at Kilkenny. "Alright, shall we?" Leo asked as ignited his fists.

"So this guy is a Haki user as well. Leo better be careful of that but no time to be flying around doing nothing!" Rukia coats her left arm with her sword on it in Haki and proceeds to light it on fire with friction. "See if you can handle this! Pyro other there isn't the only one who can use fire to an extend!" she shouted as she send a sword beam of fire toward Kilkenny.

Meanwhile, Eldes is simply sitting down with Summers behind him. He looks at her saying "You may want to get outta here before it gets too intense." he told her in a serious tone. Summers is shocked by how series Eldes is being and simply nods before running off.

As the duo made their threats and began their assaults, the man who suddenly attacked both of them collapsed. In that instance the next challenger emerged from the sea of lifeless bodies. With a blade in hand, the marine leaped upwards towards the liger. However, unlike the last target who specialized in speed attacks, this one operated with stealth. His movements were concise and efficient, also as if he were a trained assassin. Emerging beside the life, he attempted to cut the beast in half with a singular stroke, hoping the break through the loan's physical attributes through haki.

"Oh crap!" Summers said but in an instant, Eldes suddenly blocks the attack with his own sword which was coated in Haki and is releasing it's own special energy. Most likely due to what his blade is itself.

"Heh... You're pretty sharp going in for a sneak attack on a fleeing girl huh? I never thought I would have to get into the fight like this." said Eldes as he pushes back the Marine.

"Wow...that old guy is fast... I didn't even see him move." said Summers in shock.

The marine smirked as the old man countered, "You fool..." he thought, allowing the Eldes swords to pierce his body.In that instance, the swordsmen's body grew numb, forcing Eldes to carry the weight of the man with his sword. Taking the opportunity to exploit the opening, another body blitzed the man with exceptional speed. "It's really that simple." Pulling the trigger at point blank range at the man's kneecap.

Both of Leo's arms were ignited and transformed into fire "Well...this is probably going to be something really stupid or creative." Leo thought to himself as he took advantage of what was going on and slammed both arms on fire to the ground causing him to releases a massive explosion of flames sending the many bodies flying with either catching fire or simply be destroyed by the sheer force of the explosion!

Eldes simply tanks the blasts to his kneecap. Though he is still injured a bit due to his older age but is able to knock him backwards by quickly swinging his blade back at the other attacker.

"Old man! You alright?!" said Rukia who yelled from above.

"Heh...these pups think they got me. But don't think I'm going to go down that easily. I may be old but I got plenty of fight in me!" he said before coating his whole sword in haki and powers it up for a beam attack. "Now you're about to see why they call me the 'Soul Slicer'!" Eldes said before sending a large horziational sword beam toward the attackers. It should be noted that this beam is also light purple in color singling it's difference in power.

Following Leo's declaration, no bodies seemingly rose for several moments. The geezer's attack, albeit powerful, seemed to be ineffective as no fighters came to challenge it. In an undisclosed location, Kilkenny pandered. "Four on one ain't fair ya heard." Realizing this constant spawning of new combatants would not end in his favor he pivoted his strategy. A cool gust suddenly surrounded the young ligress. Attempting to possess the young pirate, Kilkenny entered her physique. If she tried to resist, an unparalleled feeling of pain would overwhelm her body whilst a drowning sensation would encompass her being.

"G-GAH!!! W-What the hell is this? S-Some kind of weird p-power?" said Summers who is trying to fight off the being that is trying to possess her.

"What's this?" Eldes soon looks over at the struggling Summers who appears to be in trouble. "What's wrong Summers?! Are you being attacked? Wait a second..." Eldes eyes soon start to glow a faint blue signaling he is using Kenbunshoku Haki and can now see the figure of Kikenny who is trying to possess Summers. "So that's where he went! He must have some ghost Devil Fruit power. It's bad if he possess her now. Summers! You have to fight him off!" said Eldes who was yelling this to Summers.

Summers is still trying to fight off the possession hearing Eldes' words. "T-TRYING to here! I-It's not everyday y-you get possessed like this!" she managed to yell out.

Rukia, meanwhile, was till in the air after hearing all of that. "Another Mythical Zoan user it seems...didn't think I'd find one here..." she said to herself.

"Okay survival instinct is telling me to get out of here seeing as how I may just be possessed. Leo thought to himself as he saw the struggle Summers was going through. "But Rukia did help me out earlier so I kind of shouldn't." Leo then yelled, "Hey Liger girl, fight the power!"

Utilizing Summers as a medium, Kilkenny spoke to the group. "If y-y-ye want her to l-l-live....Agh!!! Drop all yer loot NOW!" he told the group. Although he didn't expect someone to be able to discern his devil fruit powers so easily, it mattered not. If these pirates are as close as he thinks and are witnessing the agony she's in, they'll quickly submit. Becoming more determined to complete this task, Summers will start to feel as if she can't breathe.

"D-Dammit....s-screw this guy and his powers..." Summers said struggling to hang on.

"Dammit old man she looks like she's suffering! Can we do something?!" she said at him.

Eldes simply taps his shoulder holding his sword as he access the situation quickly. "Well, we have two options." he said.

