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Zero D. Echo (also known as Echo the Basilisk) is a Humink and a member of the Marines. She is also a part of the Zensuke Family and goes under the name Zensuke Echo. She also leads her own small army known as B.A.T. that rounds up pirates and either send them to Impel Down or forced to work under her.


Personality and Relationships

"Everything must be done as on point as possible! I don't give a damn how much you ache and how strict I'm being! We will get our job done even if you have to die!"
—Echo voicing her beliefs.


Due to her harsh training under Zero D. Rooke, Echo has developed a strong hatred toward both him and pirates in general. Echo is a firm follower of Strict Justice where she feels that everything must be done as precise as possible in a short amount of time. If a Marine she feels isn't worthy enough for their duty, Echo is quick to kill him off by turning that person into stone. She will even overwork any Marines she feels has potential but needs to be pushed through their limits. This even includes poisoning them with her venom and forcing them to achieve a certain goal before the venom kills them.

As strict she is toward her own men, Echo is even more ruthless toward pirate. As per Echo's words, "Any pirate that decided to become a pirate has already signed their death certificate." Echo feels like having them slowly rot away in Impel Down is well enough punishment but gets more pleasure in seeing them work. Echo will often overwork stronger pirates she believes has potential and force them to eventually working under her crew.

Abilities and Powers


As a Bat Humink, Echo has most of the powers and abilities of a bat which includes flight and enhanced hearing. Combing this with her use of the Rokushiki and this makes her a very effective fighter in combat. Especially once she activates her Devil Fruit powers and becomes even more powerful.

Due to her harsh training under Rooke, Echo has superhuman strength and durability being shown to kick open large boulders with ease. Echo is also fast enough to move around in the air even without using Soru or Geppo and even match pure-blooded Minks on terms of raw speed.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Hemi Hemi no Mi, Model: Basilisk

Echo ate the Hemi Hemi no Mi, Model: Basilisk, a Mythical Zoan-class Devil Fruit that allows her to transform into a basilisk hybrid or full beast form. One of the major advantages of this fruit is that staring into Echo's eyes in this form will cause the victim to be turned into stone forcing her opponents to fight her without opening their eyes or some form of protection (like shades). Echo can also produce her own type of venom that, after being injected, will kill the victim slowly and painfully after a day. There is no known cure for the venom but it can be weakened with the skills of a professional doctor.


Raised as a Pirate, Hates them in Return

Echo was born to Zero D. Rooke and a bat Mink long time ago and her mother, at one point, disappeared due to Rooke's rash personality. Echo always deeply hated Rooke for driving her mother away without caring to get her back. However, Rooke is a man that cherishes power before all else and wanted to mold his daughter to being one of the toughest pirates around. Even at the tender age of 3, Rooke would subject Echo to harsh training such as making her dodge large boulders, having her fight against strong wild animals, and even forcing her to fight him despite being much stronger than she is. Rooke will often state that this is how pirates do things and that she'll have to get used to it since she will have to follow in his footsteps one day to be one. This even includes robbing from people, killing them, or even causing trouble for the hell of it. Of course, Echo despised every bit of Rooke's ideology as a pirate and has grown to hate them to a personal level.

One day, Rooke and his smaller at the time crew were facing the Marines and Rooke, who had Echo with him at the time, would often try to teach her how the Marines are the enemy and that they should always take them down when the time comes. However, as Rooke and his crew were fighting the Marines, Echo watched as some would get some people away to safety and even help each other at times. Echo kept to herself that she hated pirates thanks to her own father but she sees how noble the Marines are and sees them as the better occupation to strive for. Rooke and his crew finished off the Marines and told Echo that one day, she'll be facing and killing them as well. Of course, deep down, Echo knows she wasn't going to go by this.

