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Wong is an eccentric pirate hunter and mercenary from the east blue.  Currently he is traveling island to island in the grandline.


Wong is in his late 40's and is bigger than the average man.  He wears red and orange silk robes like that of a monk that are very stained, and slippers on his feet.  He does not look to be in good fitness but is in fact very strong.  He has shaggy, unkept hair and usually has a smirk on his face.  He walks around slouched and stumbling.


Wong is a very charismatic individual who enjoys the little things and likes to celebrate life, to the point that he causes a ruckus everywhere he goes.  He is usually clumsy and uncoordinated even when he is not intoxicated.  Wong drinks frequently, but despite his moral dilemmas he has an odd sense of honor.  Often fighting for the sake of others, freely taking their burdens on for himself.


Wong uses hand to hand combat and is proficient with drunken boxing, but requires him to be intoxicated to do so.  He usually fights with a bottle in his hand, but he would never use it as a weapon, only to sustain his boxing skill. He has a way of swaggering and dodging that make him nearly untouchable in combat, but his actual attacks are often hit or miss.  To make up for this he has incredible skill for busoshuki haki making the attacks that do connect quite devastating.  He is unpredictable on the battlefield as his techniques are always changing.


Wong Lee's rival is fellow pirate hunter, Grover Kastle, the two have opposing fighting styles: Wong being chaotic and Grover being technical.  The two's rivalry only extents to competing who is the more skilled fighter, otherwise the two work together quite well and have done so on a number of occasions.


  • Wong Lee's concept, appearance, and name are inspired by characters portrayed by actor Jackie Chan.
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