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World to Change
Date Started: January 7th, 2022

Date Finished: th, 2022

Setting: Sabaody Archipelago

Notable Characters Involved:


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The day breaks open as a large wave crashed against the massive and luxurious warship sized transport ship belonging to a world noble. On the ship the members of scabbard were seen, primarily Arthur who was looking at the oncoming archipelago. Despite how bright the sun was or how fresh the air is, an aura of serious yet calm energy could be felt coming off the young marine. Despite that though, a hand quickly swung down and slapped his back.

"Oi, Artha!" Vladimir called out with a playful chuckle and a large grin. "Come on man, it's your first day leading such an important mission! Take it easy will ya? It's supposed to be a good thing, Mr. Rear Admiral!" The young red haired captain, Salvatore Vladimir the "rising star" of the Marines was his closest friend and ally, so he was one of the few that could actually try to bring some joy to Arthur's aura.

"Can you please not hit my back again? Next time you do, I promise you'll be missing a few teeth. You shouldn't be so informal to your superior officer. You wouldn't act like that toward Black Dragon.

"Bahahahaha! There's the Arthur I know and love. Plus you may be a rear admiral, but you're no Black Dragon!" Vladimir responded back as casually as ever. "Oh, and by the way, I'm surprised you picked Titania as a member for your division. Figured since she's so close to Elaine you'd avoid recruiting her into your team.

"Despite the company she keeps, there's no denying it would come in handy to have such a raw physical force on our team. She can patch up any holes in our formations." Arthur said before lighting up a smoke. "Now, focus. We will be patrolling the unit escorting the world noble. So keep yourself focused. I'll be counting on your fruit more than anything else. Can't deny how much it comes in handy when it comes to covering ground"

Vladimir cocked an eyebrow looking over at Arthur, "Hm? You seem more…normal I guess is the word." The young marine then smiled gleefully, "I'm glad! It makes ya a lot more likable you know? Who knows maybe by the time you become an admiral, we'll actually be able to see you smile. Of course, that'll be while you're serving under me, since we both know I'll one day become the fleet admiral!" He cheered himself on and extended his fist over to Arthur.

"Yeah, yeah," The Modified human Rear Admiral said before tapping his fist against Vladimir's, letting a cloud of smoke escape his lips. "We'll see who becomes what first. I won't be making it easy on you."

The two looked out at the sea at the same time. A powerful nearby gust blew past the two as their hair danced in the wind, the waves splashing about, slamming I'm their ship. It was a moment of complete peace, the leave before the storm at least. As the two felt it in their cores, Arthur looked up at the sky and let out a soft sigh, a small twitch on his hand, he could feel it, this was the moment, this mission is bound to shake the world….

An emerald hair colored young wan can be seen walking down a small path between large buildings. She was carrying large bags filled of food and medicine, wearing an untouched smile going about her marry way. Alongside her was a young lady of about the same age, she had her black hair that contrasted her brilliant, crimson red eyes. She had a sword with a red scabbard and hilt tied to her side. They were both memebes if the infamous pirate crew, The Inferno Pirates, the "Emerald Princess" León Margherita Marisol and "Red Moon" Shinku Tsuki.

"How do you like the archipelago so far, Tsuki?" Mari asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and out of her face. "I feel like its been so long since we've all had the chance to relax together. Bring able to go out and shop for supplies, preparing ourselves for the next step of our journey, everyone is doing their part. Things are starting to feel normal again."

Before responding, the ever silent Tsuki looked over at Mari, noticing the reminiscent look in her eyes and the slight pink blush found on her cheeks. She then smiled before replying, "If that's your dragged out saying you're glad the captains back...then yes it does feel nice." She responded with her ever so slight taste of sas in her words.

With widened eyes and a blush filled face Mari looked away with an embarassed and panicked look on her face. "N-no! Nothing like that! I-I mean don't get me wrong, it does feel great to have him back. B-but that's because he's our captain and leader! I mean what would we do without him!? Um uh uh."

"We all saw that reunion from those few weeks ago." Tsuki replied before taking se of the bags from Mari to help her carry the load. "It's okay Princess, the captain obviously feels the same way about you."

As the duo arrived back to the ship of the crew, Mari walked over to the blonde first mate of the ship, Merlin Avalon the Sakura Sword who was resting, bathing in the sunlight beaming down on the ship. He then looked over and smiled, "oi, you two are back huh?" He asked, kicking himself to his feet, walking over. "Hm?" Merlin then paused, pondering over the girls. "Uh, where's Leo?"

"What do you mean? We thought he was still asleep here with you guys." Mari replied rather confused and thrown off.

"No he was gone by the time I woke up to go out for my morning training." Merlin replied.

In that isntsnt, the three of them had their eyes widened before letting out an annoyed sigh, in complete sync the three of them yelled, "not again!" The three of them groaned in annoyance as they know, old habits don't die so easily.

Meanwhile during all of this, a cheerful, long chestnut brown haired young man, the infamous pirate captain, the "Walking Inferno", Elio Leonardo was jumping from building to building. His eyes happily examining the unique architecture of that this found within the archipelago! From the bright and color ful buildings, to the green grass found everywhere, and the two most notable things being the giant man grove trees and the abundance of natural bubbles all over. As childish as ever, to a truly innocent extent Leo began to hope from bubble to bubble, having the time if his life and filling the area with the sound of his giggles.

"This is so awesome! I can jump from bubble to bubble and they won't pop! Hahaha! Oh! I know!" Leo said before landing on the floor then on his back he released a stream of flames from his feet, causing him to perform a flurry of windmills, cause the stream to pick up speed and air, forming a vortex. It began to pull in large quantities of bubbles, the bright colors of the flames began to be reflected by the bubbles. The view was stunning and in an instant Leo killed the flames, watching the bubbles comp to the top, popping one by one as they appeared like embers bursting.

"This place is so awesome! It's almost like the bubbles themselves add a layer of a mystic nature to the scenary, making the beauty of the archipelago appear to be so mu- oh my god I see a dog!" Leo said pausing mid ramble, following a dog down the road."

On the island of Sabaody, a large ship can be seen on the port side of Grove 27. The ship appeared to look like a large battleship that had a flag of a white tiger on it. Naturally, this is the infamous rooliepirate crew of the Shennong Pirates that had made it's way to the archeplego. Four pirates from the ship can be seen leaping off and jumping to the port area of the grove.

"Heh it's been a long time since we been together like this huh? Seems like yesterday when we all was kicking ass!" said the tiger mink that now carried a sword on his side and an entirely new gear and appearance to him. Is trademark hat seem to be gone and now even has a bell on the end of his tail that rings with every wag. It was Thăng Long D. Yang who was beside his three closest crewmates Maxwell Steel, Draycel Hooke and Alexander Crescent.

"It hasn't been that long dumbass! And that wouldn't been a problem if you didn't had to get captured by that admiral!" Steel shouted as he was now taller, his hair was longer, and he was now wearing blue tunic instead of his usual green one. His large sword he carried was shining in the sun as ever.

"Not to mention you're apparently a swordsmen now like us. I hope you can keep up with us in combat." Crescent said as his own appareance wasnt' too different but how his hair is long and black.

"Shi-shishishi! You guys are as blunt as ever!" Yang said with a laugh.

"Although I am two happy that we are back together. You cannot imagine how much Reddi was beside herself when she heard of Steel's condition." Hooke stated as he was hovering above the others using his powers.

"Yeah! I heard them fighting all night the other night for some reason! Though I heard a lot of moans...Man you really got your ass kicked huh Steelie?" Yang asked with another laugh.

"Man I am so glad you're still as clueless as ever..." Steel said with an angry blush.

"Anyway, where are we going anyway? I wonder why he docked here of all places?" Crescent asked.

"Grove's 1-29 is known as the Lawless Area where pirates and bounty hunters run amok. It is quite an apporiate place for pirates such as ourselves to start out at. Though, we ourselves must be wary of the pirates in the area." Hooke stated.

"Pfft! How strong we are now, they have to worry about us! Don't worry I have plenty of new tricks to show us now I took the time to train my powers, my Electro, and I can even use Future Sight to a sense. Those Minks were kickass and I nearly died with that training. However, I made a promise I'd never die again and I'm going to stand by that." Yang said as piercing red eyes and fangs were seen showing his vampirism side. "Age isn't a problem now and all I have to do is worry about the other things, but not anymore!"

"Well said. Glad your brain toughened up slightly over the years." Crescent said with a smirk.

"Alright guys! Let's see what will be in store for us!" Yang declared as he and half his crew started to walk further into Sab

A young man with black hair tied into a short ponytail with red eyes with an expressionless look on his face looking around with another man next to him with his sword resting on his shoulder with shoulder length black hair and neon blue eyes. The two who boarded off the ship were none other than Vesper D. Xenos and Lenoir Blaise of the Wisp Pirates.

“So, this is Sabaody Archipelago,” Blaise asked, looking at the scenery before him.

“Yup, to be honest, I was expecting something a bit more…thrilling,” Xenos admitted.

“Well be happy we were able to arrive here without losing a limb or two,” a voice called out. The voice belonged to Jezebel, the navigator of the crew, whose raven black hair and golden eyes glowed as she looked to them with a scowl.

“The owl girl getting huffy again,” Blaise asked snickering.

“Mind repeating that again?!” Jezebel growled.

“Now now you two, save your fighting for another day, what matters now is we’re here on a new island and we should be exploring!” a young hermaid named Calista, with light blonde hair with blue and pink ribbons approached the three as she hugged Blaise to her chest causing him while wearing a straight face to blush.

“Yaaaaaaaay! Time to explore!” A young cat humink, named Mei, exclaimed happily as she hopped off of the ship ready to run out before she was stopped by a trap made of pudding. As she tripped over she looked over to see who made the trap when she looked up to see a woman with magenta red hair and red eyes. “Yulia!!!!” Mei hissed.

“Think we’re going to let someone like you run out there like a stray cat without a leash,” Yulia sneered as she boarded off the ship along with a woman with black hair and magenta eyes followed by a man with black hair and blue eyes. The two being Celine the doctor of the crew and Archibald Kier the shipwright of the crew.

“Ok, that sounded wrong for both of us,” Kier remarked.

“Now now dear, shouldn’t be too much for us,” Celine comforted, “Zila, do you have everything needed?”

“Yea yea, just hoping we find some good heads for me to collect,” Zila replied with her arms behind her head.

“Seriously you and your love of heads will one day be the death of you,” a man with spiky blonde hair sighed, which was Xenos' long time best friend Salem Orion.

“SABAODY ARCHIPELAGO! TSUKI B. KARUI HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!” The white lion humink known as Tsuki B. Karui, captain of the Moonheart Pirates shouted with a bright smile on her face. Sadly her moment of happiness was short lived when her navigator Sumire smacked Karui on the back of her head with an annoyed look on her face.

“Seriously you’re going to make a scene right now,” Sumire sighed in annoyance.

“Oh, you wanna start this right now,” Karui hissed, “bring it bitch!”

“Keep your excitement down idiot!” Sumire shouted, grabbing Karui by her ears.

“Get the hell off my ears bimbo!” Karui shouted back, grabbing onto Sumire’s ears in return as the two tugged at one another’s ears.

“Come on you two, what matters is that we’re here now and we get the chance to relax now,” a pink haired dog humink, who the doctor of the crew Amores Catalina replied trying to calm the captain and navigator down.

“Speaking of, where are the others,” Karui asked, looking around while holding onto Sumire’s ears.

“Get off my ears!” Sumire growled in pain.

“Fine,” Karui sighed then she noticed an aroma that caught her attention. Her ears perked up as she followed the scent purring, “Something smells good,” Karui purred.

“Karui,” Catalina asked, “Not again…Sumire, you stay and wait for the others, I’ll go after Karui.” Like that Catalina ran after Karui leaving Sumire to wait for the other crew members much to her annoyance.

On the island of Sabaody, a tall man with wine red eyes and shoulder length white hair was walking with four of his crew members. It was Caedmon, captain of the Umbra Pirates with his love Eulalie Mylène as they were at Grove 25 spending time together happily enjoying a meal together. The couple were looking at each other lovingly as they blushed, looking away, unable to speak to one another until they looked back into each other's eyes, smiling innocently.

“Caedmon, this day has been so wonderful,” Mylène smiled brightly, “so tell, what’s this all about?”

“Mylene, there’s something that I’ve wanted to ask you for quite some time now,” Caedmon asked with a slight blush.

“Hm? What is it,” Mylène asked with curious green eyes.

“Mylene, I wanted to…,” Before Caedmon could finish his sentence, a young man with long black hair wearing Middle Eastern like attire spotted the couple.

“Hey! Found them over there!” A voice shouted, it was Luc E. Walden, who called out to the couple much to Caedmon’s embarrassment. Along with Walden were two other crew members; those being Gethen and Ēderuwaisu Rio.

“Of all people, why him, why?!” Caedmon asked to himself clutching onto his hair.

“Found you,” Gethen said as he sat next to Caedmon.

“So how are you and your girlfriend,” Walden snickered.

“It was fine,” Caedmon grumbled, planting his face on the table.

Mylène smiled politely at Rio who sat next to her without showing any sign of disappointment. “Hi Rio, how are you,” Mylène asked.

“Can’t complain, didn’t want to come in the first place,” Rio shrugged.

“If I’m correct, this is Sabaody Archipelago,” a woman pondered with long cerulean blue hair and seafoam green eyes looking towards the island from on top of the spirit bow. The woman being Lovecraft D. Ame of the Rain Pirates. Just then footsteps could be heard coming from behind her as s a woman with long white hair and blue eyes looking in the same direction as the wind blew through her hair. It was Yukine, her first mate of the crew.

“What’s on your mind milady,” Yukine asked.

“Nothing in particular really,” Ame replied, “just curious to see what lies aheads honestly.”

“Captain! Island up ahead! Should we land there?” a young woman called out in her Harpy Eagle form with another woman next to her who was in the form of a hummingbird.

Hana, get the ship ready to the island, Dianthe, tell the others to get ready as we are to reach land soon,” Ame ordered.

“Yes milady,” the two nodded as Hana flew towards the bow of the ship while Dianthe landed back on deck and headed inside to bring the others.

“What’s going on here,” a young woman with long black hair with a red streak and purple eyes asked approaching Ame. It was Chuya, one of the officers of her crew.

“We’re about to reach Sabaody Archipelago from what my log pose if picked up,” Ame replied.

“I see, I should probably get ready in case we’re in for whatever is thrown at us,” Chuya said, pulling her naginata out and polishing it.

“You do that,” Yukine remarked then looked at Ame, “remind me again why you recruited her?”

“I explained it once,” Ame replied in a serious tone.

“My apologies,” Yukine answered, bowing apologetically

Grove 9 had normal activity for the most part, the severe lawlessness shown throughout Groves 1-29 as pirates were being chased by bounty hunters who were as lawless as the pirates themselves. But, in the midst of the madness, the focus was shifted to a clown that had just leapt out of a window of the building with a bag of goodies.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!" The Hazardous Clown! Crack R. Jack, laughs before he pulls out a remote and presses it as the building explodes behind him! "Ohhhh're sooo terrible!" he says looking over to whom his mentor was for a while. Ivan (the Terrible).

"MWUA HA HA HA!!!!" Ivan the Terrible laughs along with his student, he was a very tall and vary lanky character. He had his fair skin, green eyes, and black hair along with a two-toned suit of maroon and purple that as well had gold pinstripes. The two were seen laughing along and suddenly running away as bounty hunters were chasing them.

"There goes captain and his mentor...." Jack's first mate, Davida, says as her brother Harley, and the crew's pet Jackanapes were with him. Jackanapes was a gorilla just casually eating a banana as Harley was scratching its head.

"Captain sure did learn alot from him." Harley says, "As we must if we're going back to the New World."

"I'm sure he wants to see his cousin once again." Davida says, "Let's get going to him."

Meanwhile, members of the Red Pirates were seen in the shopping mall of Grove 30. They were casually chilling as some of the crew ate in the food court.

"Look at this pink dress!" The crew's cook, Theresa says as she held one.

"It does look pretty!" The crew's captain, The Red Hood, Hoode D. Jenny says looking down at Theresa holding the dress with stars in her eyes.

"We usually buy nothing but red clothes..." Jenny's husband, Little John (well, not so Little as he was taller than Jenny), says as he looked at a nice green suit, "That's why Green is my liking."

"Ok you christmas elf." Jenny teases as she looks behind and see the likes of Jaden and Jeremiah taking each others food while Valentine was supervising them.

"Give my fries back you overgrown fingernail!" Jeremiah shouts as Jaden had his unsheathed claws at his neck.

"Watch it bub!" Jaden shouts back, "Who was the one that shot me last night!! I deserve some compensation!"

"Hey! That's cause I thought you were a stray dog when you look like a shaggy mutt!" Jeremiah responds.

"A shaggy mutt?!?! I'll show who's a mutt!" He says as Valentine's sword finally reached against Jaden's claws.

"That's enough both of you." Valentine states, "No need to cause chaos in the amusement park."

"Pleh, last time we were in an amusement park, we destroyed it while fighting other werewolves." Jaden comments.

"Well maybe it can be different this time." The doctor Gerard says as he sips on some tea, "Right Caliban? Oh right he's with Theresa." He says looking at the frankenstein of a character following around Theresa.

"Can't believe though we survived that training with the Greatest Sharpshooter in the World...." Jeremiah then says as he recomposured himself when Jaden's claws were off his neck.

"A lot of us can't." Gerard says, "But we each learned a lot while on that island known as Amazon Lily. Some, like you Jeremiah, learned how to shoot much more accurately. Me, I learned how to use some plants for my medicines. You werewolves learned how to hone in your skill and deliver more destructive blows with Lycodia as a werewolf herself."

"Yeah....I don't know if she cared for me though." Jaden says, "She said I smelled the worst in the group."

"Heh, everybody says that to you Jaden." Jenny responds turning around. Her smile being noticeable even under her famous red hood.

The ship of the Yuelao Pirates]] can be seen docked right on the coast of Grove 41, the one known for it's souviner shops and other attractions. As the ship finally came to a stop that's to Sully being able to dock it and lay down the anchor, out comes the members of the Yuelao Pirates with their captain, Thăng Long D. Yin, leading it naturally.

"Wow...this place is quite amazing isn't it? Look at all of the bubbles!" Yin said as she was looking out at them.

"They're so pretty! I wanna ride each and every one of them!" Aries said excitengly as he was flying in the air.

"This place is quite graceful. Not fit for someone ungraceful as I am." Sully stated as he came off from the dock to join his crewmates after making sure their ship is at a halt.

"Heh. I give props to Katsudon. He wasn't kidding on how nice this place is despite the threat of Marines being around." Omochi said.

As Omochi spoke, the Inglorious Bastard himself, London Dane, enters into the scene. The Son of Fang had quite changed since the crew trained. He stood over 10 feet taller than he was before his training, and he had a new spikey hair style that went with his black hair. He also wore a whole new black outfit, and was barefoot like his father. Dane looks down to his wife and captain Yin and smiles.

"Sorry guys, had to change Qiang's diapers..." Dane says as he leaned down and kissed his wife, "Yup that has been my week."

"Wow.....can't believe how much you changed Dane!" The cook, Bliss says as she looked up at Dane.

"He is quite the tallest in the crew now." Auratus says.

"Yikes....looks like Yin would have to catch up." The crew's sniper and scientist, Indie says, "Might have to whip up a potion to fix that right Garrett?" She looks over to the crew's doctor.

"Indeed. Wolf Mink is quite tall for his age. It appears he has been eating well for the past few months or so." Garrett said as he adjusted his glasses that twinkled in the sunlight. "Naturally, I cannot fall to far behind as well after all I have learned from Curie's books."

"Heh, I learned a lot while away with father." Dane says, "But I learned a lot as well training myself in being a master of the blade." He says as he takes his giant nail bat out, "Unfortunately my main blade was destroyed against the Old Man Winter, but I will find that meito blade that you've been telling me Yin." He smiles. "Wanna go to the amusement park hun?"

"I believe that will be lovely! I hope the rest of you don't mind staying behind for now we promise to be back if things go well." Yin stated.

"When you say things like that, I do feel things may end up going wrong." Garrett stated with a fix of his glasses.

"Don't be like that Gary! I am sure they will be fine! Plus I can play with the babies more!" Aries said exitengly. "Wait AMUSEMENT PARK?!"

"Indeed. As I've said it just will be for a little while!" Yin stated.

"Me and Yin will just go on a little date." Dane smiles as he takes Yin's hand, "We'll be back, we promise." He says as the wolf mink and kitsune humink walk out and start heading for the amusement park.

Ameno Kantarō, looked at the surroundings in the natural islands of Sabaody, for some reason he knew a bad omen was taking place, and he wanted to know why.

There was a recognizable ship heading toward Grove 41. It was infamous ship known as The Rabbit Hole that belonged to the Mad Pirates. The grass covered ship sailing with vine-covered sails with the head of a swan, sailing toward the great archipelago known as Sabaody. In the crows nest (which were trees), were twin hedgehog minks known as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum looking over as they saw the island with the eyeglass. The two see the archipelago as the Tweedle Dum sends his red quilled body down the tree and opens the door to the inside of the ship.

Inside Tweedle Dum enters to a kitchen and sees a small tea party happening. There were 3 people at the table having tea, one was a man in black with a top hat known as Fedora C. John, a woman wearing a blue dress named Alice, and a white rabbit mink named White Tim. They each were having a warm cup of tea as there was cakes in the center of the table. The Mad Hatter turns around to face the red hedgehog mink, his eyes covered by the top hat.

"What is it?" John then asks Tweedle Dum.

"We're about to head to Sabaody Archipelago like Billy showed the way!" Tweedle Dum says jumping up and down.

"I can't wait to see the amusement park!" Alice says, "I heard so much about it!"

"It will be a great time there I'm sure." Tim nods, "What about you John?"

John was seen nodding, "Indeed, but won't lie, I feel like we won't be the only people there. Something is going to happen today. I feel it..." He says thinking.

"Captain." Tweedle Dum then says, "Want us to continue towards it? Is this the way?"

"....This is the way." John nods, "Let's go to sabaody. Let's enjoy the amusement park there." He smiles as he held the hands of his wife as Tweedle Dum ran to the helm to keep steering for the archipelago.

Celestial Justice

Arthur was seen adjusting his belt, looking down at the floor before taking a view out of the luxary ship belonging to the world noble he as guarding. His face was oddly even more blank than usual yet also, it had the pain of countless years. He then took his leave meeting with the rest of the Marines aboard. They had all taken the outfits that were much more world government like, complete black suits from head to toe.

"Alright, those on my team, get set, we're headed out. Alpha, don't slow us down too much." Arthur declared, fixing his suit collar and standing Infront of his team.

"Let's get this done pefectly" Michael announced to his team members wearing his suit which he had made sure was perfect "Try not to get in the way Bravo".

Dressed in an black entire, comprised of a black suit jacket and just above the knee-length skirt. Underneath her jacket and skirt were a fishnet shirt and fishnet stockings. Her outfit was topped off with black gloves, high-heels, and black square shaped sunglasses. Her dead eyes were completely covered. While Aiya was mostly uncomfortable in this far from usual attire, she felt new. A new look was the perfect change for her evolving personality, as Aiya was more vocal than ever before. Her sword rested ever so quietly on her left hip, that she had forgotten it was there once she moved to stretch. "Oh, I almost forgot I was carrying my blade. Hello friend." She smiled warmly, as she placed her left hand on her blade. "We're ready Rear-Admiral Robo-Cop!" Aiya chanted, turning towards Arthur.

"I don't like the way she's so friendly with Arthur." Titania thought to herself before she walked over to Arthur. "Let's uh, get to work. Elaine and I will take the furthest point of scout."

Arthur looked over and simply shrugged his shoulders. "I want all of you to at least be within three to five buildings from the rest. I want you to each report every half hour. Keep an eye out for any pirate. Do not forget we will be entering the lawless area. This means criminals at every turn. If you see an inglorious bastards report do not engage." Despite only recently becoming a Rear Admiral, Arthur was already displaying his capability to keep those under him tied to his words and orders.

"Yeah yeah whatever." Elaine replied before leaping off the ship. "If this mission goes south, I hope you get demoted! Ya damn jet black idiot." She then leapt into a building looking over.

"we'll report soon, I promise Arthur!" Titania said before giggling. She had a slight blush to her cheek as she did. She then quickly followed alongside Elaine before the duo took their leave.

"Looks like someone is into our new re-" Vlaidmir cockily nudged Arthur's arm before being cut off.

"Shut it." Arthur replied before throwing Vladimir overboard.

Vladimir took off to the west and leapt from building to building, tryimg to avoid the haze of the citizens below.

Arthur then looked over to the rest if the scabbards. "Don't fuck up" he then disappeared, using his Soru and Geppo in unison he quickly manuvered around the area.

"Heh like you can tell me what to do. I'm going to find one of those literal bastards and trap them in my webs." Tsuchi the Black Widow said as she quickly used Soru herself to leave the area.

Aiya proceeded to vanish, enlisting in the help of her Soru rokushiki technique.

"Off I go," Guinevere said to herself as she took her leave.

"Alright, it's time," Rodion smirked as he used Soru to make his leave.

Back on team Alpha, Rockhorn was seen in a black formal suit, resisting to not rip it all apart as it was itching him terribly. Rockhorn prefers to be shirtless and not look so formal in his primal look.

"Ughhhh, someone tell the Rockhorn why the hell he has to wear a jabroni suit!" Rockhorn says as he was comically scratching around the suit, "The Rockhorn's suit is itchy!!!"

"We have to look like every other cipher pol here Rockhorn." The now Commodore, Washington John, says as he was wearing a formal suit himself, complete with his mask on still. The shield was still on his back despite the suit.

"But who said to the Rockhorn these suits are itchy!" The Rockhorn says scratching his back, "Foxy, can you get that spot back there I can't reach?" He goes over to his Scabbard partner, Casper.

Gathering Of Calamaties

As Leonardo continued he's usual random adventures whenever visiting a new island, he followed a dog, not knowing it had brought him a few groves down the way and was officially in the lawless district if the archipelago. After losing sight of the canine the young pirate observed his surroundings, nothing the difference of the homes and other building from the rest. These looked run down and unkept in comparison.

Without any provocation a group of men with a menacing smile approachedbthe young pirate, each holding lead pipes and swords. As one reared their pipe back, swinging it down only to have it go through Leo's intangible flame body.

"Hm? Oh! I'm beimg mugged!" Leo said with Glee before extending a palm and releasing a massive explosion of flames, wrecking a group of house. The giant pillar of flames can easily be seen by the nearby groves. "Welp, let's find that doggo!"

Not too far off, suddenly a bunch of bandits can be seen flying far away as they were surging with electricity! A large crow of bandits can be seen surrounding Yang as he was grinning fiercely despite being outnumbered.

"Damn! What is with this tiger bastard?! He just keep blowing us back!" shouted one of the bandits.

"That's Thang Long D. Yang! He is worth quite a damn lot especially being a Mink and a vampire! He'd be sold for a high bounty if we can catch him!" said another angry bandit.

"But how! He somehow knows when we are going to attack! Like has magic or something!" said a larger bandit.

"Heh. Magic is awesome don't get me wrong but it isn't magic." Yang said as his eyes glowed an even deeper red. "Just pure focus!" Yang stated as he quickly dodged by more attacks of the bandits and, after gathering a large amount of Electro in his hand, blasts it on the ground sending the rest of the bandits flying knocking them all out at the same time! "That was a good warm up! Those guys sucked though they weren't me using my other tricks against them." Yang said as he started walking and, at the moment, noticed the large column of fire not to far off. "No way! Isn't that...?" Yang said as an even more sinster look appeared on his face, though it is more of his competitive side even being shown more. "I better get over there and kick his ass for old times sake if that is him!" Yang declared as he rocketed off in a burst of Electro.

"Hm?" Leonardo paused from his pursue of yet another dog as the sensation of a nearby aura caused the hairs on his back and arms to spike up. "No way! It's him!" He shrieked with, covering his fist with flames, firmly holding his ground. "Bring it you furball!" Despite them not being in eyesight, Leo could recognize this aura anyday no matter how long ago it's been.

Yang in turn can be seen still running extremely fast toward Leo coating his left arm in mixture of Haki and Electro making his arm appear to look like it's bursting with black electricity! As Yang is still moving as fast as he can, can see Leo in his sights as his Electro from his arm surged even more! "Been awhile Fire Guy! My fist was itching to collide with you again!" Yang said with a very eager look of his face as he was closing in!

Leo surrounded himself with a large ring of fire, his knees buckled before firing himself and taking of st intense speed! He then cocked an arm back and aimed a powerful right jab at Yang's chest!

"Let's go furball! Been a while since I burnt ya!" Despite their joy and excitement, there was no getting around just how serious they were about attacking one another.