Over 15 years later of intense training of pure bloodshed, Rooke feels like it would be time for Echo to finally become a true pirate. He then gives her a Devil Fruit that will allow her to transform into the powerful mythological creature, the Basilisk, who has extremely potent venom and can turn people to stone via staring at them. Rooke was hoping to hold Echo into a merciless killing machine that worked under him and obeyed all of his orders. Echo, with a smirk, eats the Devil Fruit and was then able to transform into a large basilisk that, even at her younger age at the time, towered over Rooke. Rooke was pleased as he felt like he had probably his strongest subordinate under his control and that was a problem Rooke had: He only saw his daughter as a tool rather than his own daughter. With her new powers, Echo slowly turned toward Rooke and activated her powers by staring into his eyes and slowly turning him into stone.

"Father, sorry, but am your tool no longer! I'm going to be a Marine!" shouted Echo as she was about halfway of turning him completely into stone. Without hesitation, Rooke ordered his men to shoot down Echo to prevent the stone turning process. After getting blasted with many bullets that didn't really affect her, Echo let loose a poisons breath that would poison and confuse all of Rooke's crew. Echo then decided to leave Rooke thanking him for all the years of training and causing her to despise the one thing he wanted her to be: pirates. Echo flies off hoping to find a way to get recognized by the Marines and Rooke was upset more by that he gave a powerful Devil Fruit to someone that turned against him.

Becoming a Marine

Echo eventually wounded up on a distant island where there was a war between the Marines and a pirate crew. They were destroying buildings with their cannon fire and other things. Echo knew that helping out the Marines would be a good way to get noticed by them and decided to get into the battle. Using her new powers and all of the harsh training from her father, Echo was able to knock away pirates one by one. It was amazing how easily she was able to dispatch of the pirates using her half Mink heritage to get the edge in speed over them. When there was a brief pause doing the war with the pirates appearing to trying to get the Marines to allow her to help and join them.

However, the Marines shrugged telling her to get off of the battlefield as a Humink like her cannot join. As Echo tries to convince them even more, the pirate captain, Lopez Trappe, appeared and was pissed off at everyone for taking out his crew. Echo then knows that taking him on will be her one shot way to becoming a Marine and decides to take on Trappe. She tries to instantly end the battle by turning him into stone but it had no effect on Trappe as he wore shades that were able to block off that part of her powers. Trappe laughed saying that it won't work and suddenly starts sending explosive claps toward her and the Marines. The Marines were dispatched of but Echo was able to easily avoid them. Trappe revealed he ate the Nito Nito no Mi and is able to create explosions from his sweat at will. Trappe sends more explosions Echo's way but she was able to get in close and hit him.

Trappe was also able to land in some hits as Echo got close but most attacks didn't do too much to her. This was thanks to her intense training she was forced through by Rooke. At one point, Echo was able to get some of her poison into Trappe and told him she had the battle won. However, Trappe wasn't going down and suddenly uses his strongest technique that involves transforming into a large dragon made of nitro. Trappe was intending on blowing up that entire side with a strong burst of explosions but, suddenly a green beam travels through the dragon which damages Trappe enough to revert back into his normal form. Echo turned around in shock wondering where that intense beam came from.

There was suddenly a line of Marines as a tall man with Fox ears, tails, and tint-green glasses walked down the path.The Marines then salute and proceeded to say "Nice work, Vice Admiral Fermi sir!" Echo was shocked to hear them say "Vice Admiral" as the younger, then Vice Admiral at the time Fermi looks at Trappe's defeated body. "You lot told me you were going to handle this in a short amount time. 10 minutes later, nothing! Be more accelerated next time!" shouted Fermi whom all of the Marines shouted "YES SIR!!!" Fermi then proceeds to look at Trappe knowing he is poisoned and urges a Marine to get him treated as he must suffer in Impel Down for his crimes. As Fermi was about to leave, Echo finally decided to speak up.

"Sir! A-Are you a Vice Admiral right!? My name is Zero D. Echo and I would like to be a Marine!" said Echo who was obviously nervous. Fermi quickly turned around to see who addressed her. Fermi could tell she was strong but lacked any experience to be strong on her own. However, the names "Zero D." did struck him.

