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Wisps and Swords Clash in the Land of Snow
Date Started: May 20th, 2021

Date Finished:

Setting: ; A Snowy Island in Paradise;

Characters Involved:

  • Pirates




The News of the Winter Fight

Sailing across the seas of Paradise, the Date Pirates can be seen on their ship appearing to be enjoying themselves. Masamune is polishing his swords, Ryuji is organizing his weapons, and Camellia, who is in a larger size, appears to be reading the newspaper as their other lesser known members are attending to her needs.

"Is it me, or is it seem to be getting cold all of a sudden?" Masamune asked.

"Probably. It appears we are sailing a colder part of Paradise. Odd." remarked Ryuji as he kept looking over at his weapons.

"Man...I always hated the cold for some reason. Even though my fur can keep me warm, I always just detest the cold!" shouted Masamune.

"Quite complaining. It's not like we have to go to wherever this place is. We're just trying to get back into the New World to get that damn sword you're asking about." stated Camellia as she looked at the newspaper at a certain section. "Huh? A Glorious Fight Announced for the Island of Fuyu! The winner of the tournament will win a "Special Prize!" Only swordsmen allowed!"

"Did you say "Only Swordsmen Allowed?!" Hell yeah! Sign me up for that! I've been bored fighting all these no-name pirates that could barely hold a sword right!" said Masamune as he eagerly got up.

"What about the New World? We can't go to both places at once you know." said Camellia with a sigh knowing she can't change his mind.

"It'll be fine! I'll just go, fight, claim some swords and the special prize, and head out! It'll be easy!" said Masamune as he suddenly put his fingers around his eyes. "Clairvoyance Jutsu!" Shouted Masamune as he started to view the area before him with his powers. He can then see a snowy island after looking in a certain direction. "There it is! I can see the island clear as day! It's not too far away either! Let's go right now!"

"I knew as soon he heard "swords", he will want to go there. Alright. I'll get the ship ready then." said Ryuji as he went over to the ship in order to steer it toward the island.

Meanwhile not too far where the Date Pirates were sailing, the Wisp Pirates were sailing across the sea relaxing. Xenos and Blaise were conversing with one another, Jezebel was on the bird's eyes view in her hybrid form on lookout, Zila was busy polishing her scythe with a gleeful smile, Mei was sleeping on her back happily smiling, Yulia was busy making snacks for the crew and Kier was flirting with Celine while steering the ship.

"Eeek! Why did it get all cold?!" Mei shrieked getting on all fours hissing.

"Huh, didn't think we would sail into a colder area of the sea," Xenos pondered then looked up towards the bird's eyes view, "Jezebel, see anything up there?"

"It's too damn cold for me to know what's out the-wait, I can see an island not too far from here," Jezebel called back down.

"Huh, so what now captain," Blaise asked.

"Let's sail there and see what's going on," Xenos said then turned to Kier, "Kier, quit flirting with your girl and set sail for that island up ahead,"

"Aye and be a bit more polite would ya," Kier replied as he steered towards the island.

"New island? Do I get to kill anyone and take their heads as trophies? The last ones I got are boring me," Zila said.

"Huh? We about to land at a new island? Awwww and I was about to hand out some snacks...dammit," Yulia sighed.

--- After a few moments later, the Date Pirates would land on the snowy island of Fuyu. Masamune, Ryuji, and Camellia all look around the docks as they noticed a bunch of Marine ships on the outside. Of course, being a pirate crew, they were able to dock in a more hidden location thanks to Camellia using her powers to lift the ship and move it away. The trio of pirate captains leave the rest of their members behind to guard the ship while they set out to explore the snowy town within the island.

"Yeesh. Talk about so much snow. I can't see how these people can live like this." stated Camellia as she looked around at the people enjoying themselves.

"Tell me about it! Y-You think they sell like hot cocoa? Or soup? Bah, I don't think it'll be as good as back home..." replied Masamune.

"That is the least concerning manner. I wonder why there are a lot of Marines around here." stated Ryuji as he looked around and can spot some Marines in town talking.

"I don't know, but we better not cause any trouble. Right?" Camellia asked as she looked over at the shivering Masamune.

"F-Fine! B-But as long we e-eat at first!" said Masamune as he was rubbing his body.

"Then use your powers and find the lodgings. I think we can at least get some more information on the tournament itself." replied Ryuji.

"C-Clairvoyance Jutsu!" said Masamune through his chattering teeth as he used one finger to look through and finds the large inn in the middle of town. "T-There! I can get warm and maybe find some worthy opponents to fight!" said Masamune as he lead his cremmates toward it.

"Save it for the tournament at least. There are Marines around apparently." said Camellia with a shurg.

Not long after, the Wisp Pirates arrived at the island where they were dressed in warmer clothing. Mei leapt off from the ship then ran around the area gleefully meowing as she rolled around the snow.

"Snow! Snow! Look at the snow!!" Mei exclaimed happily.

"Never knew a cat humink that would like snow so much..." Zila said with bewilderment in her voice.

"Hmmm, hey look at this," Jezebel said as she picked up a paper from the ground then read, "looks like there's a competition going on for swordsmen only..."

"Hey Blaise, you should enter," Yulia commented, "maybe you might win something for a change."

"Shut up, don't have an interest in this..." Blaise snapped.

"Says the winner gets a "Special Prize"..."Jezebel read, "wonder what that would be."

"Ok, I'm kinda interested now," Blaise said cocking an eyebrow.

"You're going to enter," Celine asked Blaise.

"Eh, might as well, be nice to fight some new people," Blaise smirked.

"Least someone's got spirit now," Kier snickered.

"Guys, we should get going and head forward," Xenos called out.

"Why? We're in no rush," Zila said then noticed the Marine ships, "Ohhhh...shit."

"Yea, let's go," Xenos said walking ahead.

Inside of the inn that is more of a hotel, the Date Pirates can be seen seated and already preparing to eat.

"Ah...Finally! Out of that damn cold! I don't know why but I always hate the cold." said Masamune who was looking at his swords in the meantime.

"Same here. Even that one night there was just a gentle breeze, you seem to just take it worse than us." said Camellia who was drinking hot tea.

"Even in his werefox form, he still feels some effects. Nonetheless, we're here and we can at least rest later and gather some information on the tournament." stated Ryuji who was leaning backwards in the chair.

"Hell yeah! I want to warm up against a swordsman or two and take their swords but..." said Masamune as he looked around the inn. "I don't think any of these people here have a sword...That sucks..."

"Easy. We're not supposed to even cause a ruckus in here." said Camellia who kept drinking her tea.

Just outside, the Wisp Pirates approached an inn which caught their attention. Xenos was a bit confused what an inn would be doing on an island like this but didn't question any further.

"Strange there's an inn here," Xenos commented.

"Don't care, it's warm in there and I don't wanna freeze my ass off," Blaise remarked as he headed inside along with the others.

"Huh, this looks...quaint," Zila said looking around.

"Zila..." Jezebel sighed.

"You think anyone would be here that would be of interest," Yulia questioned.

"I don't know, but something smells good here," Celine said sniffing the air.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm starving," Xenos said.

"You just ate almost an hour ago!" Yulia yelled.

"Your point," Xenos asked as he went over to a nearby table to seat himself.

"Fooood!" Mei exclaimed.

"There goes Mei..." Kier sighed, "might as well join them at least."

Masamune, Ryuji, and Camellia were already eating by the time the other crew entered and Masamune could be seen looking at one of the local papers.

"Check it out! It looks like there is someone named "Adrian Blitz" that is considered the favorite here. His sword in this photo looks massive! I can't till I fight him and beat him for it!" said Masamune as he eagerly points to the picture.

"You are certainly confident. Not that I can blame you, but still. Stay on guard." replied Camellia who was eating.

"Hmph. We need to be on guard with the Marines around here. Masamune is pretty well known due to his Pirate Hunter status. If the Marines see him, no doubt they will try to capture him." stated Ryuji as he had his arms crossed already finished eating.

"I doubt there will be any pirates here! I'm just here for the tournament anyway! Rah-hahaha!" laughed Masamune.

"Either it's me or that guy across from us is a loud mouth," Jezebel groaned in annoyance.

"What was your first clue," Zila asked.

"The sooner Blaise takes part in the tournament, the sooner we leave," Xenos said.

"You're saying it like you don't want to be here," Mei pointed out as she started eating.

"Something on your mind," Kier asked.

"Maybe it's the fact the Marines are here and we probably don't want our covers blown," Celine mentioned.

"She makes a point but I'm sure I'd be able to take down whoever gets in my way," Blaise smirked as he cleaned his sword.

"Least someone isn't bothered by this," Yulia commented.

"Huh?!" said Masamune as he suddenly sprang up from his chair.

"What's the matter? You seem tensed up all of a sudden." said Camellia as he raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"I hear the sound...The sound of a sword being properly polished!" said Masamune as he looked through one of his "lens" and can see that Blaise is the one that is doing it. "It's coming from that guy right there!" shouted Masamune as he suddenly leapt onto the table with the Wisp Pirates are at causing a large commotion with the other people in the process and points his sword suddenly toward Blaise. "You there! You seem to know your way around a blade! Fancy a challenge between me?"

"There he goes. Causing a ruckus wherever he goes..." said Ryuji with a sigh.

'Dammit Masamune, you can't just challenge EVERY swordsmen you see! Especially inside of an inn or hotel or whatever this place is." said Camellia with a facepalm.

"What the, well that's something you don't see every day," Zila commented.

"Ummm wouldn't it be best to wait until the tournament to battle you idiots," Jezebel snapped.

Blaise looked up at Masamune taking his attention off his sword then looked back down as he continued to polish it, "Nah, don't want to waste my energy," Blaise declined.

Masamune comically falls on his face before standing back up. "W-What?! What kind of swordsman declines a challenge from another swordsman!? You're definitely not from Wano that's for sure!" said Masamune in an annoyed tone as he was preparing to attack with his sword. "Well, if you won't fight me, then I'll have to take that blade of yours! Looks like it could fetch a pretty penny!"

A Noble Lurks Within the Snow

Before Masamune could attack any more, another larger sword suddenly meets his stopping it.

"Like the kid over there said, wait for the match soon." said the very large and gruff man who appeared to be wearing viking clothes. He also as a very thick beard and long hair that went down his back.

"Damn, that's quite the massive buster sword you got there! How about you fight me instead?! Although, you do look familiar..." said Masamune as he was thinking.

"Hey Masamune!" said Camellia as she was looking back and forth at the paper. "That's the current champion of Fuyu: Frostbite Axe."