"Hell yeah! None of these bounty hunter bastards are even worth my stronger Electro!" Yang said with a burst of excitement in his voice as his other arm quickly surged with purple Electro and, after hardening with Haki, prepares to meet Leo's punch head on!"

Leo chuckled with joy as he slammed his fist dead on against Yang's arm! The flame and electro surged around the two, creating waves of sheer force and power that ripped away at the floor beneath them! Any and every regular person were sent flying or ran for their lives as the two rookies were walking Calamities.

Only a few didn't run away as the two rookies punched each other's fists. Especially one where a pole staff hit a wall nearby as it stuck there and a man acrobatically flips with the pole. The man then suddenly is between the two rookies, it was the Mad Hatter John! And he calmly coated his arms in haki, grabs the heads of Yang and Leonardo, and bashes them against each other. Comically leaving large lumps on their heads.

"How uncouth of you two." John says as he landed back on the ground, "I can detect you two fighting any day." He was brushing himself as he grabbed his pole. Soon, Alice was seen coming to John as well as the giant rabbit mink Tim.

"Hey! That hurt you bastard!" Yang shouted angrily until it was John. "Wait! Johnny! I know that large hat anywhere! How ya been Johnny?!" Yang shouted as he quickly pounced on John like the big cat he is!"

"I would kill you if you were anyone else" Leo said before pausing then with an evil smile he continued "hug me brotha!" He then pounced like the lion he is and hugged John.

"Oh crap!" John says as both Yang and Leo fall on top of him to hug him, Yang's massive body size forcing John on the ground as they both hugged him like 2 young boys after their eldest brother. "Alice! Help me!!" He says as Alice was giggling to herself seeing the comical scene.

"That is a man's thing to fix." Alice says as she continued giggling.

"A very much of a help you are." John say sarcastically as he just let the boys hug him tight, "oof! Not too tight now! And don't ruin the suit!"

"Oh yeah! Probably dont' wanna crush ya after seeing you again! It has been since...uh...." Yang said as he suddenly started to space out for a second. "Oh yeah! When we destroyed the sea train! That was fun! At least I think that was it. My memory sucks heh heh." Yang said as he was laughing to himself.

Leo then giggled as he jumped off of John, "heh heh, sorry Johnny! I forget how fragile you are!" He said, getting to his feet and cracking his neck. "Been about a year huh? Glad to see the Marines haven't taken ya down yet!"

"Eh, it's been a year, year and a half, or two." John says as he fixes his hat, "Honestly, I lost track of time myself Ha ta ta ta!" He smiles looking at the first pair of friends he's made when he started out, "And yeah, made a couple avoidances with marines for the most part. Had to deal some major fights, get my behind whipped, and get out as an escape artist." He then states, "I've seen you two both became part of the most feared "Inglorious Bastards" as they are liking to call us."

"Hell yeah! I get called a "bastard" all of the time but adding that "Ingloria" name does sound cool! I've done my fair share of ass kicking lately! I lost badly before I'll admit and got thrown in that hellhole Impel Down. Though I will admit I am definitely stronger now, I'll still need to improve more to beat that damn Gamma Bastard! He's mine when I run into him again!" Yang said with a determined fist bump with himself.

Leonardo couldn't help but crack a smile which lead to him bursting out to laugh. "Hahahaha!! Sorry furball but if there's anyone that's gonna best that stupid fox down it'll be me! I don't care how long it takes!"

"Oi oi oi..." John rolls his eyes seeing them two flex off on their ability to fight an admiral, "And I had trouble fighting a Vice Admiral..." He says as he was amazed by what his friends can do, but looked at himself in jealousy as he feels "deemed" as not as competent.

Yang quickly is seen patting John's shoulder as he gave him a thumbs up with his free arm and a friendly smile despite the notable longer fangs of his vampire form. "Don't worry Johnny! I'm sure you can kick plenty of ass as well! The Marines got some tough guys that's for sure but there are others I have business with before heading out further into the world!"

"Same here, after we restock our supplies, we may back track to Alabasta. There's a certain oversized bear that needs a good ass kicking for what he did to me." He then lifted his shirt revealed the massive scars from when the warlord,cthe leader of Alabasta had shredded his abdomen, to the point his intestines were about to slip out. "After that I can focus on that stupid bounty hunter."

"Damn! You got your ass kicked by someone bad Fire Guy! Must have been strong!" Yang said as he looked at the scars but them remembering hearing two words that seem to strike a cord. "Huh? Bear? Alabasta? Hmmm....Nah! It's nothing! Hope you do well with that bastard! And yeah! That damn magician needs his ass kicked as well! I'm going to be the one to beat him first!" Yang declared with a beat of his chest.

Leo then flames his fist on his own chest, "trust me! After I finish up with that hairball Gahn, I'll find that weird magician guy and then that Admiral! Took so much time away from me and my crew, out my friends in danger and had them worried. Bastards will pay."

"Yikes...." John says in reaction to the wound, "That's a nasty licking I'll say..." He then fixes his bowtie, "So y'all have some errands to do before heading out into this "New World". Practically, I've never been there, so what's it like in the other side of the Grand Line?"

Leo tilts his head, placing his hand on his chin. "Hm...honestly I wonder too. If the first half of the grandline is a "paradise" compared to the new world." Leo then paused to smile and his forehead lit up a small flame. "It's gonna be so action packed! I bet everything everywhere could kill us! Isn't that the coolest! Imagine the islands and the crazy weather!"

"Hah! I bet! I recently visited an island on the way here that had nothing but bombs and all that crap around! It was fun!" Yang said with a laugh but stopped for a quick second upon hearing Gahn. "Why that name sounds familiar? Eh it's probably nothing! But yeah! I am full of pent up rage and ready to fight the world!" Yang said as his Electro was surging from his body.

"Ho? You ready to finally settle this once and for all furball?" Leo said with a very excited and down right joyful smile and the intense stare. A flare of fire began to pop from his body before streams of flames began to fire off from his body.

It was no secret that the two rookies have a rivalry and a love to fight one another. The fact that the two never got to settle who was the stronger one between them was always something that needed to be cleared up. As always even the smallest comment from the other causes the other to boast their brovado.

"Alright, enough now." John says as he casually clanks his pole staff right on the heads of the two, "You two still sound like the boys I left." He says tipping his hat, "Yare Yare....."

"Hello boys!" The Hazardous Clown, Crack R. Jack suddenly jumps from a building that was trapped with bounty hunters that were chasing him. He presses a button and has the building explode with the bounty hunters inside dying.

"Oh no....." John says with his head down in defeat, "Hey Jack...."

"Hattio! Human Torch! And Tiger King!!" Jack says as he looking around, "My old buddies!!"

"Ha! Now it's a party!" Leo cheerfully said, looking over at the appearing clown. "Looks all the boys are back in town! Ha!"

"Hell yeah! Jackie you're here too huh? We're like chaos magnets!" Yang shouted with a fist bump in the air.

"HA! Indeed we are!" Jack fistbumps Yang and walks over to John, "But how can we forget this shy hatter here huh Hattio?" He says as he puts his arm over John's shoulder and pushes him down and ruffles John's hair like an older sibling at the younger brother.

"Ok! Enough of that." John says taking Jack's hand and now throwing Jack toward the wall, John then fixes up his hair and puts his hat back on.

"oooo, Hattio got a grip now." Jack comments from John's grip, "Hey where's your tall blonde bitchy waifu?"

"You oughta watch your tongue Jack." Alice says formally as she went behind John, "If you remember my no foul language rule around me boys."

"Yes my dear." John says with a smile as Alice was fixing John's hair. Alice was now about 9' 3", still taller than John who just hit 7 foot. But both had nice long hair that was well taken cared of.

"Oh yeah! You guys wanna see my badass sword?" Yang shouted as he suddenly took out his blade that he was keeping on his back. "This thing allows me to use my Electro in a lot more deadly ways as well! Also helps deal with annoying as hell swordsmen!"

"Woah! I bet Merlin would love that!" Leo gasped and announced with great anticipation and astonishment. "I got a few new gadgets that Tesla whipped up for me but more are back at the ship. But Ido have these that my big brother, oh! Yeah! So I met my big brothers John! Turns out I do have a family! Big brother Kai got me these!" He the pulls out a three section orange red staff that was boumd by chains. At the of each of the staff's ends a flame appeared. "I can channel my flames to it and do some cool stuff! But I got a whole lot! Furball! We really need to have a good go at it!"

Then before he could continue a loud roar can be heard coming from Leonardo's stomach. He grabbed it and looked over, "welp, tummy is hungry. I need food."

"Oh wow..." John says with impressive looks at the two with their new gadgets, "The most recent gadget was me turning my hat..." He says taking off his hat, "Into a weapon itself as well!" John then throws his hat toward a statue nearby, and chops the head off of the statue cleanly and with precision as the hat glided smoothly in the air. The hat then comes back to John's hands as he puts it back on. "I still have my steel pole and my marbles with me too."

"Wow! Very Impressive Johnny boy!" Jack says, "I mostly have more bombs!" He says as he comically holds a large sum of dynamite and bombs in his arms, "More Bang for the Buck! And Boom you're fucked they say!"

"Of course...." John responds.

"Heh I have other tricks as well! I don't think I need to show them off yet in case I really need to. All I wish I had time to train my vampire powers more but this is fine for now! Can't get too eager huh?" Yang said with confidence.

Leo's nose begins to twitch as he picked u other smell of freshly grilled meat somewhere nearby. With a small trail of drool coming out his mouth the young rookie looked around desperately looking for the source of the smell.

"Man something around here smells soooo good!" He announced with an eager smile!

"Huh?" Yang said as he started to pick up the smell as well. "That smells like MEAT! All I been eating lately are fish and sea kings on the way here!" Yang said as he eagerly started to look for the smell as well.

"Dear dear...y'all still hunger driven." John just gives a smile and shakes his head, "I oughta have Patrick give you two a second round some day." He then tips his hat, "Well, I should probably head onto more business at hand." He then takes the hand of Alice, "I'll see you all around here, need me. Well just give me a flute and I'll answer." He then smiles before looking at Alice before walking away.

"Look at Johnny boy..." Jack says while comically on Yang's shoulders, "All grown up and a bit more manly. I swear he probably has more muscles than me." He says looking at himself, "Ah who gives a shit about his looks anyway Ha Ha Ha!!!"

The bright red-haired young pirate, one of the most infamous of the current generation of pirates, Musashi. He was seen lying under a nearby tree, his eyes closed, his face completely undisturbed by the surrounding environment.

"Man this feels nice. We could really use more days like these, I swear." He said out loud, enjoying how comfortable he was under the shade. "Though it's a shame I don't have any sake but I figure Elke and the rest are stocking up on it," Musashi states with an excited giggle.

Several meters away, a pirate dripped with chocolate skin and white dreads strolled through grassy lanes. Separated from his thrill-seeking partner, Chio simply observed, hoping to gain insight on this notorious rookie generation he had recently infiltrated. As his senses carefully dissected his surroundings, a particular stimulant set him aback. The memory of that moment returned to him. A truth that he'd intentionally ignored till now finally realized. "He's here?!" Rushing to confirm, his feet stomped vigorously through the green until he finally saw him from the corner of his right eye. "Ronin Musashi....!" he gasped loudly.

Musashi, without any warning, turned his body and shot himself up and started to run forward! Without a doubt he charged at the source of the gasp. "that name... that voice" he though, drawing his trusty blade from it's scabbard. His sharp eyes were locked on Pinocchio. "Well then, been a while hasn't it?"

From astonishment and disbelief to rage and fury, the White-Scarf pirate dawned an expression of true angst. In that moment where the two locked eyes, Pinocchio experienced that same, true emotion that he felt after his defeat to the Ronin. In a life filled with meaningless tasks and objectives, never has he wanted more. Never has he expressed true passion, true desire. A yearning that drives and engulfs him with purpose. "I will.." Falling immediately into a combative stance, Chio growled with fury as a certain heat began to radiate from his physique. "I will..!" he repeated, as merely uttering the words with such resolve was so foreign to him, it was a struggle. But nothing was going to stop him. Cause there's never been anything he's wanted more than...

To Win!
— Pinocchio

At that moment, the super rookie pirate acted on pure instinct. His body became tenses and his breath staggered deeply; the heat searing within him was building up. Snarling as his grip along the hilt of his newly crafted blade became firmer. Recalling the stature and form of the marine swordsmen he fought weeks ago, Pinocchio whispered deeply. "Flame...Point!" Suddenly, his body expanded and redefined itself. Nearly doubling in size, the samurai's body became immensely sculpted with a significant degree of mass bronzed under it. Unsheathing his blade, the flames of passion engulfed his sword. Throwing his hilt away, he was almost an entirely different person from the one Musashi engaged on Transylvania.

Kicking off the ground, bits of rock and rubble replaced White Scarf's place as he left a crater in his wake due to his outlandish speed. With a trail of inferno fumigating behind him, Pinocchio yelled as his two-handed grip swung the sword above his head. "Hidō: Hai Nichibotsu!" Bringing the sword down with unprecedented strength and absurd momentum, Chio emerged before his self-proclaimed rival with the intention of winning this encounter. Previously arched above his own head, if allowed to carry out his attack, the blade would cut from Musashi left shoulder to his opposing hip, searing him in the process.

Musashi's eyes widened as he observed the monumental difference in both "personality" and appearance. He could feel it. He could feel the fundamental difference that is coming off of Pinocchio's presence. The sheer speed and sudden change in strength that he was feeling approaching him made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, his senses sharpened, most importantly, sense of perception shot up. Though his years of training underaster swordsmen and the countless duels and life threatening battles he had unlocked a sensation, a level of perception that made him as deadly as he is known for.

This state, which was simply dubbed "the zone" by most of those on his crew, was known to be something completely separate from his use of Kenbunshoku Haki. Instead of using his aura to read the presence of his foe, this instead was a byproduct of his own skills and experience. Because of this, his free left hand shot up, drawing his second sword from its scabbard! This blade, one of the twelve supreme grades swords, a sword that will be all too familiar to the young super rookie, the mighty Totsuka Sword, the malevolent sword belonging to the monster that was the warlord, Himawari.

"He's different…" Musashi thought to himself, unable to keep his eyes off of Pinocchio. He could feel the difference to the point that it made the young man excited, so excited in fact he let out a large, sharp smile with his clean, pure golden amber eyes locked on him. "He's so much more different. He's refined, sharpened, it's as if the first time he was nothing more but raw prime material. This time, he's that same material in a furnace, being crafted into something even greater than he once was." Musashi continued to think as his right foot swung up at an immense speed, twisting his hips and shifting his weight in the process. "He's not there yet, he needs more." He thought as his kick grew ever so closer, his kick aimed at the temple of his enemy.

Fold Pinocchio! I will beat you down and fold you myself!
— Musashi

The young Ronin couldn't admit it outloud but Musashi loved the sight before him. Not his enemy, but the sheer presence he was exuding, his admiration for talent and power made him simply want to push his enemy further! And so he was fully dedicated to the fight. The power of the kick was meant to do as much harm as possible against Pinocchio, not holding an inch back!

With his new physical proficiencies still in their infancy with regards to control, the White Scarfed pirate could not do much but accept the sequence of events established by the ronin. As the samurai's foot forcefully intercepted Pinocchio's noggin, an unprecedented amount of pressure came running down on his entire physique. For a moment, surreal pain enveloped him. The precision of the strike, targeting the pressure point in his temple, left him completely discombobulated and unable to properly address the situation. As his face continued on the trajectory of Musashi's kick a lifelessness fell into his eyes; he was going to be slammed into the floor!

A Couple Months Ago

"Why do you keep denying yourself a dream!" Yoshida proclaimed, sending his fellow bastard hurdling into the hill. Enraged by the fact that the pirate standing before him held no desires when the seas are meant to be a place to live out your dream, the former Wano shinobi could not stand for this. "It's your birthright to dream! Dream big, dream small, I really don't give a fuck! But you have to dream, got it!?" he continued to exclaim as he approached the confused pirate. Grabbing him by the kimono, Yoshida questioned, "Now I'll ask you one last time! What the hell is your dream?"

"Birthright huh.." Pinocchio mumbled under his breath. His birth was far from natural, hell, it was the opposite. Even when it seems fate is undeniable, humans always have a choice. But Pinocchio wasn't human. He was designed to complete his creator's objectives. That's his purpose. But as these thoughts plagued his mind, he couldn't unearth this uneasy feeling. It wasn't always there but it become more vibrant and deafening with every passing day, since meeting that man. The memory of him turned the automata into a boil, anger engulfed his body. There was no real thought behind the words yet a desire, a passion, one that could not be faked or emulated. With extreme conviction, he yelled...

I wanna be the Greatest Swordsmen in the World!"
— Pinocchio exclaimed, with the image of defeating Musashi in mind.

Poised by this unyielding desire, life returned to Pinocchio's eyes as he would not let this be his defeat. Slamming his foot into the ground, he tried to counteract the force of the kick. "I...will....not...LOSE!" an unsettling amount of perseverance and dedication came over the automata. And if there's a will there's a way. Certainly, the kick had enough force and precision to knock out most from the fight, but as Musashi was more than aware, Pinocchio was far from most. Instead of counteracting the force of Ronin's entire kick with but his neck and face, he allowed the kick to follow through and instead turned his head a complete three hundred and sixty degrees, allowing the kick to carry on without obstruction and freeing him from its momentum thanks to his bionic physique.

Empowered by the relentless nature of Hido, Chio would not back down or hesitate. Turning his body around to gain momentum, the embers across his blade dazzled as he swung his blade. "Hidō: Hane Hibana Kiru'" Unlike before where he hoped to slash from the Ronin's neck to his hip, this attack was the opposite, with his lower position allowing him to aim at Musashi's hip hoping to cut through to his neck.

"Heh!" Musashi's smile burnt even hotter, it was shinning image of the ronin's excitement for what's to come. "He's relentless in his attacks. He's manipulating his body to optimize his agility and speed while using such heavy attacks." Musashi thought to himself as he kept his eyes locked on Chio's sword, swinging downward with his left arm, the intensity of the attack can be felt from a distance away!

"Prolonged defense isn't optimal in this situation. Honestly if I shifted forms I feel like this fight would be determined already...but not yet. I won't let my blade grow dull just because of my fruit." the fire and passion burning in Musashi is what drove him to drastically analyze and take on Pinocchio's movements. He couldn't deny the difference in the abilities that the artificial swordsman displayed prior to this encounter.

"If he wants to make this about power and speed..." Musashi thought before bringing an intense and heavy downward slash aimed at Pinocchio, aimed to cut him in direct half from head down. "Grab and Slash!" He declared as a a large bone like arm and hand appeared from the sword in his left hand! It was using the fact Musashi intercepted Pinocchio's attack, trying to grabs the Swordsman blade to keep him in place.

Forsaking defense for offense, Pinochio found himself halted by the sudden emergence of the skeletal structure. Latching onto both of his arms, he was finally get a look at the blade. An uneasy feeling came over him as he recalled the weapon's previous owner. "So that's where it went?!?" he realized, as part of his assignment was to retrieve the renowned weapon. And yet there was abit of poetic justice to it. The man he could not overcome was the person to claim his weapon; the irony of the situation.

But the irony of the situation did not change his current circumstances. While the raging storm of Hido had gotten him this far, his abilities were not comparable to a master just yet; forcing him to abandon the style to earn some defense. Similar to when they battled months ago, Chio called upon his hybrid transformation to detach his forearms that the blade latched onto, unveiling two blade ingrained into his elbows. Falling into a deep squat, he crossed the two blade and intercepted the Musashi swing. "You're still super strong...but what did I expect?" he struggled to keep the blade held up as his strength from his fire point began to fade as he became more tranquil and grounded.

Musashi swiftly pulled himself away, sheathing both his swords away, smiling with the intention to push this all even further than before. "I suppose I should treat you with some more respect, huh? Very well." Musashi then grew into a crouching like position, his hands on his supreme sword's hilt, letting out steady yet intense breaths, taking in a stream of air into his lungs.

"Existence isn't as simple just standing around or going about your days, existence, like life, is so much more." strength from his devil fruit was immense just the force from his draw was neck breaking.

"One Hundred and Eight World Convergence!"

Musashi's powerful draw was truly intense, his attack being aim to cut Pinocchio from abdomen to chest! The Ronin was showing just how tremendous his abilities really were and just how serious he was taking his foe now.

Pinocchio's forearms magnetically returned to his joints as Musashi backed up; a necessary addition to his cybernetic phsyqiue added by his mother following their last encounter. Returning to full human form, Chio moved around his body to confirm its response. Hearing the dignified words of his competitor, White-Scraf could tell things were going to be different than before. He prepared himself.

Allowing the rage and fury to overcome him once again, Pinocchio exhaled deeply as scrooching winds came shooting from his lungs. "Flame Point!" his entire physique swelled once more. His blade ignited as his spirtual aura engulfed it. The temperature surrounding the young swordsmen increased with every second. Although his way of combat reflected that of the marine he combatted some time ago, in reality, the burning will that he was showing was paying homage to that of Musashi. "After I beat you, I'm taking back that sword!" Pinocchio exclaimed as he fell into seigan no kamae stance. For a moment, there was stillness and silence between the two. A tension had built up that was on the cusp of eruption.

Pushing off the ground the same instance as his rival, Pinochio allowed the inferno to carry him as he hovered above the surface. Not emulating anyone in this attack, Pinochio called out.

"Hidō: Mugen no Yūhi!"
— Pinocchio

Spiralling as he soared, Pinochio hoped to end this battle in this last strike. Targeting horizontally across Musashi chest, the searing flame would ignite anything it would come into contact with.

Like two unsurmountable forces colliding, there was no certainty which would come out on top. As the monstorous attacks intersected, the swordsmen passed by each other, both holding a conclusive stance as they waited the results. Ferocious winds and powerful shockwaves danced around the battlefield as the climatic conclusion of this battle unfolded.

"Damn it, not again!" Pinocchio exclaimed, as his sword shattered into pieces and blood-gushed as from the deep slash from his torso. With the injury having other implication on his health, Pinocchio began to cough blood. "I will...not" he continued to cough as he struggled to remain standing. "I will not!" he repeated with more conviction. "I will not lose!" he chanted, still remaining devoted to his words despite his clear defeated state. He turned to face his opponent. "Come on then! I'm still standing aren't I!"

Musashi couldn't help himself, he smiled, as though he were looking at a close friend, "Sounds like what needs to be done." He said as he walked over, sheathing the supreme blade and drawing out the sword dubbed "Mo-chan", the blade form their first encounter. "come and find me in your next life. I'll be waiting." He continued growing closer and closer.

With unprecedented stealthiness and quickness, Pinocchio's first mate and revered shinobi Yoshida emerged between the two swordsmen before the victor could come too close. "So you're the one who keep beating my captain." he spoke bluntly, even though the situation was already self-explanatory. Although tempted to engage Chio's nemesis himself, he knew this was a victory his captain needed to earn. "Don't shame him more than you already have. You've won today but tomorrow's no guarantee. Remember that." He stood confidently yet maintaining some defensive mannerism, in case the ronin had any funny ideas.

Musashi smiled as he continued to walk toward his defeated foe and the Shinobi before stopping just a few feet away. "Please do make sure he gets fixed up and that I'll be waiting for him." Then with a small bow the Ronin turned his back to them, smiling, waving the back of his hand to them, walking away.

"Oh wooooooow this place is huuuuuuuuge," Mei exclaimed spinning around having the excitement of a toddler until she fell on her bottom then fell on the ground with spirals in her eyes.

"No kidding, with an island like this, there's no telling what's to do here," Jezebel commented enthralled by the scenery.

"So any idea who's going where and doing what," Blaise asked swinging his sword in boredom.

"Can you pleeease refrain from swinging your sword in my face," Orion asked with an annoyed tone in his voice.

"There's a lot of sights and eateries we can visit," Celine suggested before snuggling her face on Kier's chest happily with a cute giggle, "and by we, I mean Kier and I."

"Hm?" Immediately Mei sat up with her ears perked as she looked over in the direction hearing what sounded like carnival music in the distance. A huge smile grew on her face as she jumped onto her feet jumping giddidly.

"Something wrong Mei," Yulia asked.

"AMUSEMENT PARK!!!!" Mei shouted as she darted in the direction of the music.

"Wait MEI!!!" Xenos shouted after her then pinched his eyebrows, "gotta go after her..." Xenos immediately sprinted after her with the others following behind.

"Wait for us!" Jezebel called out.

"Ohhhh nooooo!!!!" The Red Pirate's Gunner Jeremiah was getting dragged by Jaden to the roller coaster, "I ain't riding on a roller coaster! With you!!!"

"Blah blah blah! You'll need to learn to be a man if we want to make it to the New World!" Jaden says as he comically throws Jeremiah into the roller coaster before hopping in himself, "Starting with conquering your fear of heights!!"

"Oh no! Oh no no no no!!!!!!" Jeremiah would repeat as then the roller coaster doors shut and the roller coaster cars were released into the track of the roller coaster. The shouting from Jeremiah was heard as the captain Jenny and Little John watched them ride the roller coaster.

"Aye aye aye..." Little John shakes his head, "Them two..."

"They are quite entertaining sometimes I'll admit." Jenny says with a giggle.

"Yaaaaaaaay! I knew there was an amusement park here!" Mei cheered excitedly.

"Mei! Slow down!" Xeno called out as he ran after her.

"Geez you ever thought about getting a leash for that cat girl," Blaise asked.

"I think seeing her this excited is adorable," Calista smiled with a giggle.

"Wait a second, either it's me or someone over there looks familiar," Jezebel pointed out looking towards a woman wearing a red hood, "wait...could it be? Jenny?"

"Jenny? You mean from the island where we saved the ballerina," Celine asked.

"Same one, can recognize her scent..." Kier commented, "werewolves, but not you darling."

Suddenly, the Red Pirate's doctor, Gerard, had a funny sensation.

"I...can sense my brother..." Gerard says, "Hey guys! I think I can sense a very special guest!" He shouts over to his crew members that were not busy.

"Oh who?" The crew's navigator, Lotus, says looking over to Gerard.

"My brother!" Gerard says running toward the sensation.

"sniff I can smell vampiric blood." Little John does say.

"And a werewolven scent as well." Jenny responds as she looked behind her.

"Wait a second, that scent...smells very familiar," Kier recalled as he moved forward, "brother?"

"Brother," Xenos asked heading towards Kier.

"You mean," Celine wondered.

"Gerard!" Kier called out in excitement.

"Kier!" Gerard says running toward his vampire brother and comes for a hug, "It is good to see you!"

"Indeed, a familiar sight it is." Jenny was then behind Gerard with Little John as well, "It's you guys we met at Usher!" She then sniffs the air, "And I can smell someone has gotten quite used to their new self." She looks over to Celine, "How's it been?"

"It's been a while brother, how are things," Kier asked as he hugged Gerard.

"Jenny! John! How are you two," Celine called out waving to them brightly smiling.

"Jenny, how are you and your crew," Xenos asked with a small warm smile, a rarity from him.

"We have been doing well." Jenny says with a smile from under the hood, "Doing some adventuring here and there, but it's time we soon go to the New World. But we're stopped here for a quick break." She then looks back to Little John, "We're going to be finding his long lost crew."

"Indeed!" Little John says, "It's been a long while since I've been in the New World, the only one in the crew who has had some experience there. After a major storm threw me off of the ship I was once belonged in, the waves sent me back into paradise, lost in paradise without my crew, the Merry Pirates. But, in Paradise, I found my love." Little John says looking to Jenny, "After she needed of her own to put it simply. We both planned to help each other and soon, ended up loving each other. And here we are."

"Indeed." Jenny responds, "It's been a long ride since I've been here in paradise, but I'm ready to embark into a new chapter into the New World."

"I'm happy for you both," Xenos replied with a warm smile, "I would say the same for my crew as well. Excited to see what the New World has to offer and hopefully meet up with my older brother if lucky."

"We also recently recruited new crew members," Jezebel smiled, "had some hectic adventures of our own as well too."

"Ain't that lovely." Jenny says, "I'm sure we all have had our adventures."

"Can't wait for the next ones too." Little John then says.

"Jenny!" Celine called out as she ran up to her and gave her a hug, "it's been a while!"

"Heh, can tell someone else missed ya," Blaise chuckled.

"Awwwww look at how cute this is Blay Blay," Calista giggled holding Blaise to her chest smiling, which caused Blaise, wearing to a straight face to blush.

"OMG! Celine!" Jenny says hugging Celine back, "It's good to see you! My, I can tell you've grown with your powers. They're not giving you a hassle are they?"

"Nope, getting a better handle at it happily," Celine smiled.

"Good! Good!" Jenny says with a smile herself, "I'm glad that you're able to make use of the power you have now."

"I am too, at this point, it's second nature to me," Celine admitted.

"So brother, how's life been with the Red Pirates," Kier asked with a chuckle, "any wild stories I need to know of?"

