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Zane Deadwood is the Co-Captain of the FAA pirates and was a world noble. He was also the captain of the Seven Deadly Pirates. His dream is to see the world and entertain the less fortunate. his main role on the ship is teaching his partner how to be a full fledged captain. He was born in North Blue


Zane is a rather tall man standing at 6ft'3. He has long shoulder length hair with natural pink highlights. he also has a large scar from the tip of his eyebrow to the lower part of his eye. He wears a purple button up long sleeve shirt with a black vest and flat black dress pants. He wears the former Marine admiral Kuzan's over coat, calling it his favorite possession.


Heres a quick list of all Zane's bounties through his years as a pirate.

1st Bounty: 178,000,000- he got this bounty by stealing Kuzan's jacket

2nd Bounty: 399,000,000- his bounty was increased when he attacked several marine bases

3rd Bounty: 800,000,000- his bounty was increased again when he broke out of Impel Down: Level 5

Abilities And Powers

Haki: Zane his a master practitioner of Busoshoku Haki , allowing him to imbued haki into his petals to create a more deadly attack and defense.

Whips: Zane fights with whips, showing his beauty and elegance in the heat of combat, he implanted seastone into his whip to make his strikes much more painful to devil fruit users.

Devil Fruit: Zane has mastered his Rōzu Rōzu No Mi, making him a very deadly opponent.


Zane is a very laid back man, showing no shock or surprise from almost anything. Due to being a Logia type "and lack of interest", he tends get into alot of fights and miscommunication, many of his opponents think he is a low level fighter due to this. He often lets his enemies go instead of beating them, in a sense to give them a second chance, this leads to him getting hurt and damaged. But on the other hand if they underestimate him it could be very fatal.