"Current champion?! Wow, so you're the one that is the strongest of this island huh?" Masamune asked.

"That is what others refer to me as, yes. And, as I said, wait for the tournament. Especially about the news I've heard lately." stated Axe as he put back up his massive blade.

"Least someone understands," Blaise remarked not taking his eyes off his blade.

"That guy's huge," Celine shuddered.

"Must be one of the guys in the tournament," Xenos said.

"At least that storm receded before it got worse..." said Camellia.

"I agree." answered Ryuji with a nod.

"I can tell you lot aren't around here, so I'll let you know about one major thing: Just stay low and don't act until the tournament starts." stated Axe as he put up his sword.

"You said that earlier. Is there a reason?" Masamune asked.

"Yeah. There is a-" said Axe but before he could answer, there is a lot of gunfire heard from outside and screaming.

"NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!! I WANT TO BE FREE!!!" shouted a man from outside.

"The hell?" stated Masamune as he jumped off the table.

"Hmph. Looks like another is happening." said Axe as he and the other people that was curious walked over to the large window to see and was joined by Masamune.

"What's going on out there," Mei wondered tilting her head.

"Someone got shot," Celine said, "question was who?"

"Not sure, but the question is was it a civilian or a pirate," Kier questioned.

"If a pirate then it has the Marines written all over it," Blaise said looking up from his blade as he got up, "if not then might be someone else."

"But we don't even know who it is," Xenos pointed out.

Outside, a couple of men wearing collars can be seen running away with one of them shot and bleeding, but is still having the strength to run away.

"Dammit! We managed to get away from that fat pig but not all of these damn Marines are after us!" shouted one of the burley men.

"They shot me in the damn arm! But I'm not going to quit! We'll worry about these stupid collars later, as long we don't touch them, we can live!" said the other man as they were running. However, all of a sudden, the snow beneath their feet suddenly had them trapped and it slowly starts to rise up to their necks. "S-Shit! M-Moving snow?!"

"Shit! I forgot about her!" said the other man struggling.

"Tsk tsk! You two should know better not to misbehave! Now I have to put you two slaves...oops! I mean "special employees" down for your treason!" said an unusually playful voice as the snow itself suddenly forms into a woman of medium height, blue/black hair, unique swirly blue eyes, and a long white coat. This woman is Angrboda Yukisune who serves as a member of the Marines.

"Dammit Yuki! Don't do this!" shouted the man.

"Shush now! I assure you, you both will be in a better place..." said Yukisune as she suddenly uses her powers to activate the collars around their necks.

"SHIT!!! YOU BITCH HOW DARE YOU!!!" shouted one of the men.


"I can't leave a massive explosion like this in front of the people so....Snow Buriel!" shouted Yukisune as she suddenly causes the snow to fully form around the men and it drags them both to under the deep snow. They were held down deep enough to when the eventual explosions went off, there was a slight "puff" before the snow rebuilt itself around them. "There! All dooone!" said Yukisune as she danced around in the spot.

Suddenly, a large man with a large belly can be seen riding on a larger than normal human as he is surrounded by Government agents and other "employees". The man also had a bubble around his head indicating he is indeed a World Noble. Saint Frost is his name and this man's arrogance is as big as his belly.

"Oi! Did those pheasants that dare escape my likeness get put down?!" shouted Frost over to Yukisune.

"Yes siiiir! I got them both buried! And it was thanks to your instructions that Justice was served to them!" sung Yukisune.

"Yes...Yes....I am a genius after all! I am also funny when I want to be! Such as you!" said Frost as he pointed over to the hermaid that he had beside him. "I am funny, so I demand you to laugh!"

The one who was shot and bleeding was a young hermaid with long blond hair in a ponytail with red highlights, coral eyes and fair skin as she tried to run off but stumbled from the shock of being shot.

"I...I can't be here for another...second...," the hermaid panted as she struggled to get back up.

"HEY!!! WHEN I SAY LAUGH, YOU LAUGH!!! NOT ESCAPE!!!" shouted Frost angrily.

Yukisune suddenly appears in front of the hermaid standing just tall over top of her looking down at the sight. "Now now now, you better listen to Saint Frost now! I don't want to put you down like I did those two men! Well...You're a hermaid which is rare species so he doesn't want me to kill ya per say. I could just trap you in one of my "Time Out Igloos" in the meantime!" said Yukisune with a cheerful tone in her voice.

"Ugh. This day is dreadful so far! I lost two slaves, and now this hermaid is acting up again! I would trade her in for another...IF THEY WEREN'T SO RARE!!!" shouted Saint Frost suddenly.

"Saint Frost. May I interject? I have gotten a call that there will be a tournament soon and there will be a special prize that will greatly benefit you sir." said one of the World Government agents in a polite tone.

"Is that so? Good! That's the only reason why I came to this dreadfully cold place in the first place. We will discuss this more at my special cottage I had requested here! Yukisune! Make sure you bring that Hermaid over as well!" stated Saint Frost as he started to be carried off with the rest of the people in town bowing before him.

"Yes siiir! Come on! Get a move on Hermaid! You don't want to keep him waiting!" shouted Yukisune.

The young hermaid glared at Yukisune as she stumbled back onto her feet looking down then proceeded to follow behind Saint Frost still in pain from her bullet wound.

"No one will save me...," the hermaid thought to herself.

Back inside the inn, most of the people were in shock after seeing what just happened.

"W-What the hell was all of that nonsense?! Who was that fatso?" Masamune angrily asked Axe.

"That person, you saw, was one of the World Nobles. The World Nobles are people that are said to be descentents of the original creators of the World Government itself. That is why they are treated with so much "respect", and others, you saw, bow before them. They can even kill people if they should as much as look at them wrong." stated Axe with a deep sigh.

"That's terrible...Especially how he just had that girl kill off those men." said Camellia with an angry expression.

"I've noticed. She could control the snow itself. And seemingly transform into it. She must be a Logia then." said Ryuji.

"Must be. But who was that other woman? She looked like she tried to get away, but failed to do so. Dammit, I should've cut him down!" said Masamune angrily.

"Do that, and you've earned yourself a one way ticket to hell, curiosity of an Admiral of the Marines." retorted Axe.

"First Marines, now these what did you call them world nobles? Giving me a reason to go after them right now," Blaise growled clutching his sword.

"Blaise, not right now," Jezebel warned.

"Who do you think that girl was that was trying to escape," Zila asked.

"If anything, think it'd be best to find out where they're taking them and go from there," Xenos suggested.

"What if we get caught," Mei asked worryingly.

"Long as we don't get caught, should find a way to know what their motive is," Kier said.

"I don't know why, but I don't like that fatso for some reason. Like, even more than usual people." said Masamune as he gritted his teeth.

"Nonetheless, do not make trouble for us here. The World Noble is probably just passing by, and will leave. Just keep your mind focused on the tournament tomorrow and turn in soon or something. I'm off back to my house to prepare for tomorrow. Later." said Axe as he walked out of the inn into town.

"Alright. Man, I'm super annoyed. I outta use my jutsu to spy on that guy. Maybe I can cut him down when I see his guards leaving!" said Masamune angrily.

"Calm down. Like that hairy old guy said, you'll attract admirals. A force you dare hope to even touch." said Camellia with a facepalm.

"Indeed. No rest for the weary. Although, I am more concerned for the person that was with them. She looked injured and was attempting to escape." said Ryuji in a thinking tone.

"Rah! I now I want to fight now! I guess we will wait till tomorrow. However." said Masamune as his tone suddenly got serious as he looked over at Blaise. "I won't show you any mercy tomorrow if we fight. I'm not certain what you're creed as a swordsman, but after turning my fight request down earlier, I can say. Heh. It'll be a fun fight. I always like fights where my opponents always bring out the best in me." said Masamune with a fanged smirk.

"We'll see, your attitude slightly annoys me to be honest but you'll be worth my time," Blaise admitted looking towards Masamune.

"I'm sensing some rivalry here," Jezebel said looking towards the two.

"Let's hope things won't go overboard," Xenos sighed, "next thing we want is to attract the attention of the Marines."

"He always has to challenge every swordsmen he sees huh?" Camellia asks Ryuji.

"Indeed. It does make sense in this case, however." replied Ryuji.

Entering the Competition of Swords

The next morning, Masamune, Camellia, and Ryuji are already awake ready to begin their day. Masamune was polishing his sword the entire time as he eagerly awaits the competition he will be entering in.

"Hell yeah! Finally time to go fight in that sword tournment! I can't wait to win it all and claim so many swords!" said Masamune as he swung his sword around.

"Watch it or I'll make it too big for you to handle!" said Camellia who was ducking.

"Even though his superhuman strength will make it possible to still wield it and cause more of an issue." answered Ryuji as he was casually sharpening his daggers.

Not far from where the Date Pirates were, the Wisp Pirates were heading towards the direction of the tournament. Blaise was still in a state of thought over what he witnessed the day before thinking of the hermaid he saw.

"Hey, Blaise, you doing okay," Xenos asked.

"Huh? What? Oh yea, I'm fine," Blaise reassured Xenos.

"You sure? You look like you're in a daze," Zila pointed out.

"I said I'm. Fine," Blaise growled.

"I don't think getting him angry would be a good idea since he's the one fighting in the tournament," Jezebel said.

"You make a point there," Yulia replied, "though I bet it's about what happened yesterday."

"Can we try not to bring that up," Celine said in a calm tone.

"I'll try to at least," Kier shrugged.

"Hmm? Hey it's the sword wacko man!" Mei shouted pointing to Masamune.

"Sorry about that! I'm just excited is all!" said Masamune as he put up his sword.

"There is a lot of people around here. Including some Marines for some reason." said Camellia as she was looking forward.

"True. I have no reason to doubt that there may be some entering this tournament as well." said Ryuji looking forward.

"Hmph. If it is what I think it is, you tykes better be on your best behavior." said Axe who suddenly walked beside them and went into the stadium quickly and focused.

"HEY! AXE! WAIT!!!" shouted Masamune as he tried to follow him but is stopped by a couple of the larger guards in front of the entrance.

"NO ENTRY UNTIL YOU REGISTER!!!" shouted the guards.

"Register? Ugh...I guess Axe can just enter because he's the reigning champion or something." said Masamune with a shrug.

Camellia then looks over at the resignation stand just nearby. "I think they meant that just over there."

"Hmm...The person that is attending to that stand looks familiar." said Ryuji as he squints his eyes as he notices that it is Yukisune who, for some reason, appears to be helping the men sign up.

"I-It's her! That woman from yesterday that buried those men!" said Masamune with sudden unease in his eyes.

"What's with you? You usually get upset." said Camellia with an eyebrow raised.

