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As a top fighter of the Wukong Pirates, Z. Spark is a very powerful individual. Being a Mink, Spark has access to Electro and him being a kangaroo gives him immense strength in his legs. Having a bounty of Bsymbol.gif1,010,500,000 shows that the World Government views Spark as an extreme threat. Spark's powers and abilities have been praised to the point he is considered Kong's successor.[1]

Physical abilities

Spark after breaking apart a massive boulder with ease.

Even without his Devil Fruit powers, Spark is extremely powerful. He is strong enough to casually burst through solid steel doors and pick up large boulders without a problem. Spark was shown to be able to stop entire battleships by pushing against them with all of his might. He can also stop cannonballs with ease though most times it's thanks to containing him with with his acid powers. One of Spark's greatest physical feats is being able to carry massive boulders up the infamous The Drain of Kyoto Island which is one of the deepest and hottest places in the world. He was even able accomplish this by wearing chains made of seastone around his body while carrying them up saying that his physical body will get stronger without the use of his Devil Fruit powers.

Devil Fruit

Main article: San San no Mi

Z. Spark ate the San San no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to control, manipulate, and transform into acid. Spark is able to manipulate different types of acid from corrosive ones to even explosive ones. Spark as enough control to transform into a vapor form of acid that is odorless and colorless making it efficient for suffocation. He is also able to travel much quicker in the air in this state. Spark also shows that he can transform his acid into three different states with green being the weakest, yellow being very harmful, and red/crimson being extremely dangerous and corrosive. Spark also likes to shapeshift using his powers into acid creatures of his powers most notably a giant dragon.[2] Another useful aspect of these powers is that the user can generate an acid that can rust and/or melt through metals making it effective for breaking into heavily metaled areas.

Spark has also awakened his powers and can breathe life into his acidic beings. He also has shown to have extreme control over his creations.


Sniping skills

Z. Spark is very skilled at sniping as he trained himself with a gun ever since he was younger. Spark was even shown to be able to snipe a man through the skull from several miles away through a window without even looking in his direction.[3] Although Spark himself states that his sniping skills is a "side skill" and rather fights with his natural Mink abilities and Electro.


Spark carries around a special flintlock that is resistant to his acid powers even that of his crimson form. The flintlock is often use to store any of Spark's acid rounds and fire them from afar striking opponents with powerful rounds that could melt them on contact. Spark often keeps his flintlock inside of his body until it is time to fight with it.

When forced to fight with swords, Spark does wield a sabre that he also uses to channel his Electro through. However, Spark will often times go with the powers of his Electro and Devil Fruit.


After living near in Skypeia for awhile, Z. Spark has able to get his hands on a variety of Dials including some that he has been able to incorporate himself. Each of these Dials have been modified to not melt within Spark's acidic body whenever he uses his techniques and some of these he has been able to create himself using his powers.


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  2. Pungent Clouds: Spark shows off most of his acid techniques.
  3. Coffee is a Weak Form of Acid: Spark shoots Dreadnaught from miles away from inside of a cafe.
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