"Uhhh, well not too bad besides the time we fought a pack of werewolves in an amusement park like this." Gerard states.

"Yup, that'll be in the memory book for a while." Jenny says, "We met a strong guy who helped us though! And he told us about the land of werewolves! Full Moon Island!"

"Not bad," Kier smiled, "not as bad as facing on a group of bounty hunters and a few Marines."

"Fortunately, we met people who helped us and one of them was Blaise's long lost older brother," Celine replied.

"Yea, though still wondering how he's doing nowadays," Blaise wondered.

"Well that's nice to know." Jenny smiles, "Wished I had siblings...but my family is with this crew of ragtags I have." She smiles as she turns around and sees Jaden and Jeremiah coming toward them after the rough roller coaster ride.

"We are NOT doing that again!" Jeremiah says wobbling around and looking queasy.

"Oh don't be such a wuss bub!" Jaden responds laughing, "That was a hell of a ride!"

"Really glad to hear you've been well," Xenos smiled warmly.

"Went on the roller coaster? Looks like fun to me," Orion admitted.

"I wouldn't mind going on too," Celine smiled.

"Think you're brave enough dear," Kier asked in a worried tone.

"Always am when you're around," Celine softly smiled as she kissed his cheek causing his face to turn red.

"Glad to see you've found some love my brother." Gerard states with a chuckle, "Even though she's a hundred years younger than you."

"Oh that should be no problem nowadays." Jenny states, "The lifespan of them two will mean a long lasting relationship."

"Oh shit, you folks will be out-aging me then." Jeremiah states, "Welp rather live quicker than slower some say."

"Hmmmmm, How about I send ya into the tilt-a-whirl?" Jaden then looks at Jeremiah with a scheming face.

"NO!" Jeremiah responds.

"I'm fine, I get easily motion sickness," Celine chuckled nervously.

"Think that would be best for you dear," Kier replied patting her head.

"How about we go ride on the train?" Jenny then suggests, "Something calming."

"I agree with Jenny." Jeremiah says, "Something to relax for once."

"Fine...." Jaden says.

"The train looks fun, don't you think sweetie," Celine asked.

"Looks relaxing, let's do it," Kier smiled warmly at Celine.

"Might as well join too," Xenos replied with a small smile.

"Me too with Blaise!" Calista brightly smiled.

"Y-yea, what she said," Blaise shyly blushed.

"Then let's go!" Jenny says as the two crews go to the train ride together.

"Let's go!" Xenos happily smiled a rarity as he joined the others.

As Karui continued running in the direction of the aroma that she caught a whiff of, in the distance, she noticed someone that looked familiar to her. She sniffed the air again but this time got a different scent. It was familiar to her, she didn't know why but her demeanor began to change from being hungry to being slightly flustered. As she turned her head, Karui's eyes widen as she blushed.

"M-M-Merlin," Karui softly gasped but little did she know she lost her footing as she tumbled slamming head first into a tree!

"Karui! Karui!" Sumire called out as she caught up to her, "Karui, you okay?"

"Y-yea I'm fine," Karui reassured as she got up rubbing her head a bit, "I-I think I saw him."

"Saw who," Sumire asked.

"Him," Karui replied blushing a bit.

"Karui! You okay," Catalina called out.

"Yea, I'm fine, don't worry," Karui replied getting up.

"By him, you mean," Sumire's eyes widden then a smug smile formed on her face, "Oooooh, you mean Merlin?"

"Shhhhh don't let him hear you," Karui whined hiding her face.

Not too far from them, the emerald green haired young Mari and the brave young blonde Merlin were seen wandering around, look back and forth, as though the duo had lost something.

"Leo! Leeeeoooo! Come on out you damn idiot!" Merlin called out as he clasped his hands together. "Seriously, every damn time. You'd think after everything that happened this idiot would stop wandering around."

"Leeeeeooooooo" Mari called before looking over at Merlin, "Well, I mean it's Leo. He'll either wander around and get lost until he gets hungry which leads to him going back to the ship."

"Or he ends up finding someone really strong which then leads to him getting hurt, captured or worse." Merlin bluntly replied.

"Yeah... fair point." Mari said before blinking then clasping her hands together, "Leeeeeooooooo! Come on!! Let's go! If you come to me I'll give you unlimited lmao pillow time for a week."

Surpsingly the duo actually paused to wait for a response, just to be left with a bitter sweet silence.

"Yup he's definitely not around here, he would kill for that kind of a deal." Mari added. "Let's keep-" she then looked over, noticing the nearby group of pirates. "Hey Merlin, isn't that your-"

"Kitten?" Merlin said before dashing over.

"Yup's his girlfriend."

"Either it's me or I'm seeing your boyfriend running towards you at top speed with a huge smile on his face," Sumire pointed out.

"He saw me," Karui gulped blushing hard being unable to move.

"Come on Karui, aren't you going to go and talk to him again," Catalina asked.

" see," Karui stuttered, her face a blushing mess.

"And before you finish your sentence, Merlin is right behind you," Catalina said.

Merlin smiled and wrapped an arm around her! "Been a while Kitten Cat!" He then giggles as he hugged her tightly, acting like a completely new person.

"Geez as much as you complain about Leo,you're just as bad as he is when it comes down to seeing your women." Mei complained before grabbing and pulling down on his ear! "Hey Karui, Catalina, it's been a while guys."

"Hey Mari it's really good to see you!" Catalina brightly smiled.

"I-I-It sure has brave knight," Karui blushed hugging Merlin back tightly hiding her face on his chest.

Mari then pinches her eyebrows in annoyance, "seriously is this like a guy thing? Where you become puddles of your ex self when around a woman. Merlin! We need to find L-" before she could continue, she could see a pillar of flames shoot upward. In that instant, Mari knew the source.

"God, damn it! Every dang time!" She annoyingly groaned as she began to make her way down. "He's over there, as always! He's always starting trouble! Merlin! Come on!"

Merlin looked down at Karui, "um I kind of have to go find my captain.unless you guys wanna come help."

"Ummm Karui, we need to head back and-" Before Sumire finished her sentence Karui immediately blurted out, "Yes!"

"Don't we get a say in this," Catalina and Sumire asked in a sobbing like tone.

"Nope," Karui replied shaking her head, "we're helping to find Leo, no if, ands or buts!"

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, here it goes," Sumire whined.

Merlin then turned around to see Mari dashing away. She could not wait,with widened eyes and fear in her eyes Mari couldn't keep herself from panicking.

"Please be okay, please be okay, please!" Mari was panicked, sweat falling down from her face. "Not again Leo...please."

"Mari! Hold on!" Merlin called out before she escaped his range of sight. "I'm sorry Karui, Mari, she's uh, I guess you can say she's been traumatized. We all regret letting Leo be captured, all of us on the crew were hurt when he was locked away. But Mari, Mari took it the worst. The sheer amount of times we'd hear her scream at night, it wasn't the best of time."

Karui gasped as her eyes widen from what she heard, her ears flopped down sadly. She sadly looked down in sorrow for a brief second before looking back up at Merlin. "I-I'm so sorry," Karui apologized, the hurt apparent in the tone of her voice.

"Mari." Catalina wondered looking over in the direction she dashed in with worry on her face.

Merlin looked over to Karui with worry, "Look, Mari and Catalina could be fine." He then points on a roof and sees a black haired swordswoman following Mari. "Tsuki will watch over them. She's plenty strong herself too."

Karui looked up to see Tsuki following after Mari then she felt a sense of relief. "That's good to hear," Karui sighed with relief as a small calm smile formed on her face knowing anything comforting Merlin told her, would set her mind at ease.

"Look the ports aren't too far from here. Just calm down and join me, far as we know the idiot could end up going to the ship."

"Alright," Karui nodded in reply.

Yin and Dane were in the fairgrounds as well as they were walking around, "Mannn, what to do here in an amusement park." He says looking down at Yin, "I swore I just bought you 2 cotton candies, where are they?" He teases knowing Yin ate both cotten candies.

"N-Nothing! A bird came by and ate it! That's all!" Yin said defensibly as she also did an innocent whistle to try and hide her guilt.

"Ohhh really?" Dane says with a smirk as he kneels down and boops Yin's nose, "Man, Wished you were about as tall as me. But I guess I grown a lot since our training." He smiles, "What ride do you suppose we go on?"

"Ooh! Maybe that ferris well? Or that Merry go round? I remember when me and Yang used to go on those all of that time...and he would often overcharge the rides with his Electro and made us to too fast. My poor stomach those times..." Yin said with a chuckle.

"Heheh, Indeed your poor stomach." Dane chuckles, "Let's go ride on that Merry Go Round shall we then." Dane says holding Yin's hand and walking over to the Merry Go Round.

Ame and her crew recently docked on the shores of Sabaody not too long ago as they were exploring the island. Much to Dianthe's excitement, she witnessed the presence of a ferris wheel that a huge smile formed on her face.

"Oh wooooooooooow! That looks so coool! I wanna go there!!," Dianthe exclaimed.

"What do you think captain," Yukine asked looking to Ame who gazed at the amusement park with curiosity.

"Seems interesting I'll admit," Ame replied, "wouldn't hurt to see what's exciting about it if that's what Dianthe wishes."

"Yaaaaaaay!" Dianthe cheered as she transformed her arms into hummingbird wings as she leapt into the sky with glee.

"Have to admit, since joining our crew, Dianthe has really been the ball of energy our crew's been needing," Chuya replied with a small smile.

"I agree," Ame nodded with a small smile.

"Alright, enough mushy talk, let's go have some fun!" Kiko brightly smiled as she ran towards the amusement park with Dianthe following behind.

Meanwhile, Yin and Dane were seen happily on the Merry Go-Round. Dane, was just crowded onto the rather small ride but was trying to enjoy himself with Yin. It was a bit comical as Dane was a larger wolf than he was once, and he's squeezed into this ride as Yin looked rather fine for the below 13 foot person ride.

"This is fun ain't it!" Dane says trying to enjoy himself.

"Heh you look like you're barely able to squeeze in. You're doing okay?" Yin asked Dane.

Dane looks over to Yin, "When I'm with you, I'm always okay." Dane smiles and gives a thumbs up, "But I'll admit that I am rather cramped into this space."

"Oooooh wow! Let's go on this thing first, what's it called," Dianthe asked pointing to the Merry Go Around with sparkling eyes.

"That's a Carousel," Esmeralda replied.

"Ooooooo I wanna go there first!" Dianthe giddily smiled.

"Alright then might as well go with her, anyone else," Ame asked looking to her crew.

"Kiko, Esmeralda, Yukine and I can join," Ayane smiled.

"Alright, and the rest will go and resupply," Ame instructed.

"Yes ma'am," the rest of her crew replied as they left leaving the six to head towards the amusement park with Ame and Dianthe heading to the Merry go Round. Dianthe hopped onto one of the rides smiling brightly with Ame sitting behind her with a curious expression on her face. Meanwhile Esmeralda and the others were enjoying the rides and having fun laughing and smiling.

"Glad to hear that. I tell you I may be in the same situation if I was still carrying that extra weight." Yin said with a friendly laugh. "You know Yang probably would've tried something similar to what I mentioned before if he was here."

"He would wouldn't he?!" Dane says with a smile and chuckle himself, "Ok, can we please find a different ride? I'm sure the ferris wheel can fit me better if you still wanted to ride on that." He says looking at Yin with puppy eyes.

"Heh heh. Sure thing I was waiting to see a good view of this place as well." Yin says as she pats Dane's head.

"Wheeeeee this is a lot of fun, I love this merry go round!" Dianthe beamed giggling.

Ame gripped onto the ride herself then watched as it moved feeling her hair flow. She never experienced anything like this before as it was all new to her. A small smile formed on her face as she was enjoying the ride. "This is nice," Ame thought to herself.

Ame would then notice Dane and Yin exiting the Carousel after the last ride was finished. She'd watch as wolf mink and kitsune couple head on over toward the ferris wheel. There was a sense coming from Dane to Ame that there is an important fact about him Ame must know. Dane did of course have the recognizable built of a swordsman, agile and quick on his feet, but Dane also had incredibly structural built shoulders and biceps, which meant to Ame that this swordsman carries something big. Dane did have two serrated blades carried on his hip in a scabbard.

"Hm? Interesting," Ame said looking over to Dane noticing his swords that captured his attention, "another one? Looks like I'm not alone."

"Do you want more cotton candy or something else dear?" Dane asks as he and Yin were casually walking over toward the Ferris Wheel. "I'm sure you want to eat some food still, that hunger you earned from having Ming Yue and Qiang sure has became something." Dane teases.

"H-Hush!" Yin said meekly as she blushed with a little anger. "...We can eat more afterwards."

"Something wrong milady," Dianthe asked looking over to her, "you look distracted."

"Oh, sorry, just...sidetracked was all," Ame replied shaking her head then got off of the carousel, "I'll be back."

"Ame, wait up!" Dianthe called out as she hopped off as well.

Ame went over to the couple but there was a part of her that felt hesitant but she still proceeded forward towards them. "You," Ame called out to Dane and Yin, "I'm sensing something from you, you're also a swordsman aren't you?"

Dane turns around and notices its a woman, "Oh, uhhhhhh." Dane is typically a shy man toward women besides his crewmates and wife, "Yeah? Couldn't a hello be a greeting though?" He says slowly cowering behind his wife's soft kitsune tails, "Help me Yin!" He "whispers" as it was a more of a loud whisper.

"Heh big bad wolf hiding behind his much shorter wife Yin thought to herself with a chuckle but then gets serious around Ame. "You were quite blunt with your statement. Dane is a swordsmen yes, but I wonder why you asked so suddenly?" Yin asked.

"My apologies for the rude introduction," Ame bowed politely, "my name is Lovecraft D. Ame, I sensed that you were a swordsman and I wanted to know if you carried any rare swords or anything of that nature."

"Oh, hello there my name is Thang Long D. Yin and this hidey wolf here is my husband Dane." Yin said with a bow back. "Rare swords? You must mean Meito. I am not 100%, though I do know his former blade was destroyed by a Vice Admiral before."

"Yeah....." Dane says as he slowly stood back up, "I guess you saw my serrated blades on my hip, but those aren't my main blade. My main blade was a large sword, that was like Yin said, destroyed. But, I do have this for now." Dane then pulls out this nail bat, "Not much, but it suffices for now."

"I see, I've heard stories about these Meito," Ame replied, "and you said you've faced a Vice Admiral? I have too but...nearly costed my life."

"Wow quite interesting how you two both encountered Vice Admirals and nearly died in the process. That just goes to how strong they are..." Yin says as she remembers how another Vice Admiral nearly ended her life and acted very sadistic about it causing her to look very nervous and sweat in fear still knowing he is out there.

Dane then can smell the sweat from Yin and slowly pulls Yin toward her to comfort her. Dane is also aware of the Vice Admiral Yin fears and attempts to hide his anger of what nearly happened to his wife.

Ame tilted her head to the side curiously but noticed something was off about Yin that made her feel concerned. "I'm sorry if what I said made you feel upset in anyway," Ame apologized.

"Oh no you're good! It was something that was beyond anyone's control I assure of you." Yin said with a bow.

"It was for sure." Dane responds, "I guess technically means I dealt with two Vice Admirals." He says holding two fingers up, "But I don't need to brag it, both were hard fights. Heh, the one was quite bloody." He sighs, "Cut that marine's arm clean off....I wasn't any angrier any other day."

"You two are a compatible team," Ame commented, "I find it admirable."

"Well it's cause we are and have to be." Dane says, "Love....binds the people to be compatible, that's what a relationship is. Not to get religious, but the Good Lord always helps those who serve him to be a very happy, and more at peace group. We found ourselves work together a lot. Especially now lately with the additions of our.....newborns." He says with a pause, not sure if he should mention it or not.

Yin nods agreeing not to go into full detail at the moment considering where they are. "I will admit myself, I didn't think I would get into too much fighting, but I have glad to train myself to defend myself. You do seem to like swords; you probably like a few of my brother's crew members." Yin stated.

"Probably though I only carry two on me though with my training I will admit, I'm prepared for what's ready ahead," Ame answered.

"Ame, don't you think we should go on another ride now," Dianthe asked tugging her arm in a manner similar to a toddler wanting something from her mother.

"We should, sorry to keep you waiting Dianthe," Ame nervously chuckled a bit.

"Heh guess you have your own "family" to deal with in a way huh?" Yin asked.

"In a way yes," Ame embarrassingly smiled.

"Ferris wheel! Ferris wheel!" Dianthe demanded puffing out her cheeks.

"Oh you folks are going on the same ride?" Dane asks as he looks behind himself to see the ferris wheel behind them, "Funny we were going to ride the same thing."

"Indede. That is quite the coinquendence that we all have the same idea." Yin says with a giggle.

"Yaaay! Ferris wheel!" Dianthe smiled as she jumped up and down with excitement.

"Heh, alright then, to the ferris wheel," Ame replied with a small smile on her face.

"I will say, me and Yin get our own seat." Dane says, "I am quite a large man anyway." He smiles lightly.

"You might need your own for your size." Yin said with a sly smile.

"Alright you ever hungry kitsune." Dane teases back as he feels a slight nudge back from Yin, "Well....shall we?" Dane says as he takes Yin's hand and leads on to the ferris wheel.

"Ferris wheel away!" Dianthe giggles as she tugs on Ame's arm leading her to the ferris wheel.

"I'm coming, Dianthe," Ame replied with a slight chuckle.

"This is NOT what I had in mind when I wanted to have alone time with Mylene," Caedmon grumbled to himself.

"It's alright Caedy, I'm sure they didn't mean it," Mylene reassured as she hugged Caedmon stroking his hair.

"True...can't stay mad at them forever," Caedmon sighed contently then looked around, "reminds me, where are they?"

"They went to explore and see the sights, they felt bad about earlier," Mylene replied.

"Not everyone," a voice called out, the voice belonging to Gethen who approached them with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Ah Gethen, didn't want to join the others," Caedmon asked.

"Not really," Gethen shook his head, "you two are more tolerable."

"That's...reassuring to hear," Caedmon nervously chuckled.

Later, while Caedmon and Mylene were having their time together; The sound of footsteps were heard coming toward their direction. It was John and Alice having a good walk together. They didn't notice Caedmon and Mylene yet, but are getting close to them as they walk.

"Hm? Caedy, I think I see John and Alice over there," Mylene pointed out seeing the couple nearby.

"What," Caedmon looked over to see them then a huge smile formed on his face as he immediately transformed into a white wolf then ran towards John and Alice! He jumped on John tackling him as he began to lick his face excitedly.

"GAH!!" John says being pounced on and starts rolling with the wolf. The two roll around and wrestle for a minute until John pants and then realizes something, "Caed..." He stares at Caedmon with deadpan, "Now you have my suit dirty."

Caedmon immediately got up then transformed back into his ghoul form with a huge smile on his face them embraced John tightly. "Sorry, old habit," Caedmon smiled then looked up to Alice, "Hello Alice, long time no see!"

Alice suddenly pulls Caedmon in and hugs him, "Hi figurative brother in law!!" John was chuckling as Alice was hugging Caedmon tightly.

"John! Alice! Hii," Mylene brightly smiled as she ran over to the trio then hugged them.

"It's been a while, how are you two," Caedmon asked.

"I have been fine." John says as he takes a look at his brother, and suddenly notices the giant scar that goes across Caedmon's face and down the neck, "My God..." John says as he then looks as the scar does end at the Witch Doctor's hand, "I know that Icicle Sadist was insane, see it healed like this..."

"Does it hurt still?" Alice asks worringly.

"Not as much," Caedmon replied with a small smile, "was able to make a medicine to heal the wounds and heal them rather quickly."

"Well that's good to hear." John says, "I know it's been a long while since, but what have you been up to my friend? Besides hiding and recuperating."

"Been training and honing my skills in medicine," Caedmon replied then took a hold of Mylene's hand, "been trying to catch up more with my lady."

"H-h-his lady?!" Mylene thought looking away blushing beat red, "he called me his lady!!!!"

"I've been same." John says, "My Sensei, Jacob has been training more into the arts of Shinigami in Little Garden. Meanwhile, my dear Alice here....." He looks at his tall wife.

"I found an island that was filled with giant women like mine." Alice says, "The island of Feronia that neighbors Amazon Lily. Jacob told me about the place when I was looking for a place myself to learn and train like John here. I got to train with the queen there!"

"From the sounds of it, it sounds like a man's fantasy." John states, "But I am happy my wife got to train as well."

"I'm glad to for you both," Caedmon smiled.

"As am I," Mylène smiled as well.

"Shall we go have some fun together brother?" John asks Caedmon.

"Let's go shopping!" Alice says, "I could be in need of a dress!" She looks down as she had her tight blouse on.

"I want to go shopping too!" Mylène brightly smiled.

"Like old times," Caedmon replied with a smile.

"Indeed, just like old times." John responds smiling as they all head over to the shopping area.

"They're just so adorable aren't they," Mylène asked with a giggle to Alice.

"Indeed they are." Alice then giggles as well as they walked.

The Price Of Freedom

"I've got a lovely bunch of cake and cupcakes, do-do do do, here they all are cradled in me arms," Caedmon happily sang as he juggled a few in his hands, each one he tossed onto his mouth happily, "one cake, two cakes, all as big as my head!"

"Now Caedy, don't sing with your mouth full," Mylene replied in a worried tone.

"Heh, looks like someone has been missing your baking." Alice says looking down at John.

"I guess so." John responds looking over at Caedmon, "Someone just couldn't handle himself."

"Sorry, you know me and my love of baked goods," Caedmon replied with a giddy smile.

"He's too cute," Mylene giggled.

"Nooo I'm not," Caedmon blushed beat red hiding his face behind a butter cream cake he was holding.

"Be careful now, we're in a public area. No need to be looking like a tomato." John teases Caedmon.

"I wonder where should we be going?" Alice asks, "Seems like we've been wondering around without a destination."

"That is because we have none." John responds, "Unless we want to stop somewhere for something."

"Anywhere is fine, long as I'm with my lovely darling Mylene," Caedmon softly smiled at Mylene.

"As goes for myself my darling Caedy," Mylene giggled as she eskimo kisses Caedmon.

"Noooooo," Caedmon whined blushed hiding his face in a pile of sweets as he backed away shyly, while unbeknownst to him he was heading in the direction towards an auction house while still blushing.

John and Alice walk a bit in quiet together as their smiles of being together took each other away. The two walk until John's head perks up from Alice's chest.

"It's been quiet..." John comments.

"Yeah...Caedmon would have said something already by now." Alice says as both she and John look over and see no Caedmon near.

"Great..." John says, "Now where on this island could he have gotten lost now???"

"I think I saw him go into that house over there," Mylene replied pointing to the auction house.

Caedmon looked up from his pile of various sweets noticing where he wandered off to was not familar to his surroundings.

"Huh, it would appear I wandered somewhere...bleak and...depressing," Caedmon commented looking around, "Wonder where John, Alice and Mylene went...John! Alice! Mylene!"

"Awww that's great." John says looking back to the house Mylene points over, it was a house that looked more like a circus tent. The design of white and red striped tent while a sign hanged over the tent saying "The Gilded Star".

"The Gilded Star?" Alice says, "Sounds like a jewelry store. Oooo can we get myself a necklace John?! Please...."

"Can't argue with you my dear Alice." John answers, "But let's first find Caedmon in that circus. Feel like Jack should be here..."

"Ooooo this my first time actually in a circus," Mylene gleamed with sparkling emerald green eyes.

"Talk about a lively place," Caedmon commented looking around amused with wonderous wine red eyes.

John, Alice, and Mylene enter the so thought circus tent and were amazed to enter a literal scenery of what is a circus. The lights, the poles, the tons of people in suits and dresses on the seats all waiting for a show! There was music set and played, people eating food and sweet delights! It truly was the scenery of one of the greatest shows in the world, the circus!

"Oooh! We're in a circus John!" Alice says with excitement, "We're going to get to see Elephants! Lions! Clowns! Acrobats! All types of excitement!" She says with giddy and with a heartful of happiness.

John can't help but smile seeing his wife so happy, "Indeed, we haven't seen one of these in a long time." He then smacks himself, "Priorities people, we need to find Caedmon."

"Right," Mylene nodded as she began looking around, "Caedmon? Caedmon!"

"Lions and tigers and bears oh my!" Caedmon exclaimed excitedly, "Hm? Thought I heard what sounded like an angelic voice...hmmmmm I'm hearing things."

"Caedmon! Caedmon!" John shouts for his name amongst the chatty crowd that was preparing for this show.

"I don't think your handsome voice will be loud enough over this crowd unfortunately." Alice comments.

"Thanks for the compliment, but you are right." John does nod, "Hmmm, what would attract a wild Caedmon..."

"Sweets." Alice answers.

"Of course!" John says, "Sweets with his lovely woman."

"We'll need lots and lots of sweets," Mylene replied with sparkling emerald green eyes.

The lights dimmed out as a spot light suddenly shunned down at center stage! There stood a single man ontop of a circus themed podium, with a tap of his cane a burst of fireworks shot upward!

"Ladies and gentlemen! It's been quite sometime since we've had so many promising attractions! By the look of the crowd, and what a lovely crowd it is, you cannot wait for the show! Before we start may I remind you, that your bids are final, so do not bid what you cannot pay!" The announcer said as the tapped his top hat, then he raised his hands to the ceiling revealing the image of countless stars in a night sky.

"Bids?" Alice asks, "They bid during a circus show?" Alice looks down to John.

"Don't remember so." John responds, "May have to ask Jack if it's a new thing to the performances." He answers, "What would even bid on..." He then thinks.

"Hm? A bid...but on what? Bet it's a cute pet that would fit wonderfully for the crew," Caedmon gleefully smiled to himself.

"Today on our block, first we have a special dual prize! An inseparable pair of friends, a rare Elf and an even rarer female demon! That's right ladies and gentlemen, we have a day packed full of nothing but rare items to auction off today!"

With a tap of his cane, in chains two females were being pulled into the center stage! A beautiful elf girl with shiny silver hair and crystal clear blue eyes. Her hair reached down far enough to brush against her knees, alongside a beautiful succubus girl with pink-colored hair that come down to her shoulders and crystal clear blue eyes and pale skin.

"Shall we begin ladies and gentlemen?! Who's first?"

Caedmon's eyes widen seeing the two chained on staged. Something within him was fueled with rage as he was holding in the urge to attack. "W-what is this," Caedmon thought to himself as his eyes glowed blood red.

John and Alice were shocked in unison as they see the demon and elf in chains, of course neither of them have never seen a demon before but the fact that they were in chains uneased them.

"John? Is this a circus?" Alice asks John for assurance.

"I don't know Alice." John answers, "But I have a very bad feeling about this."

Then as the "product" was brought to stage and bidding began, one by one the many spectators began to lift up their paddles. One after the other they completed with each other.

"That's four hundred million, five hundred million, five hundred fifty million! Come on ladies and gentlemen! Break the bank! We have thoroughly examined the products, trust me when I say, these gems are "uncut" and eager to meet your expectations! There we go! Eight hundred million! Going once, going twice..."

A figure in a black cloak raised his paddle, "one billion beris, and whatever the next person bids, I'll double it."

"Going once! Going twice! Sold! One billion beris!"

Caedmon let out a low guttral growl trying to control his urges once more. "N-not now...but...I want to," Caedmon snarled under his breath.

"But...who would do such an awful thing," Mylene asked shaking with a horrified look on her face.

"This ain't a's a slave auction!" John suddenly realizes as he watches in complete shock.

"I can't believe it....the poor people..." Alice looks as if she's in tears watching, "How can God allow such evil to happen?"

"No clue, but you better start praying Alice." John says, "Remember when we were in Lactose and in that slave auction underground? Know what we did?"

"Caused chaos and destroyed it...." Alice responds.

"Exactly!" John responds, " keep it hush...we need to find Caedmon first."

"Right!" Alice says.

"Alright gents! Next we have a beautiful young lady, all the way from the new world! She was a rookie pirate herself actually, gaining a bounty of eighty million in her first year of piracy! This beautiful young humink is that it a rare blue haired cat and isn't she lovely!?" He then taps his cane as the young girl was brought out in cuffs a ripped clothing. "Looks like she's clawimg off her clothes just for you! So she's quite eager for you all! Let's begin!"

"," Caedmon growled seeing the young humink.

"Uhhh guys, I think I might have found Caedmon over there," Mylene pointed out.

"Two hundred million going once! Going twice! Sold! To the same dark hooded figure from earlier! Next we have an Arctic wolf humink! A rare one at that. This fine young specimen comes unbroken, a pure maiden ready and waiting for their new owner!" He then tapped his cane to signal for them to bring up the next auction piece.

From behind the stage, the Arctic wolf humink was being dragged onto the stage as she squirmed snarling. She had short light blue hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Her attire consisted of brown rag clothing and was barefoot as she struggled to break free. Caedmon was about to transform into his wolf form as he let out a louder growl.