"It's just...she can turn into snow right? For some reason, the thought of being buried in cold snow just unnerves me..." said Masamune comically with a shiver.

Meanwhile, Yukisune is seen just signing up some men for the fight.

"And remember what I told you! You better be on your behavior! Next! Time to sign is almost uuuuup!" sung Yukisune.

"Huh, that girl, it's her again," Blaise said with wide eyes.

"What are you talking about," Jezebel asked then noticed the same hermaid from the day before.

"And surprisingly it's the girl who stopped the woman from escaping, not surprised," Kier commented.

"Didn't expect Marines to be here," Xenos said, "though we probably don't have much of a choice now since Blaise is participating."

"When is the tournament starting," Blaise asked in a serious tone clutching his sword, "getting annoyed."

"Calm down, they just said you need to be registered to enter," Zila said sighing.

Yukisune notices the group and waves them over. "Hiya you guys! Are you all interested? The spots are quite full already. Although..." she says as she looks over at Masamune and Blaise. "Those two are the only ones that are carrying full swords so I take it you two are entering?"

"Yeah. That's right. I was wondering what you were warning all of the other entrants about?" Masamune asked.

"Right! It's the whole reason why I'm signing people up personally! His lordship Saint Frost will be in attendance today so you guys best be on your behavior! Or you will suffer the full might of the Marines and me!" Yukisune said with a devious smile.

"World Noble? That F-" said Masamune as his mouth was quickly covered by Camellia.

"Do not insult the Noble in front of the snow women and the tons of Marines around us..." Camellia whispered to Masamune.

"Right. Sorry about that. I'm strong, but it will be bad to alert her and all those Marines at once." Masamune whispered back.

"I wonder what the Noble is here for anyway? I don't picture him watching a death match. ...No. Wait. They probably enjoy that." Ryuji thought to himself.

"I see, so we have a special guest who will be watching us," Blaise said in a stern tone, "but yeah I'm entering."

"This is the first time I've seen Blaise this serious," Mei commented.

"I can probably guess why," Jezebel added.

"Giving me some kind of creepy vibes to be honest," Yulia said.

"You're telling me," Zila commented looking at Blaise.

"Okay doey! A Mr. Masamune and a Mr. Blaise have been entered! You two seem strong but Axe looks like he could very well win it again! Which would be good considering what the special prize is!" said Yukisune with a bright smile.

"What is this special prize anyway?" Masamune asked.

"That's a seeeecret! You'll find out if you want! As I said, don't be causing any trouble! Or trying to free any Hermaids! Because...That situation could quickly turn DIRE if you try if you know what I mean... Enjoy the show and good luck two swordsmen!!" said Yukisune as danced off inside after closing the sign in.

"What the...What was that all about?" Masamune asked again.

"It seemed to be a death threat toward freeing that Hermaid we saw from yesterday." said Ryuji with his arms crossed.

"I don't know if that applies to us really. But them." said Camellia as she looked over at the Wisp Pirates. "They definitely seem more upset by that poor girl being free."

"So now we have a death threat aiming towards us, lovely," Xenos said in a deadpan tone.

"Looks like whatever the prize would be, you'll mostly have to win it," Yulia told Blaise.

"Don't need to tell me twice," Blaise replied looking disgruntled, "death threat or not, I'm not going to stand there and do nothing about this..."

"Blaise really is serious about this..." Celine commented.

"Don't worry about it. When it doubt, cut it out. Well, cut it out as in swing your swords! Speaking of, let's get inside!" said Masamune as he leads back to the entrance where the guards lurk. "Hey again! We're registered fighters now! I think we can be let inside!"


"Is that so? Well, looks like we have to split up for now guys! I'll make sure to use my jutsu to spot you guys!" said Masamune.

"Just focus on your fighting. I don't think your jutsu would work as effecitly in a fight like this." stated Camellia.

"Heh. If I want to spy a specific person in the crowd, it can." said Masamune as he looked over at Blaise.

"Ah. That man." said Ryuji.

"Him or Axe. Either one should be fun!" said Masamune as he clutched his swords.

"Looks like this is it, be seeing you guys," Blaise said to his crew.

"We'll be up in the crowd cheering for you!" Mei exclaimed happily.

"Just try and remain focused, I know what happened the day before effected you but save that for the tournament," Jezebel advised Blaise.

"Done and done," Blaise nodded clutching onto his sword.

"Yeah. Try not to get too overboard." said Ryuji as he walked off toward the seats.

"In a pinch, I'll just use my Moa Justu to get us out of there." said Camellia as she followed Ryuji behind.

"Good luck Blaise, don't let your anger get the best of you," Xenos advised as he headed off with the rest of the crew.

"Think telling him that would be a good idea," Jezebel asked.

"Any other suggestions you have to say to him before he goes in," Zila asked Jezebel cocking an eyebrow.

"Nah not really," Jezebel shook her head.

"Alright! Let's get this show on the road if that is how they say it!" said Masamune as he heads inside of the stadium.

The Clash of Swords! Let the Rumble Begin!

Inside, a bunch of swordsmen can be seen either polishing their swords or having practice sparrings with each other.

"This place...It feels like a dream...I never seen so much swordsmen at once place since the time I challenge all of those bandits back at Wano..." said Masmune with tears in his eyes but his tears was actually causing small explosions on the ground due to his powers.

"Never in my life have I ever met a man who gets so emotional over swordsmen that it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable..." Blaise thought to himself looking towards Masamune with a confused look.

"Heh. If you grew up in Wano, you'd know how I feel! The heart of the swordsmen was born there and you wouldn't know my friend!" said Masamune with a smirk.

"Quit arguing you kids. Look." said Axe as he pointed to the rest of the swordsmen as they head toward the arena. "It's time. Let's go." Axe finished by following the crowd behind.

"Hell yeah! I'm going to dominate the competition and show you all why I'm worthy of my "Pirate Hunter" status!" said Masamune as he eagarly followed.

"If you truly are a "Pirate Hunter" keep that energy when out on the battlefield," Blaise said as he followed behind, "I have my own reasons to win."

"Nothing wrong with that. Let's go!" said Masamune as he followed behind as well.

About 10 minutes later, everyone is all gathered in the arena seated in their positions while the swordsmen that are ready to fight are in the center of the snowy arena. Saint Frost can be seen on his own special stand alongside Yukisune and his Hermaid slave as he eats his food. The pirate captain's crewmates can be seen sitting in their seat as the announcer is preparing to kick off the event.

"Greeeeatings one and all to the 50th Annual Yuya Swordsmen Colosseum! I'm your host Blizzard Hilts here and I will assure to you that you will have a fun time! Naturally, all of these swordsmen will duke it out and the winner will receive a special prize and, of course, be crowned the champion! Naturally, our 20 straight year winner is in the arena and probably your pick to win this: Frostbite Axe!" said Hilts as he looks on over to Axe who raised his sword to a bunch of cheers.

"Damn 20 years huh? A shame that record is going to be stopped!" said Masamune with a smirk.

"The cocky ones die first. That's what I always say." said Axe bluntly.

"But, of course, we have a very special guest with us today! One of our beloved World Nobles, Saint Frost! He is gracious enough to attend this years event so I'd want you to all give it up for his kindness!" said Hilt as he lead the crowd into clapping for the Noble. Of course, the majority of the people were doing it out of fear.

"Yes...This is going to be a grand time! At least it better be!" said Frost as he kept eating the chicken and intentionally throwing the bones at his Hermaid. "Bones can be eaten you know! Eat!"

"You'd want to do as he saaaays!" said Yukisune motioning over to her.

The hermaid cautiously grabbed the bone then began to gnaw on it fighting back the urge to break down into tears. She groaned in pain from her stomach growling as she hadn't eaten in days.

"Escape...need to...escape..." the hermaid thought to herself as she continued gnawing on the bone.

"I don't even need to rely on Masamune's jutsu to know to see that horrific display over there." said Ryuji as he was leaning backwards in one of the seats with an annoyed look on his face.

"Yeah. Sucks for her but we can't do a thing with all those damn Marines around." said Camellia who looked equally as annoyed.

"Seeing that only makes me want to fight these guys more!" said Masamune down below who appeared to be fired up.

"You can't do a damn thing to the Nobles and it is best you don't cause trouble. Just focus on the fight now." said Axe who was looking forward.

"I am dude..." said Masamune stretching.

"I didn't mean just you." said Axe as he motions over to Blaise knowing he out of everyone wants to do something the most.

Blaise was filled with seething rage after witnessing what he saw. He gripped onto his sword tightly gritting his teeth but managed to calm himself down trying to refocus as he sighed, "Not now...focus...focus...but right now," Blaise thought to himself as he looked up towards the hermaid who noticed Blaise looking towards her as she gazed back at him, "I need to focus on winning!"

"At least he calmed himself. It is about to begin." said Axe as he took out his massive sword he saw from earlier.

"Sorry dudes but I'm going to win this!" said Masamune as he took out his two blades.

"Alright! Is everyone ready!? Then, let's get this show on the road! LEEEEEET'S RUMBLE!!!!" shouted Hilts as made the signal to start the match by shooting a gun into the air. At the sound of that, the swordsmen all charge and started to fight each other.

"HELL YEAH!!! LET'S DO THIS!!!" shouted Masamune as he started to fight against some swordsmen as he was able to easily block two of them from attacking him.

"Stupid blue haired brat! We're going to win!" said the two swordsmen who appeared to be twins.

"Twins huh? Not bad handling you're swords, but there can only be one winner! "Nitoryu: Spiral Dragon!" shouted Masamune as he sent the two men out of the area easily with a blue tornado produced from his swords. "Heh, too easy! WHOA!" said Masamune as he was nearly attacked by a bunch more swordsmen.

"Kid, you're going to die if you drop your guard that much. Frostbite Strike!" shouted Axe as he swung a massive sword beam that knocked away a bunch of swordsmen that were all ganging up on him.

"Hah! Look at Axe go! He already eliminated nearly a third of the competition by himself with one sword swing! He isn't our 20 year long champion for nothing!" shouted Hilts as the crowd cheery heavily for their champion.

"Man, that guy is strong alright. I wonder how Blaise is doing in all this!" said Masamune as he continued to fight the swordsmen.

Blaise noticed one swordsman coming towards him ready to attack. Blaise drew his sword then using his powers, he placed his fingers onto the blade as he glared at the swordsman. Before he could land an attack, Blaise performed an upward slash at him! "Pop Slash!" Blaise shouted as he sent one of the swordsmen flying as he looked onto the others with a predatory stare.

