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Personality and Relationships



Spark is an, overall, very calm and serious individual. He often is seen relaxing and smoking whenever he isn't in a fight. Spark rarely likes to get into thorough conversations and whenever speaking to someone that isn't part of his team, he will often brush them aside and not give them the time of day. Spark tends to refer to himself as a "loner" as he would rather be left alone to do his own things rather than directly interact too commonly. It is often believed this is because of his Devil Fruit powers, the San San no Mi, being super hazardous to be around considering Spark tends to breathe out acid fumes that can hurt others (though he has completely control of how and when they are expelled).

Back in his early 20s, Spark was extremely arrogant and confident believing he has one of the best Logia powers around and often makes example by drenching people and corrupting islands in his acid.



Spark and Yueliang had a very bumpy start but grew to be close friends. Yueliang, at first, didn't like Spark's overconfidence and arrogance due to his Logia powers. Spark used to chastise Yueliang saying that even though he was a "fellow Logia", his powers didn't compare to his. However, Yueliang would often try to keep a level-head about it and hope to just try to change Spark for the better. After Spark was helped by Yueliang from a situation against the Marines, Spark grew to respect Yueliang especially with the latter being able to trigger his Sulong from at any time. The two were considered nearly unstoppable together until, one day, Yueliang was killed in a pirate raid after taking a hit from a seastone sword intended for Spark. Yueliang died in Spark's arms telling him to "keep following his dreams and never look back." and Spark goes on a rampage killing all of the pirates in the process. Spark then noticed Yueliang's Devil Fruit respawn nearby and decided to keep it to himself as a memento to his friend.

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