"S-shit...," Caedmon snarled.

"Hey!" John was suddenly behind Caedmon as the Mad Hatter would pull Caedmon comically into the shadows deeper so it wouldn't be likely to see them, "Are you asking for a death sentence!? There could be a lot of guards here!" He whispers at Caedmon before looking at the next slave, "Look I may have an idea Caedmon, are you listening?" John smacks Caedmon on the face to stop Caedmon from being distracted.

"I-I'm listening...," Caedmon growled repressing his powers from clawing to the surface.

"And sold! Yet again! The hooded figure made their bid ND gained the prize! Now! Ladies and gentlemen! It's the final attraction, the star of our sale!"

From the stage, a young Hoseki girl who had short blue hair, blue eyes and blue skin was dragged onto the stage. She tried to summon her wings with her own powers but was too weak as she tried to escape. She collapsed onto the ground as she was dragged to center stage, looking down with a look of defeat on her face.

"Yes ladies and gentlemen! We have a Hoseki! A brilliant and incredibly rare object of you desires! Like the bids begin at five hundred million!" And just like that a rush of constant bidders was seen. Everyone had one bid after the other!

"John, any idea of a plan because I'm really close to losing it here," Caedmon snarled feeling the urge to transform.

"Caedmon please calm down," Mylene wept holding onto him by his arm tearing up.

"Alright, What I'm thinking is before these folks finish their bidding here; I will throw down some smoke from my marbles that I have." John says holding a couple marbles, "I have plenty more in my suit jacket but enough of these will fill the whole tent up with smoke. You then can cause chaos by releasing the slaves before they can even be taken away." John quickly devises with Caedmon.

"Sound like a plan, let me know when I can transform and attack," Caedmon growled.

Clashing Of Generations

The world noble, Saint Johnathan, gripped and groped all over the emerald princess, Mari's body as she struggled to break free.

"Silence you wench! How dare you leave me last year for a filfthy pirate!? I'm going to have to train you much better to make sure you learn your god damn lesson!" The "mighty" World Noble cried out as he proceeded to cock a right hand back and swat the air, slapping the princess across the face.

"This bastard! If I fight back these Marines are going to kill me if I fight back! What do I do!? What do I…who do I…." in her struggle Mari was panicking, unable to fight the painful thoughts in her mind. Just as her heart raced even faster, at it's very peak, at the point she was most scared, only one person, only one thing made sense… "Leeeeeooooo!!!" Mari cried out in pain and suffering.

As the painful, tear filled cry for help echoed through the grove, through the small town found on it, a terrible rumble could be felt. The world noble was too focused on overpowering and taking the emerald princess by force to notice, all the while the likes of Arthur could feel something or someone was coming, even so he didn't bother moving or show any signs of it.

Just at that moment one of the buildings near the scabbard detail had a small shade of red appear on it before it blew up in a massive burst of flames! It sent debris of lumber and stone lol of which was set ablaze flying everywhere, causing Titania and Elaine to circle the security detail and make sure none of the debris hit the noble.

"Oi, you snot nosed asshole." Leo said with a lifeless completely serious voice paired with wide eyes filled with murderous intent fixated on the world noble and Mari. "Let my princess go, or else I'm gonna start a fire up your ass and see you burn from the inside out."

This personality Leo is displaying was something not many have seen. His very presence was one akin to a demon, a being driven by revenge and only focused on one thing, getting Mari back by any means necessary. And so without any provocation Leonardo's eyes widened and a wave of haki, a wave of the emperor's spirit, a potent blast of Haoshoku Haki was released against scabbard and the world noble!

Where most feel a force of power, a force of rage, a force that was that of a selfish and powerful being, the captive Mari had a wide-eyed shocked face. "Leo?..." She whispered with a soft tone, ignoring her current position and circumstance as this technique and side to him was new to her.

"Eight months…" she began to think to herself as she could feel the grip over her coming loose. "You were separated from us for so long, so many days and nights we fought on and on believing someday, somehow, in some way…we'd meet again."

Seeing the severity of how knocked out cold the World Noble was from Leonardo's Haoshoku Haki, Maëlys quickly picked him up then she turned back to Leo with a scowl on her face.

“Scabbards, after the Walking Inferno!” Maëlys ordered.

Arthur smiled as he could finally "get to work" as he manifested a few playing cards in his hands. The sheer intensity that could be felt, the shining stars of the Marines taking on the current leader of the current generation of pirates.

As Leo saw how quickly he was going to be outnumbered, his flames emerged from his fists and wrapped around his fists and arms. He then took a step forward as even more fire wrapped around his body, his very presence was that of a flamming diety.

"Bring it, you bastards!" Leonardo cried out as he cracked his knuckles by slamming his fists together.

High above the scared battlefield, a presence loomed; peering down those below with a certain disdain for the events unfolding. The sounds of conflict echoed within his mind.

"Mommy help!" a young girl cried, carried away by cloaked individuals with nefarious purposes.

"Yorororoo those rookies are the perfect distraction." a joyful pirate cheered on the opposing end of the archipelago collecting his share of the unclaimed loot.

"Jinx get out of here! You're gonna ruin this for us, you fucking glitch!" the alpha among a group of young shoved another as they rushed out the bar to face the trials ahead.

"Will this ever end?" an old soul sighed as he had seen disarray like this before.

"Bring it, you bastards!" an ambitious pirate cried out as he cracked his knuckles by slamming his fists together. Immediately this one caught his attention. Upon further inspection, the pirate's identity was unveiled to be the "Walking Inferno" Elio Leonardo, holding a bounty of Bsymbol.gif355,000,000. Static discharge summoned the rumbling clouds that grew by the second. Had the Monkey King returned from his eternal damnation? No, but to say he wasn't partly responsible for the succeeding events would be an indisputable lie. As thunder alerted those below of his arrival, it wasn't long after he released his vengeance. With ungodly speed, a fist constructed of pure lightning descended upon the battlefield. From the smugglers to the elder man sitting in the bar, the blue light could be spotted from nearly everywhere in the archipelago. Capable of annihilating the island within its radius, the colossal lightning strike targeted the pyro pirate!

— (雷ひけん, Raiken, literally meaning 'Thunder Fist')

Whilst Leonardo was faced with the Marine soldiers in front of him, despite the odds, it did not prevent him from engaging them. Though this was quickly disrupted as his senses would act up, tingling as he felt a powerful presence. His uncanny senses allowed him to detect a massive lightning fist descending upon him.

With a grin of excitement and sheer joy overcame him as he could feel the raw power coming at him. Naturally, he could only respond the way one would expect the 'Walking Inferno' would respond.

— (火拳ひけん, Hiken, literally meaning 'Fire Fist')

Leonardo called for his technique as his own massive fist of pure, truly passionately hot flames shot outward as his flames launched as a dense column of fire at his target with the shape of a fist.

If it weren't for the utter mayhem, the collision between these two forces would be described as undeniable beautiful. The dance between fire and thunder. The fusion of blue and orange pressing against each other, completely even in their unlimited supply. Any artist would die to witness a scene like this; the forces of nature, the piece would be called. Gacha one reporter, dedicated to his craft, so boldly caught on camera. But unfortunately, the enamoring colors and captivating scene were only an illusion for those attempting to escape the current situation. The dance was more of a feud, with each side trying to gain ground on the other. The cry of a thousand birds echoed across the battlefield as the unprecedented heat caused the wind to howl and roar. This was not a song but a clash of wills!

"I deck you out with all these new abilities and you use that move!?" Rosa exclaimed, chanting within the mind of the thunder's caster. "Challenge yourself, Kami, the only way you're going to get better at using your body is to challenge yourself!" she reiterated, a bit frustrated with Kami's reluctance to do so. Her temper at a boil, Rosa demanded results! " Now let's see this baby in action! Capture all those bastards on the battlefield."

As the ceaseless nagging in his head did not subside, the blonde-haired figure embroiled in darkness stood above the battlefield with a solemn look. His left arm still funneling energy into the strike against the pirate, he knew there was some truth to what his annoying accomplice was saying. If he wanted to institute progress, real change, it was time for him to stop floating above and act. Becoming the embodiment of thunder, Kami pierced through his own attack and descended toward his target himself. With the pirate unable to flow haki into his inferno fist, Kami simply needed to be dense enough to pierce through the flames, something he could easily achieve. Descending upon the pirate with absurd speed, he extended his right leg hoping to strike at Leo with a side-kick straight to the face.

Regressing to his substantial form, new darkness coated his leg to strike at his opponent. However, he did not need his weaponized will to endure the flames. Made from a heat resistant alloy designed to withstand Kami's own heat which can exceed that of the sun's, Kami simply needed to make sure the pirate couldn't escape through his recklessness. Empowered by his limitless supply of energy, the force of the kick was of the utmost magnitude and if Leo hoped to challenge it with nothing but his own strength, he would be rudely alerted to the vast gap between the finite physical capabilities of a human versus the limitless power of a cyborg. "I won't let you down..." Kami thought, recalling the image of his dead lover.

Just as before Leonardo could feel something was coming, he could feel it to his very core. He then funneled flames through his body and began to stroke it. His eyes widened as his left arm shot up , defending his face from the powerful and ungodly fast kick aimed at him.

Leo's arm was pushed back quite a bit, only centimeters away from his face. There was an undeniable strength to the newcomers kick, there was something inhumane about such force casually being used. Though, Leonardo was no slouch himself, in fact the technique he was currently using was taking the intense grueling heat his internal flames are producing and using it to fuel his physical abilities.

"O-oi." Leonardo managed to say as he was still focused on Sora Kami's kick. "I don't have any problem with you, they were taking my woman and they are the only ones I have my eyes on. But if you're gonna prevent me from getting to my love, then I guess there's no helping it." Leo said as more heat and flames were being produced and so his physical abilities began to climb.

As the two clashed and spoke, the Jet Black-haired marine's eyes widened as Louise Arthur couldn't help but recognize his old friend in front of him clashing with Leonardo. His playing cards vanished as he couldn't maintain a constant focus.

Vladimir looked over at Arthur, recognizing Kami as well, and knew he and Arthur had a history. He then knew he had to get to work and used Soru to merge with a building, appearing next to Arthur.

"He's a pirate now Arthur," Vladimir said as he looked over. "He's an enemy, that's what we need to remember now."

The displaced energy from the two forces of nature colliding summoned a shockwave that slowly made its wake from the epicenter; pushing the ground and air away. Rosa was astonished by the capabilities of the Walking Inferno. "Holy cow! He's sooooo cool! Using his fruit to generate power like that?! " she muttered, able to extrapolate the bastard's technique through Kami's infrared sensors and data gathering algorithms. Descending into her inner workshop as she pondered ideas of how to utilize Leo's power, Kami remained focused and diligent on the battlefield.

Leonardo's usage of his devil fruit was undeniably impressive but certainly not out of the ordinary. And his decision to simply empower himself to block Kami's kick, allowed for Kami's course of action to remain unchecked. From the cyborg's body, a thick stream of metallic sand began to progressively ensnare them. Through the conjunction of his devil fruit powers and his cybernetic physique, Kami can easily emulate the Jiki Jiki no Mi to manipulate the sand from afar. However, this metallic dust was indeed made from the same substance his armor consists of; an extremely durable and heat resistant material. Complimented by the fact that Kami has reinforced this malleable material out of his own will, the sand would become an impossible prison to break.

Naturally, Leo's next decision would be to move before he's captured however, his choice to remain confident in the face of adversity may be his demise. The two are currently trapped in gridlock. Transferring his energy elsewhere would allow for Kami to capitalize and seize the advantage over their clash; allowing his kick to follow through. His next thought may be to freely manipulate his malleable physique, opening his torso to avoid the strike as well as escape the grasp of the black dust. However, the release of the gridlock would allow Kami to more accurately control his sand which would, in turn, not only expedite the thoroughness but the lethality of the sand which is in such close proximity. Lastly, though unlikely given his comments about caring for his lover, he detonates, releasing all the energy to cause a chain reaction. Unfortunately, such a bold tactic would cause the energy to be more dispersed, allowing Kami's concentrated assault to pierce through the explosion and once again strike at the pirate's body.

With the two of them literally colliding, Leo didn't have much time to react or much less think it over as the sand was within range from the moment Leo freely decided to contest Kami's kick. "Once you're a criminal, you lose your right to care about others. Your whole life will be spent trying to protect them from your shit!" The black cloud of darkness continued to shape into a spherical electromagnetic prison.

Unnoticed above the combatants a hail of arrows made from holy light began to manifest themselves before firing themselves towards the two pirates, the person behind them flying above two pairs of wings coming from his back with a Halo of his own making above his head and eyes like the sunlight. "You having trouble dark and gloomy?" Michael asked looking to his rival before refocusing his attention on his two enemies.

As the downpour of golden arrows descended upon the two pirates, Kami remained diligent in his endeavor. Evidently unbeknownst to the interrupting marine or possibly an over-estimation of his abilities, the collision of two forces of nature had a spawned a shockwave encapsulating the two pirates within it. Although this was likely neither of their intensions, the shockwave served as a barrier between them and the outside. Empowered by collision itself, a much more concentrated assault would be necessary bypass the limitless pool of energy and heat funneled into the shockwave.

Therefore, the raining arrow detonated along the outer layer of the barrier, unsuccessful reaching the targets. With every passing moment, the barrier continued to expand, endangering those nearby as a heat comparable to that of the sun itself was emerging before them.

"Mari... I'll save you...i will!" Leo thought to himself but then on his mind you could say it's purely his own speculation, the pirate felt something else as he looked at his current enemy. "The way his voice's like when I was locked up." The voice, the look in the eyes of his enemy and uncannily the fact he simply didn't continue direct assault on Leonardo let the pirate come to one conclusion.

"Hey...whoever they were, I'm sorry." Leonardo said. He wasn't mad, he wasn't upset, at his very core, Leonardo knew he couldn't fight back any longer. This fight was not personal, he viewed a pain the walking inferno felt not too long ago coming off of Kami.

Leonardo then smiled and looked over to Mari, "get back to the ship, I'll be there soon, I promise princess." He continued to keep his guard and stared at the opposing force of nature's eyes, not moving an inch. He resigned himself as he allowed the black sand to continue it's work.

"Oi, oi." A chilling voice emerged with pure calm to it as suddenly a harsh right kick slammed into the ribs of the red hooded scabbard, Titania who was holding the emerald princess hostage. The sound of cracks and pops filled the area around the two as all twelve of her ribs on her side were cracked and fractured as the Marine was sent flying through a pair of buildings.

"In a group of powerful auras and two forces of nature clashing with only a single aura seeming to be scared, figured the scared one needed to be saved." It was the red-haired Ronin, one of the most wanted pirates of the current generation, Musashi had appeared on the scene. "Vento, get this girl out of here." He ordered as a sudden gust emerged around them, picking up the princess and quickly pulling her away. "Whoever she is, she'll be let to leave her home or whatever. As for the rest of you," he then smiled from ear to ear, "I'll happily be tagging in for her."

It was unknown whether it was the loud taunts of his rival, the appearance of a new party one that he had heard so much about, or simply that he had enough of simply standing around, the jet black Marine, Arthur snapped back into reality and leapt off the building.

"Shut up, will you ya damn loudmouth." He said as he responded to Michael's taunts. A large giant appeared behind Arthur in an ethereal form. This giant had the striking resemblance to a pirate, a once member of the mighty Wukong Pirates, Magnus Gunnar. He had been vanquished by the joint efforts of Arthur and his older sister and turned into an avatar during the battle of Skyfall.

"As for you," Arthur paused as he felt the force of the shockwaves coming at him. Then keeping his feet firmly planted to the floor he cocked his arm back and with an immense amount of power, as though the giant's strength had been compressed in the young marine. "Gungnir!" he yelled as a massive shockwave of his own shot came out from his fist! It was like a powerful spear of pure power was shot out with the purpose of piercing through the barrier caused by the two forces of nature.

Back at the scene, Kami had Leonardo in his grasp. For whatever reason, he seemed to have lost his will to fight. A couple of years ago, Kami had the honor and empathy to halt his assault. But such a luxury is not available to him anymore; there's too much at risk. Justice is indiscriminate and thorough. The man before Kami has chosen a life of anarchy. And that's all that mattered; an exception for one is an exception for all. But as the sand nearly enveloped Leonardo, his heightened senses picked up on the familiar voice. "Gungnir!" Kami heard, recognizing the voice without even calling upon his database. Such a familiar tone and yet it was different. Turning his attention to the origin of the voice, he could see his old friend, Arthur.

But as his eyes shifted towards his fellow marine, it dawned on him. "W-why are you directing your attack this way. I got this, I don't need any hel-" The realization of his current status was crippling. He was the target. Disgruntled by this discovery, he wondered about his authority. Did he have the right to capture this pirate? But Napoleon's words also echoed in his mind, "What determines right and wrong? Is it those who hold the most authority? What if those who hold the most authority are evil?" Kami's physical and mental metamorphosis was only just recently. Thus, it wasn't a surprise when he enters this mental wall. Detached from reality at this moment, his body naturally protected itself by detonating, releasing all the built-up power of his kick at that moment. The moment Arthur's own shockwave pressed against that of the one produced by the two logia, a pillar of lighting extending for nearly fifteen meters and rising to as tall as the skies itself suddenly emerged.

Leo had a sudden shiver go down his back the very moment before Sora Kami's 'self destruction' he knew he had to imprevise. "Condense and control. Don't let Mari get hurt!" Leonardo thought to himself in a hurry as he knew that he had to turn himself into flames and needed to do so in a way that wouldn't put his beloved in harm, unaware that she had already been saved and is already a fair distance away from the battlefield. Leonardo then bursted his body into flames, releasing the highly concentrated and condensed flames and enormous amount of heat he had built up in himself. It released intially like a thermal reactor, but quickly with Leonardo's consciousness taking control over the flames and forced it to spiral upward, rising upward and exploding downward, destroying the very floor beneath him and rising to height as Kami's own explosion.

A Shield of Holy light appeared in front of Arthur as Michael moved behind him manifesting the construct, his size in his hybrid form was almost twice the size of Arthur "Snap out of it, your all over the place anyone with decent enough Haki can sense it, i know you and Kami were friends before this but as of now he is an unknown combatant if he presents a problem do not hesitate" Michael instructed Arthur dropping his facade of perfection for a second "You're called the Predator of the marines so act like it".

Not far from the calateral of the fight, Vice Admiral Alarie Maëlys grabbed her Den Den Mushi then made the call to the Marines regarding to the current status so far.

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru


"Shironeko reporting in," Maëlys spoke, "so far a World Noble has been knocked unconscious at this time and currently Sora Kami is in combat with the Walking Inferno."

“My my, isn’t that unfortunate!” A masculine voice answered on the other side of the line. This deep, and almost hypnotizing voice could only belong to the newly appointed Vice-Admiral Aouna. Tanahashi sat in an empty conference with a cigar in his right hand, Den Den Mushi in his left and his tail coiled around his katana. Before he spoke, Tanahashi hit his cigar once more. “As per protocol, I’ll inform an Admiral ranked Marine Officer to assist you Shironeko. Thank you for calling Head Quarters.” Tanahashi spoke, releasing a massive cloud of smoke towards the snail, nearly suffocating the poor thing. Without even saying goodbye, Tanahashi rolled his eyes and hung up abruptly. While he wanted to establish a relationship between Fish-man and Humans, Tanahashi still held onto an ugly hatred for the rotten Celestial Dragons. “Who cares about those stupid World Nobles anyway.” Tanahashi grunted, ashing his cigar in an ash-tray that set on the table in front of him. Using his now free right hand, he dialed for Admiral Fermi.

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru.”

No answer. Tanahashi shook his head in disappointment, pondering on what the hell could be keeping the Celestial Dragons lap-dog from answering his snail. “Onto the next I suppose.” He shrugged, now dialing for the only Admiral left.

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru puru


In a semi empty bar, a large tan skinned man, wearing a ripped and tathered marine coat looking at his empty glass and the dozen bottles of alcohol that were either empty or broken. His sheer presence alone demanded both fear and respect by the remaining patrons in the bar. His eyes screamed out how greatly impared he was at the moment, his breath and belches could be set a blaze or could knock a lesser man out. It was the feared Marine Admiral, the very bane of the Marines, he was Edo Shishio, the Black Dragon.

"Hm? Ah shit, these mother fuckers. What do you you lots want?" The admiral asked as he answered his den den mushi.

"Marine Officer, Vice-Admiral Aouna speaking. Admiral Drun- Shishio, a World Noble has been assaulted and Admiral Fermi is unresponsive. Head Quarters would like you to head to the Sabaody Archipelago and handle the situation immediately." Tanahshi explained, reaching to pick up his cigar. Setting his Den Den Mushi on the table, he channeled electricity from his three electricity producing organs. The electricity traveled up through his arm and out through his finger left index finger, succesfully lighting the cigar that was held by his right hand. "How far away are you from Sabaody and how soon could you get there?" He asked, before putting his cigar in his mouth.

"Shiiiii hohohoho! Hey fishface! Hold on before I answer ya," before he could continue the admiral let out a large and loud belch. "You never told me, is it true you guys are the ones who birth the babies? Shiiiii-hohohoho!" The admiral laughed as he made reference to sea horses. "Anyway, I'm already on the island. Those damn world nobles, always causing trouble for others. Whatever, the job is the job." Shishio then got up and hung up the phone before any response could be given. "Bastards, well, I'm off." The admiral got up and left the bar, seeing the massive towers of lightning and flames. "I'm gonna assume there."

Tanahashi laughed off Shishio's comment, spinning around in his chair to face the balcony. "I smell trouble." He continued to snicker, as smoke poured from lips.

Arthur stood up and pulled out a cigarette and lit it up and took a large drag from it, releasing a cloud of smoke, his nerves finally settling down. He then looked upward.

"I don't want to fight him, not in the slightest. It's disgusting, truly and utterly disgusting." Arthur said while cracking his fingers and tossing his cigarette on the floor. "The war we just had, the countless blood that has been shed by so many people, now friends are fighting friends. It makes you question, what's even the point?" Arthur then summoned a clown like avatar behind him and summoned playing cards to his hand. "Whatever, it doesn't matter. I can't fight it anyway."

earn from the mistakes of the past and do better you want to avoid tragedy then do whatever you can to defend the innocent so that normal people can live normalves" he said emphasizing with his rival "because that's your job, now let's go work". st

The scattered embers from the massive eruptions had begun to rapidly gather together, easily reforming Leonardo's body back to normal ontop of a pile of rubble. He couldn't help but crack a large smile, noticing Mari's aura was already a fair distance away from the battlefield. Then he walked toward the ground and began to approach the group of Marines.

"Hey! Zap! Or lightning guy! Whatever your name is. I don't wanna fight you anymore. So let's call it a day and pick it up next time!" He called out to Sora Kami unsure where it was that the ex marine was going to reform. "As for the rest of you, who let you think it was a good idea to apprehend my Mari?"

"Everyone stay guard!" Vladimir yelled as he clenched his fists and raised them to guard himself. "He may not act like it, but the walking inferno is ridiculously strong. I had the advantage over him once and while he escaped the next time we met not two months later we were in equal terms. Now that he's known to be affiliated with the Yonko, Alighieri, we should be prepared for just about anything!" Vladimir being the Marine with the most experience with this walking natural disaster was prepared to fight him off.

Ame was running in the direction of where she was picking up strong auras until she noticed a familiar aura…one that brought back memories. Memories of…that day two years ago. The memory of the figure who stood before her. The one obstacle that stood in her way. The warrior of red hair and golden amber eyes appeared before her. Her calm demeanor changed into a cold scowl that grew on her face as she sprouted her wings then took off flying!

"He's here," Ame thought to herself, "our paths finally clashed once more.”

“Where are all these strong auras coming from,” Xenos asked himself as he ran in the direction of the wisps he summoned. He ran in the direction of the wisps when he noticed he ran into a dead end. His eyes were filled with dismay and anger as he pinched his eyebrows in annoyance.

“FUCK!” Xenos shouted as he turned himself around and ran back to where he started until he picked it up again. His eyes widen as he ran in the direction he was picking up on the same aura he nearly lost track of earlier. “Ok, alright, this time, I found it,” Xenos said to himself as he started sprinting off.

The Red Hood Jenny looks up to the area where she can smell multiple scents and had the common scent of a marine.

"Shit...." Jenny mutters as she then looks to her crew, "Jaden, Little John, with me. Rest of y'all get a bit far from here."

"Oh I see what you're saying." Jaden says smelling the air and unsheathing his claws.

"You have my bow hun." Little John says putting his green hood up and taking out his bow.

"Let's go." Jenny says pulling out her chain and walking in the direction of the scent of marines.

Stars and Spiders

Xenos paced himself as he nearly fell onto his knees out of breath from him sprinting nearly heaving until he looked up noticing the Marines nearby. Much to his dismay, his crew was no where to be found as he was separated from them. Xenos groaned to himself shaking his head knowing what he did was a stupid move. For now, he wanted to focus on finding his crew though, seeing the Marines nearby, he wasn't thrilled by this.

"Awwwww here it goes," Xenos sighed as he got back up looking around until he noticed two Marines that caught his attention.

“Our next victim has itched their way into my line of sight.” Aiya spoke, drawing her long-blade from it’s scabbard. Her long dark blue hair pranced in the current of wind that coated her body.

"Hm? Wherever you are, no point in hiding," Xenos taunted as he raised his hand into the air, "Freezing Wisp!" Xenos released blue wisps in the direction he heard the voice surrounding the area swirling around continusly. BOOM! The wisps exploded letting out a freezing air that began to spread!

"He's already on guard. This is our chance to strike!" Tsuchi said as she spat out a bunch of webs from a different direction that Xenos was firing his wisps from.

"Burning Wisps!" Xenos shouted as he summoned red wisps from his hand as they hurled towards the webs engulfing them until they fell onto the ground and disintegrated. "No use in hiding."

Arthur walked over and tossed both Aiya and Tsuchi to a safe corner, away from the battle. "Oi, emo, you gonna make this easy on me a d out these handcuffs on? Or am I gonna have to beat some sense into you?" The Predator of The Marines asked as he pulled out a short sword.

"Both Tsuchi and Aiya aren't pushovers, the fact he beat both means he's fairly strong...good. I need to get stronger, I need to produce results, I'll change the world, I'll save it, so my friends...domt have to.*

"Me? Emo? Have you looked at yourself," Xenos sneered as he summoned a few wisps around him, "you look more depressing than me, that says something about one of us."

"Damn, hey giant, do you have any ice, kid here just got burnt." the clown like figure in Arthur's head mocked the Marine who had just been insulted.

"While I will acknowledge that was hilarious, I won't further the joke." the giant replied.

"Well aren't you a stick in the mud."

"Will the both of you just shut up?" Arthur angrily said outloud. Unlike himself everyone around him can't actually hear the current conversation tmhe was having.

"what are you gonna do? Kill us? You kind of did that already asshole."

"Oh my...Just shut up while I take care of this pirate. Seriously, it's like dealing with fucking children." Arthur then drew his second blade and prepared himself for Xenos.

"Ummmmm what in the...okay," Xenos replied looking at Arthur with a confused expression on his face, "you sure you're okay? Looks like you need some's okay to get some...but looking at your blades, that's gonna be a no."

"Yeah I'm fine, and your observational skills are spot on, so tell me, can you see this?" Using his Soru Arthur quickly closed the distance between himself Xenos, not wasting even a second the slashed away with a dual Busoshoku Haki covered attacks! "Beast Style:Dual Rising Falcon!"

"Matter of fact, I don't need to." The wisps surrounding him began to turn white as he aimed his palm towards Arthur. "Blinding Wisps!" Xenos shouted, covering his eyes, as he sent the white wisps towards Arthur among contact, they released a blinding white light!

In that moment, despite their close range, Arthur's attack missed as the blinding eyes dilated his eyes and shocked his mind! The flash stunned the young Marine and forces him to close his eyes.

"D-damn it!" Arthur took a step back rather agitated from the light.

Xenos swiftly appeared behind him with his fist coated in a red wisp as he charged in at Arthur ready to land a punch on him! "Burning Wisp Fist!" Xenos shouted as he landed a punch at the back of his head!

Just before Xenos's attack could land the projection of a large giant appeared behind him, using it's massive body as a shield to protect Arthur. Upon being blinded, Arthur had presumptively activated his devil fruit in order to act as a shield in case Xenos tries to take advantage of Arthur's status.

"Seriously, how annoying." Arthur groaned as his blades were covered with haki and began to unleash a wave of constant slashes, each attack aimed at vital points over Xenos's body!

Xenos' eyes widen seeing the wave of slashes heading towards him knowing he had to act fast. He summoned a group of wisps from his hands as they formed into a shield! "Shielding Wisps!" Xenos shouted as they surrounded Xenos protecting in enough to block the attack!