"Whoa. That guy must have some kind of Devil Fruit powers as well! Heh, can't let him show me up!" said Masamune as he knocked away the swordsmen and then started to close his eyes and focused hard. "Clairvoyance Jutsu: Scan!" said Masamune as he was then able to pick up on 10 swordsmen preparing to strike at him at once. "Heh, nice try! Nitoryu: 9-Tailed Strike!" shouted Masamune as he sent 9 sword beams in the direction of the swordsmen as he knocked them away before they can even get near him.

"Whoa! It seems like our two newest competitors have some kind of tricks to this fight! Very nice!" announced Hilts.

"Hmph. You kids and your Devil Fruit powers. I don't need that crap to be strong! Behold! Great Slash of the Giants!" shouted Axe as he sent another massive sword beam that cleared out a bunch other swordsmen while leaving a giant scar on the ground.

"WHOA! You're sword beams just get bigger and bigger!" shouted surprised Masamune.

"I learned that attack from a giant I've once fought. I picked up his technique and made it my own. That's how you get far in life." stated Axe.

"Looks like I've got a challenge worth my time," Blaise smirked as he looked towards Axe, "still, won't let you or that other guy get in my way."

"Hey! It's Masamune! Not "that other guy!"" said Masamune angrily as he swipes away at more swordsmen and, suddenly, it was already down to those three left.

"MY GODS!!! It's already down to those three! Our of course champion Axe who took out the most of the competitors followed by these two rookies! I don't know about you but I got all my life savings on our hometown hero Axe!" said Hilts as the crowd started to chant for Axe's name.

"Man. You're quite the popular one huh?" Masamune asked Axe with a smirk on his face.

"Hmph. When you're the best, you get recongized as so. But you two aren't going to defeat me. Your swordsmenship is good, but it doesn't compare to my 40+ experience with the blade." remarked Axe.

"Keep talking like that and you'll end up on your ass in a few seconds," Blaise warned pointing his sword towards Axe as he cracked his neck.

"Kid, I've been talking this way ever since I started swordmenship." said Axe as he swung his large sword toward the direction of Blaise. "And look how far I am in."

"Heh. You two shouldn't drop your guards like that! Nitoryu: Dragon Fangs!" shouted Masamune as he sent to large blue sword means that went toward Blaise and Axe.

"Hmph. Child's play!" said Axe as he deflected the sword beam off his blade toward the snowy ground.

"Not yet," Blaise told himself as he deflected the attack with his sword then with his powers he placed his fingers on his sword then charged towards Axe before planting his sword on the ground in front of him, "Pop Fissure!" Blaise shouted as the explosion caused the ground to split open!

"Gah!" shouted Axe as he was caught off-guard by the attack but was able to jump backwards to avoid most of the impact. That's an interesting power you have! Too bad it doesn't mean much on me." said Axe as he coated his sword in Haki and proceeded to smash it on the ground." Grand Quake!" shouted Axe as he sent a large quake that is splitting the ground as it goes toward Blaise. Most of the trail it leaves behind is being covered by the snow.

"Heh. Those two can fight but I have another trick up my sleeve!" said Masamune as he quickly jumped up high in the sky. "These two appear to have a lot of ground-based moves, so as long as I keep my distance up here, I shouldn't get hurt as much and go in for the attack when it's right!"

Blaise dodged the attack then noticed Masamune up in the sky as he began apply his powers onto sword once more then onto himself as he got into stance waiting for his attack, "Wait for it," Blaise told himself, "Focus..."

"Kitsunebi-ryu: Blazing Double Slash!" shouted Masamune as he sent two blazing sword beams that went toward Axe and Blaise.

"Kitsunebi-ryu huh? Interesting." said Axe without flinching as he prepares to swing his own blade. "Blade Beam Cut!" shouted Axe as he was able to cut the attack in two and the fires that was deflected went into the snow melting most of it around. "So you must be from Wano then. That style is rare to come across these days."

"Wow! You're a true swordsmen alright! I was hoping to catch you off guard with that!" said Masamune as he looked over at Blaise as his other blazing sword beam was heading toward him. "Now what is he up to? He definitely has some of...inflation jutsu?"

"Now!" Blaise shouted as he exploded causing smoke to fill the arena. Suddenly, Blaise appeared behind Masamune with his sword as he swung his sword down, "Pop Downward Slash!"

"Whoa there!" said Masamune as he was able to quickly coat his sword in Haki and swing it backwards to block the attack. "Heh, you're quick but I've been around a lot of swordsmen growing up that like to attack me from behind. Scars on the back of a swordsmen are shame after all." said Masamune with smirk.

"That is a good message. However, you're still too arrogant! Great Frost Slash - Black Blizzard!" shouted Axe as he coated his sword in Haki and started to swing it in a fury which sent a bunch of sword beams toward Masamune and Blaise.

"Damn! That's coming in fast!" said Masamune as he tried to dodge but got hit by a bunch as he was dodging which was cutting into his body and sent flying into the ground.

"Shit!" Blaise muttered to himself as he also tried to block the attack but got marks onto his body looking at Axe while on the ground. As he got up, he breathed heavily looking towards him with an unsettling glare. "Change of plans, I'm taking your ass down first, then Masa-whatever the fuck his name is," Blaise declared pointing his sword at Axe.

"He is pretty much done after that anyway. No one has made it from one of my stronger techniques and that hit him full force. Meanwhile, like you can take me kid. I'm not even fighting seriously yet." Axe said as he pointed his massive blade back toward Blaise.

However, Masamune slowly starts to stir as his body suddenly starts to become covered in black marks. He then gets up on his feet covered in a mess of black and red with the red representing his blood. He, with a very sinister look on his face, points his sword back at the two of them. "I told you...My name is Masamune!"

"Hm? What the hell is with those black marks on him?" Axe asked.

"Oh no. His mark activating now is not a good thing." said Ryuji from the stands.

"No kidding. Everytime he use that damn thing, he gets stronger and more sinister..." said Camellia who looked worried.

"What the...ok, now things are either getting strange or gettign interesting," Blaise smirked.

"What's with the marks on that guy," Jezebel asked from the stands.

"He looks scary," Mei shuddered.

"Ooh! WHat is this?! One of the competitors seems to have some special powers as well despite nearly dying at Axe's hands! Let's see how this competitor fights!" said the announcer.

Suddenly, ears and tails started to sprout from Masamune's body indicating he is a werefox.

"Not going to lose you to you two!" said Masamune as he, in a flash step similar to Soru, ends up in front of Axe preparing to swing his sword. Ittoryu: Demon Fox Slash!" shouted Masamune as he swung his sword at Axe who promptly blocks up but can feel the pressure from the attack.

"So you're a werefox as well huh? Hmph, your strength has increased I'll admit. Even I'm starting to struggle a bit. However, I can tell that those marks on you won't last too long. Call it a hunch." said Axe as he was able to push Masamune back.

"Seriously? I was just about to go after Axe now I gotta go after you AGAIN?! Fine, I'll take your ass down Masamune!" Blaise shouted finally getting his name correct.

"Heh. He won't last long. I can tell that fool doesn't have control over a state like that." said Axe who decided watch the two go at it for the time being.

"Finally got my name huh? Good! Now we can clash like true swordsmen!" said Masamune as he prepare to swing his sword after coating it with Haki. "Ittoryu: Death Break!" shouted Masamaune as he swung down his sword with intensity with the sword beam going through the ground toward Blaise.

"Hm? That looked like one of my earlier techniques. Is that kid really picking up my moves?" said Axe to himself.

"Least you're now acting like one!" Blaise shouted as he narrowly dodged then he placed his fingers on his sword transferring his powers then coated it with Haki. "Take this! Pop Panther Slash!" Blaise yelled as he charged at Masamune ready to attack him towards his torso.

"Heh. When I'm serious, I am!" said Masamune as he coated both of his swords in his Haki as well and prepared to swing them in a form of an X." Nitoryu ~ Demon: Cross Slash!" said Masamune as he charges forward toward Blaise with his own powerful attack.

"It appears like the time is about right. Time for me to strike when the kettle is hot." said Axe who, in the meantime, was preparing his own powerful attack.

"I won't let you or that other guy get in my way!" Blaise shouted as he was prepared to land his attack on Masamune.

"Think again!" shouted Masamune as he was prepared to land his own attack on Blaise.

"And there is my chance!" shouted Axe as he suddenly lunged toward them and, after hardening his sword in haki, his blade was glowing a bright blue preparing to attack right behind Masamune.

"What?! How the hell..." said Masamune as looked back quickly.

"The scars of the swordsmen is their shame correct. Sorry for doing this but I must keep my reptuation in check. Frostbite Strike!" shouted Axe as he slashed right at Masamune's back.

"Geh...Not bad old man..." said Masamune as he gets down on one knee after getting it.

"Better stop you now." said Axe as he quickly turned to Blaise who was still charging and prepares to block it.

Just before Axe was about to attack, using haki, Blaise placed his fingers onto his body using his powers then looked to Axe with a smirk, "Hmph, got you right where I want you, NOW!" Blaise shouted as he exploded causing smoke to appear.

"Damn I dropped my guard dealing with that other kid!" said Axe as he was caught in the smoke trying to make out where Blaise was.

At the time, Masamune was already back to normal but was barely able to stand up. "Heh...My jutsu..I can find him...easily...But.I think...It's best to pull a tactical retreat for now. My wounds are pretty bad and that mark used up my strength for today." said Masamune as he was able to jump backwards out of the range. He was still able to see where Blaise is in the smoke to make sure he doesn't get attacked, but of course doesn't tell Axe.

"Hmph. Wisest thing you've said all day. But where is that other kid?!" said Axe as he was on guard.

Blaise appeared behind Axe with his sword coated in haki and his powers laced into his sword as he was ready to attack, "It's over, Pop Panther Slash!" Blaise shouted as he inflicted his attack onto Axe's back!

"Gah! Damn you and those powers of yours!" said Axe as he tried to swing back at Blaise.

"Ooh! Looks like our reigning champ just took a major blow! That's a first in a long time! And it seems like the blue haired warrior is calling it quits! I don't blame him when you was dealt a blow by the champion, but I wasn't sure what was with those black marks on his body! But it seemed like they're gone!" announced Hilts.

"Man, he needs to train his body up more so that he won't keep having to use that mark. It always take a strain on his body, especially with it getting stronger with each usage." said Camellia who was biting her lip.

"That is true. Though, as long he doesn't overexert himself and take his medicine, his lifespan will be fine. He does need more training regardless." said Ryuji.

