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My duty is to protect my people! If you dare challenge my duty, then we can be nothing more than enemies.
— Yi sun-sin's conviction.

"Incorruptible" Yi is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and current captain of the Goryeo Pirates. He started his career in piracy as a way to provide for his Kingdom whom was under invasion. His goal was the Liberation and protecting his Kingdom of Goryeo.

Born 46 years ago in now Northern Goryeo, Yi was raised as a millitary brat. When he came of age, Yi was enlisted into Goryeo Millitary and his natural talent in combat allowed him to quickly rise in the ranks. At the age of 20, Enma had first arrived in the northern waters of Goryeo. The commanders ignored this as a sign of war or invasion and rather thought the strange ships were arriving to trade goods. Enma had no interest in trade, and invaded the northern region of Goryeo. Yi was stationed at one of the last standing Goryeo millitary outpost, in which he failed to lead his troops and stop Enma's advance.

Yi was able to flee from Enma before he was enslaved, and enter the southern region of Goryeo. For the next 22 years, Goryeo trained relentlessly. The southern region of Goryeo was able to halt Enma's advancement for the next 22 years, but their forces were only growing smaller and weaker against the criminal empire. Yi set out 5 years after his training in search of resources to provide for southern Goryeo. He had successfully entered the occupation of piracy, forming the Goryeo Pirates.

Back to the present, the capital of southern Goryeo, Hanseong got news of Enma's downfall in Wano Country. Rushing back to southern Goryeo after completing shipment run, Yi was awarded the rank of Admiral in the Millitary and was a vanguard in the campaign to liberate northern Goryeo. Yi was successful in his campgain, finally eliminating Enma from his country and uniting Goryeo's two halves once more.

Yi has established a relationship with the Libertà Pirates, selling his Kingdom's highly sought after Dragon-Turtle ships to the Yonko and hosted a large banquet for him. After sinking a few of the Yonko, Esposito Dante's ship, he captured his men, rather than kill them so he could interrogate where they came from. Upon learning of who they belonged to, Yi demanded that their ships were rapaired and they would be sent off with a gift for Dante, being a Dragon-Turtle ship. Dante was not only impressed with Yi's ships enough to purchase them, but impressed with his naval capabilites as he was able to sink his scouting ships but not kill any men on the ship, only further showcasing Yi's naval prowess, ability to establish deals, and work with foreign parties in order to build his Kingdom.

Yi also has a deal with Angrboda Houshoku, in which he purchases her strongest metal, Houshokium. Yi uses Houshokium, combined with Adam wood created from his First-Mate's, Zai Zai no Mi prowess to create the Dragon Turtle ships.

During his years as a pirate, Yi has refined his naval prowess and with the help of his Dragon-Turtle ship, he has been able to take out Marine fleets. Vice-Admiral Photelle Milan is a victim to Yi's naval prowess, as she's had her fleet destroyed by him 1 year ago in which Milan was able to flee with only 2 ships remaining her her fleet of 8. Milan is one of the most intelligent beings in the Marines, but even her future-sight couldn't spar here from the nigh un-paralleled naval stategeies that Yi wields.

Yi has made an attempt to expand his territory and claim Transylvania, an island formerly under the control of now deceased ex-Shichibukai, Himawari. He successfully wiped out the island's remaining millitary forces, and gained control of the island. His free reign was short as he was oppossed by Vice-Admiral Alarie Maëlys. Yi and Maëlys engaged in a heated battle on both land and sea in Transylvania, which resulted in a draw. Both prospects admired one another's strength, and Maëlys noticed the potential in having Yi as an ally rather than enemy. Maëlys offered a deal to Yi in which she would recommned him to become of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, if she was allowed to create a stronghold on Transylvania. Yi agreed, to these terms and it would be beneficial to both parties.

Being the consumer of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Ao Guang, is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a hybrid ao guang and full ao guang at will, making them a Ao Guang Human (アオ グアング人間 Ao Guang Ningen?). This fruit has a been a major factor in his victory, as he's been able to completely drown enemy fleets via his Mythical Ability.


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If I have to set down my life for my country to be free, then I WILL DO SO WITHOUT ANY HESITATION
— Yi sun-sin explaining his conviction.

Yi used to be a very strict, and to-the books kind of man as he raised as a millitary brat. Upon joining his Kingdom's millitary, he easily rose through the ranks with this conviction. The Goryeo military was in desperate need of an un-corrupt leader amongst their corrupted military system, and Yi was the perfect man for the job. Modest, honest, humble, genuine, determined and brave are the words that perfectly describe Yi. He believes in the abilities of his subordinates, putting a strong trust in them that he expects to be reciprocated.

Once he became a pirate, his morals engaged in a downwards spiral. He became capable of taking the life of another being effortlessly. To Yi, this was a necessary feature in the seas of the New World. With his country on the brink of famine, he had no choice but to displace his former convictions. Yi evolved into a true pirate, as his love for the materialistic treasure, booze and woman skyrocketed.

Yi felt that if his only purpose in life was to serve and protect his country, and do it flawlessly as a pirate, why should he bar himself from the festivities that accompany the life style. Despite his formal morals declining, Yi still believed in doing everything right. When transporting goods, stolen or purchased, Yi has always had his priorities straight. When he needed to bring weapons, food and water back to southern Goryeo within two weeks, he'd complete his task before participating in any celebrations. This same conviction is one of the any things that has earned Yi the epithet, Incorruptible.

He has showcased a natural affinity for teaching others, being a master swordsman, martial artist, and archer. Yi's method of teaching and orderly way of conducting his duties is dangerously contagious. He has dedicated his life to helping and building people in a way so that they go on and help others.

Yi also considers himself a comedian, as he is capable of making the right jokes at the right time. Like his way of helping and building others, Yi wields contagious laughter. This also helps him deepen the relationship he holds with his subordinates. He feels that laughter is the best medicine, and so he uses it as often as possible to cure his friends from their doubts.


Yi is what you would called a people magnet, and is capable of attracting many different people and friends, and this has become a definitive factor in the construction of his crew.

Goryeo Pirates

Ryu seong-ryong

Ryu is the First-Mate of the Goryeo Pirates and also the crews shipwright, but most importantly Yi's bestfriend. The respect and regard that he holds Yi to, is greater than any other being. Yi has put his line in the life for Ryu a countless amount of times, only solidifying how much Ryu means to Yi.


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As previously mentioned, Yi is the consumer of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Ao Guang, is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a hybrid ao guang and full ao guang at will, making them a Ao Guang Human (アオ グアング人間 Ao Guang Ningen?).


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