Arthur couldn't help but smirk as the large avatar behind him, the Giant held his giant hammer costed with armament haki swung at Xenos. Because of how close it was as it's directly behind Arthur, the range was extremely short between them!

"Shit!" Xenos muttered to himself as he bent back dodging the Giant's hammer looking up at it. "The hell is that thing and where did it come from?!"

"How annoying," Arthur said as he suddenly kicked himself at a remarkable speed off a single limp kick, appearing before Xenos. By using the immense strength of the giant being condensed down to Arthur's body, a single kick in this state was beyond monstrous. He could propel himself across an island with only a few kicks.

"Boo" Arthur then swung his shirt sword at Xenos. "Either fight me serious, or I will kill you! This isn't a game. This isn't some fight in a book, if you don't fight me full out, if all you do is run and use cheap attacks, I will kill you."

"Do I have any other choice," Xenos asked as he coated his fists in blue wisps, "I'm just getting started, emo boy."

Just like that Arthur chased after Xenos, bringing down his shorts words! "Beast Style: Bear Claw!" with two haki coated downward slashes came down aimed at the pirate!

"Freezing Wisp Uppercut!" Xenos shouted as he leapt into the air intercepting Arthur's attack!

As Arthur's attack missed, he quickly felt the chilling ship of wisps approaching him! Just as it appeared before his face, his locked onto them, but chain of slashes from a haki coated scythe as his avatar had changed to thead clown.

"Guess it's a good thing ya got me huh kid?" The clown spoke as it's hand came down and ruffled Arthur's hair.

"Shut up and do what ya do." Arthur ordered, commanding the clown avatar to toss his scythe at Xenos! The long reed blade coated with haki! It approached at a rapid speed cutting it's way through the air!

Just as quickly once Arthur gathered his bearing he leapt upward and chased after Xenos! Coated his blades with haki he swung upward! "Beast Style: Reverse Bear Claw!"

"Shit shit shit!" Xenos exclaimed running off in a comedic manner, "need to think of something! Burning Wisp!" Xenos released red wisps towards Arthur as they shot out from his hand in his direction!

Arthur summoned a card forward and tossed it in Xenos's direction, manifesting the large clown avatar, using a haki coated blade it sliced it's way through the wisps. Arthur then jumped on its blade so the avatar launched him forward at the oirate.

As Arthur landed he shot out an upward kick, the leg coated by haki he aimed a kick straight at Xenos's temple!

Xenos narrowly dodged the attack though he got hit from the kick which knocked him onto the ground as he got himself back up. "This guy is full of unexpected twists...," Xenos thought to himself, "if there was a way to get him distracted once more I might have an upperhand again...just need to get his friends or whatever they are distracted somehow."

Arthur swung his blades that were coated with Busoshoku Haki, "You're so annoying." Arthur complained as he had a disgusted look on his face looking at Xenos. "You're not even worth killing, better of just arresting you and throwing you in Impel down. Maybe while locked up you'd grow some damn back bone." Arthur commented looked down on Xenos.

"Think that yet I just need to keep you from stepping a few inches from me," Xenos smirked as he dodged Arthur's attack then summoned yellow wisps to surround Arthur, "Shocking Wisp!"

"Wild Beast Style: Ogi...." Arthur calmly let out a breath as his blades were sheathed. The air around him became much chillier, to an unholy level his breathing seemed relax. As the whisps approached Arthur's legs and arms tensed up as his sharp eyes locked onto Xenos.

"Black Bull" as the words slipped his mouth Arthur's body sprung. To the young Marine his surroundings were moving a tenth of their regular speed. "One of the Strongest Techniques the drunk admiral developed..." Arthur thought as he daily ran, manuvering around the attack. "The absaloute fastest technique this Swordstyle has. With good reason, not only an I using the pinnacle of my own speed, to the point that the muscles in my legs are going far beyond their natural limit, it dwarfs the speed I could ever reach with soru. But because of the speed, I need to make sure my target is always within striking distance.... because going this fast leaves me blind to my surroundings."

With that though ending Arthur drew his shirt sword from it's Scabbard! His haki infused strike was aimed directly at Xenos chest. This speed that had allowed him to cross the distance between the two of them in a blink of an eye.

"Fucking...hell his speed...I couldn't even keep up with that," Xenos thought as his eyes widen, his heart nearly dropped to the pit of his stomach. Seeing where the attack was aiming, he merely seconds to think of something to get him out or it was the end. Anything! Then it hit him. Xenos turned his attention back to Arthur with a smirk that display a look of both confidence but also a feeling that he might screw this up. "This better work," Xenos shouted putting his hand to Arthur's face as white wisps released from his hand surrounding him, "Blinding Wisp!"

Arthur's eyes lit up with a crimson red hue to it as he detected a warning to react before the blinding wisp. While not fast enough to completely close his eyes through sheer will, even with the blinding pain rolling through him during that second of being blinded. His inner focus wouldn't break, he was focused only on the aura of Xenos and on drawing his blade. With his pure dedication he drew his sword from it's Scabbard, with Xenos focused only on stopping Arthur rather than counter him and allowing him to get so close, there was next to no chance for Xenos to respond.

Xenos' eyes widen unable to dodge the attack on time as he was immediately blown back into a tree from the impact of the attack! " this point...this monster is on another level...," Xenos thought to himself as he slowly got up glaring at Arthur.

Different Shades of Justice

As the lightning dissipated, a hole was left in remembrance of the song of thunder and flames. The bubbles that once held up the grove were popping one by one. The creature within the abyss was killed as Kami's current scattered throughout the sea. The sky has grown more ominous since last; a storm was brewing. Receiving a beacon of light carrying his will, the skies obeyed his order manifesting becoming more threatening by the second.

But as the Walking Inferno went on his way, Kami had yet to remerge. Within the storm, Kami's inner turmoil was at a boil. His thoughts were sporadic and intense. Despite quite literally possessing a new body, the trauma from being tortured for weeks still influences him mentally. The loss of a lover, the defection of his father, the realization of his mother, his role in society, all these thoughts plagued his mind. But with this inner conflict, his anger was set ablaze. See the thing about vengeance is that it's quite the motivator. But just as Kami was about to erupt. A voice reached out to him.

"We can't change the past but we can shape the future!" Rosa exclaimed, her voice echoing within the mind of the scarred Kami. Having treated, fixed and attended to Kami for years now, she only just realized no matter how many times she build him back together if Kami wasn't mentally up for it, there was nothing she can do. But she couldn't just sit there and do nothing! Slamming her hands into the desk, she shouted, "If you make it about serving some personal grudge then you're no better than them! And you're better than that! Hell, we're better than that! The whole world can turn its back on us, call us criminals, but we know better, don't we? Don't we Kami!?!?"

The festering energy built up in the clouds was suddenly released but instead of raining down a storm of thunder, all the clouds were enveloped in blue light. In an instant the clouds that loomed over the battlefield were suddenly wiped out, revealing the clear blue skies and the cyborg who brought it. "We do!" he chanted, his expression completely stoic yet poised. Descending back to the battlefield, his pragmatic, calculated demeanor returned.

"Tell me why Kami?" Rosa giggled, falling back to her seat as she was pleased with this development.

Because I am Justice!
— Sora Kami aka Justice

Although hundreds of meters away from the grove, his heightened senses layed the battlefield out for him. With each passing moment, Kami was intaking more and more data. Temperature, movement speed, voices, relationships, anything of note Kami processed. Upon collecting and cleaning the data, Kami began to review and assess. Thousands upon thousands of calculations were processed in milliseconds, far exceeding the limiting framework of flesh and blood. Reaching the island's floor, Kami almost seemed to have forgotten his old friends standing before him. Hell, they could sense it. The one standing before them was not Kami or at least what they remembered him to be.

"Oi. You okay?" A calm voice spoke from a rooftop nearby Kami, looking over at the young blonde. "You got the strongest aura I've seen in a long time. So don't go and just leave a fight," the young swordsman with crimson red hair said with his hand on his hilt. "I heard about you. The Marine that pretty much conquered the sky and was turned into a pirate. Oh and that your dad did that thing and now they don't like ya. Weird." Musashi spoke casually and bluntly to the young cyborg before him.

Kami's focus pivoted to the unabashed pirate chanting from the roof. Without giving any indication, Justice scanned over the redhead's body, highlighting and assessing notable characteristics.

"Oi oi Kami, that's him!" Rosa finally registered. "He's the one who beat Chio and took the sword we were after," Rosa admitted, piecing two and two together. Undergoing her own little assessment, her eyes gazed up then down at his chiseled physique. Blushing slightly, she mumbled under her breath as she turned away. "I mean he's not bad but I don't see how he can beat mijo."

The orchestrator of justice paid little mind to the architect as his own assessment made him privy to these facts and many more. With his assessment complete, Kami raised his open palm directly at the Musashi. Although the situations were eerily similar, there was a much more methodical approach to Kami now than before. Justice is thorough. Justice is efficient. Justice is effective. Sealing his fist, nothing about Musashi went undetected. Every gasp of air he took, the rhythm of his heart, the body heat circulating, his fighting spirit, and even the electric signals rapid-firing throughout his nervous system. With enough information to make a man go insane, it was fortunate Kami was no mere mortal.

Raiken: Akarui Kōgeki
— (雷ひけん明るい攻撃, Raiken: Akarui Kōgeki, literally meaning 'Thunder Fist: Dazzling Strike')

At that moment, bright blue light shined and spread violently in the furthest corners. Thunder roared loud enough to drown out any other sound; shattering the glass of the building below the pirate. Like a much more intense stun-grenade, blinding light and deafening sound spontaneously combusted from Kami's body; designed to stun an entire crew for minutes. But hindering Musashi's natural senses wasn't the only intention. The unprompted nature and the inability to truly protect oneself from this type of attack were intentionally done to minimize the effectiveness of Musashi's supernatural senses.

Given his pedigree, it was more than likely Musashi remains firm and simply allow his instincts to handle the rest. However, this would be hubris to the utmost degree. The attack heading toward him was no mere fast punch. Blessed with the pace of his devil fruit power, the attack could move faster the even any simple punch he'd have probably seen. But there is more to it than that. Given lightning's jagged nature, the attack was not moving linearly toward Musashi. Zig-zagging randomly, instinct was certainly to be his downfall as every movement could suddenly shoot out or pivot slightly, serving as a sort of feint, as the punch made its way to Musashi. Unbeknownst to Musashi, this attack was far different than its previous incarnation against the inferno. Instead of being a fist-shaped beam of lighting, Kami's own metallic fist would encroach on Musashi's space. Although not coated in darkness, Rosa has reversed engineered Dials, allowing Kami to funnel his power to supplement the projection. With nearly ten million volts funneled into a reject dial, the fist could level a large town much less a single person.

And just like that, it unfolded. When stun detonated a lightning-fast assault made its way to Musashi's rear.

Musashi's eyes were suddenly blinded! His ear's began to ring as the the crack of thunder caused by the lightning bolt was fiercely loud! Because of his training with his crew mate Susumu Ahma, Musashi's body had become somewhat resistant to these type of manuvers, being that Ahma's training revolved on fighting using the shadows and attacking the sense of enemies with smoke and stun bombs. But this was something else, this was that training taken to an unparalleled degree. His senses shocked and scrambled, trying to adjust to the environment, unable to detect the oncoming back attack.

As the bolt of lightning quickly approached Musashi's back side, the hilt of his sheathed sword suddenly sprouted a skeletal arm, taking the brunt of that attack. The skeletal hand did it's best to grip down on the metal fist, forcing itself to snag on fist! That cracks of lightning flew around them, the many sparks slamming down onto the ground and nearby buildings causing collateral damage all around. Because of it's bone body the sword, the Totsuka blade's devil fruit's ability had helped protect Musashi. Despite the blade doing it's best to protect it's master the added momentum from the strike did push Musashi back, the young Ronin recognizing the great force behind such a punch as he struggled to hold his ground.

"Guess it was a good thing to switch your scabbard, doubt ya could do that before bud." Musashi said, drawing his second blade. "Man this guy is no joke though. If it wasn't for ya Totsuka I would've been stunned or something. I haven't faced someone like this before." The image of a blond haired monstrous appeared in his mind, the last person to give him this sensation, the sensation of facing a wall that's infinitely taller than himself. This invoked a drop of cold sweat to fall from the side of Musashi's cheek, and a truly horrifying look in his eyes,though Musashi had been faced with something primal, a feeling of facing a Monster, what made it all the more horrible was that it was paired with a smile. He knew that there existed a gap in ability and power, but despite how much this shook him to his core, there was no denying that his pride as a warrior and his want to grow was what overcame that fear.

"You remind me so much of that woman, I hope you take that as a compliment. I haven't felt fear like this in so long. But if you don't feel fear, are you even alive? Heh, am I right?" Musashi commented with a chuckle to his voice.

What Musashi described as praise fell upon deaf ears as Kami could care less about his sentiments or comparisons to the former warlord. These pirates and their illusions that all interactions are opportunities to get to know one another, utter fallacies. It's obvious that none of them understand the scope of their crimes and the negative impact they have on society. Kami had no interst in bantering with the Ronin. His mind and objective were dedicated to one objective: the immediate capture of pirates!

As the light and thunder disspated, Kami's whereabouts were revealed to be unknown as he no longer stood below the pirate; it's become obvious now that his intentions were not exclusively to obstruct Musashi's senses for his attack but to hide his own actions as there was an after image in his place. But that would not be Musashi's primary concern. While as undeniably epic it was for Musashi to stop the Kami's thunderous fist with his newly acquired sword's abilities, it would be that very same response that prompted his current predicament. Although desgned to do this once the attack had successfully landed, the condition was achieved all the same through the skeleton's stopping of Kami's punch; ending its momentum. The former triggering the punch's secondary effect!

Right within the immediate vicinity of the ronin, the fist detonated with awesome force of impact. The building below began to crumble as result. However, rather than beaming lightning enveloping the target, black mist covered a thirty-five foot radius; the metalic sand returned. Emerging above the swordsmen, Kami's daunting blue eyes peered over the scene, still tracking the pirate's attributes. Kami then coined the attack.

— (エレキネット, Erekutoronetto)

Deserving of its name, the black mist was designed to complete ensnare targets. Each particle of dust was interconnected through a current of electricity, limitlessly produced by the logia powers of the blonde cyborg. If Musashi attempted to cut through with his superb blades or use his exceptional physical abilities to escape, his actions would only entangle him more as like a web, movement will only allow new strands to stick to the him. However dislike real spiderweb, these strands were bound together by electromagenitism, a fundamental force where each grain of sand was attrated to each other, meaining the pushing one or many for that matter would simply attract others. In laymen's terms, Musahi was trapped in a web that had no tangible form and will envelop Musashi even faster if he were to move. Furthermore, if Musashi was ignorant enough to stay much less inhale the black, Justice's abilities would extend to the pirate, allowing him full control over his movments.

Although the situation was dire, it should be noted that Musashi's actions defied all odds. Capable of examining thousands of possibilities, Kami did not foresee his opponent simply stopping his attack as he did. It was beyond a fraction of a fraction of a possibility and yet he managed to do it; a testamate to his greatness and skills as a combatant. But with each action the Ronin did take, Kami's algorithm had more data at its disposal, allowing him to make more accurate predictions. Each succeeding action would become exponentially harder for him to counter until eventually, his capture is guranteed. Even if somehow managed to escape this formiable entrapment, Kami already had plotted hundreds of possible actions based on each possible action he could formulate. His earlier assessment of the the cyborg was correct, fear was appropiate given the unsurmountable odds he was presented. But if he could take solace in anything, it should be that Kami remains prepared for him to continously defy the odds!

"Hollow Cross Prison" Michael announced as he burst onto the scene creating a cross shaped prison out of his holy light which sealed Kami inside cutting him off from his Black mist. "

I'll take the cyborg you take the Red Head Samurai" Michael ordered to Arthur as they began their attack.

Ignoring the orders given to him, Arthur closed in on the battle, examining the construct that his teammate Michael had placed around Sora Kami. With a heavy heart, Arthur's mind already knew what was needed to be done, take out both threats, as much as he loathed the idea of attacking a friend. His eyes began to glow a deeply bright shade of red while running, closing the distance between himself and Kami.

"Life is not fair…" Arthur thought to himself as the appearance of flashbacks began to spam through his mind, back to back his memories of the two began to replay through his mind repeatedly.

"Ha you wanna talk about stuff not being fair," the ratty voice of a jester could be heard within Arthur's mind while the image of a clown appeared mentally. "Not only was I captured by some drunk son of a bitch Marine Admiral, turns out he only did so to use me as some sort of guinea pig for another Marines new devil fruit. Now I'm bound as a shell of myself to assist you. Shiiiii!! Shishishi! But you don't hear me complaining." the avatar chastised Arthur and his internal struggle.

"Fuck off, you're not the one I need for this…" Arthur groaned internally as he forced the avatar speaking to him to disipate, though the drop of seat falling on the side of his face spoke volumes of what he was feeling. "Oi, ya overgrown slave, get out here, imma need your strength." He demanded as he was only a few feet from his target.

"Grh, again?" A voice groaned as the figure of a massive giant appeared behind Arthur, slowly shrinking down and entered his body. "Do what you must, personally I'm not fond of this either. But nothing in life is fair, so if you need to take on an old friend, so long as you do what you need, what you believe is right, then do it." After speaking, the large war hammer the giant, Magnus Gunnar was known for carrying into battle had manifested itself in a much smaller version of its original self, except unlike its original bronze color, this one had Arthur's signature jet black hue to it.

Arthur pulled back the hammer, his eyes locked on the back of Sora Kami's head, gritting his teeth, Arthur knew what needed to be done. His resilience to the situation, his fearsome resolve, and his willpower overcame his doubt. "Giant Combat!:" Arthur swung the mighty hammer, coating it mid-swing with a deep coat of Busoshoku Haki!

— (覇国, Hakoki, literally meaning 'Warrior Nation')

Arthur's deep purple eyes were fixed solely on Kami, despite his doubt, his overwhelming dedication to his role washed over it. The thunderous powerful hammer swung down, with its sheer weight mimicking that of the original war hammer it was based on, and the extremely compacted strength, strength that was already phenomenal compared to the average giant into his much smaller body brought down a concentrated blow!

Meanwhile, Musashi had landed on the ground, surrounded by the black mist which slowly began to entrap him. Seeing no way out of the current situation, the red pirate ronin simply took a seat on the floor, closing his eyes.

"Find your center, catch your breath and steadily relax your heart rate." Musashi thought to himself, slowing his breathing down, calming his heart down, allowing his mind to relax and stop the doubt from overtaking him. "I can't just "power" my way through these kinds of things. Nor can I just depend on thinking on the fly or re-using your old teachings. You need more Musashi, your a katana becoming all the more full. Fold yourself, polish yourself, sharpen yourself."

Despite his usual confidence in his capabilities, Musashi was taking this moment to reflect on the situation. He needed to calm down and relax, trying to find a resolution to the situation before him. Musashi had to see his situation from a different angle, seeing how "dull" he had become, lacking the creativity and growth he had always known for. And so, he needed to practice something he was not too fond of, complete patience.

"Kami Kami, look at there double-teaming ya!" Like a sports fan watching her favorite teams, Rosa quickly cried in desperation to help her favored side as pop-up alerts emerged on her screen. She giggled slightly as she realized the sexual innuendo she implied, blushing at the idea of the four of them together. Her face sunk into her hands and could not deal with the embarrassment, despite there being no one else in the room.

But unlike in sports where the players almost never hear the audience, Kami was unfortunately cursed with her screaming in his ear. "I know..." he thought, annoyed that they are tethered together at almost all points. His disdain for his relationship with the pink-haired engineer had to take a back seat as he needed to deal with the situation before him.

Despite being confined to a box that limited his field of vision, he was certainly not blind to his surroundings. But it didn't take much to realize these two weren't working together. Even without hearing Arthur blatantly ignore Michael's suggestion, the sequence of attacks was simply poor. Micahel's assault, designed to only imprison him, did nothing but alert Kami to their plans to intervene. And Arthur, although attempting to capitalize on his blindness, was too upfront in his approach which would provide him enough of an opening to escape from danger. Or at least if his goal was to evade.

With Musashi right in his grasp, it would be a shame if he wasted this opportunity to simply evade their surprise attack. His options were a bit limited but it quickly dawned on him what he needed to do. "Fine then..." Kami stated, embracing for Arthur's colossal strike. As the hammer swung down through the prison and onto his head, Kami could feel unimaginable force press down against him. He had the option to remove pain from his sensors but refused as he felt it would fully strip him of his humanity. At this moment, he regrets that decision. As Arthur followed through, Kami's cybernetic body was sent straight down like a meteor slamming into the earth.

But for those who could watch these incredibly fast movements unfold, they'd notice something peculiar. The marine's hammer certainly made contact with Thunder Fist, however, the moment the two were separated Kami's physique immediately turned to lightning. Allowing the force of the strike to carry him downward, Kami slammed into the ground allowing his electricity to scatter nearby. "Wildcharge" he called it, as fifty million volts discharged around him. What happened to be nearby was none other than the pirate covered in conductive mist. As if he were sitting in a pool of water, the lightning freely traveled through and around. Even haki by itself would no save him damage. However, if he were to endure this hardship, the sand has lost its properties to capture at this moment.

Reforming from the ground, Kami continues to allow his electricity to flow towards the mist from his feet. Groaning from the pain, the current also flowed through him to help mitigate the stress he was under. "Stay out the way!" he demanded, speaking to the two marines. "I got him. Find someone else and deal with me later!" If the two were so persistent about capturing him then so be it but hopefully, some pragmatism would alert them to the reality of the situation. Kami wasn't harming civilians or attacking marines but capturing pirates. Even if a threat, he certainly wasn't the priority at this moment. "There are far worse people out there than me!"

"Do you think I want to do this?" Arthur thought to himself as he approached Kami. "You're one of the most wanted men in the world." It hurt the Marine to say that. The sensation, one of an unknown agony, the wish that he didn't have to do this, he felt as though he were betraying their friendship, was this what humans called the dark side of compassion. The idea of caring about others so much that it hurts.

"Please... Don't make this any harder than it already is." Arthur comments as the hammer in his hands disappear, be then drew his twin blades from their holsters. "We need to bring you both in, it's our job, our....our..." Arthur struggles to get the words out, something he had never gone through. Was this truly his "duty" was this really right? Arthur fully understood what Kami was doing, he understood he wasn't "resisting". "God damm it."

Arthur's deafness to his orders irritated Michael he had his target trapped but because of Arthur he was now free. "I told you to go after the samurai" Michael growled his annoyance clear on his face from having to team up with his rival who could not get his shit together. "Fine we'll take them together" Michael said fueling his annoyance into his own self faith boosting his devil fruit and creating two swords of Holy light so bright they were blinding to look at "Listen to me this time".

Unfortunately for Musashi the young pirate was surrounded and entrapped by the metallic dust all over his body. As Sora Kami turned into lightning, dispersing a frighteningly amount of electricity, all over his body. Musashi had to brace himself, his body growing larger, his skin growing all the more pale. The sheer lightning alone was powerful, more than capable of bringing down many others, but the metallic dust over his body acted as conductors, enhancing the raw power consuming him. To pile on ontop of all that the heat being produced was inhumanly hot, more than capable to burning the flesh off of lesser men.

"Seriously did I draw the short stick or what?" Musashi groaned as the smoke cleared, the Ronin standing straight scratching the back of his head. He could feel the damage from the combined forces accumulate internally. In fact to withstand as much as did he needed to turn into his hybrid form, using his mythical zoans combined endurance and increased phsyical prowess. If he waited even a second more, the damage he would've taken even greater damage.

"Even so, with those other two being Marines, I think my chances for escaping or even winning are dwindling down. But hey, " he then smirked as his razor sharp fang peeked out of his lips and the sharp amber orange vampiric eyes looked over two the foes before him. He pointed his blades over at them, "it's only when forced into a situation of life and death, when we're pushed to our very limits, can we really grow and discover more of ourselves." He then took a defensive stance, anticipating his enemies.

"This guy is seriously the worst possible match up for me. The only reason I'm not down and out now is because of this devil fruit, not just that but I feel like he's not even close to reaching his peak." Musashi thought to himself as he noted his muscles were on fire, not just that but there were clear burn marks over his body. "Tch! Even more damage than I thought. Thanks to Mo-chan and her burning heat, I've built up some tolerance to hest but even then, that ridiculous." while not major, damage was done to him potent enough to make the Ronin recognize such power.

Despite the ease Kami displayed performing the technique, the efficacy of his attack could not be denied. For Musashi to spring out with no drastic change in his behavior or composure was quite astonishing. His abilities are far superior to what his bounty displays. Upon further analysis, however, Kami did notice a change in the pirate. His physical features were different: paler skin, bronzer physique, even his body temperature had decreased substantially. Puzzling through his databases, the answer emerged in his devil fruit encyclopedia.  

“He has her fruit too!” Rosa exclaimed, shocked the rookie had such privileged knowledge. Did he know the fruit would respawn to the nearest fruit? Or was he simply this lucky? Either way, fate favors this young man. But Rosa couldn't help but smile at the opportunity. "I guess I get to enjoy the fruit of my labors while they're still ripe! Kami, show em the power of Version Four!"

This newly acquired revelation certainly impacts things moving forward. With a mythical zoan power at the pirate’s disposal, Kami's current output was unlikely to dispatch him efficiently, especially with those two intruding. "One isn’t enough..." Every second he spends engaging the Ronin allows for others to escape. He needed to expedite things. “All right, I lose!” Kami admitted internally, not speaking to the pirate or the marines but rather his lunatic partner high above. “I’m exceeding the cap!”

At that moment the black sand that was scattered throughout the battlefield levitated upwards as static electricity jittered around Thunder-Fist. Telekinetically attracted towards him, the sand encased Kami. Cascading into a spherical barrier, the sand became an ultra-dense defense. Seamlessly integrated together it almost appeared as if the sand had merged together into one impressive metallic construct. Once the construction process was completed, a darker hue overtook the barrier, significantly amplifying its defensive attributes. After its emergence, all was still and quiet.

Electric Terrain!
— エレキフィールド

Suddenly, an eruption of electricity detonated from Kami’s dome. Two hundred million volts radiated from the epicenter. The literal air could burn one’s lungs as the heat compared to a literal sun. For those foolish enough to charge at him, they would have struggle through currents of electricity scattered around the barrier. Furthermore, due to the displacement of energy, long-range attacks would likely be corrupted long before they'd connect with his defense, making short range attacks seem more feasible. Certainly no easy feat but if they succeeded in enduring the preliminary defenses, they'd have to deal with with stronger than steel ultra dense ball between Kami and them.

With his defenses secure, offense returned to being Kami's primary priority. From the barrier, two disjoint fists emerged, poised to do the same thing as before. "Thunder Fists!" The raging fist erupted like the one Musashi's blade caught. Although they did not share the same concussive abilities, the fist bursted towards Musashi was and would continue to follow him until he's successfully apprehended. Kami's ability to track Musashi while also allowing his routine to attempt to predict his next move, coupled with this ability was truly devastating. And unlike last time where the volts were minuscule compared the two hundred million empowering these fists, the battle was about to pick up. Like a raging thunderbolts, the fist bursted toward Musashi with the intent to put him down here and now.

"He's grown so much since the last time I've seen him..." Arthur thought to himself as he watched, examined and felt the sheer difference of Kami as opposed to what he used to be capable of. "No it's not that, he didn't grow, he's different, at his core, he's different." Arthur continued to think as he felt the gap that once existed between himself and Sora Kami only widening all the more.

"If he wanted to he could easily be fighting all three of us..." Arthur couldn't help but feel the vast difference between, it wasn't just that he couldn't beat Kami, it was the accumulation of an internal struggle that he could feel all over from his head to his very finger tips.

At his core Arthur could feel his internal programming, the instincts not "born" in him but that was forced into his very "lineage factor" by those who made him telling him to follow his orders and attack Kami, but it was countered by the sensation of cold sweat on the side of his face. His years of being trained and growing as "an individual" by Edo Shishio continued to swell inside him and told him to leave Kami be both because he felt like the gap between the two was too vast but also, in his subconscious Arthur didn't view him as an enemy. Nature versus nurture, to live as the weapon he was born to be or to become more human than anyone could've thought he'd become.

For the first time, Arthur turned his back to a supposeded "enemy" and walked away. "Michael, you do what you will, this isn't my battle anymore... It probably never was anyway." The Modeifed human said as he walked away from the intense bout, unable to continue any longer.

Michael's focus was torn from the fight as if against his will after the death of Kintaro he could feel the end was coming and now his last true rival had truly lost his will to do what needed to be done. "Come back here you have a job to do" Michael yelled after his rival in a cry somewhere between rage and deep sadness

As the intense emotions washed over his Michael could feel his power growing inside him almost about to burst as if his body could not handle his soul.