Blaise dodged Axe's attack as he glared at him with a predatory stare before looking up noticing the hermaid then looked back Axe, "I did say I have my reason for entering, and now, I'm here to claim," Blaise said in an ominous tone as he used haki coating his sword then charged at Axe lunging at him!

"He has the speed advantage. Not good for me. That other kid seemed to the be faster of the two but I only got him because he was distracted by this one." thought Axe to himself as he got into a defensive position. "You're not going to get by me! I'll wait for you to strike then take you out with one blow!" he said out-loud.

"So...What do you think of them sir? These two seem really, really strong!" Yukisune playfully asked Saint Frost as he was finishing up his latest meal.

"Hmph. They seem fine. That other fool seemed to be a disgusting werefox who had disgusting marks glowing all over his body. I want you or any of those fools to kill him after the match!" stated Frost.

"Can dooooo! I think he is a notorious pirate as well!" said Yukisune in a cheerful tone.

"I had my best on Axe, but it seems like this other man is impressive. Yes." said Frost with an ominous smirk on his face.

"The hell is Fatso there smirking about?" said Masamune to himself who was already resting himself on the edge of the arena.

Blaise quickly placed his fingers on his sword transferring his powers onto them then as he was face to face with Axe, he planted his sword onto ground giving Axe a smirk, "Think again, Pop Fissure!" Blaise shouted as the ground below Axe began to explode causing it to break below!

"WHAT THE HELL!?" shouted Axe as he lost is footing falling over from the ground suddenly breaking underneath him.

"Oh no! That man just erupted the ground all of a sudden underneath our champion! Is this it for him?!" shouted Hilts as he looks pretty shocked.

"Get back here! I'm not done yet!!" Blaise shouted as he charged at him coating his sword with haki then at full speed rushed past him until he was behind him, "Impact."

"Damn he is fast!" said Axe as he tried to coat part of his back in Haki in hopes to block the attack.

"Too slow!" Blaise shouted as he launched his attack onto his back!

"Gah!" shouted Axe as he staggered from the attack. "I guess these old bones of mine can't take too much punishment. Hmph...Well played..." said Axe as he got to one knee as he held onto his sword to keep his footing. "Fine. A swordsmen knows when he is beat. I'll admit I rarely go against Devil Fruit power users especially those with good control over them. I yield." said Axe as he was able to stand back up fully.

"Seriously? Just giving up like that? Well, I guess I can't complain. I have done the same heh...I got a lot more work to do on my end." said Masamune with a grin.

"What?! Our former champion has given up!? T-This can't be! I lost nearly a billion belly in bet! I-I mean! Wow! What a shocker! The great Frostbite Axe as lost to this...Swordsmen guy! Give it up for him!" said Hilts as the crowd hats to cheer.

"Oooh! We got a winner! We got a winner!" said Yukisune in a excited tone.

"Yes...Able body, strong swords. A fine specimen!" said Saint Frost who had wide eyes.

"Looks like he's out of the way, now for him," Blaise thought to himself as he turned his attention to Masamune.

"Whoa there! Already out buddy!" said Masamune as he chuckled.

"Oh! Looks like there is still going to be a fight!" said Hilts excited. However, suddenly, Saint Frost stands up.

"ENOUGH!!! This has gone on long enough and I grow impatient! Now that Axe is finished and I do not want a filthy, disgusting, low-life werefox, I shall name the other swordsmen as my prize!" shouted Saint Frost as his voice suddenly gets everyone to quiet down.

"L-Low-life?!" said an angry Masamune.

"Now than! You! Announce that "special prize"! NOW!!!" shouted Frost toward Hilts.

"Y-YES SIR!!! Ahem! Congratulations Mr...." said Hilts before he was corrected on who his name was. "Blaise! You have earned yourself a special prize! You are honored to be Saint Frost's special employee! You should be excited!" said Hilts as everyone gasped at what he just said.

"Special employee"? I don't like the sound of that." said Masamune looking at Frost.

"Does he mean?" Camellia asked Ryuji.

"Most likely. A slave. And with all of these Marines around here, resistance seems to be futile." said Ryuji.

"Wait, a slave? But, what about her," Zila asked looking to Xenos.

"This was most likely just a ruse," Xenos replied as he watched waiting to hear what Blaise's reply would be.

"Special employee," Blaise asked in a suspicious tone cocking an eyebrow then looked over to the hermaid before looking back to Hilts, "I'mma have to decline on that offer, I only entered for one reason."

"Did...that...fool...just...disobey...ME?!" shouted Frost who started to get real angry.

"Uh oh..." said a nervous Hilts.

The Fury of the Noble

Everyone in the colosseum started to get into a panic as they know that an angry Noble is someone you do not want to be near. Saint Frost angrily stomps on the ground as a bunch of Marines started to surround the area and pointed their guns toward Blaise but also Axe and Masamune. "LISTEN HERE!!! I'M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT MY PRIZE!!! IDIOTS, GET THAT MAN AND KILL THAT OLD BASTARD AND THAT STUPID WEREFOX!!!"

"Uh oh! Saint Frost-sama is maaaad!" said Yukisune as she looks down at the colosseum.

"Getting real tired of him calling me stupid...But looks like we're in a jam..." said Masamune as he took back out his swords knowing he is still in a weakened state.

"Hmph. Looks like they want to just discard me too. The Nobles having that much power to just kill someone like that. That annoys me...especially since opposing them in any way means an admiral encounter." said Axe looking at the Marines.

"Alright you three! That man over there is coming with us! Frostbite Axe and Stupid Werefox, you hereby dead under the orders of the Nobles!" shouted the Marines.

"Enough with calling me stupid dammit!" shouted Masamune.

"Guess there isn't any other way around this," Blaise sighed to himself then used his powers on himself then looked to Masamune, "hey, I know what I did was fucked up, but right now, we need to get these assholes outta the way."

"No hard feelings. Honestly, the only one I'm pissed at now is Fatso up there! And not just for calling me stupid! Just, I hate the sight of this guy for some reason!" said Masamune as he armed himself with his swords despite his injuries.

"You idiots are going to oppose the Nobles?! Don't you understand that you will send an admiral after us if you do!?" shouted Axe.

"Dude, Fatso wants to enslave Blaise here, and wants me and you DEAD! I don't think we have a choice but to fight!" said Masamune.

"...Fair point." said Axe as he prepares to fight as well.


"Dammit! Looks like the Marines are going on the attack!" said Camellia as she got up.

"Careful. We're being watched." said Ryuji as he noticed Yukisune looking over at them with a smile.

"What are we going to do now," Celine asked Xenos.

"I don't know...some type of distraction...," Xenos replied as he thought of a plan.

"Looks like we'll have to go with plan B," Blaise said to Masamune, "keep the Marines busy, need the right time to unleash this attack."

"Right! Hey you Marine bastards! Over here!" said Masamune as he was preparing to attack them.

"Let me assist as well." said Axe as he was charging up his own attack.

"Those two were ordered to death by Saint Frost! Kill them first but not Frost's slave prize! I mean employee!" said the commanding Marine as they prepare to fire at Masamune and Axe.

"Nitoryu: Dragon Twister!" shouted Masmaune as he swung his swords around in the matter of a tornado to deflect the incoming bullets. "Damn there is a lot of these guys!"

"Great Sword Strike!" shouted Axe as he swung his own sword which sends a large sword beam to take out the bullets and some of the Marines. "That is because they value the Noble's presence that much!"

"Now!" Blaise shouted as he exploded causing smoke to fill the colosseum, "Axe, Masamune, now's your chance to take these assholes down while you can!"

"Right!" said Masamune as his body started to glow a dark blue from his fighting aura as he hold his swords in an up and down position. "Nitoryu - Demon: Cross Slash!" shouted Masamune as he quickly moved around the Marines slashing each and every one of them with his powerful attack.

"And I thought the kid was at his wits end. He has a lot more resistance than I thought. Great Slash of the Artic!" shouted Axe as he sent an even more powerful attack toward the Marines sending a bunch of them flying away with large cuts on their body.

"W-WHAT'S GOING ON?! I CAN'T SEE!!!!" shouted Saint Frost in anger.

"Uh oh. Looks like I may have to intervene." said Yukisune looking at the smoke-filled colosseum.

"Maybe so...I am NOT going to leave without my new slave! I am trying to be NICE! Why is this happening!?" shouted Frost as he looked over at his hermaid still in the chains. "It's YOUR fault! I never do anything wrong so it must be on you!"

The hermaid looked to Saint Frost cowering in fear then looked back over to the event unfolding in the smoke-filled colosseum. Blaise placed his fingers on his sword as he charged at the Marines at blinding speed with rage in his eyes, "Pop Slash!" Blaise shouted as he sent a couple of the Marines flying from the smoke into the stands where the Wisp Pirates and Date Pirates were.

"Whoa! Hey! They're bringing the fight out here?!" shouted Camellia.

"It is just collortal." stated Ryuji.

"Heh I think we're about cleaned up with this mess!" said Masamune as he was fighting them off.

"Indeed. Sucks I have to go into hiding after this..." said Axe as he was knocking some Marines as well.

"Grrr...At this rate, I will have to call an admiral to get over here and deal with these pheasants! ALL THESE MARINES ARE USELESS!!!" shouted an angry Frost.

"Now now Saint Frost my king! There is no need to bring an admiral! Fubuki!" shouted Yukisune as she suddenly breathed out a blizzard over the arena that was able to clear out the smoke. "See! I can handle these guys! I have the arena advantage after all!"

"Hmm...Yes. You do get the job done quicker. I suppose." said Saint Frost who was quick to calm down.

"Do you care I kill that newer slave of yours? I think he won't listen to you easily." suggested Yukisune.

"Hm..........Fine. That slave is busted anyway. Just get me another one as soon you're done!" shouted Saint Frost.

"Yes sir! You got it!" said Yukisune as she looks down at them smiling.

"Jeez that was cold...Looks like that snow girl is going to fight us." said Masamune looking over at Yukisune.

"Shit...ok, so looks like that twerp has a Devil Fruit power like I do," Blaise stated looking to Yukisune.

"Oops! But first!" said Yukisune as she quickly looks over at where the other pirate crews are at and smiles before entering the arena with the three in it. "Hiii again! You guys are causing quite the trouble huh? Especially you slave!" said Yukisune as she pointed to Blaise.

"Hey! Why do you serve that fatso anyway?!" shouted Masamune.

"Can you not call the Noble names right now?" said Axe annoyingly.

"Oh!? You glad your deaths are already been issued, because I would've killed you lot for that!" said an upset Yukisune.

"What do you want with me? I told you I don't want to be your damn employee!" Blaise shouted.

"Slave dude! Slave!" Masamune said correcting him.

