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The following is a list of events as they take place in our alternate universe of the One Piece world, starting from the past and heading toward the present storyline.



Before the Great Age of Pirates

When did it happen? (Years Ago)
67 years ago
Sora Daisuke is born.[1]
61 years ago
Donk E. Kong is born.[2]
51 years ago
Shinzui is born.[3]
39 years ago
Moby Dick is born.[4]
38 years ago
Z. Spark is born.[5]
33 years ago
Gozen Tomoe is born.[6]
28 years ago
Crack R. Jack is born.[7]
25 years ago
Sora Kami is born.[8]

Keaton is born.[9]
Redbeard Pirates is formally dissolved for yet unknown reasons.[10] Thăng Long D. Yang and Thăng Long D. Yin are born.[11]

London Dane is born.[12]
24 years ago
Sherman X. Bismarck is born.[13]
23 years ago
Akira is born.[14]

Godspeed is born.[15]

Lilith is born

Great Age of Pirates

When did it happen? (Years Ago)
22 years ago
The great pirate Gol D. Roger is sentenced to death. Roger's speech before his death leads pirates to the Grand Line to seek out his hidden treasure, dubbed 'One Piece'. This event marks the beginning of an era called "The Great Age of Pirates" (大海賊時代 Daikaizokujidai?)
21 years ago
Chance E. Bill is born.[16]
Luc E. Feuer is born.
19 years ago
Sol D. Neal is born.[17]

Fedora C. John is born.[18]
Cayeux D. Anseau is born.

Vesper D. Xenos is born.
18 years ago
Lovecraft D. Ame is born.
Lenoir Blaise is born.
17 years ago
Elio Leonardo is born.[19]

Merlin Avalon is born.[20]

Tsuki B. Karui is born.
16 years ago
León Margherita Marisol is born.[21]
Strauss D. Calam is born.
14 years ago
Shinzui becomes a Shichibukai.[22]
11 years ago
Be Gone by the Nuke takes place - 11 years ago,on a floating base in the Grand Line,there was a famous fight that would impact the course of some "crusades" that been happening on the marines back then. Gahn,the man who's been attacking and responsible for thousands of marine deaths,has ended up meeting the top dog of the force,Admiral Fermi. And this battle will end the reign of terror for Gahn,but it does take him back to his homeland,Alabasta. [23]
10 years ago
Pungent Clouds takes place — Prodigious pirate Z. Spark ventures to the White-Sea in search of one of the Four Emperors, Donk E. Kong. In an unexpected turn of events, Wukong offers Spark a prominent position in his crew after the young pirate secured a victory against one of crew's top combatants. After a brief confrontation, Wukong notes the mink has much too learn before he could challenge him again.[24]
9 years ago
Sol D. Neal's home island is destroyed by the Wild Boar Pirates.
2 years ago
Bounty Hunter's Tale: From the West Blue's main story takes place. "Quickdraw" D. Neal gains infamy in the West Blue and his first bounty after defeating the Navy Captain Kabuto S. Willem and enters the Grand Line.
Current Storyline
January 1522

Jackpot! takes place — After years of hard work, Sherman was given a one week vacation. He decides to spend it on the famous Vegas Island. Arriving there, he meets former marine and now turned pirate, Chance E. Bill. Once they were both marines, and now they stand on opposite sides. But, their friendship remains. They spend their time together gambling at the casinos. The next day, Sherman is invited to Bill's ship where they have breakfast together. During breakfast, they catch up on what has changed since Bill left, along with a little information about Bill's father.[25]

February 1522

Welcome to the Jungle takes place - The Lucky Pirates go to Nam in their adventures. A map was given to them by Cassie's father. The map led to treasure and a devil fruit. But first,they have to make the emperor,Esposito Dante,content with the presence of the Lucky Pirates. As many things happen in this adventure,from a port battle to a total robot invasion. This is one of the most intense adventures the Lucky Pirates have faced yet.[26]