"Well, what are they?!" Rukia said in a more demanding tone. Eldes looks at her pretty seriously and turns back toward Summers.

"That guy has a ghost-related Devil Fruit power. Right now, not even you could really touch him since you're still learning to use your Haki. I, on the other hand, could easily cut this guy. But..." Eldes said before being cut off by Rukia.

"YOU'LL KILL HER IF YOU DID THAT!" she yelled out. Eldes simply chuckles a bit before speaking again.

"And I'm pretty sure you know that. There is always the second option." He turns toward Rukia and smiles. "Just give in."

"J-Just like that? We really can't do anything else to save Summers and keep our loot?" Rukia spoke out. Eldes' expression quickly shifts back to being serious as he begins to speak once more.

"Listen Rukia, there are situations you cannot win. Hostage situations in particular are pretty nasty especially if someone has a power you cannot combat against properly. And even if you have that power, you risk hurting the person you care about. Let me ask you, is mere treasure more important than a person's life?" Eldes said to her. Rukia simply has no words at this point as Eldes smiles hoping to brighten up the situation as usual.

"Times can be tough and it's probably good that you ran into this situation. It'll get you prepared for the future. Trust me, I don't want to harm Summers as well and I know you don't want to risk that. However, that guy there has found an opportunity to hold us off and he has taken it. It's better to act smart than to act stupid. Just cut your losses for today. You can always win tomorrow or the day after. It's just loot. We can always get more! Zah-hahaha!" Eldes spoke while laughing off his words and looks over to Leo. "You could learn a thing or two about this as well kid."

Rukia became enthralled by Eldes' words. This was the first time in a long while he spoken to her seriously like that and she knows when to take his words to heart whenever he does. Eventually, Rukia decides she knows it's best to just give in.

"Alright. It appears like we really don't have a choice in the matter. You can have the loot only after you let go of Summers first." Rukia said to Kilkenny.

With somewhat of a more refined control over Summers, Kilkenny responded to her statement. "You're n-not in the business of making demands yer heard." In that instance two of Kilkenny's henchmen, who have been waiting outside four the signal entered the building. "Give t-these two the loot, all of it, a-and when they far enough, I'll let her go, ya heard." In all honestly, Kilkenny would've preferred to take the loot himself then release her but he doesn't have the control over her body to move that much, thus this was the best alternative. "G-G-give it now!"

Eldes simply smiles and decides to say something a little snarky on the side. "I see that even as a ghost, you're still cold. You're stuttering your words quite a lot young man." he said to him.

Rukia looked over at the men noticing they've been waiting for awhile. She then looks back at Eldes still worried. "You think this guy will stick to his promise?" Rukia said.

Eldes simply nods. "I don't want to sound arrogant but I could easily take this guy out if I wanted to and he knows that. Why you think he decided to 'play the pirate' by kidnapping Summers? This guy is clearly obsessed with the loot so it's safe to say you can trust him. I won't let anything happen to ya when I'm around." Eldes said with a wink.

Rukia, nodding at Eldes' response, gives up most of their loot to the men. She holds up one log post before speaking to Kilnenny. "At least one log post we keep." she said sternly. "I know you're a crooked pirate but at least we all need to get away from these neverending Marines." she finished saying.

"S-see ya never ye losers." Summers spontaneously pulled out Kilkenny's gun as his subordinates ran out with the loot. Pulling the trigger, the same stun effect emerged, masking his appearance. As the glint dwindled, Summer was left on the ground and traces of Kilkenny fled, as Eldes predicted.

Leo rushed over to go check on Summers. "What kind of a coward uses such an devil fruit." He thought to himself, as it was hard for him to admit the anger he was feeling was for himself. For being to weak to assist, for feeling helpless during all this.

" was my fault for becoming an easy target like that...I been in the theving business for years and I still make rookie mistakes like that..." she said while looking deperessed.

Eldes simply walks over to the group with his arms crossed and looking serious. "Like I told Rukia here, there is no shame in losing. He was a pirate that played more dirtier than others. But you can't help but admit he did had all of us, myself included, cornered. It was a life or death situation and sometimes you have to pay a price to ensure someone's safety. Fortunately, we literally just had to pay a price this time. I'd been in a situation where I was given the choice to either spare a comrade's life or the daughter of a king. That was tough I tell you and the guy was being serious too. An old enemy, wanted to test my nobility. Fortunately, my comrade pretty much gave me the decision for me and gave up his life to save that girl." Eldes explanined. He then turns his attention to Leo.

"You, though, seem to be taking this the hardest. I don't really blame ya since you have that arrogance of a Logia user. Logias are powerful but even they can still be outsmarted. Could've you taken that guy out if you had the chance? Definitely. However, did he managed to take advantage of your overconfidence in your powers? That is true as well. Just take this as a lesson to better yourselves for the future. Just trying to stop you guys from what I did years ago." said Eldes as he lets out a sigh.

Rukia notices that Eldes is looking sad which is something she very rarely sees. She knows he always smiles even in the worst of situations and knows if he is genuinely sad, then the situation is as serious as she though. She was looking to be upset with herself as well but Eldes, sensing this, quickly smiles and laughs.

