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Wraith Pirates
Japanese Name: レイスの海賊
Romanized Name: Reiso no Kaizokudan
English Name: Wraith Pirates
Main Ship: Oncoming Storm
First Appearance: Charlton Barbossa
Captain: Kahn Tibus
Total Bounty: 1,076,000,000

The Wraith Pirates are a fleet of ships that rose into power alongside their rivals, the Imperial Dragon Pirates after the conflict between Kaien Hanichi and Kahn Tibus for starting a period they referred as the "Age of Titans" after the famous Monkey D. Luffy discovered the legendary treasures of the ancient world, seeking to find them for their gain for ultimate power over the world of One Piece.



The captain of the Wraith Pirates, Khan Tibus a simple pirate who founded his own crew from the West Blue slowly grew to power to obtain some territories untouched by the World Government, wanting to bring the world upside down. The Ox Lord easily took advantage to the Marines' disarray in the New World and crushed their forces, both marines and pirates alike to mark their place in the new era.

Pirate Flag

The flag carries a logo which resembles a "W" for their name.

Known Crew Members

More on the way

Crew Strength

The Wraith Pirates are led by Kahn Tibus,  one of the strongest pirates. Although they managed to kept themselves on a low profile for a number of years to avoid drawing the attention of the World Government and their enemies, various members from across the globe have strong knowledge of the marines, the underworld and locations to set up their base of operations. With an alliance made with Blackbeard, one of the four emperors of the New World, the Wraith Pirates were able to build up supplies for their growing fleet, there is some rumours that their captain is at the same level as one of the Yonko, but that is yet to be confirmed as it is stated that even the Ox Lord himself is terrified of the Kaido.

It is confirmed that the Wraith have possess a territory in the uncharted oceans in the New World where they claim would be the foundation of a new empire, from the ashes of the World Government's.

The majority of their strength come from mostly of strong pirates, with most of the high ranking officers are Haki and Devil Fruit users. With Joseph Franklin being the top mechanic engineer to build technological advance weaponry, ships, and an army of over 300 Tethra mechs at their command.

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