"Heavenly Hammer of the Almighty" A massive hammer larger then a house materialised in Michael's hands shining beyond brightness as he sent it down on Musashi with the force to break the very air around it "You may have a Mythical Zoan but it is not yours".

Musashi had begun to move and run around, avoiding Kami's fists of iron sand and electricity before looking at the massive hammer approaching him. With a smile and a whistle, along with a back flip off a wall to avoid the fists again the Ronin examined his enemy before him.

"Seeing as how the lightning guy will keep me busy, mind giving me a hand here? If we get our of this you can have his soul afterward." Musashi said outloud before throwing his supreme graded blade into the air as it rapidly transformed into it's full Shinigami Form. "Have fun Totsuka-saaaaan." The Ronin then ran off performing a series of slashes and leaps all whome running, constantly dodging and blocking the iron fists that were constantly on his pursuit.

A powerful stream of wind began to chase and form around his blade. There was a trick up his sleeve, but what it was, was still unknown.

The mighty Shinigami Blade raised it's hand above it's skeletal head and used an open palm to catch the incoming hammer construct. The sword's phsyical strength was just as immense as it's owner, seeing as the two regularly spar against one another on a daily basis.

Remaining safe from the disarray and destruction beyond his barrier, Kami continued to monitor the ronin. It was certainly quite the feat that he was nonchalantly evading such accurate, high-speed attacks, but Musashi's carefree habits of dividing his attention between Kami and the Marine would be his demise. Leaving his attacks to accelerate through every pivot, the speed made it seem as if Kami had conjured several more to hunt down the pirate. It appeared as if six fists were coming towards Musashi from different directions. Given his proficiency for combat, Musashi would certainly realize the margin of error was minimizing with every passing second. His height, speed, strength, and all other meaningful information was considered with every strike Kami threw at him. If he continued to allow Kami to continue to pursue him freely in this manner, it's only a matter of time before his fists finally meet him.

"His backup won't slow me" Michael thought his emotions running hot "Army of the faithful" he shouted as he created several giant figures of holy light each as large as the Shinigami with weapons in their hands and wings adorning their backs.

"Thanks for teaching me that one" Michael thought as he remembered the training he had been given by his fellow FLOCC member upon their return to the Grandline. As each of tht figures approached the Shiniga and antacked in unison swing stabbing and swinging their weapons at the Shinigami. "I'll deal with you quickly before those two can get away".

The Shinigami jumped from it's position, knocking up rubble and debris into the air to counter the attacks. It then landed near Musashi and Sora Kami.

As Musashi ran around the battlefield, evading the massive iron sand fists to the best of his ability, he felt his heart race, accelerating with every step he took, the young Ronin could feel as though he was being hunted. Musashi was between a rock and a hard place as he kept slashing with his kicks and leaps, using his sword to continue to gather the current chasing behind his blade.

"More…" the Ronin murdered to himself as his speed and agility began to kick up even more drastically as he could feel the muscles in his legs at the brink of ripping up from the sheer force Musashi was pushing himself to, his body struggled to meet the demand the swordsman aimed for but that didn't stop him. In fact the Ronin grit his teeth down to the point some of them even cracked, he could feel the exhaustion pile up on him, even so his focus remained on Sora Kami and the Ronin knew there was no time to hesitate.

"Mayonaka no taiyō (真夜中の太陽 Midnight Sun), Ogi!:" Musashi called for his technique as he could now feel the metal fists catching up to him. It was now or face complete and utter defeat, a weight placed on his shoulders, despite all that, he needed to do his absaloute best, and this was it. A blue glow surrounded his himself, pumping itself through his veins, it was the young samurai forcefully processing all his stored soul power through himself to drastically increase his powerful for his strike as he reeled his arms back, calling the flux of wind to follow.

"Yamata no Orochi!!" he then said down with his might blaze as the massive air current that followed him transformed into an headed serpent! The the snakes jaws unhinged and locked down on Sora Kami's protective dome along with his own sword against it as well.

It’s now or never…How many times has the cyborg used those very same words? Although the ronin never uttered the idiom, Kami could sense the sentiment. Hell, it didn’t take supernatural senses to realize the power amassed by Musashi was far greater than anything he has produced before. Kami could quite literally see his body tearing itself apart. His resolve was cemented; it was above and beyond. Was he one of the chosen ones, the exclusive few who can bring about change? Napoleon explained the concept Kami, the chosen kings. But as this possibility fell upon Kami, disgust overcame him. Aware of how the former warlord’s fruit functions, he discerned where Musashi drew upon his energy. It disgusted him that such horrendous people could hold such influence.

Despite how much he detested the notion, it did bring Kami clarity. Concluding that Musashi was one of these few kings meant he planned on achieving victory in one way, facing Kami straight-on. Covered in immense heat and surging electricity and fortified through Kami’s own will, it was beyond ambitious to challenge him at face value. Eight heads to debilitate the barrier then the sword’s final cut to garner him victory. Fate must’ve smiled upon ronin for most of his life if he was recklessly taking the approach. But it begged the question, would the swordsman’s explosive assault pierce Kami’s absolute defense

Fortunately, what the future had in store appeared before the cyborg as his probabilistic analysis and supernatural senses harmonized, allowing him to tap into his foresight.

Despite the gravity of Musashi’s attack, in the end it was linear assault. Not complex or rather strategic in nature, it was a dick measuring contest to Musashi and his would leave gaping holes. But putting all your eggs in one basket was never wise, especially if your opponent didn’t care for such childish antics. Musashi had put all his stock in defeating Kami in the one assault he did not even consider how Kami was going to retaliate.

The fists that have been parried and dodged by the pirate were ripe and ready for the taking. Earning more speed and greater magnitude with each passing moment, the two fists merged, doubling the intensity of the strike. With Musashi’s striking coordinates mapped, Kami’s fist awaited Musashi. With the supreme grade blade swinging against the barrier and Kami’s fist approaching the jaw of the pirate, it seemed like it would be exactly what Musashi wanted, a test of resolve and will. Who would yield first?!?

Or at least that was it seemed at first glance. The dome made it seem that Kami had no intention or capability of moving. However, this assumption would be Kami’s win condition. Kami’s fist, telekinetically controlled through his powers, was still tethered to a current of electricity. One in which Kami could seamlessly assimilate with in an instant. Being energy itself, Kami abandoned his dome, which crumbled upon the unprecedented force pressed against it, and merged with his fist. And with the pirate exclusively focused on the attack itself, he should be completely defenseless to Kami’s response.

Befitting of his epithet, “Thunder Fist”, Kami hoped to finish this battle with his iconic move. However, this variation was different than those before it. Albeit blessed with ungodly force that likely would have put the pirate down, Justice is thorough and unassuming. With complete victory required, Kami called upon the newest incarnation of his kata. As heat and electric trickled out as his knuckles pressed against Musashi face. In that moment, the electric current flowed into Musashi’s nervous system, activating all neural impulses to the point where his body would overload and stiffen as if he were paralyzed. Thus, creating an opening for the epic punch about envelop the ronin.

With such extreme magnitude in one fist, it would be nigh impossible to endure this attack without special defenses, even for a mythical zoan. It was to the point where, as eruption of power envelop the battlefield, Kami realized he needed to control the output or else those who weren’t intended to suffer would. His metallic fist began to deteriorate due to this, even with his supporting the endurance, such power. Struggling to keep up enough energy to empower islands several times over into on small blast range, he yelled with difficulty as controlling his power has always been a far greater task than letting it run freely. But Justice needs to be precise so even if it cost him his new bionic fist, he would protect those from his wrath.

A shockwave scattered throughout the entire island; breaking glasses and sending powerful gales across the many groves. But the cumulation of energy itself remained confined to the several meters outside of the combatting duo. Not even the marine who’s been regulated to a spectator would suffer, beyond feeling the heat, trickling electricity, and roaring thunder from the ultra-dense electric orb.

Even unlimited power settles as the ball of energy dwindled into nothing, leaving the two in very different positions. The Ronin’s eyes were lifeless as his crisped body slammed into the crater below them. Hovering to the ground, Kami gazed behind him to see the result of Musashi attack. “A potential threat has been neutralized.” He told HQ, as the island was divided into two as it seemed the sea had split from Musashi outrageously powerful strike; it seemed like the strike was still descending into the abyss.

“Justice almighty, that was fucking epic!” Rosa chanted aloud, ecstatic to see the fruits of her labors pay off. “It was unfortunate that such a handsome young man had to meet his demise here but at least he could take solace in the fact he lost to the new age’s great weapons.” Rosa snickered, patting herself on the back as she rejoiced over the victory. “Now let’s go ahead and find some more pun-” she cut herself off as she peered through Kami’s eyes.

Staring at Musashi’s lifeless body, Kami noticed something peculiar. “Do you still have the spirit to fight?” Kami questioned. Despite all telltale signs pointing to Musashi’s defeat, one could not be overlooked. “You still hold onto your blades?” Although the battle had been unquestionably won, it seemed even in defeat Musashi’s spirit was not broken. The meaning of this weighed heavily on Kami’s mind. Approaching his body, the former marine grabbed ahold of the ronin’s wrist before ‘’forcing’’ him to open his fingers. The two swords sunk into the island’s crust as black sand wrapped around the pirate, finally apprehending him.

Musashi, The Ronin, has been successfully captured!
— Kami, as his voice echoed throughout Sabaody

Only Way Forward is Through

Pinochio could feel his heart pounding as he raced away from the scene. Two of the strongest individuals he's ever come across were dispatched with ease. What did Kami do to become so strong? He wanted to look back but fear of blonde-haired cyborg's arrival conquered his spirit. All he could do was run and he could barely do that. With every step he nearly stumbled down from the pain of his wounds. His breathing was sporadic as he gasped for the faintest amount of oxygen. The island began to spin as he grew light headed. But he couldn't stop. He promised he'd get these swords back to the crew. But the enemy has caught up before. It could be any second now. His heart was beating so fast he'd thought it'd explode!

"Hey, why are you running?!" Calam yelled out, appearing a few meters behind Pinocchio. While Calam had been told to flee earlier, he didn't think of it as his problem to deal with. He couldn't stand to watch him run away with his heart racing, and venomous fear flowing through his veins. "When challenges arise you don't tuck your tail and run away from them, no matter how battered and bloody you get!" The loc-haired boy yelled out, pointing his right index finger towards Pinocchio. Calam was the only thing standing between Pinocchio and soon-to-appear Kami, planting his feet in the grass and dirt beneath him. He began to chuckle as he dropped his arm to his side. "I honest to god thought I was going to die earlier, but even that is better than running away from my dreams. If you're not willing to die for what you believe in, the world of piracy is not for you!!!" He continued to scream out, trying to probe into the mind of the stranger that stood before him.

Several miles away on an entirely different grove, the former marine secured the two bastards through makeshift magnetic cuffs. Bounding them together, he was certain neither would break free and thus returned his focus back to the fleeing pirate. "Where did you go?" Kami questioned, honing into his senses once again to find him. The aggressive drumming of Chio's heart made it easy to find him; his telescope vision peered through the distance to pinpoint the destination. "As I already said..." In a burst of speed, Kami's metallic physique turned into pure energy as he dashed through the distance within a moment. Appearing before the duo of pirates, Kami finished. "You can't run from Justice!" Hoping to cease the advantage of the suddenness of his arrival, Kami cocked his arm back as energy blossomed from his fist.

Dracozolt's Hunt!
— (パッチラゴンハント, Patchiragon Hanto)

Twisting his shoulders and swinging his right arm forward, his fist manifested into a massive electric dragon that let out a thunderous roar. Capable of enveloping both of them and their immediate vicinity, it blitzed directly towards the newcomer first. With nearly 30 million volts empowering the beast, it could kill a human hundred of times over!

Calam would have no time to react, blinded by the thunderous calamity that charged towards him! He would be completely enshrouded by the electric beast, as a large cloud of dirt, debris and energy propelled from the ground which he stood. Sparks of electricity buzzed throughout the cloud, giving just enough light to tell that Calam was wasn’t charred to dust. Although he survived this attacked, he wouldn’t be completely unharmed. Bruises were now painted onto the body of Calam, and his body was completed covered in ash that caused him to sneeze dramatically. “AAAACCCCHOOOO!” He yelled out as the dust was thrusted off his body to reveal the bruises he sustained from the electricity. To top off his injuries, a single drop of blood began to stream out of his left nostril. Calam would never admit it, but he again thought he was a goner.

Kami had faced some gifted and peculiar opponents over the course of this battle. None were careless enough to take one of his attacks at face value. No one except for a his peculiar fellow. Floating above his now two targets, several meters away, Kami maintained his distance as he tapped into his database to uncover his identity. “‘Lock-Hair” Calam, bounty: 108,000,000” It revealed; with no other information available. A bit shocked, Kami realized his perceived threat level was not indicative of his abilities: an attack like that would easily take out someone typically in that range. Even more peculiar was White Hair’s ability to attract others to his cause. Was it mere luck or was there more to it, the cyborg wondered.

Knocked back by the shockwave of the assault, Chio thought he witnessed yet another defeat at the hands of his predator. “How many people do I have to leave behind?!?” He wondered in agony and regret. If it meant more people being captured trying to save him, he didn’t want to carry on. But eating his own words, he witnessed a miracle take place. Witnessing Calam boldly remain standing like a hero out of fiction, he could help but feel enamored. Astonished by Calam’s resilience, especially having felt the magnitude of the assault without being its target, Chio immediately questioned. “H-How? How did you do that???”

Wiping the blood from nose with his left forearm, Calam sniffled before preparing to answer Chio. Calam finally opened his mouth, as a plume of smoke riffled out before he had the chance to speak.


Calam yelled out in a response to Chio, and of course this was the biggest lie in the entire world. In truth, Calam had the absolute slightest clue of how he survived Kami’s lightning attack and was actually prepared to die. A kernel of sweat appeared just above the eyebrow of Calam, giving a clear indication to anyone who wasn’t ignorant, that Calam had no clue what he was talking about. His eyes begin to squint as he lifted his head to meet his eyes with Kami’s. “Your being chased by a cyborg?? HOW COOL, WHY WOULD YOU RUN FROM THAT???” He yelled out spinning around to face Chio, with childish amazement.

Kami sighed in disappointment as it seemed likely pure luck was the most logical answer to both his questions. Nonetheless, even if his bounty were higher than anticipated, he wasn't one of the primary targets. Thus, his termination needed to be handled expeditiously so he could return to the more prevalent matters. As Calam ignorantly turned around to address his ally, black dust once again emerged from Kami's physique; this time taking the form of a singular black lance. Christened in his own aura, whatever tricks that may have been responsible were likely not going to work this time. "Charge!" he announced, as an electric veil enshrouded his new weapon. Using the electromagnetic powers at his disposal, Kami launched the terrifyingly dangerous spear towards his opponent. With surging current flowing through it, it could easily pierce through pristine armors with ease!

As captivated as Chio was by Calam, he didn't dare take his eye off Kami. The heavenly spear that formed from above was more than enough to leave Chio terrified but even more frightening was Calam not noticing it! As the newcomer turned his back to the enemy, Chio could see the unfortunate turn of events unfold. With no time to even think about the consequences, he leaped towards Calam with more strength than he thought he had available to tackle the Lock Haired pirate into the ground right before the staff took off. Narrowly missing Chio as it rained down at thunderous speeds, it was mighty fortunate neither of them were wounded. "What happened to not turning your back to the enemy!" Chio exclaimed, still yet to process that Calam's own words immediately resonated with him; acting without fear of consequence.

“Tehehe, my bad. Got to caught up in my excitement.” Calam responded, acknowledging his reckless behavior that had left him susceptible to the cyborg’s attack. A sigh of relief was released by Lockhair, once again surviving a near-death by the enamel on his teeth. “Thanks.” Calam expressed his thanks to Chio, quickly twirling back onto both feet. Retiring from his playful and charming mood, it was if a light switch had been shut off in Calam’s brain. A serious frown had kidnapped any inch of happiness that still remained in his being. Calam was extremely irritated by the constant array of attacks projected towards him and the fact that his adversary hadn’t named himself, only further agitated the young rookie. “Who is this son of a bitch?” Calam questioned indignantly, shifting his eyes to peer at Chio with his peripheral.

I am Justice!

Kami proclaimed, appearing instantaneously by his construct, right next to the two. However, the suddenness of his arrival was far greater than anything he had displayed thus far. As a logia, Kami has the ability to merge with pre-existing currents of electricity, even those he's created. The lance launched towards the two pirates created an electrical pathway through the air one that Kami could thereby merge with. Although he had hoped the attack would successfully pierce his target, its secondary purpose was essentially create a gate Kami could appear from. Display velocity far greater than the speed of lightning, Kami's knock off teleportation was coined, "Volt Switch"! And now within feet of his targets, his body glowed bright blue light. "Discharge!" he proclaimed, abandoning his hybrid form for pure energy as he detonated like a bomb! A pillar of blue reached up into the sky and sunk deep below, covering nearly a ten meter outward range within a second. Such sudden production of power could only be achieved through mastery of his fruit and the enhancements of his cyborg physiology.

Putting Out The Fire

As Leonardo was approaching the group of Marines a razor sharp pillar of stone shot out of a building as it pierced through his abdomen. Before Leonardo could turn his head "Actually listen to me this time". few more pillars kept shooting down, raining and piercing his entire body.

"So it's you again Red?" Leo said as he knew all too well who this was, it was the Marine that has been chasing Leonardo over the last year, Vladimir. "You're better off coming here and face me directly." Leo than slammed his fist together as the flames erupted and caused an explosion to knock away and shatter most of the pillars.

One if the pillars began to take shape and reformed into a body. "Guess there's no point in trying to sneak up on you either." Vladimir replied as he raised his arms. "Shall we?"

Standing next to one of the pillars, there were three marines that stood ahead of the large group of marines that were at the building. There stood a masked marine, a kitsune like marine, and a minotaur marine that stood taller than both of them. The masked marine was the Now Commodore Washington John. The kitsune marine was vulpinian Casper. And the minotaur was Koortus Rockhorn having his marine cape on and sunglasses on as marines stood behind them.

Rockhorn suddenly raises a den den mushi speaker by his mouth and speaks over, ".....Finally! The Rockhorn has come back to Sabaodyyyyyyy!" The marines cheer for the Rockhorn, "Elio....Leonardo...You have been a pain in the hindside for a many of us. You think you impress us with you coming here, causing destruction, sticking fire out of your ass, and fire coming from everywhere! Well Leonardo, the Rockhorn says this: He's in a thanksgiving mood and wants to gift you something. The Rockhorn wants to gift you a pair of seastone cuffs. We're gonna lock ya down quicker than quarantine, and stick your fireballs up your candy ass!"

"Man.....You don't have to speak so loud Rockhorn." John was wiping his ear as he was below the Rockhorn.

Casper simply was looking at Leo remembering their fight from before as his body started to lit up with his powers. "It's been awhile Leonardo. I believe you remember me from before. It was back when you and Yang defeated me but nearly died to Admiral Midorinari. I was hoping to face the both of you again but I guess we better settle for just you for now. I'm not as weak as I was before." Casper said with confidence.

"Hm? Do I know you?" Leonardo said as he looked over to casper. "Whatever,eo took a deep breath as he filled up his lungs and flames emerged from his forehead. "If you all want some, come get some. I need a good couple bodies to take this anger out on." Leo then released a large burst of conquerors haki!

"D-damn!" Vladimir flinched and drops of sweat beaded down his head. "His aura is heavy! The hell is with this kid. He keeps getting stronger each time I see him!"

Leo extended his hand behind him and like a rocket he fired himself with extreme flames and hear, slamming his fist into Vladimir's face! He moved at incredible speeds, so much so he moved faster than the young marine could react.

"Geh....T-That was an intense will of Haki...I felt this from before...B-But like the admiral say! I cannot back down from him now!" Casper said as he quickly got behind Leo preparing to launch ectoplasm blasts from his hands. "I know he is a Logia, that's why I'm going to launch this attack as a bait then use the unique properties of my fruit to catch him off-guard!'"

"Woah!" John lays his shield between him and the wave of haki as it pushes him lightlessly like a surfer crashed like a tidal wave! He was down on a knee as he had to force himself to concentrate to get up from the amazing display of conquerors.

"Rrrgh....." Rockhorn got starry eyed for a moment as similarly got pushed back and ended up doing a barrel role and getting right back onto his hooves. Rockhorn shakes himself off as he snorts and starts digging his hoof onto the ground, to prepare for the battle ahead.

Leonardo's eyes widened and the flames from his feet shit out and he evaded the technique. Then he slammed an opened palm on the floor to release an omnidirectional burst of flames outward!

"Look out!" Casper shouted as he planted his hand on the ground. "Ecto Pillar!" he shouted as he let loose a large pillar of ectoplasm to hopefully shield themselves from that attack.

John shields himself as the inferno surround his shield and protects the marine and some of the other marines that were there watching.

Out and over the large pillar of ectoplasm, the Rockhorn leaps over Casper to get at the inferno as he then coats his leg in haki before shouting, "Rankyaku: Missile Dropkick!" He says as his hooves, now black with haki, come down with force right toward the Bastard!

Leo saw the coming attack and rose an arm upward, pointing an open palm direct at the Rockhorn. It began to rapidly bulge and produce intense heat.

"incineration Canon" Leo called for the name of his technique as a burst of intense flames fires out from his arm! The sheer heat and power was one that could level multiple buildings. Such explosive power was quite easy for someone like Leonardo thanks to his fruit and the sheer hours of the countless days spent refining it.

"Whoa...That was an intense attack! Rockhorn you alright?!" Casper shouted as he quickly rushed toward Leo, propeling himself with his own powers before trying to strike him with a Haki-covered punch! "Shigan: Ecto Strike!" He shouted sending a bright green fist toward Leo!

The Rockhorn was seen on the ground after being hit by an incredible force of fire. He was flat on the ground for two seconds before kicking back up onto his two hooves. The Rockhorn shakes his head as he was surprised by that amount of power the little teenager had. He looks over to Casper after hearing his concern and answers, "The Rockhorn is fine fox! Keep fighting my friend!"

"Time to me to try some action." John says as he pulls out his shield and coats haki onto it as he throws it right at the inferno!

Leonardo's eyes widened as a red glow appeared on them as he detected the two oncoming attacks. "Theres no time to intercept one without the other hitting me... move!" he thought to himself as a sudden burst of flames erupted from his feet. Like a bomb setting off Leonardo flung himself away using the force to his explosive flames! Just as Leo landed on the ground a large tendril appeared from a building and with it coated in haki it wrapped around Leo's body!

"Too slow dumb ass." Vladimir spoke as his face suddenly appeared on the surface of the building. "Guys! Now!" He yelled for his teammates to respond.

"Right!" Casper shouted as he bursted with speed toward Leo using Soru and prepared to dive at him with a flying kick! "Sour - Ecto Burst: Pounce!" Casper shouted as he was coated in his ectoplasm as he propels himself toward Leo making sure to coat his leg in haki!

The Rockhorn runs as fast as his minotaur legs can allow as he coats his upper body and arms in busoshoku haki. He sees that Casper is attempting to kick Leo, so the Rockhorn attempts to get behind Leo. If the kick connects to Leo, it should send Leonardo toward Rockhorn; Where the Rockhorn would then pick up the inferno for a float over DDT!

As much as the walking inferno struggled to break through his bindings, Casper before he could. The incredibly swift kick from Casper landed in the center of the young pirates chest! The sheer power from the kick forced the spit and air out of lungs and out from his mouth! His eyes widened from the kick, Vladimir let go of Leo so the Rockhorn could capitalize on the kick. This is where the Rockhorn grabbed Leomardo and performed the float over DDT, smashing Leonardo's face into the ground causing the floor beneath them to collapse from their force and combined weight.

"Like I said before, I wasn't the same weakling I was the last time we fought! You may not remember but I do. You and Yang really did a number on me and I am not about to lose like that again." Casper stated as he watched Leo getting smashed down. "He's probably not done yet. I better keep my guard up in case of counter attacks."

The Rockhorn was feeling pumped after delivering that ddt as he sat down next to the grounded Leo. He gives a giant whiff of the air to smell the rubble and smoke before them. The Rockhorn kicks himself up, coats his elbow, and activates Tekkai, "Tekkai Elbow Drop!" He says as his elbow falls toward Leo with haki and the weight of solid iron!

Leo reacted quickly as his hands shot out with flames and flew the young pirate away from the Rocknorn's attack. "God damn these guys " Leo yelled as he tried to adjust himself. "Alright then, let's do this..." Leonardo then gathered a large lungs of air and suddenly the oxygen he consumed field him as a massive flame ignited his body, stroking the flame rapidly.

"First Breath: Spartacus" he calm called as his internal flames began to produce a massive amount of heat,produce thermal energy that he then circulates throughout his body, to drastically increase his physical abilities. His body released a powerful invisible aura made of pure and intense heat.

"Alright then, much better." He said as he raised his hand and pointed it at the Rockhorn. "I want you, bring it on so I can make some steak out of you."

"Careful Rockhorn. He seems to be planning something with he just done." Casper said as he stared at Leo. "He may want you now so I will quickly duck out of the way until there is a good opening for me." Casper responded as he used his powers to sink into the ground.

"I'll throw him towards you Fox." Rockhorn says to Casper as the ecto vulpinian sank. The Rockhorn then looks at Leonardo with a bull's gaze, "You want to make steak? Well The Rockhorn wants to make a nice BBQ outta you!" He then digs his hooves onto the ground once again before charging at Leonardo with his horns pointed for him! The horns slowly covering in black as The Rockhorn imbued them in busoshoku.

Leonardo let a small breath of air out as his flames only grew all the more intense. "Devastante" Leo entered a new stance, "Artiglio Del Drago". A single right haki covered hook punch delivered in a semi crouching position. Leo found his footing in the stance and swings a hook punch. While it seems simple it also created a shockwave that caused massive uproar of wind came along with it! The sheer intensity of his arm swinging caught the insanely harsh and dense heat, his body fueled by an internal thermal power plant. The floor around him shattered as it couldn't support the force of his punch as it met the Rockhorn's horn!

The fire fist connects to the imbued horn and collides with a huge explosion that surrounds the two! The force of a thermal reactor with the collision of the Brahma Bull. The internal heat within making the minotaur sweat greatly. The Rockhorn screamed with furious red eyes that came during the battle of strengths and will. "NOW FOX!!" The Rockhorn shouts like a dark demon to his compatriot.

"Right!" Casper shouted as he quickly leaps behind Leo from phasing through the ground and prepares to hit Leo with a powerful, Ecto-powered spin kick! "Rankyaku: Ghostly Whip!" Casper shouted as he delivered a high-speed haki-powered kick right at Leo!

Leo smiled as he didn't move a single centimeter as the kick that was traveling towards him grew all the more closer. The invisible heat aura around him was incredibly thick. The longer the Rockhorn remained in Leo's vicinity the more his body will begin to burn and heat up. Unlike Leo the minotaur was not immune to the heat surrounding him, heatstroke and exhaustion was all the more real possibility. Not only that but the longer Leo allowed the flames to exist and be stroked, the hotter they'll burn, increasing the sheer density of his heat aura along with with his phsyical capabilities also rising even more.

Casper would need more physical strength than what he has at the moment as not even the Rockhorn, the physically more intimidating of the two couldn't make the young pirate flinch. Along with that just to get to Leo he'd need to get through this aura that can stop bullets and canon fire with no issue, an aura so dense it's often compared to steel.

The Rockhorn would leap out of the internal fire aura the rookie had and would look at the pirate. The Rockhorn was upset that this cocky little fiero was able to tank his attack. He rubs his horns a bit as they glowed orange from the heat, the heat even blistered the thick skin the Rockhorn has thanks to his minotaur heritage as he looked at his fingers. The Rockhorn hated the smile on the face of that pirate, it made him....angry.

"RAWR!" A low bellowing roar from the bull is heard as the ground in a five foot radius shook. The Rockhorn roared as he even lowered his head, his eyes showing a dark crimson color. Steam expelling from his ears and nose and eventually his clenched fist as the deep black haki once again ran through the veins and showed itself in the covering of the arm. The Rockhorn soon charges at Leonardo with full speed of about thirty five miles an hour. The Rockhorn extends his haki arm out and attacks Leonardo with a:

"Tekkai: Clothesline From Hell!"

"Hm?" Leonardo looked over, examining the Rockhorn's movements and couldn't help but feel his blood boil even more so than it already was. Then with pure calm his took another calm yet large breath as the Rockhorn grew all the more closer.

"Augustus" Leo said as the red hot flames in his body suddenly began to burn even hotter than it ever did before. They had turned from a passionate red into an extremely vibrant orange. The heat his body began to produce began to out class the every same he displayed earlier.