"Zah-hahaha! Don't be too down guys! I bet that loot ended up being fake or something. Even still, we can just find more!" he says as he picks up random weapons from nearby fallen Marines. "See? I bet you guys can just sell these to some weapon enthusiast for a quick buck!" he says while laughing.

"Rukia, is this old guy serious?" Summers asks Rukia. "Yep pretty much!" she says while sharing a laugh with them.

Leo looked at the three other pirates before bowing to them, "I'm sorry I wasn't of more help to you guys! I promise next time I'll be stronger and ready!" Despite having no real blame to take, Leo couldn't help but take the wise words Eldes said to heart. Not being his usual childish self he meant every word he declared even if he knew 'next time' may never happen.

Price for Freedom

"Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit...." Hermes panted, having been on the move for several days. After his escape fell through, the damn ship was rigged with bombs, he's been in hiding this entire time, never staying in one place too long. "I need to get the hell out of here." he thought to himself, determined to survive this treacherous situation not only alive but free. After assessing his options for the past few days, he's decided there's only one potential scenario where he makes it out of here with the previously mentioned; joining a crew. Although such a scenario came with its own risks, it was the best option available.

Currently navigating through the island's sewer systems, he tried to make his way to one of the bars. However even with his eidetic memory, connecting the dated sewer map with the landmarks above was proving to be a challenge; especially given his drunken state.


Robo-Marine and Dr. Megapunk made it to the village at the top of the hill. They thanked the old man and let him go. "Now where do we start my friend?" Asks Megapunk. "It has been said that you should start at a bar to see for information." replies Robo-Marine. "Well you go to the bar, I'm going to that store and buy that nice dress for Clara." Megapunk says as he sees the dress in the window display. So they go to their different ways. Robo-Marine to the bar, and Dr.Megapunk to the store.

Robo-Marine walks to the local bar and enters the bar. Not without all the eyes on him. When he entered the bar, everyone was staring at him and wonder what he is. Robo-Marine walks to the barista that was serving and says, "I am looking for a boy, his name is Hermes, have you seen him?"

"No I haven't sir, But I've heard of the name, you can probably can get some info at the nearby Marine Research Facility." says the Bartender.

"Thank You for your cooperation" says Robo-Marine, he then walks away from the bar. Now Megapunk appears into the bar. "Whoof, I got that nice dress for Clara finally, did you find out anything, Robo-Marine?" says Megapunk.

"The bartender said we should go to the Marine Research Facility nearby," says Robo-Marine,"Before we go, can you heat up my oil again?" asks Robo-Marine. "Sure." says Megapunk.

He grabs his torch and opens Robo-Marine's chest where the oil is stored, he heats up the oil with the torch. Everyone just stares at Megapunk while he's doing it. After Megapunk finished heating the oil up he says, "There we go, all heated up now." "Now I'm going to get a nice drink." says Megapunk.

"But we must go now Dr." says Robo-Marine. "We can't let justice wait." Robo-Marine says as he grabs Megapunk's backpack, which with the strength of Robo-Marine, nearly choking Megapunk. "A-AA-AA- Alright...." says Megapunk as he is being dragged by Robo-Marine to the Marine Research Facility.

Soon Megapunk gets up himself and walks with Robo-Marine before they get to the Marine Research Facility. Once they got there, they saw a man nearby. Robo-Marine walks to the person and asks, "We are looking for a boy named Hermes, have you seen him?"

Although he had seen cyborgs before, he hadn't seen something like Robo-Marine. "Uh uh uh...." he strutted, the freezing weather and the shock factor causing the impairment. "H-he lives right next door but nobodies seen him for d-d-days. You with the agents that ransacked his house?" noticing Marine emblem along his armor, the researcher relayed what he had heard to the duo. "They said that he had spotted in the bar right around the corner. It's called Rona Season, you can't miss it!" he told them before rushing into the research facility.

Robo-Marine and Megapunk watch the man run away to the research facility. They then stared at each other, then soon Megapunk breaks the silence, "Well....That was quick." "Why did he run?" asks Robo-Marine. "Well....I don't know...It's probably because YOU'RE A FREAKING CYBORG!!" "Anyway, we should go to the bar that he said he should be at." says Robo-Marine. "Then let's get going." says Megapunk. Robo-Marine and Megapunk start walking towards the bar they are destined to go.


“How the hell did we end up in a sewer,” says Akira as him and Godspeed walk through the sewers of Glasteria. As Akira and Godspeed traverse through the slimy gue they come across two tunnels. “Should we split up or go together?” says Akira. Godspeed looks at Akira and shrugs. He then points to the tunnel on the right and proceeds to make different hand gestures. “I have no idea what you’re trying to say right now” says Akira and tries to imitate what Godspeed is doing. Akira and Godspeed suddenly hear a noise in the very back of the right tunnel and what seems to be a male voice. They hear a faint “ouch” and Akira says “Do you wanna go first or should I”. Godspeed pushes Akira in front of him and walks back a little. “Why do I always have to be the one that goes first,” says Akira and begins to walk in the direction of the voice. Akira suddenly stops and says “Ok maybe we should just go back and try to get out of here”. Godspeed looks at Akira and begins to lift him up in the air. “Hey put me down” says Akira and tries to winkle himself free. As Godspeed is lifting Akira he begins to walk over to the voice. “Oh god I hate you Godspeed” says Akira.