May 1522

Cloud Nine takes place — Wukong Pirates Moby Dick and Noche Nube, two members of the Eight Trigrams, were tasked with infiltrating, looting and destroying the Sky Force base, G-99. Natural competitors, the two raced to the scene and then shared stories of their joining of the crew. Once nightfall came, the two launched their attack. Noche was confronted by marine Commodore Gozen Tomoe, but despite her skills, she posed little threat to the bird-man. All the while, Dick was confronted by her subordinates and managed to defeat them with relative ease as well. Leaving her marked and as the only survivor, the two pirates fled the scene and returned to Tian.[27]

Winter Wonderland takes place — Marine Associate Hermes makes a surprising discovery that can potentially lead to havoc and chaos around the world. Marines and World Government officials are driven to the scene to locate the defected associate, however, pirates and other third party combatants turn the island of Glasteria into a battleground.[28]

WENP: Winter Wonderland is released around the world.[29]

June 1522

Unlikely Proposition takes place — Following a meeting with the Fleet Admiral, the Hero of the Marines, Sora Daisuke, appeared before the Yonko, Wukong with an unusual proposition. Upon accepting the terms, the two moved to an abandoned marine outpost in the West Blue to see who'd be victorious. After a brief yet climactic exchange, the pirate seized the win, however not without gambling away an island before he did. As per the term, the battle's outcome would be released to the public, not knowing that such an act will start the Sky Wars.[30]

Sol D. Neal becomes a Shichibukai.

Newcomer's Welcome takes place — Returning to his hometown, the Mokomo Dukedom, the Pirate Emperor Donk E. Kong declares the nation a territory under his rule as a ploy to draw out the newest emperor, Esposito Dante. After engaging in some criminal luxuries, the two partook in a friendly wager that later fell into a heated battle among pirate royals. Although both left the same way they entered the confrontation, both knew next time will be very different.

July 1522

Coffee is a Weak Form of Acid - Z. Spark of the Wukong Pirates discovers Kyoto Island of the New World. After taking out the bandits and the pirate crews there, Spark decided to frequent this island whenever he has the chance. As such, Kyoto Island serves as a "second home" to Spark.

Eviction takes place - It is the meetup between relatives. Bill's cousin Jack got lost in the New World,and Bill is escorting Jack's crew back into fishman island. Bill then explains to Jack that he isn't prepared for the New World. Bill then after a fight,that he wants to learn haki,and BaRock would train him.[31]

Breath of the Wild takes place - The Mad Pirates have their first-ever adventure outside of the Kingdom of Hearts. After running away from that island, they find themselves after following a map in a hunting island where a giant bear is being advertised as the hardest animal to kill. The Yin-Yang Pirates also come to the island to hunt and get the bear for money. It is a huge meetup between two potential infamous pirates in a small hunting ground island.[32]

Buried In The Sand takes place - In an attempted joint effort between the Marines, the current King of Alabasta and a group of bounty hunters, a massive scavenger hunt all over the island was held. It attracted plenty of pirates, namely a few rookie pirates; Elio Leonardo,Thăng Long D. Yang,Crack R. Jack and Fedora C. John. Despite plenty of arrests and kills, these four and their crews made a massive mess and plenty of trouble, avoiding capture all together and managed to successfully bring down a powerful swordsman. a pirate wedding also takes place to celebrate both love and victory![33]

A Circle of Waves takes place - The Mad Pirates and the Yin-Yang Pirates are at it again together at Water 7. In this one,they will meet some more future members of their crew. They will have some old friend meetups. Besides from reunions,they will also try to make their name more known in the Grand Line by doing many things,and by robbing a train? [34]

Silencing The Beast takes place- Two Titanic power houses meet as one of the Admirals of the Marines clashes with with the Yellow Beast Elio Giovanni, leaving nothing but destruction in their confrontation. The destruction of Groves, 24, 25 and 26 have changed the landscapes of Sabaody along with the flying debris making an enormous amount of people job and home less in a blink of the eye.. Majority of the archipelago's surrounding groves were forced to be evacuted as their three day battle went, with justice proving to be the winner...or did it? [35]

