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The World Government is a global regime which has ruled the world for over 800 years since founded by an alliance of 20 different kingdoms. It has since vastly grown in influence and now spans across more than 170 of the world's civilized countries.

The World Government is lead by the Five Elders

The Marines serve as the government’s official military branch, headed by the Fleet Admiral, while the Cipher Pol acts as their secret police, operating through sabotage, reconnaissance, spying, espionage and/or assassination. The government’s most prominent enemies mainly consist of pirates and revolutionaries.

Impel Down serves as the World Government's most impenetrable maximum-security prison.

The Commander-in-Chief oversees both the Marines and Cipher Pol, at least officially, and ranks directly below the Five Elders. The Commander-in-Chief also has authority over the Shichibukai.

Collectively serving as the most prominent antagonists in the series, the World Government is largely portrayed as a corrupt entity, particularly through the application of absolute justice, the suppression of academia and history like the Void Century and the Lineage Factor, and the depravity of the aristocratic World Nobles.


The World Government is affiliated with roughly 170 countries from around the world. Member countries retain autonomy and run their own internal affairs (though the World Government does sometimes intervene), but cooperate with the World Government for international relations. Their political ideals are unknown and everything they do is considered to be right. Not everyone approves of their political ideals, as there are people who are against it.

They approve of Absolute Justice and are based in the holy land of Mary Geoise. The World Government is ruled by the Five Elders, the highest public authority in the world, rendering the entire political institution a pure authoritarian oligarchy. They depend on the Marines and the Shichibukai to keep the Yonko and other antagonistic forces from defying them and causing chaos.

The World Government maintains an international order that claims to benefit all, making the world safe for the sake of everyone. Using the Marines, they pursue criminals endangering the lives of those who are innocent, protecting the people of each country in the world. The World Government, as the largest political power, holds full rights to halt or encourage any political action without question or opposition.

However, the reality is that, unknown to most citizens (and many world leaders), the World Government's actions and policies tend to be secretly based on corruption or questionable motives. They hide the truth or ignore the rights of the people, with many individuals using justice to further their own aims. Individuals who are deemed enemies of the World Government are viciously hunted down and dealt with, and all those who walk along the same path as them are doomed to share the World Government's wrath. While some people are beginning to question the motives of the World Government, the general public still trusts them and would tend to believe information from them.

The World Government's power to release information on anyone as they please can often lead to the truth being suppressed, altered or ignored completely. Any countries attempting to protect or harbor criminals are at risk from the World Government, and some have been known to be destroyed completely. For the most part, the important role they have in maintaining world stability far outweighs the corruption they often display.

They ally themselves with seven powerful pirates in exchange for pardoning their past felonies, but allow them to continue committing crimes in order to maintain power and status. During an event including the escape of several Level 6 criminals, the World Government order to suppress the greater details, since they do not want ordinary citizens to know that these potentially dangerous criminals are free to roam the land once again. This means that the Marines can not issue the warrants necessary for their arrests without releasing information related to these criminals.

Despite the institution of slavery being abolished publicly, the World Government still allows such practice in the underworld, mainly due to the Celestial Dragons' exceptional privileges; in fact, government agent themselves would buy slaves to be trained into soldiers or agents, in order to bolster the ranks of the Marines and Cipher Pols. For that, they conducted transactions with slave traders to obtain entry into different countries, to allow for a larger variety of "merchandise".

The World Government is willing to eliminate innocent people and their own allies to prevent the possibility of negotiating with criminals or accommodating their demands. This doctrine is the principle of Absolute Justice. Higher ranked Marines follow this ideal and will order the destruction of large groups of Marines in an attempt to kill just one notorious criminal fighting them, which will result in thousands of unnecessary deaths and will execute any Marine soldiers who question their orders. None of the Marine or Government officials are reprimanded or punished for these actions. Nonetheless, the Government refuses to bring harm to any World Nobles who are taken hostage, as they are seen as above the bureaucracy.

The majority of the World Government appears to be centered around paranoia, as they appear to divide power very carefully. However, this paranoia can be exploited. Having outside forces changing the government of an allied country or nation would provoke the government. Any country affiliated with the government, allies with notorious pirates, the World Government will revoke the Royal Family's right to attend the Levely when their alliance is discovered

The World Government can be described as totalitarian to an absolute extent, as they often will make massive efforts to ensure that they remain in power, including the appropriation or elimination of any source of power that could be perceived as greater than their own.

World Government
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World Government Affiliates

All over the world, there are over 170 countries that are affiliates of the World Government. Within their own territory all these members have their own sovereign government that rules over its people. However, in the large World Government itself, those leaders are treated as equals and each have a seat within it. Among these member countries, not all are of the same kind. Some are large countries with kings as their leaders, while others are simply big cities that are governed by mayors.

Nations who are affiliated with the World Government also gain its protection, and can be helped and defended by the Marines and Cipher Pol. However, member nations must pay a tax to the World Nobles known as the "Heavenly Tribute". These extravagant payments often take a toll on poorer countries, with the people on the island that lack these tributes often starving to death from the loss of resources. Failure to make the payment seems to be very consequential, as affiliates make it their effort to meet the quota despite the resultant poverty. Being unable to pay the Heavenly Tribute is the most common reason why a nation does not join the World Government. These nations often fall into ruin due to lacking the World Government's protection, and most if not all unaffiliated nations only manage to survive by becoming an Emperor's territory or being self-sufficient enough to defend themselves, such as Wano Country.

The World Government does not tolerate any of their affiliate nations having associations with powerful pirates and will be disconnected from the World Government. Nations that are affiliated with the Shichibukai are the only exceptions to this rule due to their affiliation with the Government. A nation that is ruled or aided by Warlord are often looked over as the Warlords granting them their protection and thus do not act upon further investigations. However, there exceptions with a Kingdom still being a member nation of the World Government while bearing a pirate flag as its nations logo and Fish-Man Island is still affiliated with the government despite being under the protection of a pirate. Fraternization with lesser pirates, on the other hand, seem to be more permissible (or simply harder to detect). Water 7 and other islands who make this life out of business is permitted to offer their services to anyone, even pirates, under the common understanding that they cannot control how their supplies are being used by the clients.


  • Alabasta


Twenty Kingdoms

Kingdoms that fought the Great Kingdom and founded the World Government. Nineteen of the royal families left their countries and moved to Mary Geoise to become World Nobles and elected new royal families to replace them.

  • Alabasta - The only Royal Family that chose not to live in Mary Geoise.
  • Dressrosa - Originally ruled by an unknow family. After leaving, they were replaced by a new Royal Family. Later, the descendant of this new royal family Rooten was killed and the country was taken over by the kings killer Tatsuya Ryushiki, one of the Shichibukai.

Security Forces

The World Government also operates a number of groups and organizations that protect the citizens of the world on a global scale.


The World Government has a religious and holy theme. Mary Geoise was called the 'holy land', the place where the Five Elders resides was called the sanctuary, the World Nobles have the word "Saint" in front of their names, with common people believing that defying them is a sin. Impel Down appears to be based on the Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy.

History of the World Government