As they get to the end of the tunnel they see a shadow running away. Godspeed begins to run while Akira is dangling from his arms. “Ahhhhh a little too fast” screams Akira. Godspeed drops Akira on the ground and begins to float. Akira lands on top of what looks to be a dead rat and says. “Really Godspeed”. Akira brushes the dead remains of himself and begins to follow Godspeed. “I really hope that idiot doesn’t get us in trouble” says Akira as he walks through the end of the tunnel. “Who the hell is that,” says Akira and finds Godspeed sitting on top of what looks to be a homeless man. “Get off me,” says the man and tries to wiggle Godspeed off.

Akira walks over to the two and goes on his knees. “So who are you,” says Akira. The man looks at Akira and responds “I am Gaston Maugard of the Bluebeard Pirates”. Akira looks shocked and tells Godspeed to jump off him. “What is a member of the Bluebeard Pirates doing all the way,” says Akira. Gaston gets up and brushes the dust and remains off himself. “I am looking for a man with the name of Hermes” He looks over at Godspeed for a second and says. “He has something that we want”. As Gaston says that, a bunch of rats begins to crawl up on his shoulders and into his pockets. “Ehm is that normal” says Akira and looks disgusted. “There is a reason they call me rat king Gaston” says Gaston. Akira with the same disgusted face responds “I have never heard that but ok”.

Gaston looks over at Godspeed and asks Akira what is wrong with him. “He is a little loose on the trigger sometimes but he is a good guy” says Akira. “That’s not what I meant” says Gaston. “What do you mean then,” says Akira with a little confused face. “He hasn’t talked or made any noise at all while I was here. And those tattoos” Akira goes over to Godspeed and responds “I don’t know why he doesn’t talk and the tattoos are just there to look cool I guess”. Gaston looks over at Godspeed and says “I’m sorry”. He then begins to walk away from the two. “Hey wait a second” says Akira and grabs Gaston on the shoulder. “I don’t know what is up with those tattoos but you clearly know” says Akira. “For his sake, I won’t,” says Gaston and walks away.

“What was that all about,” says Akira and walks back to Godspeed. “I don’t know much about that man but he is powerful. I was surprised he didn’t kill us” says Akira. Godspeed suddenly begins to float and grabs Akira. “Not again” screams Akira as he is flinging across the air. Godspeed flies over to where Gaston went and they come across an opening. Godspeed stops and puts Akira down on the ground. “Why the hell would you do tha….. Oh, an opening” says Akira. They see Gaston walk into a bar nearby and Godspeed begins to follow him. “I have no idea why you are following him but ok” says Akira as he tries to follow Godspeed.

They walk into a bar where they see Gaston sitting around a table in the corner. Godspeed walks over to Gaston and proceeds to sit down on a chair. Akira follows and says “Hey again Gaston. I think he likes you or something” Gaston looks up and says “Oh it’s you guys again”. Akira responds “Yeah it’s us” and sit on a chair right next to Godspeed. “You know what. Let’s make a deal. You help me find Hermes and I will tell you all about what those tattoos mean” says Gaston. “I don’t really care but Godspeed seems to” says Akira. “ Oh so his name is Godspeed” says Gaston and looks at Akira. “What is your name”. Akira looks back at Gaston and responds “My name is Akira. Just Akira”. Gaston smirks and leans back on his chair. “Well it’s nice to meet you both”

Emerging minutes after the trio was the very man Gaston was looking for, Hermes. As to not attract any unwanted attention, he quickly found a seat at the bar where the crowd of people was thickest. "Vodka on the rocks..." Hermes mumbled to the bartender. As he waited for his drink, he subtly surveyed the vicinity for any pirate looked somewhat trustworthy. "Jeez the paradox that is..." Trustworthy pirate, where was he going to find one of those. The two are like natural enemies like fire and ice, he'd ever find anyone like that. Thus, he'd settle for one of the two, pirates. Immediately he noticed the trio sitting in the corner. "Oh shit, shit, shit, shit..." he thought, somewhat intimidated. "Fuck it!"

Paying for his drink, Hermes slowly yet confidently approached the trio, hoping none of them recognized his appearance. "This seat taken..." he giggled, sitting down anyways. "So you guys pirates?" he blankly questioned, no one to dance around the bush. "Shit shit shit!" his leg fidgeted up and down as his nerves were shot.

“Pirates you say” mumbles Gaston as he leans forward onto the table. Before Gaston could even answer, Akira yells out “Yeah were pirates”. The room went silent for a second and as Gaston with a disappointed face was about to answer, Hermes replies “Oh that’s great”. Gaston looks at both of them and says “Fuck it. I’m not even gonna try”. He then leans back in his chair and tries to fall asleep. Akira looks at Gaston and says “That’s rude”. He then looks at Hermes and tries to have a conversation with Hermes.

As Akira and Hermes are talking, a man at the other end of the bar yells out and complains about the food “This food is pure dog shit”. He violently walks over to the bartender and begins to argue with him. “How can you sell this crap” the man at the bar looks over at the group in the corner and says “I ran out of tomatoes you dumb piece of shit”. He then looks over at the group again and says “I gave the last to them over there”. He points over at the group as they are talking and the only one of them who notices is Godspeed.