August 1522

Seven Isn't Lucky — takes place Four of the Shichibukai make their way to the Hold Land of Mary Geoise in order to engage in deliberations with the Fleet Admiral and her platoon of Vice-Admirals. Unfortunately, discussions were interrupted by Wukong's declaration of War against the World Government. With the balance of power put into question, the Warlords receive their orders and prepare for the looming threat. [36]

Gone With The Wind takes place - The Inferno Pirates head to Little Garden to have fun with dinosaurs. Though they will be doing more than that. They will meet a new rookie captain that is the daughter of the Warlord,Gahn O. Yaphet. Leo will also be challenging the Great Gahn to a duel. The question is,does Leo have enough firepower to defeat Gahn? [37]

The Snowball Effect takes place - The Inferno Pirates now head to Drum Island to save their captain,Elio Leonardo,before he succumbs to his wounds. As they are there,they meet a friend of theirs,and acquire a new friend and crewmate.[38]

A Wisp of Madness under the Moonlight takes place - John and Alice make it to an island for their honeymoon! Or what they thought it to be a nice,simple honeymoon. Turns out,action was left and right in this adventure. With the help of the Draco Pirates and Wisp Pirates,the three crews were able to take on an army of slave hunters,led by the infamous Lockdown! Later,the crews take on a commodore,a captain,and a commander from a marine crew. Then the Draco Pirates captain,Zero D. Rukia, plans to find a helmsman for her crew. After all this is a party of drinking and dancing. So hoist the mainsails for a wonderful adventure![39]

The Thrilling Night takes place - The Yin-Yang Pirates somehow get lost in the Florian Triangle and end up in a mysterious island. Turns out they aren't the only ones that got lost as they find the Crackerjack Pirates and the duo of Akira and Godspeed there. They will meet many strange encounters such as a strange singer warning them of danger. The question is...will they listen to the strange warnings?[40]

WENP: World At War!!! is released across the world.[41]

A Tiger's Brother is a Bear takes place - Yang enters the island of Jaya for some little fun,until he ends up playing tennis with a drunkard. He then realizes soon that One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea are there on the island. Yang ends up trying to make friends with the Warlord. Will Yang and Gahn become friends? And Yang's crewmates end up trying to look for Yang as he left without them. [42]

There's Always Two Sides - takes place - This is a meetup between old friends in Paradise Island. An example of two friends on opposite sides. Here we have Kai and Megapunk talk back and chat about what life has been like. We also get to see a flashback of Megapunk working on Kai.[43]

September 1522

The Sky's the Limit take place - 4 pirate crews meet each other in this arcipelago that floats between the clouds and the blues. They meet each other in a party of one of the islands. Soon they find a murder happening amidst the party. Who was the murderer? Was it one of them? Who is this Gajetto? Will little Aires ever get his apple pie? We will find out in this little story. [44]

October 1522

Battle of Ohara takes place — Attempting to uncover treasured secrets of the Void Century, a team of Oharan scholars discover a Poneglyph that reveals the secrets of the Ancient Weapons. Unfortunately, during their expedition, Vice-Admiral Kiwashi stumbled upon their research and slaughtered the entire group; indicting their native island to the same fate by calling a Buster Call shortly after. As five Vice-Admirals and a Marine Fleet dispatched to Paradise island, rookie pirates attempted to save the citizens from an untimely demise. Their efforts were all for naught however as the fulfillment Absolute Justice executed scholars and civilians alike. In an unexpected turn of events, the Wukong Pirates emerge causing a battle between the two parties to ensue. During the battle's climax another party emerges, the Libertà Pirates. With three of the world's global powers in one place, the battle ended in a stalemate causing the respective parties to go their own way. Azure Wars continues...[45]

