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The Yonko are the four most notorious and powerful pirate captains in the world. They are not allies nor are they strictly enemies of one another. Rather, the four prefer to remain autonomous under most circumstances.

These four individually reside within the second half of the Grand Line commonly known as the "New World", exerting impressive influence and control over dozens of other pirate crews and self-governing islands. They make up one of The Three Great Powers.


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Abilities & Powers


As an entity, the Yonko's are one of the Three Great Powers of the world, the others being the Marines and the Shichibukai. Their strength and influence are such that they live as though they are sovereigns over their own territories, doing mostly as they please.

Individually, the Yonkos are considered to be the most powerful pirates in the world, with devastatingly powerful, versatile Devil Fruit abilities, immense physical strength, endurance, and durability, and/or sheer mastery of Haki. Their individual bounties are the highest in the world, with their bounties towering over Bsymbol.gif2 Billion the highest being Bsymbol.gif5 billion. The only known pirate who ever had a higher bounty than them was the late Pirate King himself.

In addition, two of the four Yonko's were once members of the legendary Redbeard Pirates, which was considered one of the world's strongest pirate crew of their time, rivaling even the Pirate King and his crew. It is feared among both the World Government and the Marines that an alliance between two of the Four Emperors could lead to the formation of the strongest pirate crew in recorded history, and that the collective bounty of such an organization's captains alone would easily dwarf that of even the Pirate King himself.

Physical Abilities

Donk E. Kong's Physical Abilities

Bloodbeard's Physical Abilities

Dante's Physical Abilities

London Jack's Physical Abilities

Devil Fruits

Donk E. Kong's Devil Fruit

Kong possesses the Kumo Kumo no Mi, an Awakened, Logia-type Devil Fruit with the power of the heavens at his disposal. A Devil Fruit considered to be the most powerful of all the Yonko's Devil Fruits. This Fruit allows him to generate, manipulate and become clouds at will. This allows him to create monstrous weather storms from his very body.

With this power, he is able to generate weather phenomenon's and is able to produce various elements that are originated from disaster storms. He can use different attack to formulate their weather quantities and energies for many uses. He can stimulate the creation of any form of precipitation such as rain or fog, generate winds in varying degrees of intensity up to and including hurricane force, raise or lower the humidity and temperature in his immediate vicinity, induce lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena, and disperse natural storms so as to create clear change. He can generate certain atmospheric effects, such as bolts of lightning, with his hands. He has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate the ocean currents with abilities. With his Awakened abilities, Kong is able to extend his control to the very clouds above him, manipulating them as he sees fit. This allows him to completely control the clouds in the sky, granting him undisputed control of the natural weather creating wind and thunderstorms that cover up a small portion of the world. With the manipulation of the weather this also grants him control of the very ocean as well, manipulating the ocean currents as an extension of his control. This power effects the unnatural phenomenon of the New World even further, turning the already unpredictable weather into a wild frenzy.

With this power, Kong rules over the Sky Islands of the New World as God, turning into an empire in his image.

Bloodbeard's Devil Fruit

Bloodbeard possesses an Awakened, Special Paramecia-type called the Dara Dara no Mi which gives him the ability to transform, manipulate and generate his blood at his disposal

This allows him to augment his own physical capabilities beyond his natural capabilities making him capable destructive feats by his bear hands alone. He is also able to generate seemingly endless amount of blood and form it into any kind of constructs to the size of an island, he is also able harden his blood stronger then a diamond making it nearly indestructible, and manipulate its properties however he wishes. Using his special Paramecia powers he also can transform into blood at will, an effect that is known to Logia types to avoid any attacks when combined with Haki. Using his Awakened powers, he is able transform almost entire island into blood, turning the very landscape itself into his own weapon.

With this power, he rules over his territories with iron fist. Using his powers to over whelm his opponents in a sea of blood and provide perfect indestructible defenses and invincible weapons with devastating attack power at his disposal. Unleashing his power over his entire island as a manifestation of his rage.

Dante's Devil Fruit

Dante ate the Paramecia-type Kōjō Kōjō No Mi, a powerful devil fruit that turns Dante's body into the properties of plants.


All four yonkos are known to have obtained and achieved complete mastery of all three powers of Haki's. A feat that is considered extremely rare especially in the New World as there are very small number of people in the world capable of utilizing all three types of Haki. While all the Yonko's are extremely versatile in all forms of Haki and capable of extremely powerful feats. All four Yonko's are especially skilled in their Haoshoku Haki, as a single attack from them infused with their Haoshoku Haki, especially when clashing against another Yonko in a Haoshoku Clash, it causes a rippling or shockwave effect that is capable of splitting the sky in half and creates a massive shockwave that spreads across an entire island and capable of nearly capsizing an enormous ship. A feat that has not yet to be achieved by anyone else.