As the angry man proceeds to walk over to the group, Godspeed tries to notify Akira and the rest. “Can you stop that, Godspeed. We are trying to talk” says Akira and proceeds to go back and talk to Hermes. The man comes over to the group and slams his hands on the table. Before he can even say a word, Godspeed grabs a knife on the table and begins to float. He pushes the man on to the ground and puts the knife around his throat. “Godspeed I told you to stop,” says Akira as he looks over at Godspeed and realizes what just happened.

“What just happened,” says Hermes. Akira goes over to Godspeed and tries to get him off. “I think the man was a little angry or something,” says Akira. “I’m not talking about that. He just flew” says Hermes as he tries to figure out what just happened. “Oh yeah, he has a devil fruit” answers Akira and looks back at Hermes. “ You should know what that is”. Hermes looks at both of them and says “Jackpot!”

"I will give you the world if ya take me off this island!" Hermes knew he needed to give them more than that if he was planning on convincing them. "Any treasure, even One Piece itself if ya wanted it is in my grasp, if ya want it, I need you to get me off this island as quickly as possible!"


Megapunk and Robo-Marine walk to the bar that the man said. Before they entered, Megapunk told Robo-Marine to stop, Robo-Marine stopped for Megapunk. "It's time I put on my armor, in case things get ugly." Megapunk pulls out his seastone armor which has four extra limbs to it. Megapunk puts it on, then suddenly, under his hair, a green light blinked on his head, it was the signal that the arms are on. Which then, the extra limbs, which were lifeless, became full of life, and started to act like Megapunk's other limbs, except that these limbs are made of medal and are in an octopus-like shape with a flat-end paw so that even Megapunk can walk with those limbs.

"Alright then," says Megapunk with a smirk,"Let's get this over with." Megapunk laughs a little.

Megapunk and Robo-Marine enter the bar, the bar is full of people. And everyone was staring at them. Everyone was surprised by what they saw, a cyborg and a man with metal octopus arms.

Robo-Marine stops the silence with everyone looking at them,"We are looking for a man, his name is Hermes. If your name is Hermes, we recommend you come with us or there will be...trouble." Robo-Marine then pulls out his pistol out of his leg.

Hermes tried his best to maintain his composure. "Son of a bitch, they found me!" he thought to himself, tempted to make a run for it. But upon witnessing the cyborg withdraw his weapon he knew escape by himself was going to be near impossible. Thus, he turned to the group and whispered. "So what's it gonna be, y'all in or out. Need an answer now!"


Akira looks at the marines as they enter and then at Hermes as he suddenly realizes that this man is who the marines and Gaston are looking for. “Sure, we’re in,” says Akira and taps Godspeed two times on the shoulder. Godspeed gets off the man and grabs the knife in his hand ready to throw it at the marines. As the two marines are talking, Akira whispering to Godspeed to take Hermes and get out of here while he wakes Gaston up. Godspeed walks over to Hermes and grabs his arm. While that happens, Akira walks over to Gaston and grabs him on the shoulders to wake him up.

“Let’s go,” whispers Akira and takes Gaston up off the chair. “Why the hell are you waking me up” screams Gaston and as such the marines suddenly notice. In an instant, Gaston realizes what is happening and instantly covers his face. “Uhhh my back hurts,” says Gaston and tries to sound like an old woman. The marines don’t think much over it and return back to talking with the other people in the bar.

At the other end of the bar, Godspeed and Hermes are slowly making their way to the back entrance of the bar. As they are on their way out of the building, Akira and Gaston are still trying to find a way to get out without being noticed by the marines. About halfway towards the back entrance, Gaston’s pants get caught on a piece of wood and he falls over onto his face. Angrily, Gaston yells out and proceeds to punch the floor. The marines notice his face and begin to walk over to him. “Gaston Muagard of the Bluebeard pirates you are under arrest,” they say and draw their weapons.


Robo-Marine and Megapunk noticed Gaston scream. They then walk toward them. Gaston would fall on the floor. Robo-Marine would grab Gaston with his tough grip from Gaston's shirt and pull Gaston off of the ground and say,"Gaston Muagard of the Bluebeard Pirates," Robo-Marine says as his facial recognition works on Gaston,"You are under arrest,dirtbag."

Robo-Marine then turns his head toward Megapunk,"Two men went outside, go catch them. I'll interrogate this man."

"I thought I'm supposed to give you orders." Megapunk said. Megapunk then sighed and ran outside where GodSpeed and Hermes were at. He saw Godspeed and Hermes running. He then use his robotic limbs to grab Hermes and Godspeed,"Who do we have here?" Megapunk would say,"Looks like a bunch of people that have something to hide." he says with a smile.


“I have feelings you know, unlike you tin can,” says Gaston as he is held up by Robo-Marine’s grip. Robo-Marine strengthens his grip and says “Such words are not necessary.” Gaston looks at Robo-Marine and says “Not necessary. You started it by calling me a dirtbag.” While this happens, Gaston makes hand gestures to Akira that he should leave out of the front entrance. “Please stay calm pirate,” says Robo-Marine and puts gaston in handcuffs. Gaston tries to resist a little so Akira has enough time to go out and help Godspeed and Hermes.