"Man you don't know when to shut it huh?" Axe said in an annoyed tone.

"Welp. Can't keep the Noble waiting!" said Yukisune who turned herself into snow and flew on over toward the three swordsmen and she lands just a few feet in front of them. "So! Who wants to make the first move?"

"Yeah she definitely can turn into snow. That is one weird power." said Masamune as he was on guard.

"Oh and your weird sight powers and that other guy's powers to inflate himself are any less weird?" said Axe in a gruff tone.

"Masamune, see if able to land a hit on her along with Axe," Blaise suggested, "I'll come up with something to weaken her defenses."

"Alright. Better something than nothing!" said Masamune as he charged toward Yukisune with one of his swords pointed at her. "Ittoryu: Dragon Slash!" shouted Masamune as he swung his sword at Yukisune who simply allows the sword to go through her body and she reforms herself. "The hell kind of sorcery is this?!"

"Missed me!" said Yukisune as she suddenly has snow formed around Masamune's legs tripping him up.

"She is a Logia you fool! You have to use haki!" said Axe who rushed toward Yukisune with his haki-coated sword.

"Dammit not you two calling me stupid!" said Masamune as he quickly got up.

"At least you're using haki! Well, not good enough! Kamakura!" shouted Yukisune as she summonded up a large barrier of snow that was able to even block Axe's attack.

"'s like hitting a wall!" said Axe who was struggling.

"Sorry! My snow powers give me an edge here after all! Oh! And even your haki attacks can't break through my snow barriers! No matter hard you try!" said Yukisune in a playful tone.

Blaise looked up at Yukisune then with a menacing glare he placed his fingers on his sword then coated it with haki as he charged towards her, "Pop Panther Slash!" Blaise shouted.

"Whoa! The slave, I mean employee is attacking! What should I do?! Ah! I know!" said Yukisune as she suddenly disappeared into the snow below her.

"Ugh it's annoying that she has the homefield advantage like that!" said Masamune as he started to use his powers to try and see if he can find her. "She's actually the snow itself. It's tricky for me to see her."

"Logias can transform into their natural element at will and their powers increase even more when they are in an area that has more of it's element. Sand in a desert, cloud in the skies, snow in a snowfield." said Aze.

"Unless we have something to counter her powers...we might have an advantage," Blaise pointed out.

"Easy. You." said Axe as he pointed over to Masamune.

"Huh? What is it? I'm still trying to find her throughout the snow!" said Masamune as he kept looking around.

"You were using Fox-Fire Style earlier right? Fire melts snow. It's as simple as that." said Axe bluntly.

"Oh right! I also have my tears jutsu, but that will work just as well!" said Masamune as he was arming with his swords. "Just need to wait till she comes out..."

"Try and focus on your surroundings, if you just wait until she appears she might have the upperhand," Blaise advised.

"Right." said Masamune as he kept his guard up.

"Um, you know I can hear everything you guys saying riiiight? I just don't have to reveal myself! I can do this! Snow Plow!" shouted Yukisune who, while still underneath the snow, started to make a large snowy sinkhole that started to slowly drag in the trio.

"W-What the hell is this!? Some kind of snow whirlpool!?" shouted Masamune.

"Damn...It feels like quicksand...My large frame...Can't move like this..." said Axe as he was trying to struggle as well.

"Yes! YES! Drag those fools under and let them die!" shouted Saint Frost.

"S-shit! Can't break out! Wait I got it!," Blaise thought then placed his fingers on himself using his powers then stood still allowing himself to get dragged in.

"Oh? You sure you want to do that while I have a hostage now?" said Yukisune as she drags down Axe quicker to put him in range of Blaise's attack.

"Damn...This stupid snow..." said Axe still struggling.

"W-Wait! You may just end up killing him! Damn, I knew I should've trained with swordplay in my mouth!" said Masamune as he was trying to grip his swords.

"If you three were smaaaart, you will let me drag you down! I promise it won't be painful!" said Yukisune as she then thought to herself. "I think we're just about deep enough from the Noble.."

"Y-Yeah right!" said Masamune as he kept trying to grip his swords.

"Need to wait for the right time...but dammit it's freezing!" Blaise thought to himself while still being dragged in.

"Listen you guys, I am not trying to kill you really." said Yukisune as she seemed to be in a calmer state.

"L-Like hell! You're in the middle of doing that to me!" said Axe who was trying to claw his way out.

"S-Say what?! Are you really telling the truth?" asked Masamune.

"Yes. You there, explosive guy. You may want to hold back on that move you're doing. In this position, you are certain to hit and maybe even kill these two and I can easily get away from that before you can hit me. My observation is preeeeetty good!" said Yukisune talking to Blaise.

"Who said I was planning on using it right this moment," Blaise smirked at Yukisune as he managed to reach for his sword placing his fingers on it transferring his powers onto it.

"Welp! I tried! Kamakura!" shouted Yukisune as she suddenly started to make the snow harder and thicker forming an igloo around the three while underground.

"What in the world is this? Some kind of snow house?!" shouted Masamune as he started to cut furiously at it but it does nothing. "It's has hard as a damn wall!"

"It's an igloo...a pretty durable one at that." said Axe as he didn't bother trying to attack it knowing it may be fruitless to him.

"Hope this works...Pop Jab!" Blaise shouted as he attempted to stab the igloo.

"What are you trying to do? Make it explode?" Masamune asked.

"It could work. His power looks like he can blow up inorganic objects and himself apparently." stated Axe.

"When that attack fails because I can easily make another igloo or make it 10 layers thick, can you just hear me out?" Yukisune asked from a distance.

"Hmmmm I might not have any other option, still have this other attack on me from earlier," Blaise pointed out, "might end up injured, if so, I'm sorry in advance."

"Wait huh? Don't be hurting us! Though I can harden my whole body in Haki just in case." stated Masamune.

"Same here." said Axe quickly.

"Wait, you can? How come you didn't use it in the match? Your Haki armor is probably way stronger than mine and Blaise's." asked Masamune.

"Thought I didn't need it for kids like you two." said Axe bluntly.

"Here goes!" Blaise shouted as he closed his eyes letting himself explode!

"WHOA!!! ARADMANT HARDENING!!!" shouted Masamune as he quickly hardened himself in haki and put his swords forward in an X to block it.

"That is definitely a weird power. To let yourself explode." said Axe as he casually hardens himself in haki to protect himself as well.

"Welp! Time for plan B!" said Yukisune as she suddenly disappeared within the snow though the attack was enough to break the igloo!

"Finally!!! Now where did she go," Blaise wondered looking around.

"Clairvoyance Jutsu!" shouted Masamune as he started to look around in the snow but can't seem to find her. "Weird! I don't see her down here anyway."

"That is because I'm above ya!" said Yukisune as she appeared to be gathering a bunch of snow at once.

"Damn that's a lot of snow!" said Masamune as he prepared to arm himself.

"This doesn't look good." said Axe as he braced himself as well.

"If you guys don't wanna listen, then I'll make ya listen! 'Avalanche!"" shouted Yukisune as she sent down the massive wave of snow toward them that will attempt to bury them.

"A literal avalanche?! Heh, time for me to see if I can cut through it. My strength hasn't returned yet though." said Masamune as he hardened his sword in Haki preparing to swing it. "I tend to get my ass kicked a lot these days. But that will change once I aquire the that mythical blade found in the New World itself!"

"Oh? Let's see if you can put that to use right now!" Blaise shouted as he used haki to harden his sword getting into position.

"I take it you know a powerful sword beam strike right? I'm going to incorporate fox-fire style into it!" said Masamune as he glared at the avalanche with determination.

"Let's see if able to withstand that avalanche!" Blaise sneered as he placed his fingers on his haki covered sword transferring his powers onto it.

"Alright! Kitsunebi-ryu: 360 Pound Phoenix!" shouted Masamune as he sent a massive fire sword beam that went right toward the avalanche.

"Pop Panther Slash!" Blaise shouted as he slashed through the avalanche causing an explosion!

The two attacks slammed violently against the avalanche that was heading toward them, completely destroying it! The impact and force of the attacks was enough to spread the snow out and cause a light snow shower to fall.

"Heh. That seemed to did the trick! But, where is that Snow Woman at?" said Masamune as he was using his powers to look around once more.

"Hm...She seems to be hiding again." said Axe as he was looking around as well.

"Wowie! You two are definitely strong! If I stood around to take that attack, it may have killed me! But, I have too much control over mine to do that!" said Yukisune as she reforms herself in the middle of the snow.

"Still kicking huh? I'm up for another round!" said Masamune as he swung his swords preparing to fight.

"Sigh...That again? Listen, I'm not your enemy here!" said Yukisune as she stomps her foot forward.

"What do you mean? You're with that Fat Bastard and ordering slaves around!" said Masamune with his teeth gritted.

"Yes, but I need that as my cover. Will you three, well two just back down and let me explain myself?" Yukisune asked as she looked at Blaise and Masamune as the two that are still armed for a fight.

Blaise glared at Yukisune with an untrustworthy look as he slightly lowered his sword, "Fine, explain your reason," Blaise sighed.

"Same but I'm not dropping my guard! I still have me tears jutsu to use!" said Masamune as he kept his guard up as well.

"Jeez you two are super serious! Well, one of you is. Well, I can be too when I can come to business. Where to start? Well, my name is Angrboda Yukisune, a Marine captain on the outside, but a member of a Revolutionary Army on the inside!" Yukisune announced.

"What...?" said a surprised Axe.

"Revolutionary Army?! What the hell is a Marine captain doing with the Revolutionary Army?" Masamune asked.

"It's called "undercover" you know. My leader asked me to infiltrate the Marines for the sole purpose of studying their slave handlings and whatnot. And the best way to do that is to tag along with a Noble who is always seeking slaves?" said Yukisune as she fully reformed her body.

"That is confusing! I saw you kill those two men earlier!" said Masamune as he angrily pointed his sword at Yukisune, but only as a habit.

"I didn't kill them. I sunk them to an underground snow tunnel and got them away to safety. There was a reason why I picked this island for Saint Frost to "find a good slave." This snowy island makes it perfect for me to use my powers to get those slaves away in safety on the cover that I killed fleeing slaves. Although, it isn't that easy for that Hermaid earlier..." said Yukisune with her arms crossed.

Blaise eyes widened when she mentioned the Hermaid. He gripped onto her sword knowing his reason for entering the tournament. "Her...where is she now," Blaise asked with serious cerulean eyes.