WENP: Travesty of Justice is released across the world.[46]

November 1522

N2O and Tea Is a Recipe for Disaster takes place - The Mad Pirates are back in action! After a 3 month training session in Mockingbird heights and being taught Shinigami from the Grimm Brothers,they've travelled to the island: Foolshout island,to restock for their adventures. Awhile,they meet the Nitro Pirates and their captain,Angrboda Nitroni,there at a bar. But John seems suspicious of Nitro. And then there was an army of marines,wanting to arrest them. John was able to barely escape arrest,but with a certain cost of information that he wants the rest of the crew to know. Tune in to this action filled adventure of the tea party returning![47]

Gluttonous Chaos takes place - What happens when you let 2 wacked out pirates work together and attack a marine base? Well this is the story of how a clown and a dragon can both make some big noise against some of the toughest marines by rank. The clown pirate,Crack R. Jack meets Angrboda Houshoku, the daughter of warlord Tatsuya Ryushiki. The two together decide to create chaos first at the Lulusia Kingdom by doing silly stuff like cow-tipping to soon cause full mayhem of destroying milk factories and destroying the milk supply to the marine base G-2. Soon,the two pirates aim for something bigger,to cause destruction at G-2! But when they do,they'll meet the likes of Robo-Marine,Zero D. Echo,and Thanatos. How will this end? Well just tucker up the pants and zip em up for a wild ride of a story this is! [48]

A Milk a Day,Brings the Doc to Stay takes place - The Yin Pirates are going on an adventure,to find their cook and doctor. They are going to islands that their friend,Miller Theresa,had recommended to go there. But first,before they collect their new members,they have to go through some particular trial. From fighting a minotaur in a basement to fighting a monstrous orc in the mystical forest,there is always action being found from the Yin Pirates. So buckle up and set your sails for this adventure![49]

A Good Day for Tea,Moonshine,and Chaos takes place - It's mayhem again at Lactose! This time,we add a mess of the Gluttonous Princess,Angrboda Houshoku,the Clown Prince of Crime,Crack R. Jack,and the Mad Hatter,Fedora C. John. These three meet up after some events of their own accords. They together enter this island,and find some certain jobs to do. In this story,they'll be doing some of the most random and craziest shit you will see! From Bull-Riding to illegal moonshining,fighting a mad potato head,and meeting the biggest fatass on the planet! This adventure will keep you on your seat and make you ride a wild roller coaster story![50]

December 1522

Shipwrights Build but Clowns Destroy takes place - Join the Yin Pirates as they go explore the barbaric desert wasteland known as Flavia,a land full of barbarians,but with very nice architecture. But before they go land in Flavia,they literally have a crash with the Crackerjack crew. They get pretty tired of the clownery from them,but they can't escape from one of crackerjack's newest member,Maximillion Force,as it seems he knows Dane in some form. Dane is also challenged to a fight by a hammerhead fishman! The Yin Crew also find their shipwright! The Yin Crew also gets a new ship! How does this all happen? Well tune in and read this awesome adventure of the Yin Pirates![51]

A Hell of a Meeting Between Demons and Monsters takes place - This was a major point for the Yin Pirates. The Yin crew in the beginning gain a new member and a member gains a new power. Later,there's this major battle of the swordsman Dane and the Vice Admiral Nitroni. Then,the fight was interrupted by the two powerful pirates,the White Fang London Jack and the Grim Reaper Angrboda Seiryuu; Where those two fought themselves and nearly destroyed the island! After that,White Fang takes his son Dane and convinces him to train with him. Thus,the Yin Pirates splitting up for their training. Then there's a large feast on Fang's ship that the couple,Yin and Dane,attend while waiting for their training. They head to Vulpixia to drop off Yin,but a lot of surprises were found along the time. This is an adventure that'll take you out on a loop! So sit down,grab your popcorn (a lot of popcorn) and enjoy reading this tale of a major arc for the Yin Pirates![52]


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