Right outside the back entrance, Megapunk is holding Godspeed and Hermes with his robotic limbs. “Please do something,” screams Hermes as he realizes that this is the end for him. At that exact moment, Godspeed makes a backflip onto Megapunk’s robotic arm and makes it float. The arm begins to violently float around and Godspeed bounces off the arm towards Hermes. Megapunk realizes this and flings his arm up so Godspeed cant get Hermes. “Oh no you don’t,” says Megapunk as he flings Hermes up in the air. Godspeed then proceeds to fly towards Megapunk at a rapid speed and headbutts him. Megapunk falls back for a second but regains his balance quickly and headbutts Godspeed. Godspeed lands on his hands and kicks Megapunk in the face. He then uses Megapunk’s body to fling himself up to Hermes and grab Megapunk’s robotic arm to make it float. Godspeed then grabs Hermes and tries to fly away.


"Oh, You think you that smart eh?" Megapunk says as his robotic arms are floating. He takes off the vest that is connected to the arms. He then pulls out his high water pressure gun as they are flying away. He aims at godspeed who is holding hermes,"Take this,Floatie Boy." Megapunk then fires the water pressure gun right at Godspeed's arm that hold Hermes.

When Godpeed got hit, Hermes was stunned by the hit and was falling. Right on a pile of snow. Megapunk then fixed his arms quickly and then walked towards Hermes and grabs him again with the arms,"Maybe your friends will learn next time to mess Megapunk and his robo-companion."


As Megapunk proceeds to walk over to Hermes, Godspeed grabs the knife that he had collected earlier and throws it at Megapunk. Megapunk using his observation haki noticed and grabs the knife between his fingers. Suddenly a large wind sound can be heard and from above a large ship comes crashing down on top of Megapunk. When that happens Akira comes around the corner and says, “Not again. First, it was with those bandits and now with a marine”. He walks over to Godspeed and slaps him on the head. “You ruined my baby again. Look at this massive dent,” says Akira as he walks over to Hermes with Godspeed.

Because of the ship crashing down, a big boom can be heard from all over the island. As the ship landed on Megapunk, Robo-Marine comes walking out of the back entrance with Gaston in handcuffs.


Robo-Marine walks in and sees Megapunk get hit by the ship. He notices Godspeed with a wounded arm, Akira right next to him, and hermes that fell. He knocks out Gaston with a robotic punch, Gaston would then fall onto the snow. Robo-Marine then pulls out his gun out again and shoots Godspeed in his other arms and legs, making Godspeed fall to the ground. He then takes off his robotic left arm and replaces it with a rocket launcher. He aims the rocket launcher at the ship, and fires at it.

The ship goes with a giant boom, blowing Akira,Godspeed and Hermes about a hundred yards from the explosion. Robo-Marine then walks to the blown up ship, and picks up the wreck that Megapunk was over. He was unconscious and was injured, but was mostly good thanks to the armor. He wakes up Megapunk with a robotic slap. Megapunk immediately after the slap wakes up and says,"Ouch!!!" He stares around the battle and notices Robo-Marine next to him."Oh it was you that did this."

"Yes,it was." Robo-Marine says.

Megapunk then notices the bodies of Godspeed,Akira,Hermes, and Gaston all unconscious."Damn," Megapunk says,"You took them all out."

"Their vital signs say they're unconscious and injured, but Hermes is still alive." Robo-Marine replies

"Good," Megapunk as he puts on his arms again, which would walk him since his human legs are broken,"Just make sure to grab hermes."

Robo-Marine then walks to hermes and grabs the unconscious body."What about the other ones?"

"We are only here for him." Megapunk replies as the arms are walking him,"They can suffer there till they die."

Megapunk and Robo-Marine walk back to the main road back to the shore. Megapunk noticed Robo-Marines concerned face,"Something bothering you?"

"I didn't give those creeps a move." Robo-Marine says.

"You need to work on your insults." Megapunk says as they both walk to the main road. With hermes on robo-marines shoulder.

"Marine HQ," Robo-Marine connects to other marines in the area,"Me and Megapunk have Hermes in our custody,me and Megapunk are wondering if we have further orders?"

"Yeah, I'm going to need to hand him to me..." In that moment, a young lad in a white suit suddenly emerged before the pair of marines. "I'm with the Cipher Pol, I'll make sure your valiant efforts are duly noted with those higher up but that man must come with me."

"You have your credentials?" Robo-Marine says to the man.

"He's right," Megapunk says,"A cipher pol agent would show his badge to marines." He then pulls out his water gun,"Show us your credentials." With his water gun and his extra robotic limbs,he had the intimidation.

"You will have 20 seconds to comply." Robo-Marine would say after Megapunk.

"I want you to think very hard about the decision your about to make." he responded to the blind threats. "You were up for a promotion but that can easily turn into a Court Martial." He lit his cigarette as he proposed a hypothetical. "Deranged scientist and malfunctional cyborg attempt to aid the renowned criminal mastermind, Hermes....Yeah, I think that will be a nice headline."