"Whoa-oh-oah! Someone is eager huh? Love at first sight?" joked Yukisune as she slapped herself coming to her senses. "Sorry about that. My "silly side" tends to slip when I'm trying to be serious. Ahem. Yeah, that Hermaid is with Saint Frost of course. Out of all of the slaves he has owned, and trust me he has owned a LOT, he treasures that Hermaid like she is a prized diamond. He keeps a very watchful eye over her and has his lackies make sure she doesn't escape. It's a big pain, and a reason why I can't drop my facade in front of her. She probably thinks I'm the biggest asshole due to how I act in front of her in sake of that Noble." said Yukisune through gritted teeth.

"I can feel you. I don't know why, but my blood boils whenever I see him. But just going to free her is a bad idea huh?" Masamune asked.

"That Hermaid is his most prized possession. If you even should look at her in his presence, Frost will have you killed on the spot. Causing trouble for a Noble just sends an admiral after you. Even still, opposing a Noble in any way is just asking for a death sentence." stated Yukisune.

"Well there's that mystery solved...what your idea of freeing her or at least her and the other slaves," Blaise asked.

"The easy part is getting the other slaves away. I can use the diversion of our battle as a distraction. As for the Hermaid, someone has to grab her while the Noble is distracted. He's going to be pissed if you take her away from him, just know that defying the Nobles in any way is asking for trouble. Of course, I'll make sure he doesn't result to calling an admiral. You have to deal with the Marines if necessary." stated Yukisune.

"That doesn't seem all that trouble. But what about our crewmates? Will they just have to leave?" Masamune asked.

"Doesn't really matter. Serious guy there seems hell bent on freeing that Noble and that could alert the marines to your allies. I"m sure they can fight for themselves though. And you fox boy, I think you can see pretty much anything with your powers. I made some snow tunnels around for you guys to escape through. Just see them out and duck down there while the coast is clear and I'll handle the rest." said Yukisune.

"Hmph...I don't really seem to be able to stay here...Considering I was issued to be killed." said Axe with an annoyed look on his face.

"Hate the Nobles and how the Marines run things in general? Join the Revolutary Army! Trust me, it's better than just going on the run most of your life." Yukisune said to Axe.

"It doesn't seem like I have a choice in the matter. Everyone where will probably resent me for losing to a rookie like him." said Axe over toward Blaise.

"No hard feelings," Blaise shrugged looking over towards Axe.

"So, that is pretty much the plan I have. I will take us back to the top and launch a big blizzard attack that will distract everyone. Be on alert for Marines that will attack." said Yukisune.

"Gotcha. Wait! How about those bomb collars? I saw how those exploded on those men before! And you buried them!" shouted Masamune pointing his sword at her again by habit.

"Relax. I secretly uncuffed them with a snow clone and I have the key right here. That is going to be plan B, getting the key from me into the fight as it will seem like you managed to "take" it from me." said Yukisuke.

"Alright then, might as well follow her plan and see it through," Blaise nodded thinking of the hermaid but immediately shook his head trying to focus.

"Good. You Blue Hair and Serious Man there still stay around. Viking Man, you can take one of my snow tunnels and once I resurface these two, you can leave. It leads to one of the ships and don't worry. One of my assistances will lead you there." explained Yukisune.

"Right. Better than nothing I guess." said Axe as he then proceeded to head down one of the tunnels. "I guess take care to you two." he said to Masamune and Blaise as he walked off.

"See you Axe. Now, what will happen after this?" said Masamune.

"I will rise back up the snow and show us to everyone. I will tell the Noble that I "killed" Axe, and then I'll pretty much go into "villain gloating mode" and show up the key used to free the Hermaid. And in the confusion, you Serious Man can swipe it and go after the Hermaid. I hope you're ready to deal with a lot of pissed off Marines. Probably want to get your crew around as well." stated Yukisune.

"I'm ready as I'll ever be, hell I'm used to having Marines coming after me by now," Blaise scoffed with a slight smirk on his face.

"Heh. I like that spirit. Alright, lets get this done quick! Simply start by acting like I killed Axe because once I raise us back up, we will be back in Frost's sight." said Yukisune as she prepares to raise the snow with the three of them on it back to the surface.

Free the Slave and Make Haste!

The three are back on the surface on the stadium where the Marines that were still knocked out and Saint Frost was still looking upset. He stares at the arena to see that there is only Yukisune, Blaise, and Masamune left.

"THERE YOU ARE!!! Where is that damned Axe?! And I see my slave and the other man I ordered to have executed is still alive!" shouted Saint Frost who's face was turning bright red from screaming.

"Don't worry siiir! I made sure to give Axe a permeant slumber within the snow..." said Yukisune with a devious smile.

"Damn you bastard! You didn't have to go that damn far just because he defied some oaf! You really are the worst!" said Masamune who was very conveniently putting on his best anger impression.

"You've gone too far! Now you'll pay for this!" Blaise yelled in a convincingly intimidating tone.

"What is going on?!" shouted Frost again as a World Government agent leans in toward him.

"Sir, it appears that Captain Yukisune has dealt with the one known as Axe, and is proceeding to do the same to those two whom you've ordered their execution for as well." said the agent in a deep tone.

"Hmph. Right. As long she dispatches those two quickly." said Frost who was suddenly waving a large fan to himself.

"Why don't you just let that mermaid person go huh?" ordered Masamune.

"It's Hermaid and not a chance! She is Saint Frost's most prize possession and as long I have this key to her explosive cuffs, you don't stand a chance!" said Yukisune as she brings out a key from her pocket and gives a quick wink.

Masamune nods back understanding as he arms himself with his sword. "Heh, thanks for bringing that out for us!" said Masamune in a cocky tone.

"Oh, trust me. It will be the last thing you'll see. Now..." said Yukisune as she suddenly put her hands on the ground starting to conjure a massive snow storm. "Eternal Blizzard!" shouted Yukisune as a massive gust of snow starts to envelop the arena causing the stadium itself to become temporary blinded.

"Heh! It looks like she is going all out! Good! Kill those stupid slaves!" shouted Saint Frost.

"Now!" shouted Yukisune as she held out the key.

"You go get that key Blaise! I'll make it seem like I'm distracting her!" said Masamune.

"I'm on it!" Blaise nodded as he charged towards Yukisune then leapt into the air as he reached for the key.

"Better go free her when you get the chance!" said Yukisune as she threw the key at his hand. "Now you Blue Hair attack me to make it seem like you knocked it out of my hand!"

"Alright then! Take this!" said Masamune as he grabbed his sword and swung in downward which was blocked by Yukisune transforming her arm into snow.

Blaise caught the key in his hand as he landed on the ground with the key now in hand, "Got it," Blaise nodded.

"Alright serious guy! You know what to do next!" said Yukisune as she turns back to Masamune. "Now then Blue Hair, you better be ready to hold me back!"

"Heh! Bring it! I wished you were a!" said Masamune with a smirk as he prepared to fight her once more.

"HEY! I don't hear any sounds of DEATH! I want to hear those flithy slaves SCREAM!" shouted Frost as he then looks at his hermaid. "Heh, at least you know your place as it seems!"

Blaise swiftly made his get away as he headed up to the stands to where the Hermaid was located. Meanwhile, the Hermaid looked to Frost with a look of fear in her eyes as she shuddered watching the "fight" go on down below. Suddenly, she heard what felt like someone was coming up behind her when she noticed Blaise appearing behind her. Her eyes widen as she opened her mouth as if she was about to scream until Blaise quickly placed his finger on his lips then presented her with the key. She then calmed down as she stood still looking towards Blaise still shaking.

"Don't worry, I' breaking you out of here," Blaise mouthed to the Hermaid to which remarkably she understood.

Blaise quickly managed to unlock the cage along with her chains then looked at her with a confident smirk on his face as he nodded at her.

"Let's go," Blaise mouthed in a hush tone as he immediately took ahold of her hand and quickly made their escape!

"Huh?! HEY!?!? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! GIVE ME BACK MY SLAVE!!!" shouted Saint Frost as he took out his pistol and started to shoot toward Blaise.

"I thought that Fatso had a gun! Saw it when I was scouting him earlier!" shouted Masamune as he was dodging Yukisune's snow attacks.

"That's an interesting power you have! What you can see into the future too with that?" said Yukisune as she attacked Masamune with a wave of snow.

"Nah. Just to see pretty much everything that happens on an island! Nitoryu: Fox Slash!" shouted Masamune as he vertically sliced the snow wave in half. "That is still some sorcery that you can turn into snow!"

"The power of a Logia my friend! Now that Serious Man has the Hermaid, what will he do now? He has pissed off the Noble, and now has to deal with those Marines."

"He probably has a plan. Our crewmates our here after all!" said Masamune with a smirk.

"D-Did you just read my mind?" Yukisune asked.

"Heh. Pretty cool huh? As long as I can concentrate, I can "see" the minds of others!" Masamune said proudly.

Blaise dodged the bullets heading his way as he headed towards Xenos and the others.

"Xenos I got the hermaid!" Blaise shouted, "Move out NOW!"

"Right, everyone move out!" Xenos shouted.

"We would but then there are Marines we would have to deal with," Jezebel pointed out.

"We'll take 'em all, let's go!" Blaise said.


"Whoopie! Looks like I better go attend to the Noble's affairs! It was a pleasure not killing ya!" said Yukisune with a wink as she transformed into snow and head off.

"Heh. Looks like the plan is going off without a hitch! Now then, better get back to those two!" said Masamune as he quickly runs back over to where Ryuji and Camellia are and they are fighting off the Marines going after them. "Oi! How you guys are holding up?"

"Moa Moa Jutsu: 100 Fold Speed - Shuriken Toss! shouted Camellia as she tossed a bunch of shurikens at high speed at some Marines going after her. "Well, I think it is going great Masamune san..."

"Now it is not the time to argue. We must fight and flight." said Ryuji as he fought off some Marines as well.

Yukisune then appears in front of Xenos' group after covering most escape routes with snow. "Nooope! You're not going anywhere!"

"Shit! We're trapped," Jezebel growled.

"Not unless we're able to bun down the snow, Xenos, think you can use the wisps to burn the snow away," Zila asked.

"Let's see if this works," Xenos said as he released red wisps towards one of the escape routes until it was surrounded, "Burning Wisp!"

Yukisune notices that her snow is melting from the attack and whistles being impressed. "Ooh someone got themselves a unique power! Of course I can just easily make more snow you know! Good now maybe they won't suspect me letting them go." she thought to herself.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THEY ARE MAKING OFF WITH MY SLAVE!!! GET HER BACK TO ME AT ONCE!!!" shouted Saint Frost as a swarm of Government agents and Marines go after them. "At this rate, I will HAVE to call an admiral over if you wish!"