Though undeniably powerful in their own right, much of the Yonko's martial strength can be attributed to their large crews filled with hundreds or even thousands of elite combatants; as well as to their close alliances with other pirate captains.

Each of the Yonko's pirate crew's consist of over tens of thousands of soldiers that have sworn their allegiance to them and led by their main crew members, further boosted by an unknown number of subordinate crews that affiliated with them in order to receive protection under their position as a Yonko. They gain even further an additional support by the allies of their territories grant them access to their armies and warriors that pledge under their command. Esposito Dante rallied over 200 islands of different races under his command, further strengthening the might of his fleet

Due to the sheer size of their crews, the Yonko's utilize a number executive officers to lead their forces. Because of their great strength and exposure as the top brass for the Yonko's crews, they are regarded as a huge threat by the Marines, second only to their captains. Kong has the two most entrusted and strongest members of his crew the Yin and Yang. Bloodbeard has the four Primal Eminations, the top strongest members of his crew. Esposito Dante has the Angeli e Demoni highest ranking titles the crew has which consists of highly dedicated followers within his crew. These top officers are seen to be able to contend with the elites of the other two Great Powers. However, even the strongest of these executives cannot compare to the Yonko's themselves.

Even with their already vast amount of resources and strong subordinates, the Yonko's continually seek to further their military might.

It is common knowledge in the New World that there are only two methods of surviving in the New World; one is to become the subordinate of an Emperor and be protected under the umbrella of their dominion. The other is to constantly oppose their authority.


Accordingly, each of the Yonko's have a large number of territories that they govern within the New World. The Yonko's provide protection to all who reside within their territories, keeping the borders safe from any faction that may wish to invade them. Because of their power, the Yonko's can declare any chosen locations as their own. The mere declaration is often enough to compel others, both Marines and pirates alike, to acknowledge and respect their authority. Because of the dark history of Fish-Man Island, it is considered a treasure trove of fish-men and merfolk that would be considered a high price on the black market, because of that, during the beginning of the Great Pirate Era, the Island became crime-ridden location of kidnapping with pirates taking any one they can before selling them as slaves. This ended when one of the Yonko's declared the crime-ridden Fish-Man Island to be under their control, which immediately ended all pirate attacks on the island as well as its slave trade. It also prevented any future attempts, due to the pirates being too afraid to take the risk of opposing their authority.

The Yonko's themselves are the linchpin to their respective crews' influence in the world. They feared that if

reigning captains were to die in some way, their crew and the entire empire that they've created would collapse and all the locations they declared to be their territory would instantly open for attacks and for other Emperors to take, and the remnants of their Pirate crews would be mainly shunned aside by the crew that usurped their infamy in the great sea.

Balance of the Three Powers

It is only with the combined efforts of the Marines and the Shichibukai, as well as the distrust amongst themselves, that keeps their power in check. When they need to engage against the Yonko's, the Marines and Shichibukai need to fight together just to engage with one of the Yonko's, their crew, and their entire allies. The arrival of a second Emperor, and their crew, immediately proven too much for them to handle, showing the power and influence they have without even needing to resort to combat.

The Yonko's themselves are not a coalition like the Shichibukai, and they follow their own discrete agendas. Nevertheless, some of the Emperors still have the intention of locating the One Piece and becoming Pirate King, while other Emperors have no such interest in doing so.

The possibility of two or more of the Four Emperors forming an alliance is enough of a threat to cause the World Government to panic, that when one of the Emperors choose to engage with another, even for the sole purpose of discussing with each other. The World Government and Marines alike fears that the two Emperors would unify, creating a much more imposing threat that would disrupt the balance between the Great Powers. A war between two of the Four Emperors is considered a terrifying crisis as well, as any encounter against the two, no matter how small and short they might have been is enough to take the Marines by shock and awe, putting the World Government in a cold sweat.

Though very powerful, they do have potential threats from even lower ranked fighters and pirates. However, because of their immense power, it is necessary for factions aiming to oppose them to first form an alliance with other factions in order to bring any member of the Yonko's down. However, even with pirate crews forming multiple alliances, the chances of defeating an Emperor are still extremely low.

The relationship between the Yonko's can best described as a four-way standoff. Due to how much power each of them have, they try to avoid warring with one another since it would result in massive casualty for both sides, leaving the victor vulnerable to the remaining Emperors.



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