Megapunk thought about it real hard. Then he said,"Fine then. Robo-Marine, hand it over to him."

Robo-Marine then threw the body of the unconscious Hermes at the feet of the cipher pol agent.

"Make sure we get our promotion." Megapunk then says, obviously lowering his water gun.

"Very wise decision..." the well-dressed man complimented the pair before throwing out his cig.

The impact of the robot tossing his body caused the unconscious criminal to suddenly wake up. "Wh-what happen..." his eyes suddenly turned to the young man in the white-suit. "Victor?" Hermes fluttered his eyes attempting to see if his mind was deceiving him. "What the fuck is going on?"

"Oh, Hermes, you should've just stayed unconscious." Victor replied, before kicking the navigator straight in the chin to knock him out yet again. "Return to base, I'll handle it from here." he told the two marines before lifting the man along his back and suddenly disappearing.

In that same instance, Kami's cry for help via all the marine Den Den Mushi echoed into that of the two marines, asking for their assistance in sector C.

"Say I'm getting tired Robo-Marine." Megapunk says,"And I'm also injured,you go out and answer that call. And dish out some justice for me." Megapunk then walks back to the ship where he can get healed up and rest.

"Yes sir." Robo-Marine says,"This is Robo-Marine, I'm coming in. Where is sector C?"

Winter's End

Following the battle, Kami attempted to do what he could to help the civilians who got caught up in the cross-fire. "I apologize for the pain and anguish we may have caused you." he constantly vocalized to those he claims to protects. However, all the while he waited for my support to arrive, Kami kept a watchful eye over his partner in this fight, Saizō.

Saizō remained unfazed throughout the next operation, having Olaf, tied up in Seastone restraints, he was busy clearing out the wood that spread throughout the island, by absorbing them back into his body. His eyes were constantly scanning around for any rubble, that needed to be cleared. His eyes meeting Kami's gaze here and there. He had already sent Caesar's unconscious body back to a nearby Marine Base to be treated, for he, did not want it to be mixed around with other crazy thing that was going on. Based on Olaf's reaction, throughout the fight, Saizō expected there to be an another force driving him crazy, yet he didnt want to risk a battle in the middle of the island. Hence, he had his underlings scattered throughout the land, sending him information on a minute basis.

"You know I'm gonna report you right?" Kami suddenly broke his longstanding silent treatment and awkward gazes. "What you did to that lady is a crime, you have no right to play judge, jury and executioner."

Saizō paused for a minute, as he heard Kami's voice. "Who are you ?" He asked Kami, "A Marine ? Arent you the child and saviour of justice ? How can you say I have no right to play judge, jury and executioner? Who else is?" Saizō questioned Kami.

Somewhat agitated by the fact Saizō was playing, Kami tried his best to maintain his composure. "Not us! We are servants to the masses! We act upon our instinct and training but we allow others....our superiors to determine whether or not people are guilty. If we all act on our own sense of justice then can we really call it justice?!?"

Saizō's stare turned ice cold, as he peeped into his soul. "Look Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, if we delayed her execution any further, who know's how many more of our brethren would have ended up like Caesar Salad. I don't know whats got unto you my man, but the only thing going on todays report his the Snow lad. Our base is busy working on Caesar's cure, so I leave his justice to you. As a fellow brother, the justice is in your hands, not in anyone else, the people on top are just old geezers. If we end up following your ideals, he would be nothing but underlings in a Pirate Crew, who follow the beck and deed of their Captain, bet they got more class. If you still hate me, come to me and face me with your own justice, not something you borrowed from someone else." Saizō replied to Kami, as he wandered away towards his ship.

Left dumbfound by the man's response, Kami sat there as other marines began to arrive and help with the scene.

Robo-Marine slowly walks to the relay point. He notices other marines coming in to help out. He slowly walks toward Kami. As he gets there, he notices many people dead in water and a bunch injured. He noticed civilians injured as well.

He makes it to where Kami is sitting. He then gets to them and then says,"I was told by Dr.Megapunk himself to come here. Megapunk is injured at the moment and went to home base to get himself checked up. What are your orders?"

Lost in his thoughts, Kami reclaimed his grasp on reality when the cyborg-marine emerged in front of him. "Wh-what?" he stuttered, somewhat still captivated by Saizō's words but also surprised to see a cyborg operating freely under the banner of the marines. "SO COOL!!!!" he exclaimed, regaining some of his joyful of spirit. "Let's help the civilians as much as we can. There's too many injured to track pirates at the moment."

Robo-Marine then nods at Kami and walks off to help the nearest civilian. The nearest civilian was a mother and her son. They saw Robo-Marine walk to them. They were surprised to see a cyborg marine to come help them.

"Tell me,are you hurt?" Robo-Marine asks with his robotic voice.

"No,we're fine." the mother said,"My husband got seriously injured in the battle. And my son here has been crying for him since he was taken to the hospital."

Robo-Marine kneels down to look at the boy. The boy was holding on to his mom's leg while staring at Robo-Marine.

"They'll fix him,they always do." Robo-Marine says to the boy in a robotic comforting voice. He then gets fuzzy memories of some memory long ago. Like he once had a family.

"Can I see daddy?" the boy asks.

