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Yoshikage Kinji is a renown Swordsman and the captain of the Slaughtering Pirates. He gained notoriety during his rampage across the world, hence his pirate crew's name. Kinji would meet strong opponents while rampaging across the world that would later on join his crew and help him in the killing.


Normal Appearance

Yoshikage Kinji has red eyes and red long hair that goes down his back. He wears a skin tight shirt and a mask. He also wears the lower parts of his other outfit with this outfit.

Other Appearance

This outfit is what he usually wears. Kinji wears his normal outfit with a grey kimono and a destroyed blue robe ontop of it with blood stains on it. Together with this he wears a big Kasa.


Kinji was a happy child, eager to please and be worthy of his family name. This changed after his older brother died by unknown circumstances, the person he most admired in the world. He became cold toward others, unmoved by and uninterested in what they do or think of him, choosing instead to keep to himself. He would then go to villages and murder everyone he could. He lied to himself saying that it was to become a better swordsman, but in reality it was because the loss of his brother was too much for him and it damaged his mental health quit a lot.

Yoshikage Kinji is a cynical and shrewd individual, along with a somewhat twisted sense of humour. Kinji expresses great pride in his power, believing himself to be the strongest swordsmen in the world due to his belief that a swordsman's strength is determined by the amount of people they have killed, which earned Kinji nothing but disapproval from his brethren, especially Yoshikage Yasu. Conversely, Kinji openly acknowledged the fact that he alone doesn't stand a chance against Heiwa, the current strongest swordsman. It is also shown that Kinji cares deeply about Yoshikage Reiji, viewing him with great respect and even shed tears after he had imparted his final words.

Years of receiving negative treatment caused Kinji to develop intense hostility and distrust against people, even going as far as proclaiming himself to be the living embodiment of hatred. Kinji was aggressive, arrogant, cruel, cold and ambitious, and kill anyone who stood in his path. His reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness began as a child when his brother got killed and he went on a rampage killing anyone he could find. Although he could not get himself to killing his remaining family members.


Kinji wields two identical cursed blades, their ranking is currently unknown. Not much is known about these blades, other then their names and that they are cursed blades.


Muramasa is one of the blades owned by Yoshikage Kinji. The only information we know about it is that is is a cursed blade together with its twin blade, Murasame.


Murasame (Villain Rain) is another blade owned by Yoshikage Kinji. Not much is known about the blade, other then it is a cursed blade and it is the twin blade of Muramasa.




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