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"Wasteland" Z. Spark is a Kangaroo Mink from the Mink Tribe who later went on his own journey around the world. He was originally a member of his own pirate crew, the Spark Pirates, before he eventually joins the Wukong Pirates[1]. He used to live in Zou before moving out when he was younger to explore the world. He also goes by Rusan by some of those closer to him most notably his real name back when he lived on Zou.

Spark is well known for his acid powers and often studies as a scientist/chemist as a side job in order to enhance the capabilities of his own powers. He also is a frequent visitor of Kyoto Island known for it's coffee and often refers to it as his second home especially after the events of the war. He also tends to visit The Drain often times to do light training until after the war where he takes it a lot further.


Spark is a very tall kangaroo Mink that has black hair with a green lighting mark symbol in his hair. He also has many scars over his body due to his many fights in the past.



Name Nickname Bounty
Z. Spark "Wasteland" Bsymbol.gif200,000,000
First Bounty: Explain briefly how your character received his/her first bounty.

Second Bounty: Explain how your character got his/her second bounty (and so on)


  1. Pungent Clouds: Spark officially joins the Wukong Pirates.