Robo-Marine then has his arm towards the boy,"Let's go see your dad." Robo-Marine says.

The boy then holds Robo-Marines hand. And Robo-Marine and the boy and the mother will walk to the hospital to where his dad is at.

In the rubble and dust, Gaston lyes together with Akira and Godspeed when suddenly an unknown man walks over to them. “Gaston wake up! We don’t have much time,” says the man and wakes Gaston up. “What the hell happened,” asks Gaston. “Good morning,” says the man and sits on a rock right next to Gaston. “Oh, it’s you Laozi! Why didn’t you help us,” asks Gaston with an angry voice? “You know the rules, Gaston! The Mogwai must never interfere and only observe,” he says and looks at Akira and Godspeed. “Go to hell with your rules! The same goes to that damm tin can,” says Gaston and proceeds to stand up. He then begins to walk away towards were Robo-Marine and Megapunk were going.

“Where are you going,” ask Laozi and stands up. “I’m going to kick that guy’s ass that’s where I’m going,” says Gaston. “The symbols have asked that you come back to Abarat and report,” says Laozi. “I don’t take orders from them and you know that,” answers Gaston and keeps walking. Laozi begins to walk over to Akira and Godspeed and says “Your captain agreed and I don’t think you will disobey and order from your captain! Am I right?” Gaston stops and turns around. “We haven’t captured Hermes yet,” says Gaston. Laozi sighs and replies “An order is an order! I don’t make the rules!” “Your right! We’ll get him at some point,” says Gaston. Laozi points at Akira and Godspeed and asks what they should do with them. Gaston suggest that the least they can do is take them with them for now. Laozi grabs both and flings them over his shoulders. “Their ship got damage in the fight! Send a repair team and get it repaired,” says Gaston. Laozi looks at him and replies “I don’t remember you being my commanding officer but I will see what I can do” They both laugh and walk out of the city towards Abarat.


Near a small forest close-by, Rukia, Summers, and Eldes decided to fall back and regroup.

"Ugh... I'm sorry about all of that you guys. I let my guard down and I paid for it." said Summers.

"It's not your fault. I was also being a bit careless myself." said Rukia.

Eldes could only let out a hardy laugh before speaking. "Like I said, this is all a good learning experience! Now you have an idea on what to do when a situation like this arises again! Just don't get possessed again Summers! Zah-hahaha!"

The three of then share a laugh before Rukia spoke to Summers. "So, what are you going to do now? This place was your home and it's kinda... in bad shape now with all of the pirates and Marines running amok there." Rukia said.

"My home? Phessh! I live way far away from here! I only came to this dump after hearing the infamous Chart-La Company and it's many goods. Well, doesn't do me any good now." Summers said. "Well, how about you join my soon-to-be crew? You're strong enough and don't worry about the possession thing, that guy was cheap." Rukia said.

"Sure thing! With adventures pirates go on, I'm sure to find some loot!" Summers said accepting the position.

"Alright! Looks like you finally got your first crewmate! But i think it's time we leave this crazy island. We can go back to Windes and relax after this crazy day!" said Eldes.

"Sounds like a plan old man! Lets go Summers!" said Rukia with Summers nodding and saying "Alright!"

The three then head toward the direction of Eldes' ship that is already set to sail out into the seas back to Windes.

"Haa!!" Leo yelled out as he blasted a group of Marines who were attacking the ship! His flames were extra aggressive as he was still accepting the personal lost earlier. "That all you got!? Come on! Bring it!" Leo yelled at the Marines he had previosuly sent flying.

The Marines got up and ran away in fear as all they could see was ademon of fire, a being of flames, a walking inferno.

"Come on you bunch of cowards! Come and fight me!"

A swift punch to the side of his head was slammed by Mari. "Shut up! Come on we're leaving already!"

"Don't hit me Mari!"

"Then stop acting like some kid who got beat up at school and throwing a tantrum at home! You lost, you couldn't win, get over it!"

The sails were dropped as a large gust of winter wind slammed against it, allowing the ship to move and start to leave the port.

"You're back on the ship! The Marines are all over that island and not to be rude but the whole time in the city, i could sense a good amount of people near or above that guys strength!"

"Wha..." Leo stuttered, he knew he wasn't the strongest in the ocean or really tried to claim any title like it. But accepting it after a demonstration has just been difficult for him.

"But that doesn't matter!" Mari yelled, "It doesn't matter because you're going to pick your ass up, grab a map or something from what we just stole and lead us somewhere! Lead us to our next adventure! Like the captain we decided to follow!"

Merlin began to steer the ship away from the port and island as Marines began to fire from a far with rifles and canons.

As multiple canon balls aimed and fell towards the ship, a sudden wave of fire sent then flying away! "Yeah...guess you're right Mari...Thank you." Leo began as he flame then turned into hundreds of fire arrows, aimed and fired back at the Marines! All they could see were the fire, explosions and the culprit, Leo.

"Merlin sail straight out of here! If anyone else comes at us, i'll defend fro a distance!" Leo yelled with his spirits high again. "I'm not the strongest, nor did i ever want to be...But i want to be as strong as possible to protect them..." He thought to himself. "Let's get the hell out of here!"