"Devastante:..." Leo began as his left arm swung to his right side before swinging it to the right, swiftly twisting his body to the lower left side, this all was used to increase the sheer power and momentum of his kick. "Decapitare" he calmly said as his kicked timed with the attack of his enemy. The sheer force that came with this kick would be felt as the very earth under him crack and slightly shook.

The kick forced the neck of the minotaur to extend to its natural limits, The Rockhorn's eyes roll up to the whites as the force of the kick sent him flying in the air! The Rockhorn lands with a devastating crash, before trying to stand up and trying to walk before falling flat on his face comically. The Rockhorn wasn't knocked out, but he was heavily wounded by the hit and was trying to recuperate on the ground.

"Hey!" The Shield Guardian Washington John suddenly shouts as he threw his shield at Leonardo, "There's others to worry about!"

"Right! There are us to content with after all! Ecto Pillar!" Casper shouted as he shot out a blast of ectoplasm that was aimed for Leo. "If he uses intangibility to dodge, I will quickly hit him with a Haki powered attack. Let's see how he reacts to both my attack and that shield."

Leonardo's glowing red eyes were shinning brightly, his Kenbunshoku Haki, his natural affinity was being pushed to it's very limits. He charged directly at the attack and was attempting to intercept the shield. Like second nature, without any warning Leonardo jumped back as a tendril with a black haki coated tip tried to stand him appearing from the ground! Because of that the ecoplasam blast slammed into Leo and sent him flying a few feet away!

"Tch!" Leo thought to himself, dodging Vladimir's surprise attack! "How annoying!" "Devastante!: drago ascendente" Leo changed his technique as a haki coated leg made a circle before slamming down on the ground sending a shockwave deep below the earth. A series of cracks formed on the ground as a large portion shattered and broke open as a powerful pillar of air shot out from below and fired Vladimir out of the earth!

John's shield flies back to his left hand as he leaps over the large cracks of the earth. He then raises his right arm as he flew. The haki covering his fist, "Punch of Justice!" He shouts as the right hand would come toward Leonardo in a superman punch style!

Leo smiled gleefully as he felt the approaching attack. "Devastante: Terzo passo: mercurio" Leo then released an incredibly powerful punch to intercept John's own blow. He followed this up with a flurry of punches and kicks! Each strike he sent out were systematically meant to not give John any time to adjust to the flow of the battle, each more terrifying power than the last! "Haaaaaa!!!!"

John lets the flurry of blows slide past him some, as a bunch have come centimeters from his face as he also ducked his head and blocked with his fists. A good amount of the flurries did hit him as he couldn't block, slip, and duck every single punch and kick. When it was all done, John slid backwards on the ground, keeping his feet as he stood there with some blood from his lip trinkeling. He then places his shield on his back and gets into a boxing stance with his left foot somewhat forward and his left arm extended a little.

"Now! Let's finish this! Final step!" Leo's arms then slowly came together. "This set of attacks are patterned to interrupt an opponent's offense, offset their balance, and finally break their defense." Leo thought to himself as he remembered every technique he used back to back before finally cracking another smile. "It was built to be used in a one on one fight, so having to apply it all in this kind of a fight was a pain, but I got it done though. The actual goal is to create an unnatural flow of wind around the user's body and direct it to create an immense air blast!"

Then without any warning a massive blast of highly pressured air, bringing the air surrounding them, preventing both Leo and John from gathering more air. "Quarto Passo: Giove" Leo yelled out!

John drops his shoulder down to avoid the foot mainly kicking him, but was still hit by the force of the highly pressured air. The air mainly kicks him in the shoulder he dropped, which sent him flying in the air like a tornado and him landing on the ground a couple yards away. John slowly gets back up, but was grabbing his left shoulder intensely.

"Dang...I think he dislocated that easily..." John says holding on to his shoulder, "Thank God I avoided the main kick, that probably would've taken me out of the fight." He then looks to his comrades Vladimir, who was last seen left out of the earth, and Casper, who is seen still fighting, "Take care of him while I try to pop my shoulder back in."

"Don't worry. I got this. You can go and rest up John." Casper said as he kept firing Ecto blasts at John.

"I haven't kept Imperatore Respiro on for this long before." Leo thought to himself as he can feel the heat on him reaching a truly immense point. "I've still got a few minutes in it, but Jesus I can already feel the recoil is going to be harsh." Leonardo would then dodge the ecto blasts coming flying at him.

"Oi! Fox! Now I remember you! You're the one who me and Yang slapped around right?"

"About time you remembered. Yeah I was beaten down pretty badly by you two before but..." Casper said as he quickly disappeared but ended up right behind Leo with his palm covered with Haki and ectoplasm light. "...I'm not as weak as before and I intend to capture you two this time! Shigan: Ecto-Palm Strike!"

John was seen with a marine that would quickly assist him with popping his shoulder back in. The Rockhorn though, was seen rising from his quick daze. He shook off the dust that settled on him and cracked his neck around. He looks up and sees Casper attacking. So the Rockhorn kicks up into the air and lands on his hooves in front of Leonardo! And as he was landing, he activates tekkai and makes himself twice as heavy as he is, "Tekkai Drop!" He shouts as the lands cracks around them and the place shakes, attempting to distract Leo as Casper attacked!

During this mess Vladimir had gotten back up, using Soru he rushed over to the battlefield alongside the rest!

"Shigan!" Vladimir yelled as his haki coated finger rushed down, aimed at Leonardo's chest!

"You're all so persistent,"Leo comments as his body suddenly spout out an omnidirectional burst of scorching hot and immensely burning steam. This was thanks to the already unbearably hot flames traveling through his body, for less than a fraction of a second Leo temporarily removes his own resistance to his own heat, causing his body to sweat profusely in a short time then thanks to his hear it turns into a terribly powerful burst of steam!

Vladimir's couldn't react fast enough because of the short distance between the two and was blasted by the steam! His flesh began to burn up, a terribly stinging sensation covering his entire body!

"Man how many more tricks does he have. Thanks to my own powers, this doesn't affect me. But the others better be careful not to take anymore unnecessary damage." Casper said as he started to use Soru all over the place attempting to catch Leo off guard before commencing his next attack! Coating his arms in Haki all while powering himself up with his ectoplasm powers. "Shingan: 100 Claw Ecto Thrust!" Casper shouted as he started to quickly attack with a flurry of claw strikes that appeared to have come from all different directions thanks to still using Soru in combination with this attack!

Rockhorn, being blistered heavily from the flames, was then suddenly knocked out of his tekkai stance a second after the steam blast was released. The Rockhorn was seen flying out as a beefy fireball and thrown far as he tumbled on the ground. The Rockhorn would fall but was still crawling as he still tried to get up. Steam and smoke coming out of his nostrils as he breathed in both his anger and the flames the inferno carried.

"Senor Red Hot Chili Peppers needs a lesson on an asswhooping!" The Rockhorn grunts as he stood, "The Rockhorn won't go down either until I give the people what they want!"

"These Bastards don't quit!" Leo thought to himself as he then began to feel Casper's advances. "Keeping this form on for so long, it burns through my stamina all the longer I keep it on but then again, each of them are being sweated out and expand their energy too. I think it's time."

Leonardo then smiled before slamming his fists on the ground, turning his body ethereal. By doing so, Leonardo had "broken the shell" which kept his flames in check and compressed inside of him was open, releasing a truly massive explosion of flames! The intense fire that Leo had been keeping with inside himself created a devastating explosion, one that shattered the floor beneath him, it even reached the sea below, the eruption spreading all over the battlefield!

"What the hell?! He made himself explode!?" Casper shouted as tried turning his body intangible to hopefully avoid this intense attack. "I don't believe he can coat this attack in Haki so I better transform to make sure! Adding a layer of Tekkai for an extra touch!"

The Rockhorn would plant his hooves on the ground, cross his arms into an x, activate tekkai and apply haki as the eruption of flames attack him straight on! The pain of the flames just continuing to blister his body and leave more and more burns. The Rockhorn hasn't got hit much by the opponent, but he definitely has felt the effects of the inferno during the match. He battles the eruption as he keeps his body planted.

"Look Out!" Washington John would leap ahead of the marines that were trying to protect him, he would grab his shield from his back and leap onto the ground and shield himself and some marines behind him from the flames. "Dang...these flames." He thought as he kept his shield up front of the flames as it surrounded him.

Leonardo would then quickly reform as his ember's and stray flames came back together. "Oi," Leo said as he cracked his neck, "you guys are sure annoying. But I think it's time to kick it up." Leo then raised his right hand, "shall we dance?"

Casper still had a look of seriousness on his face as he stares down at Leo as he started to glow brightly from his own powers. "It looks like he is taking such a risk using something like that. I can tell he is tired. He cannot keep up with my own speed at this rate. I'll surprise him with another Soru assault then go in for a big move!" Casper thought as he started to glow even more preparing his attack! "Yes, I guess we shall. Soru - Dancing Foxes!" Casper disappeared as he quickly started to move all over the place. From behind, beside, above, and even below Leo using his powers to hopefully confuse him! He also as his right arm coated with Haki and his powers as he is trying to ready for his next chance to strike at Leo!

"Hey Washed Up Johns, I'm going to prepare to send this red hot chili pepper boy into the ground in either one or two moves. Give me time to prepare and send him towards me." The Rockhorn says as he started forming haki on him.

"Oh, sounds good Rockhorn." John nods as he puts the shield on his back and starts running toward Leonardo, "Will have to wait till Casper gives me an opening to do so."

"Alight let's see here," Leo burnt off his sleeves and revealed he was wearing a pair training weights on his forearms which he then pulled off and tossed aside. Each one thrown at two separate buildings, each being so incredibly heavy they broke through the house and collapsed walls near it when landing. "It's been about four months wearing those, I guess now is as good as time as any." He then burnt and kicked his other two off, one aimed at Rockhorn and the other at Casper, costing both with haki. They we're sent out flying at blinding speed despite their weight.

"Soru!" Casper said as his Vulpinie instincts kicked in allowing him to evade the weights thrown at him. "Jeez that was fast! Was he wearing those heavy weights the whole time? Something tells me he isn't going to play around anymore with us. Better stay on guard. Better keep on guard!" Casper says as he was preparing himself for what Leo does next.

"Rankyaku!" Rockhorn does a flip and kick the weight away from him as it'd reflect toward John, who'd block with his shield as he ran.

Leo then rushed over to Rockhorn at an ungodly speed, despite no longer being in his enhanced form, Leonardo has not loss a single ounce of his speed, the lack of training weights on his person is quite clear.

"Are you done already?" Leo asked very casually to the Marines before him.

"Nope. Not a chance!" Casper shouts as he was already behind Leo using his own superhuman speed as he prepares to give Leo an axe kick powered by his ecto powers and Haki! "Rankyaku - Soul Splitter!" he utters as his attack commences at lightning speed!

Just as earlier Leo's extremely well tuned Kenbunshoku Haki kicked in, as demonstrated from his clashes earlier with Sora Kami, the young pirate demonstrated more than enough reactionary speed to react to lightning speed. He crossed his arms and coated them with haki as quickly as he could to take the brunt of the attack and land on the floor.

"I have them matched and even beat in speed and strength, but their sheer numbers make this troublesome. Not just that but I can still feel some recoil from earlier." Leo thought to himself as he forced himself back up. "Winning may not be an option, but escape is..."

"The Rockhorn can sense the end of this battle!" The Rockhorn says as he takes a whiff of the air, the smell of smoke filling the air. "Fox! Time for The Most devastating Combo in Marine history!"

"What do them two have?" John wonders as he heard Rockhorn.

"Right. I suspect that he is about to try and flee given his current situation. I think it is time that we try and finish him off hopefully he doesn't have anymore surprises!" Casper says as his body started to glow violently as, in a flash, he ends up right behind Leo preparing to kick him with a Haki powered roundhouse sending him toward Rockhorn! "Take that! I'm going to show you the true power of teamwork! Now Rockhorn!"

The Rockhorn sees Leo spin toward him as the Rockhorn would stop Leo in his tracks from the kick. He then sends Leo's arm over his shoulder as he puts his right arm across Leo's body. The Rockhorn would then leap high up in the air with Leo grappled, and then in a shout:

The Rockhorn's Rock Bottom!

The Rockhorn throws Leo down onto the ground in a powerful slam! The ground caves in with the power of the smash as both of them land on the hard ground of Sabaody.

"Wow...." Washington John and the marines behind him say in awe of the teamwork The Rock N Fox Connection has.

As the rubble collected in the area, the sheer force if the Rockhorn's attack was incredible potent, sending out waves of powerful gusts of wind. The floor nearby violently shook as a Crater formed at the epicenter of the attack, even nearby building's foundations struggled to maintain themselves.

Despite all this as the smoke from the destruction cleared, a perfectly fine Leonardo stood on his feet, cracking his knuckles with half of his face on fire, reforming his appearance. He was a few feet away from the epicenter already, and with a cocky smirk he chuckled.

"Next time, remember to use haki cowboy." The rookie said as he cracked his neck and looked around at the rest. "I see the fox is the brains cause he remembered to do so." Leo could feel the bruise left by the kick from earlier. "If he had used haki there, I would've been messed up. After using any of my breathing technique for too long my endurance drops for a while so even that kick really irked me. But that little cool down will die out soon."

"Hm?" Leo looked upward at the left and couldn't help but have a scared look. "Aw man, seriously. He's gonna kill me for getting into so much trouble." He then looked over to John, "hey shield hero, you wanna see real team work, just wait."

The Rockhorn was laying there on the ground flat, the right arm of the Rockhorn bruised and most likely broken. The pride of the Rockhorn would be what had made his special combo move in vanity. The Rockhorn would slightly get up and would look down at the ground in anger.

"No No NO NO NO NO!!!!" The Rockhorn was seen punching the ground itself with his broken arm, The Rockhorn releasing his anger as the ground minorly shook with his punches.

"As if his pride was shattered to a logia..." John says as he then hears Leonardo speak to him, "Well then...Fetch this you logia!" He throws his shield at the Inferno with blistering speed!

"That's fast..." Leo thought to himself as the shield went through his body made of flames. "Impressive,"

As the shield would pass on through the logia user known as The Inferno, the shield would have been suddenly caught! It was caught by a bare hands of skin that were gentle and smooth as butter. As it would soon be revealed, the person who caught it was a tall woman that was over 10 feet tall, and only wore a bikini and let her hair out as free as can be. It was Charmy, the daughter of The White Fang and crewmate for Leo.

"" Charmy's speaking wasn't the most fluent, since she hasn't known how to speak besides barking and panting like a wolf since her life in Drum Island and before Leo found her.

"HUH!?!?" Marines behind John, Rockhorn, and Casper would attempt to not nosebleed off of the tall, half naked woman, but would fail miserably as some would gush out their noses in blood like a waterfall.

"Great." John says, "Kid has an ally now, especially she caught my shield at a rapid pace, she might be a handful..."

With widened eyes filled if excitement Leonardo quickly dashed over and jumped up to hug Charmy! "Charmy! It's been so long!" Leonardo wrapped himself around charmy and giggled, seeing his old crewmate had arrived, the last one that was missing. Though quickly he blocked and looked back at her, "Charmy! You spoke so well! I'm proud of you! Hell yeah!" Leo then began to pet her and ruffle her hair.

" be...b-b-back..." Charmy speaks with a smile on her face as she hugs her captain with her arms.

"Alright..aside the sentimental moment right now." John says, "Can I have my shield back!?"

Leo would grab the shield from Charmy's hand and let's go of her before tucking his arm back. "Sure, think fast!" Coating his arm and the shield with an intense flame, turning his side before he threw it at incredible speed, knocking back the air around. The sheer force behind the throw created it's own gusts.

John would extend his arm out and would attempt to grab his shield that his opponent threw. But as the hands of the marine would try to grip the shield, the shield forces John through the dirt and drags him far in the grass of Sabaody. A large dust cloud forming as John's boots would attempt to stop the inertia of the shield. John was seen there standing with his shield held by his hand, but the Shield Guardian's arm look battered from the force of the throw.

"Man....He's got a good arm." John comments as he looks toward Casper, "Hey Casper! Mind getting your partner back in this game?!"

"Hey Rockhorn! Please calm down! We still have a chance to take them both down! Remember what we were trying to accomplish here! We can't forget the mission at hand!" Casper shouts to him trying to calm him down with a cooldown hug.

The Rockhorn was still punching the ground but slowly as Casper was attempting to calm him down. Despite his injury: One thing for sure, The Rockhorn's pride was broken harder than any of his bones currently broken.

"That was The Rockhorn's ultimate opportunity..." Rockhorn says, "And he broke it."

"Don't worry about it Rocky." John says looking over toward Leo and Charmy, "We'll have more opportunities I'm sure."

Leo couldn't help but let out a loud chuckle as he cracked his knuckles looking over at the Marines. "Charmy wasn't the one I was talking about earlier. She was a happy surprise, but..." Leo paused as he felt cherry blossoms scattering around. "She's not the one you guys should've been scared of, eh? Brother."

"Seriously, we can't let you go anywhere unattended. Ya damn idiot, what kind of trouble do we got now?" An armored blonde swordsman asked as he approached Leo and charmy from the rear.

"Aw come on Merlin, this time it's not my fault. I was missing my own business, but these guys started it." Leo said as he wrapped an arm around his longtime friend's neck.

"I've heard that before, I swear to God when we get back to the ship you will feel my wrath you idiot." Merlin said adjusting his stance. "So let's get this over with."

"More of his crewmates huh? One seems to be a pure brawler and the other is a swordsmen. Swordsmen can be rather tricky for me to fight against Nitro opened my eyes to that.." Casper thinks to himself as he prepares his powers once more. "It appears better that we try to take them on one by one. Them teaming together can prove troublesome."

"I mean, three on three." John says to Casper, "Seems like an even fight doesn't it? Heh." He says with a nervous laugh.

The Rockhorn still knelt there but stared at the three pirates facing the three members of scabbard.

"Ooiiiiii!" Leo hollered out as he was picking and cleaning out his ear. "Seeing as how I broke one of your arms, the other guy got hurt catching his shield and fox boy there couldn't handle me when I was weaker, can we like...leave?"

"Who the hell even asks that?" Merlin angrily replied before slapping Leo's head. "You're just gonna piss them off!"

"What..captain..says..." Charmy trying to get words through, "We...d-d-d-d-do."

Casper just stares at Leo annoyingly but shakes his head. "Admiral Fermi was right. You are annoyingly stupid aren't you. But don't forget..." Casper says as he slams his hands on the ground as it started to glow violently beneath the feet of the three pirates. "...I gotten a lot stronger since then! As Fermi said, I must focus all of my power into one spot in the ground in order to release all of my power at once! This isn't going to work on Leo, but I have a follow up for that! Ecto Burst!" Casper shouted as he unleased a large mass of ectoplasm from the ground at the three!

A LARGE burst of flames shit from Leo's feet as he gripped onto Merlin and Charmy, using his flames to take the brunt of the attack with him then twisting his feet, using his flames for propulsion!

Merlin looked around, "they probably know Geppo you know idiot." He mentions as he looked down at the Marines.

"True but..." Leo paused mid sentence before shooting out a flurry of arrows made for flames at the nearby homes.

"Is the idiot actually thinkong? What if someone gets hurt?" Merlin thought to himself.

"Oi Marines, whatcha gonna do? Come after me or save those homes from my arrows? You should already know each of those arrows are explosives. So be careful on your decision!"

"You two got this! I got the homes." John says as he instantly starts running with some soru as he was heading to save the civilians.

"The Rockhorn would rather chase that fiery bitch." The Rockhorn says, "What does the fox think?"

Casper thought for a quick moment and remembers what Fermi had once told him about chasing down nortious pirates. "If you have them on the run, that means they know they're beat. Continue forward! Casper says to him as he looks over at Rockhorn. "We still have a chance before they reunite with his full crew! Let's go!"

"Alright!" Rockhorn shouts as he picks up Casper and puts him on his shoulders, "Geppo!" He shouts as he runs after Leo in the air!

"Looks like they're pretty resourceful." Leo paused mid sentence before cocking a happy smile on his face. "But did they really think only you two would realize that fire pillar was the signal?" He asked out loud as he saw two other figures in different roofs.

"Tesla! Tsuki do it!" Leo called as the red eyed Tsuki and the blue eyed cyborg Tesla smirked proudly as they leaped up.

Drawing her blade at incredible speed she sent out a blade of compressed and sharp air as they sliced through a trio of buildings!

"Chain Blade!" Tesla called for his technique as his chainsaw stretched out, rotating incredibly fast, slicing through five buildings in clean half, making them begin to collapse! "Alright Tsuki!" Tesla then wrapped around Tsuki and the other to Leonardo! The both the got pulled away as the rookie pirate increased his flame output!

"Great! Now I have to save the people there too!" John says to himself as he was finished rescuing children from the previous collapsed homes and starts running for the next houses.

"So El Infernio is bringing in the cavalry." The Rockhorn says, "What should the Rock N Fox Connection do against our numbers?"

"Hmm...That is quite tricky. We need to try to take some of these others out first before they become too big of a problem." Casper recommends. "I don't think most can hurt me with my powers as long as I keep my distance allowing me to strike them with surprise attacks while your frontal fighting style will fit as a good distraction."

As Leo and the crew continued flying through the air, the ports and more importantly, the red and black ship of the inferno pirates was within sights.

"Looks like we're almost there guys!* Leo announced as he kicked up the fire and flew even faster! "Let's go guys!"

"Alright Fox, I hope you can geppo around as well." The Rockhorn says dropping Casper off of his shoulders, "Alright! Which one of you want to face me first?!"

"Hold on Mr. Rockhorn. I don't think it is recommened to fight this entire crew now. I'm not doubting our strength, but we aren't anywhere near the level of power to take them all on at once. "Strength in numbers" is how the old expression goes and, right now, they have the numbers. I don't want to risk our lives in a fight that seems impossible." Casper states to Rockhorn patting his back in the process. "We can get them next time when we get stronger."

The Rockhorn looks over to Casper, before looking back at the Inferno Pirates, "You candy assholes will feel the wrath of the Rock N Fox Connection someday dammit!" The Rockhorn says before keeping Casper on his shoulders, "Guess we should help Boy Scout." He says going down with Geppo.

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Leo loudly laughed as he grabbed his sides, laughing and smiling through his tears. "I figured as much, even I'm not that dumb."

Just as Leo finished, Merlin whacked his head with his sword scabbard! "Shut up idiot, I believe the entire crews here now."

"You're right Merlin! It's time guys! New ship! New strength! And a new adventure! Let's go guys!" He cheered and smiled as the crew set their sails, their new ship coated and they head down into the Sea, beginning the next chapter of the Inferno Pirates!

Clash of Swords and Talons

As the mad swordswoman charged at the crimson samurai, like a beam of pure justice, Elaine charged in and intercepted the attack! Using her years of training she adjusted the angle of her sword to parry Ame's blade!

"Your fight is with me you berserker. Don't you dare look down on the Marines, we'll be bringing all you trash in!" Elaine declares as she rushes in swinging her blade with precision and power, yet her technique and skill made her movements appear so naturally fluid it could be adapted into a new stance.

Ame turned her attention to Elaine as she intercepted her attack with sharp eyes. She turned towards her new opponent with

“Another distraction,” Ame muttered to herself as she took her stance, “this won’t take long.”

From above, Archambeau Guinevere dived down with her swords ready to land an attack on her when Ame flung Guin away from her before she charged towards Elaine ready to attack. “Takashio-Nijū hitto!

Elaine twisted her hips and dropped a knee while still carrying the momentum of her strike, performing a much larger swing while dropping down to avoid the strike from Ame! Mizudo: Great Stream Slash! she yelled for her attack as she aimed her large strike at the arms of her enemy in the middle of her swing.

"Interesting," Ame thought to herself as she deflected the attack with one of her swords as Guin flew in ready to attack her once more.

"Luna Moth Slash!" Guin shouted as she charged at Guin crossing her swords prepared to land a cross slash onto Ame until she blocked the attack pushing them back while using her powers to summon her wings to create a gust of wind to blow them back!

Elaine leapt away from the gust, unfortunately this caused he to grow distance away from Guin and Ame. "God damn it, these annoying pirates, if it's not one thing, it's another!" She then tumbled before dashing back toward Ame! "Come here you psychopath!"

Ame immediately charged towards Elaine as her sword clashed with hers pushing it back as she glared into Elaine's eyes. "You call me a psychopath, but you have the rage of a beast," Ame taunted.

"Think that, but it's only two of us and one of you," Guin replied in an intimidating tone as she readied her swords, "so either surrender peacefully or we'll do this the hard way."

Elaine twisted her body to kick herself away from Ame, only for her to regain her footing. "Strength wise I think she may have both me and Guinevere beat, I'd put her at Titania's strength. Meaning, I need to add more power to my blows and have Guin attack while keeping her busy. This is how we'll win." Elaine thought as she analyzed her enemy.

"Guin, from here on I'll take her on directly, I'll make an opening and you attack. Whether if it's a major damage or minimal, I don't care. Even if we have to chip away, we'll bring her crumbling down."

"Got it, whenever you're ready," Guin replied as she took her stance.

"Whatever these two are planning, I should keep up with them regardless," Ame thought to herself glaring at the two Marines, "who knows what they're up to."

Elaine rushed in, with terribly quick soru she crossed the distance between the two and appeared before Ame! "You're right is with me you savage!"

"Savage," Ame asked in a somewhat ominous tone tilting her head to the side holding her sword up ready to block Elaine's attack, "unless you really want that side to come out, I suggest you keep your distance if you value your life."

"You won't get away with this!" Guin shouted as she charged in ready to land her attack, "Luna Cross Slash!"

Before Guin could land her attack, Ame looked to Guin with sharp seafoam green eyes as she immediately drew her sword and the two proceeded with their attack until Guin was behind Ame, while Ame stood motionless. Suddenly, blood spewed from Guin's back as she collapsed onto the ground from her left wing being sliced off! Sqiftly, Ame charged in towards Elaine before she disappeared in almost thin appear before appearing behind Elaine then lunged her second sword into her back with her other sword at the nape of her neck.

"If you know what's good for you, surrender and you won't end up like your friend," Ame warned in an ominous tone putting the tip of her sword near her neck to the point of almost drawing blood.

Elaine couldn't help but smile as he blades tip was pointed at Ame, releasing a beam of condensed light! This was thanks to her swords property, one of the Seven Treasures Of Nobunaga. Unlike other swords, these seven were blessed with a hidden ability, this blade, this sword had the ability to gather and save sunlight within it.

At this close range between the two, if Ame didn't actively dodge, this beam of light would easily pierce one end of her body and out the other.

Ame felt blood stream from her wounds as a malicious smile formed on her face and her eyes grew sharp. Her psyche had altered, as she glared at her next victim. What she saw now wasn't her target; what she saw now was her next victim to add to her body count.

"Death...blood...pain...," Ame whispered in an ominous tone getting into her stance ignorining her pain, "I won't fall...until you're laying in a pool of your cold blood..."

As the intensity of the moment began to consume Elaine in her entirety, the passion and heart pounding stakes, her mind drifted to a memory.

(Beginning of Flashback)

Elaine looked over at the end of the dark cold hallway of the Scabbard meeting room, a meeting had just concluded among the team. At the end of her gaze was someone the young blonde was not too fond of, it was the jet black haired Louise Arthur.

"What do you want? You got lost and need directions? You damn idiot?" Elaine asked rather angrily.

"Bout time you came out here, seriously how long does it take to dismiss herself from a meeting." Arthur began as he peered over to her. "Look, take this how you want, but this duty as a scabbard agent isn't for you." He said in his unusually colder and his usual blunt attitude.

In that instant an enraged Elaine swiftly drew her blade from its Scabbard! She rapidly fired off sword slash and a horrible amount of fast sword stabs! Arthur with a glowing red eye from his Kenbunshoku Haki drew his blades and matched pace with Elaine with his complete and constant counters. As though the two knew each other incredibly well, enemies who had faced one another countless times, they attacked and countered as if the duo were dancing. They matched one another step by step, swing over swing, neither breaking eye contact between one another.

"You wanna repeat what you just said you freaking idiot? Or do I need to cut your head off?"

"Your emotions cloud your judgement to a terrible degree, to the point you can no longer focus on your objective. Your sword style, your kendo of choice is Mizudo, its one made to adapt to the changes thrown at you. One that requires you to change and switch between offense and defense, switching around with the flow of battle. Yet you fight with pure aggression, pure power, you use your blocks and few to little dodges just to supplement your mostly aggressive approach. It's quite annoying really." Arthur threw his hood over his head and walked away. "Don't get yourself killed, if you need help just ask."

("End of Flashback")

"I… I need help…" Elaine muttered, not believing that any would really come.

The building behind Elaine suddenly shit out a barrage of tendrils that began to whip around and swat, all aimed at Ame! Bricks were being fired out like bullets as well. These swarms of attacks were all aimed at the mad pirate before Elaine.