"Whoo boy. It's either that Drunken Lizard or that Gamma Fox. Either way, fighting one of them sounds fun! Though probably not in my current state.." said Masamune as he slashes through some Marines.

"That's not good. If he contacts an admiral with a Marine battleship, this could throw the whole operation down. I have to find a way to make sure he cannot contact them..." Yukisune thought to herself.

"Hey Xenos, think you can use the Illusion wisps on the Noble," Blaise asked curiously.

"Perhaps, though, would need to take percaution since neither of us would want to stay long to face an admiral," Xenos nodded.

"How's that's going to work," Zila asked.

"We're gonna need some type of distraction," Yulia pointed out, "something to maybe prevent him to calling the forces?"

"Some kind of distraction? What do you mean like bribe him with another slave?" Masamune asked as he joined in with the group.

"Yeah hurry this plan up unless you forgot about the army of Marines behind us." said Camellia as she looks over at the Marines coming at them.

"We were informed of the plan. I wonder what is going to be a "plan" to escape." Ryuji asked stotically.

"You boys and girls better giiive back that hermaid! Unless you can, I don't know, provide some kind of subsistute in any way, I'll have to take all of your lives here! Sans the Hermaid of course!" said Yukisune as she was blowing out snow forming a large snowball that rolls toward them.

"I think she may be trying to hint us at something. Will trying to kill us at the same time!" said Masamune as he prepares to attack the snowball.

"Xenos use the illusion wisp," Blaise told Xenos.

"Right," Xenos released purple wisps surrounding the area; a few surrounded Yukisune while a few surrounded Saint Frost, "Now, Illusion Wisp!"

"Oh? What is this?" said Yukisune as she noticed the figures of what it appeared to be her father lurking around. "Father...? No...He's dead...T-This has to be some kind of power."

"AIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Saint Frost as his followers suddenly turned toward him.

"W-What's the matter sir?!" asked one of the agents.


"The hell that fatso over there is screaming about? I don't see anyone there and I know my sight powers are second to none!" said Masamune as he looks over confused at Frost.

"He must be under some kind of spell. The same goes for the snow women." stated Ryuji.

"This is the power of the Wisp Wisp Fruit I ate," Xenos informed, " I'm able to create wisps and use them for different usages."

"Think we should let the snow woman go," Blaise asked, "she is helping out at least."

"Wait, what? How?" Xenos asked in a confused tone.

"It's a long story," Blaise replied, "for now, release her from the illusion."

"Wait what? But she is a Marine that killed those two men from earlier! And praising the hell out of that Noble!" remarked Camellia.

"Like what Serious Guy said, it's a long story. She's an ally trust me. Ah great, now she got me calling Blaise that name." said Masamune with a facepalm.

"Fine fine," Xenos sighed out of frustration as he turned to Yukisune then pointed his palm towards her, "Release!" As he clasped his fingers into his palm, the purple wisps that danced around Yukisune began to disappear.

Yukisune looks around and blinks a couple of times after noticing the illusions of her father is gone. "Whoa. That was strange! I thought I saw my father for a sec but they're gone!" she says as she looks over at the Noble who was still freaking out with all of the Marines and WG agents trying to calm him down. "Looks like you got that man distracted. Nice work makes my job a lot easier actually."

"Heh. I bet. They got that hermaid girl free! Though taking a slave from a Noble is a bad thing huh?" asked Masamune.

"Of course especially those of a rarer species and something that the Noble himself treasures. Steal from them, and you're pretty much a big target. He's probably going to have me take your faces down. Especially Serious Man over there for taking the slave and maybe Wisp Man there for confusing him." stated Yukisune.

"Eh, it could be worse," Xenos shrugged.

"Been through worse but what are ya gonna do," Blaise shrugged as well.

"Ok, so now what's the plan," Jezebel asked.

"Like I said you lot made this a lot easier for me! Since he is distracted, I can pretend to put up a massive blizzard hoping to capture you all, but you're able to escape since I wanted to aid the Noble. Or you may be super strong whatever fits." said Yukisune with a shrug.

"Ugh more cold blizzards huh? Why must it be the cold? Like I don't know why I just hate the cold more than some people..." said Masamune who was pretending to shiver.

"Because you may have Angrboda in your blood and they have a more weakness to cold. I'm fine because my Devil Fruit powers gives me a resistance to the cold." Yukisune said casually.

"Angrboda say what?" Masamune asked with confusion.

"Nevermind. Is everyone good with that plan?" Yukisune asked.

"Yes," Xenos and Blaise nodded in unison.

"Let's do this," Jezebel nodded in reply.

"Long as it get us out of here, I'm fine with any plan," Kier commented.

"As long as I get out of this cold, I'll do anything!" said Masamune who was comically trying to warm himself up.

"Alright then! Time for me to "Defeat all of you!" Eternal Blizzard!" shouted Yukisune as she created a massive blizzard around the arena blinding most people's views, including those of the Marines and the Noble Frost. She then motions over to an open patch of snow close by."

"Looks like that path is our ticket out of here! Let's go!" shouted Masamune as he puts up his swords and started to follow down the path of snow.

"Let's go." said Ryuji as he quickly followed behind using his ninja speed.

"Man that girl's powers is scary in a setting like this. Glad she's on our side I guess." commented Camellia as she followed them in suit.

"RAH!!! WHAT IS WITH THE DAMN BLIZZARD YUKISUNE?!" shouted Frost as he was trying to hold on.

"It's a way to get rid of those terrible Fishmen around you!" Yukisune answered.

"Oh! YES! GET RID OF THESE BEASTS!!" commanded Frost.

"Oooooo it's like a snowglobe," Mei said in awe.

"Let's go, we don't have much time," Xenos commanded running in the direction of the path of snow.

"Come on, we're almost out of here," Blaise told the hermaid, "don't worry, I won't let anyone hurt you."

"," the hermaid softly spoke to Blaise looking at him with sadden coral eyes.

"Thank me later, come on, just a bit more," Blaise said as he took her hand leading the way.

"When I woke up to a winter wonderland of my dreams, I did not expect this," Jezebel commented following the group behind.

"Yep! The ending is right there! I can see it clearly!" said Masamune as he was using his powers to lead the others out of the snow path which appeared to be a snow forest without anyone, a person nor Marine in sight. "Alright! Looks like we're golden!"

"Finally. Man you guys are pirates alright. You're not afraid to cause trouble of that caliber." stated Camellia as she was talking about the Wisp Pirates.

"Although our friend here is prone toward those actions as well." said Ryuji as he pointed over toward Masamune.

"Hey now! Trouble just always happens to follow me wherever I go! It's a curse!" said Masamune defensively.

"Yea, we're pirates and we're not worried about causing chaos every now and again," Xenos replied to Camellia.

"We're just fortunate our captain is the more calmer level headed one," Zila commented.

"And then there our vice captain Blaise," Jezebel sneered cynically.

"Hey, at least I was able to save someone without being destructive," Blaise remarked.

"He does make a point," Celine added.

Meanwhile, Frost can be seen being calmed down by his followers fanning him as he is trying to regain his composure. Yukisune is seen trying to clean up around the arena using her snow powers from a distance.

"So...That filthy slave made off with my precious Hermaid right?" asked Frost who was oddly calm.

"Yeeep...The one called Blaise of the Wisp Pirates who was aided by Masamune of the Date Pirates." stated Yukisune.

"Those fools will rue the day they decide to steal from ME! I want those cretins on high alert! Especially the one that stole my Hermaid! This is so mad that I need to contact Admiral Fermi so he can get me another!" shouted Frost.

"Don't worry! I already heard the World Government has some other slaves lined up ready for you to pick! All you have to do is grab and go!" said Yukisune.

"I see. Fine. I guess I could use some more able bodies for now. I'll take my leave." said Saint Frost as he claps to order some slaves to carry off his massive weight.


Back at the pirate crews, Masamune can be seen using his Giro powers to watch the Noble from afar.

"Good news. Fatso is finally heading out." said Masamune as he kept looking through them with his powers.

"That' good to hear," Blaise spoke, "least now we're finally able to get out of here."

Suddenly, the hermaid fell down onto her knees looking down at the ground feeling tears welling up in her eyes.

"It's okay, you're free now," Blaise reassured as he knelt down looking to her.

The hermaid cried as she cupped her hands to her face letting her tears freely stream down her face. Mei went over to the hermaid then hugged her as she continued to cry.

"Thank you...thank you," the hermaid cried.

"Do you have a name," Mei asked looking to the hermaid.

"C-Calista," Calista replied sniffling.

"Calista, you're free now, you're no longer under his control anymore," Xenos said in a gentle tone.

"L-let me join you, please," Calista begged looking to Xenos and his crew, "I have no where else to go and...I...I..."

"I understand, you can join our crew," Blaise softly smiled.

"Heh so the big badass can smile huh? That's nice!" said Masamune with a smile of his own.

"At least it appears that we have excluded the Marines for now." said Ryuji walking behind the group.

"Now, all we need to do is get back to the ships and get the hell out of here!" shouted Camellia.

Suddenly, Yukisune appears with the group traveling around in the snow. "Yep! These will lead you straight to the ships. I should know as I'm making sure to meet with someone before going back with the Marines." she said.

"Ah! Snow woman! Thanks for your help back there!" Masamune said.

"Think nothing of it. I was just doing what was right after all even if I have to put on this façade that I dispised so much. Hopefully I don't have to put in for too much longer." said Yukisune with a sigh.

"Well what matters is that we're able to escape," Blaise replied, "thank you again."

"Sooner we get out of here, sooner we leave!" Kier shouted.

"To think someone who was working with the World Nobles is actually a revolutionary, crazy day," Zila commented.

"You're telling me," Yulia chuckled to herself.

"Hey! I've seen crazier!" said Yukisune with a laugh.

Masamune is still seen using his powers and noticing that the Marines are still tending to the Noble's needs. "Looks like we got a clear shot to our ships. That went by easily!" Masamune said with a smirk.

"Too easily but I don't mean that in a bad way. Helps having someone that is close to the Marines like that." Camellia stated.

"Indeed. We probably won't be as easy as before however. Especially if we intend on going to the New World." said Ryuji.

"Man I'm from the New World. It is really nothing to me." Masamune said with a shrug.

"I-I'm from the N-new World t-too," Calista replied in a stuttery voice.

"Wait, you're from the New World," Blaise asked.

"I'm from an island in the New World called Nāmaka," Calista answered.

"Well, that explains a lot," Zila commented.

"Now I'm even more curious about the New World!" Mei exclaimed excitedly.

"Was I from the New World," Xenos thought to himself.