Vladimir emerged on the roof of the building. Despite being beaten badly earlier, the young marine is doing his best to support his comrade in Elaine.

With in an instant, Ame deflected the tendrils with her swords with a rage intense glare in her eyes as she pointed her sword at Elaine making it clear that she was next as she sprouted her wings and charged in crossing her swords in hand!

"Whoever is in my way, unless you want to join your friend, you've got a death wish," Ame huffed nearing Elaine ready to cut her down!

Before ame could reach Elaine a large hand emerged from the side of the building, reaching out and grasping Elaine and pulled her back. Just as Elaine landed on the building, called statue appeared above the building and pointed it's head at Ame.

"Like Arthur told me, your aggression won't be enough to face enemies like the one before us." Vladimir's voice emerged from the statue as a pair of arms were raising from it's stone robe. "So this fight belongs to be from here on." Just as Vladimir finished speaking three more pair of arms emerged each arm grasping different weapons. Then in that moment, he buckled his knees using tekkai to build tension in the middle of his legs.

"Geppo! Piston Stamp!" by releasing the tension and firing himself off like a missile he appeared before Ame, despite the new weight of his body, swinging large broad Swords, axes, and Maces! All moving with great finesse and skill.

Ame immediately flew into the air as she managed to dodge the attack as she was now airborne glaring in the direction of where the attack was coming from. "Fine, she was weak, whoever you are, you'll serve a suitable replacement for her to die in her place," Ame said in an ominous tone as she got into her stance with an intimidating glance in her eyes that feel similar to glaring into the eyes of a demon.

"Are you gonna make this worth it? Or just talk and talk? Quoting my master, "Give your balls a tug you blue haired big boobies bimbo." Vladimir comments as he landed on the ground looking up at Ame.

"Tis your death wish," Ame warned, "Gyrfalcon Slash!" Ame immediately dive bombed towards Vladimir ready to land her attack on him at blinding speed it sounded like a faint whistle upon descent!

Vladimir cocked all six stone arms back, rapidly firing off six shigans in rapid succession. "Shigan! Six Fold!" he yelled out as he was aiming shigans in order to intercept Ame and counter attack at the same time.

Ame's eyes widen as she swiftly dodged the attack twirling herself from each one narrowly before getting into her stance, "He's going to be harder to take down it would appear," Ame thought to herself before her eyes sharpen, "better get serious about this."

Vladimir positioned his feet and shot himself away from her aim of attack. Despite the disadvantage that the Piston technique has of sending in a straight line, the advantage of it's speed was ideal for this situation as he launched himself at a building and upon touching it he quickly meld into it, assimilating into the building itself.

"She's not bad," Vladimir thought to himself as he began to asses the situation. "Her swordsmanship is good, almost as good as Artie's which says a lot considering Artie is one of the best around. But she doesn't have the physical strength to make me worry. Her speed and agility, especially in the air are better than my own, so grounding her may be a good choice. Another is the big guns...but that can wait."

After finishing his private thoughts, Vladimir would then emerge from the building in the same body as before but with a much bulkier build to it. "Come and get Blue Boo."

"Your funeral red head," Ame sneered as she dashed towards Vladimir with her swords ready to land a slash onto him!

Vladimir braces himself and places his six arms Infront of him, crossing his arms to protect himself from the attack. "Draw her close..." Vladimir thought to himself before his attack connects against his stoned body!

"NOW!" Ame thought to herself as she disappeared into thin air before Vladimir then reappeared behind him as she proceeded to land a downward slash on his back!

"How the!?" Vladimir thought as he felt the slashes cutting through his stone body, launching him into the floor! "Damn it!" The Marine got himself back up and adjusted himself. "That all ya got? Blue bird?"

"I'm just getting started red head," Ame smirked as her eyes grew sharp, "show me what you're capable of."

"Very well..." Vladimir murmured to himself as he began the process of fusing into the ground/building. He began to rearrange the shape of the building, reforming, taking it over, then a tendril connected it to another building as both began to meld together. It quickly formed into the shape of a giant human.

"You ready Blue?" He asked while in his giant body, Vladimir had showed great proficiency in this form before, using it multiple times when training alongside Arthur.

"Bring it," Ame snided as she got into her stance glaring at the figure that stood before her.

Vladimir swatted at Ame. Unlike the past user of the fruit who was rather slow in this form, due to the detail Vladimir places into forming this form and how comfortable he is in it, his hands were as fast as always.

Ame's eyes widen from being swatted at by Vladimir. She managed to get back onto her feet as she ascended back into the sky. "Glad you're taking this seriously," Ame replied, "makes it easier for me to seal your fate."

"Shigan!" Vladimir yelled out for his technique as his pointer finger quickly stabbed forward aimed directly at Ame at a critical speed! "bring it on then!"

"He's fast!" Ame thought to herself as she narrowly dodged the attack only to get her wing stabbed causing her to lose altitude as she started to plummet a bit, "dammit! I'll need to think of a better tactic with him..." Ame quickly ascended back into the sky as she positioned herself into her stance then charged at him at blinding speed coating her swords in Haki ready to land a hit on his torso! "Takatsume-Ōda!"

Fortune Favours The Bold

"He shouldn't have gone far," Karui panted as she ran in the direction Leo went, "where did he go?"

" up," Sumire whined catching up to her captain following behind them.

"Captain wait up!" Catalina cried out running after them.

Merlin looked back as he was leading the charge to follow his captain, looking over at Karui and her crew, noticing they were panting and drained.

"You guys tired already?" Merlin asked, not really having broken a sweat or breathing all too hard despite wearing metal plates around himself and under his thick clothing. This is mostly due to the sheer amount of stamina he's built having to chase around for his captain any time they visit any new island.

"N-no, I'm not tired, besides, it was only just a work out for me," Karui bashfully blushed looking away.

"She looooooooves you," Lien snickered to herself trying not to giggle.

"No one asked you scwewy wabbit!" Karui shouted at Lien only causing her to laugh.

From out of no where, the wall behind them all had a large zipper appear from our of no where as seemingly a portal opened up wide. From the zipper a woman dressed in skin tight orange jump suit with a thick jacket over it and a pair of goggles over her face with a matching orange lens.

"Hm?" She looked down, examining the group of pirates before her before suddenly cracking a smile upon recognizing a familiar face. "Well well, it's been a while hasn't it Merlin?" She asked before ruffling the young swordsman's hair.

"It has been Lady Felisa." Merlin replied before bowing before her. "What has you out here on this side of the grandline?"

"Well, The King sent me out to gather a devil fruit he's had his eyes on. My travels lead me down here to retrieve it but things seem to have gotten a bit complicated to do so. Namely, I didn't account for cp9 and a team of Marines to be guarding it, along with a whole lot of other treasure."

"He does tend to keep you guys busy. But to think you'd come this far for a devil fruit." Merlin replied as he began to think on it. "Though then again, makes sense why you guys have so many powerful fruit users too."

The two spoke, warmly yet seemingly ignoring the presence of Karui and her crewmates.

"Who's the woman in orange that looks like me but more human," Hazel asked confused.

"Who is this king she mentioned," Karui questioned then a smirk grew on her face, "can I fight him?"

"No you will not!" Sumire snapped at Karui.

"Awwwww come on, bet this guy is someone worth fighting," Karui snickered to herself.

"YOU GOT A DEATH WISH BITCH?!" Sumire shouted.

"Whatcha called me whore," Karui snarled her forehead slammed against Sumire's.

"You heard me bitch ass," Sumire sneered as the two pushed back and forth at one another growling releasing bits of Electro.

"They're at it again...," Catalina sighed sadly.

"I see you're as handsome as ever young man. Tell me, if you're up for it, how about you help me pull off this heist? I got a job to rob the world nobles! They got a bunch of treasure in their ships and it's a huge pay day." Felisa asked as she looked over, "you girls too, I know you're pirates, I keep tabs on all the rookies making noise. I've already recruited others to partake as well."

"Heard something about a heist," Karui questioned with perked ears, "I'm listening."

"AND LIKE THAT HER MOOD SUDDENLY CHANGED?!" Her crew replied in a confused tone in unison!

"While that does sound like fun," Merlin paused as he looked away at a massive explosion off in the distance. "My priority is to make sure a certain idiot of a little brother is okay." Merlin let out a sigh as he petted Karui's head.

"You make sure you guys don't get into too much trouble, Kay? I'll see ya the next time our crews cross paths again." The young knight said with a joyful smile on his face.

"I-I promise," Karui blushed as a bright smiled formed on her face.

"Awwww aren't they cute," Catalina warmly smiled.

"Yea yea, keep up with that, can land her in some deep shit," Sumire commented.

"I heard that fox," Karui snarled with sharp eyes.

"Just talking to myself...," Sumire replied with wide eyes.

And just like that Merlin took his leave from the group.

Felisa sighed out and looked over to the rest, "shame, we need as much muscle as needed. But I hear ya captain ain't much to scoff at either. So, shall we go unite with the rest? Get aquatinted? They should be heading there already themselves."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Karui brightly smiled, "lead the way."

"Should we trust her," Sumire asked.

"If Karui is fine with her, might as well follow," Lien answered.

Felissa smiled and gave them a thumbs up, "sounds like a plan, follow me guys." She ordered the rest before taking off at a high speed. "try to keep up the team can't be caught so we gotta meet up with them quickly."

"Oooooo I'm liking this chick already!" Karui exclaimed excitedly as she used her Electro to charge up her legs then ran after Felissa catching up to her! "Wait up speedy!"

"Wait for us!" Catalina called out running after Karui along with the others.

As Felisa and the rest arrived to an empty building, they were able to quickly see the prestigious white and blue fleet of ships that were highly decorated with gold trim and ornaments found all over.

"Well you guys, this will be the rest of the team I've been able to accumulate. I'll let ya guys get aquatinted as I go do some recon and meet with my connect." She then excused herself as she formed a zipper on the wall and disappeared as it closed behind her.

Karui's eyes widen as she looked at the abandoned building that captured her attention, in her mind she could imagine what lied in wait for her crew.

"Well hellooooooo sweetness," Karui lamented in a loving tone.

"Kinda strange to be outside of an abandoned building yet," Lien said in a suspicious tone, "yet we don't know what could be lingering inside..."

"What happened to you and your love for your knight," Sumire snickered.


Sumire fall onto the ground after Karui slammed her fist into Sumire's stomach knocking her out cold, quite literally actually.

"To answer your question, my love for Merlin burns like a million white dwarves if they are real," Karui answered as her eyes rolled to the side being unsure of her statement.

"They're real stars," Sacha commented with a single sigh.

"Thank you Sacha," Karui replied with a smile, "any-a-who, from what I said prior, my love for him always stands above anything else. No one else got any objections unless they wanna take a nap with Sumire there."

The rest of the Moonheart Pirates immediately shook their heads with fear in their faces with sweat dripping down their faces as Karui nodded with a smile.

"Good, now onward we go," Karui exclaimed happily, "Hazel pick Sumire up would ya?"

"Done and done," Hazel replied as she hoisted Sumire onto her shoulder without hesitation.

Not too far behind, the monster trio of Yang, Steel, and Crescent can be seen looking up at the abandoned building as they already heard the others heading inside.

"That's an old-ass looking building! I can just smell the dust there!" Yang said as he casually had a beaten up Marine on his back.

"We only stumbled upon here because SOMEONE decided to just accept help from a random stranger out of the blue! Also get that damn Marine off of your back you already drained up his blood!" Steel shouts over at him.

Yang sticks his longer, pointed tongue at Steel as he casually heaves the Marine off of his back and he goes into the air as a twinkle in the sky! "Bah! Steelie you're just as much of a killjoy as ever! That lady seemed nice and said I can kick some ass later! I never pass up the chance for ass kicking!" Yang says as he eagerly pounds his fists together.t

"I still don't know if you're doing that to be brave or stupid. Most likely the latter." Crescent says in dry tone.

"Shi-shishishi! You got me there! Anyway, I think we're in for something veeeeeeeery fun! So...LETSHEADINSIDENOW!!!" Yang shouts very quickly as he literally bolts inside.

"How come I can tell we about to get into some major trouble soon...?" Steel asks himself as he treads slowly behind.

"You can read the future as well huh?" Crescent remarks in a snarky tone as he follows the two behind.

"Heyyyyyy Yangy!!!!!" The Hazardous Clown Crack R. Jack and his crew behind him were seen right behind Yang and their group, "Looks like we got ourselves a convoy!!"

"Why are we following these people again?" Davida asks Jack as she leaned on Jack's shoulder as they walked.

"Cause....following people is what clowns do!" Jack responds.

"I thought that was a mime's job." Harley states.

"NO!" Jack immediately responds, "Clowns are better than mimes..."

"Oh no...not him again...." Steel says with absolute dread in his voice.

"Eh? Oh! Jackie! I haven't seen you in forever!" Yang shouts as he was quick to tackle him down playfully. "Cause any more trouble recently? I know I have!"

"Man this must be the island of reunions or something.." Crescent says with a deadpan expression.

"Hm? Oh no...," Catalina whimpered as her ears went back, "not him again."

"Wait who," Karui asked then noticed in the distance Jack and Yang as a large stupid grin grew on her face, "JACK! YANG!" Immediately Karui charged in towards them smiling.

"Aaaaand there she goes," Hazel sighed still holding Sumire on her shoulder, "after her."

"Is she always like this," Sacha asked as he followed behind the others asking Lien.

"You'd be surprised," Lien chuckled nervously.

Monsters Among Bastards

Meanwhile in Groove 13

The deep, jet-black lock’s served as the only thing blocking eye contact the eyes of Calam and Dulari from interlocking. Calam stood at 5'9", being an average height for his age and most human men in the world. This height meant absolutely nothing when in comparison to the behemoth that stood mere meters away from him. Under her feet were geta sandals the size of a small submarine, finely intertwined with white socks on the feet that wore them. Covering her legs was a long black kimono-esque skirt, and a thick purple rope tied around her waist to hold up her leopard print pelt and white long-sleeved kimono that was trimmed with gold. Her chocolate skin was laced with black tattoos, and wrist wrapped with tape. A large red coat, the size of a ship’s sail, rested on her shoulders with gold trim to match her white kimono. She held a massive kanabō-club over her right shoulder with her right hand, that glimmered brightly in the sun. The only piece of her attire that outshined everything else was the notorious Bloodband Hat that sat upon her long pink and purple hair.

“W-Who’re you, and why are you in my path?!” Calam cried out, trying his best to add more bass to his fear-strickened voice. He raised his left arm, using his forearm to wipe the beads of sweat that flooded his brow.

Minamoto looked over at the young pirate, drawing his blade from it's Scabbard within an instant, before approaching him. "Hey, who do you think you are to casually to my captain? Do you have a death sentence? Because I can fulfill that request for you myself, no need to bother her."

The young swordsman asked, it was clear he was as protective of his captain as a loyal crew is. His gaze were locked down on calam, making sure to be ready if the young pirate were to make any sudden move.

“Put away your sword and let the captain speak for herself, you idiot!” Hanako said, pulling Minamoto back with by his ear. “The captain is a grown woman and you’re just a mere boy! Honestly, the audacity you have!” She continued to scold. Dulari would even adjust her eyes as she began to cackle at the two smaller beings who fought underneath her.

"I swear to God the moment you let go of my ear I'm going to gut you!" Minamoto angrily replied as his body suddenly went limp, almost ragdoll like as he felt himself being pulled away by Hanako. Despite this though Mina never released the grip over his blade, keeping his eyes fixated on calam.

"I need to make sure she's okay, if that bastard does anything to her, after I'm done taking care of him, you're next Hanako."

“Oh shut your mouth!” Hanako yelled back, stopping next to Dulari’s foot.

Turning her attention from from her bickering swordsmen, Dulari once more faced Calam, his First-Mates and Chef. “Is this your crew?” She asked, lifting her head so that one of her eyes peered under the brim.

“Yes and if you try to hurt them, I’ll beat your ass from sundown to sunset!” Calam responded, yelling out a bold statement towards Dulari.

“Calam………I don’t think we’re in the position to be projecting threats right now.” Kelis whispered to him quietly, grasping the right arm of her captain.

“I recognize you brat. Aren’t you the daughter of Latoya Teli’Anna?” Dulari asked, slightly adjusting her eyes to lock onto Kelis.

“How do you know my moth……I’m not longer affiliated or go by the Latoya surname.?!?!” Kelis said quietly, hoping that she wouldn’t upset the massive Dulari.

“That’s not necessarily important right now. Moving on, what’s your name kid?” Dulari asked, brushing off Kelis’ question. Her eyes moved once more to face Calam, not once even noticing the Rask Twins standing on each side.

“Shichiloh D. Calam, now what do you want?!” He yelled out, taking a demanding step forward.

“Hmph. Take this, and return it to me one day.” Dulari stated, grabbing the Bloodband hat from her head. She would toss the large hat to Calam, and it would shrink as it flew into the young man’s open grasp. “Now go on, it’s no longer safe for you here. GO!” Dulari demanded, watching Calam hold the hat in his hands.

“We should go, captain.” Kelis said, pulling Calam away from Dulari. The Lock Hair Pirates took their leave from Groove 13, sprinting off towards their rendezvous I’m Groove 15..

“Why’re you telling them to flee?” Hanako asked, turning her head upwards.

“An enemy has arrived,” Dulari said, as she turned so that her back faced Calam and his crew. “Another monster has arrived in Groove 13.”

Minamoto sheathed his sword back into its scabbard and let out a sigh. "Then shall we?" Minamoto looked up to the sky, admiring the many bubbles found all over the archipelago. He then looked down at his scars-covered hands, dozens of scars left behind by cuts and stabs from so many years ago. "I guess I was hoping for too much, huh?"

"Fix your face, don't think I wasn't going to give you anything." Dulari asked, seemingly sensing that Minamoto was disturbed by the recent turn of events. She used her empty left hand to reach into her kimono, pulling out a human-sized satchel. Dulari would toss the satchel down to Hanako, who finally released the ear of Minamoto.

"What's this captain?" Hanako questioned, catching the satchel. She would peer inside and gasp loudly at the sight of newly woven kimonos for both herself and Minamoto. Hanako would pass the bag to Minamoto, allowing him to witness the kindness of their captain.

Suddenly, a rather tall man with blue spiky hair and samurai robes can be seen leaping down. He appeared to have two swords on him: one made of steel of course but the other is made of wood. He had a spot for a third sword but one cannot be seen. Instead, he had a small electric dragon pet that was curled around his neck as it let loose small sparks of electricity. With his two other swords arm, the man known as Masamune was about to walk out. "I've already studied all of the events that is happening on this island. If you don't mind me Captain Dulari, I'll be taking a bit of a stroll. I think this is a good chance for a big pay day!" Masamune says as he started to walk off.

“Do as you want, I’ll call when it’s time to depart.” Dulari answered nonchalantly permitting one of her top executive officers to further roam as he pleased. One if not the best swordsman among her ranks, Masamune had no one else to fear when it came to a blade. Or would this prove to be an overstatement? “Now Minamoto, do you like your new garbs or not?” She asked him, now looking directly at the boy. Her whole face could be seen now that her straw hat wasn’t blocking a portion of her face.

Minamoto with his back turned to his captain only began to walk, not saying a word after receiving the satchel, not even bothering to open it to review it's contents. "I'll go ahead, you two catch up." Mina coldly responded before he then took off walking, heading his way toward the massive aura he was detecting nearby.

In the waters, the waves were filled with ships travelling either toward or leaving Sabaody. The waves were clear, the sea was blue. But there was something in the water...

Movement in the water was felt from ripples that followed it. It was a large creature by the size of the ripples, and the ships did their very best to avoid this large ripple. The creature was swimming as if it was a shark heading toward the beach to find victims.

Soon, the thing stopped swimming and started walking on the sand that was on the shore. And quickly, it was revealed the creature was the infamous White Fang London Jack! He stood tall in his gray fur endeavor. He stood shirtless and barefoot as he looks around the shore he swam to. The White Fang takes a beer can from his pants and opens it to drink it. Awhile, he was sniffing around and looking at a list he had.

"Seems like I'm going to be busy today." The White Fang says as he suddenly smells a familiar smell to him, he takes the smell and snarls as he recognizes it, "Well....a little bit more busy..." He says walking and slowly following the scent.

Minamoto clenched his fist as he felt a burning sensation all over his palm, especially in the scars left over his hands. He could feel it as it surged all the more pain, as if his very blood was boiling from within, a sensation he had not felt since his childhood. His eyes appeared much more lifeless, much more solemn, as though not a darkness but an emptiness devoid of the concept of life or death we're filling his very soul.

"I'm a soldier, that's it. I don't have time to feel like this, I don't have the right to even believe I should feel something like this." He said through the front of his teeth and the frustration in his heart. Minamoto let out a breath and simply looked forward, keeping his composure and only focused on the task at hand, "protect his captain", a task he has bound to his very fiber.

It wasn't too long before he felt a violent shock of overwhelming pressure encapsulating his body, briefly keeping the young swordsman in place as a trail of cold sweat formed on the side of his face. In that ment he felt as though he had walked into the lions den, turning around only to meet the gaze of a man feared amongst many individuals, a man who's been more of a beast than anything else, a man who's very presence challenges the strengths of those around him, the Marine Admiral, Kokuryū (黒竜 Black Dragon) other wise known as Edo Shishio.

"What the actual hell is an admiral doing here?" Minamoto questioned as he looked up at the large swordsman before him.

"There's a student mine out in the world that can fix this arm of yours," Shishio continued as he stepped more, fully breaking Minamoto's arm. "Not just that but he can also help you get stronger. Unlike most others, he's actually pretty nice guy. Despite big tits being the world's greatest swordsman, the Kind King, is the Sword God. He's your best hope, to prove yourself and to reach the level you want."

Dulari’s footsteps caused vibrations that could be felt even in the distance, only growing louder and further disrupting the island’s balance with each step. Her now exposed face allowed anyone to witness a potluck of emotion. She was excited, worried, sad, hurt, but most importantly angry. She couldn’t bare to look at Minamoto who lied at her feet, foaming at the mouth and vomit on his cheek. This child entrusted her with his life and she allowed him to be beaten. She held no anger towards the man who committed such heinous actions against her crew mate, instead holding anger towards herself. This anger was one fueled by such a sickening disappoint in one’s self that you had no other choice but to hold your self accountable. This anger radiated from her body in the form of a awful heat, as steam excreted from her swelling pores. The very ground she stood on began to soften, melting away underneath her feet.

Curling her lips and exhaling deeply to release some of the incomprehensible emotion she was going through, Dulari prepared to speak. Her parched lips refused to split from each other after not being used to speak for a while, requiring the usage of her tongue to split them from one another. Finally with her mouth open, Dulari spoke. “Hanako, take him back to the ship and have the doctors start emergency surgery. Kiyomi will watch over you.”

Hanako sprint over to Minamoto, already holding torn pieces of the old Kimono she still wore. Wrapping Minamoto’s arm with torn pieces of her kimono without uttering a single word, Hanako lifted him onto her back. She was in no place to speak when such titans were in her presence, vanishing from the area.

“Are you trying to send my protege off to the brat you couldn’t keep on a leash on you dragon-breathed bastard?” Dulari asked, finally turning her attention to Shishio. No introductory or reunion dialogue was necessary for these two Monsters knew each other all too well. Dulari tightened her grip on her legendary Sessho-seki club, actually cutting herself on one of the club’s barbs. With blood trickling down her right hand, she continued to scold the marine. “I heard your little comment Shishio, and I’m not amused by either of your words or actions. Must you always behave like a beast? You know what, don’t even answer that.”

Dulari started to grind her teeth, getting anxious just thinking of what could be going through Minamoto’s mind. “And what’s with you bastards and arms? Have you ever thought of breaking a leg, because it would surely handicap someone longer than an OH WHY AM I EVEN SITTING HERE AND EXPLAINING THIS TO SUCH A MORON THAT CALLS HIMSELF AN ADMIRAL!!’” She said before breaking out into a shout. Dulari’s rope tied around her emotional vault was loosening and soon she’d do something drastic.

Shishio looked over at the Kijin, an opponent from his last and couldn't help but cracking a smug smile. "Say what you will about Aligheri, the kid is what your brat really needs. You do too see it do you? He thinks the absaloute world of you, but he's not the strongest in your crew, his growth is stagnant, hell he's not even the best Swordsman in your crew, but damn, does he look up and admire you, I could see it. Yet what else I saw and heard, was someone who is an incomplete sword and someone who feels truly alone."

Shishio then took a drink from his sake gourd, "Aligheri is his best chance at growing into what he wants to be. Don't worry, the kid doesn't have any intentions of having a new student, but I feel like he would still help. End of the day, if Aligheri really wanted you dead, he would've done it a long time ago. I just felt... maybe he'd see what I see. A child failed by a parent."

“My “brat” doesn’t need to have his mind fed propaganda and a false sense of reality by a man who was a former marine. That snow-haired brat doesn’t know wether he wants to be a pirate, king or revolutionary and Minamoto shouldn’t be subjected to such an false environment. He needs to face the trials of a real pirate, and not a savior pretending to be one!” Dulari argued back, as veins began to bugle in her neck, hands and forehead. “And of course you would think he would relate to a child failed by a parent, his parents were disgusting and so we’re Dante’s.” Dulari continued, throwing out a subliminal back at Shishio. This was also the first time Dante was mentioned directly, as a deadly silence slithered into the atmosphere, seemingly choking the air around them.

The air had become polluted by this silence, transformed into a poisonous silence that had Dulari and Shishio coiled in a Vice grip. Dulari would clench her left fist and grind her teeth once more, successfully fracturing the silence that had consumed the duo. “Moving on, I’m assuming the brats are doing something related to the Celestial Dragons?”

"That's on a need to know basis," Shishio began as a large wave of conquerors haki began to eminate off of him. It felt like pins and needles that were followed with violent force. "And quite frankly, you don't need to know ya damn He-she.' then he slowly drew out his blade from it's Scabbard, locking eyes with her.

And as if the Gods have summoned him, The White Fang would enter the scene as he was behind Shishio from the trees and comes out of the forest! The sound of shattering glass would be heard as he entered the fray, as if Dulari used her fruit or Shishio's wave broke some glass.

"I knew I smelled an old relic from the glory days!" The White Fang would speak to Shishio, "Looking as ancient as ever admiral! FAR HAR HAR!!" He says pulling a beer out of his shorts and then looking up to see Dulari, "Oh hey! I remember you from that island that got sent to hell!"

"Well, well. I thought it smelled like a damn wet dog." Shishio began as he saw a fellow relic of the past, a memory from his old days, The White Fang. "I did hear ya broke out of you pin, what's wrong pooch? You need me to throw ya back in there for old times sake?" Shishio joked as he turned over to look at Dulari.

"Seriously, don't I regret not killing ya both back in the day now." Shishio paused before taking a drink of his sake from his gourd and let out a loud belch. "Whatever, no time like the fucking present I guess. Now, then, how about both of you ugly bitches tell me," Shishio then drew his blade from it's Scabbard, "who gonna die first?"

The Color of the Supreme King haki released by Shishio would cause a sensation to travel throughout her body. It could only be described as pins and needles, causing Dulari to re-adjust her stance. She began to clench and unclench her fist, turn her neck in all directions to crack it, and dig her heel into the ground. Doing this series of motions that appeared more or as stretching, allowed her to moderately shake off the effects of the haki. Her body began to relax as the sensation traveling throughout her phased. “Check your blood pressure first old man. I wouldn’t want you to have a stroke mid-fight.” Dulari said, smacking her teeth before she teased Shishio. Moving her eyes to look at Fang, a question appeared in her mind. “What brings you here?” She asked, obviously curious about the arrival of Fang. Dulari knew Shishio was here for one of two things, or even maybe both. Celestial Dragons and Booze. Still she couldn’t conjure why Fang would bring himself to Sabaody. ”Does he have a child running playing pirate?” She thought, raising her left hand to rub her large chin.

"To answer your question Cherry Giant, I am here on a couple business things involving some rookies I heard are present around here. Including retrieving a crewmate of mine from some clown's crew and dropping off my daughter to her pirating family. Ahh, it's like dropping off the kids to school! FAR HAR HAR!!!" He then drinks his beer before throwing it to a convenient trash can nearby, "But less talking and more on finishing off a should be extinct species of Old Dinos!

Shishio felt the air as tense as a thick wall of steel. He knew attacking at that moment could leave himself open to the other, but even so he knew he had to tread carefully.

"I recommend you all step back and leave while I'm feeling generous. Because I doubt a dog wants to be put down, or that someone as ugly as you that's missing an arm wants to be missing a leg." Shishio called out as he felt the tension in his legs, he was ready to move at any given moment, ready to react.

"Oooh, Ol Barney feeling generous?" The White Fang says, "That shakes my legs as much as it did over 30 years ago...NOT!! FAR HAR HAR!!!" The White Fang laughs, "What do you think Cherry Giant? Shall we leave for this ol dino?"