"Zero D. You're related to that infamous Rookie that has been making a name for himself Zero D. Hooke?" said Fermi who spoke in a stern tone. Echo, knowing it's pointless to lie, confirms so but says that his training has caused her to hate pirates and wants to be a Marine instead. Fermi chuckles for a bit before telling her that it takes more than just power to be a Marine requiring dedication and a drive. He then said that Trappe was a pirate captain with the Devil Fruit power but even he wasn't that big of a threat as Echo struggled to beat him. Echo then got on her knees to express how she felt and why she wants to be a Marine.

"My father forced my mother to bear me as their child and didn't even give a damn that she ran away! Every day of my life since I was 3, he did nothing but abuse me and forced me into training regimens that is unheard of! He showed me all the kinds of death and destruction people like him cause toward others and it sickens me! I don't want to put my hard work into killing innocents, I want to put it to good use by taking down no-good cowardly Marines like that man! Please! I know I am part Mink but I see you are one as well Vice Admiral! I will work hard every day to put toward bringing Justice toward pirates! I assure you!" said Echo who was then in a bowing position.

Fermi takes a brief moment to overhear and think about Echo's words. Fermi could tell that Echo's backstory is very similar to his own. He also liked to hear she values hard work toward protecting the innocent and knows that her being a humink could hurt her chances at being one. After a deep sigh, Fermi turns around walking away before speaking again. "It is true, a Humink like you could never get into the Marines that easily. I had to do a lot myself to get noticed. However, you seem to have the same drive as me when it comes to hard work and dedication so I will allow you to come along with us. However, if you don't meet our expectations, you will be cast out. Is that clear?" said Fermi. Echo eagerly confirms so and follows Fermi onto his ship to realize her goal as a Marine.

Joining Cipher Pol

Over the years, Echo was being trained by the toughest of Marines under Fermi's recommendation. Of course, Fermi himself is too busy lately to train her himself but has been keeping track on how she is doing. He is pleased that she is at hard work training and going on missions to take down pirates but notices she is too reliant on her Devil Fruit powers such as turning people to stone and injecting them with poison instead of fighting them face on.

One day, as Echo was training to herself, Fermi offered something that could help improve her physical skills while, at the same time, making use of her unique powers. "All of that training is going to waste because you are too reliant of poisoning your foes and turning them into stone so suddenly. I think you need to join a certain branch to hone your skills better and to put good use of those powers. It is called Cipher Pol." said Fermi to Echo. Echo has heard of Cipher Pol but only for a brief moment when certain Marines were gossiping about them. Fermi told the agent in charge that to at least put her through the Rokushiki training and see how she will go from there and assigned different missions to her.

After the recommendation, Echo underwent the Cipher Pol training starting to master her body to becoming more of a weapon. She was stated to be lucky to undergo the training after eating a Mythical Zoan saying that Zoan-types are better suited for close-combat. As so, Echo underwent the training and was able easily master all of the Rokushiki. She was promoted directly to CP-5 to see how she will handle in certain missions and thanks to being able to poison people and turn them into stone. Echo was able to carry out assignation missions easily even including higher-ranked members of the Revolutionaries. Eventually, she was even promoted to CP-9 where she would remain for many years. Echo was even offered the position of CP-0 but turned it down after deciding to become a full Marine again.

Back to the Marines

After being with CP-0 for many years, Echo decided she wanted to be involved in the front lines a lot more again wanting to exact Justice to pirates personally. Many were surprised and amazed that she wanted to transfer back despite having a good place in Cipher Pol. Fermi, himself likes how much effort Echo put into her Rokushiki training and told her she could be Vice Admiral material only after proving herself more first. Echo would then go on different assignments including helping liberate a pirate crew from taking over an island, rescue kidnapped people, and even assisting in training new recruits helping some learn some Rokushiki techiques that could help them in the fight against pirates.

However, there was a big pirate raid at Mary Geoise where more pirate crews attempted to kidnap World Nobles and rescue slaves. Then admiral at the time Fermi asked for Echo's assistance along with a bunch of personally trained Marines of course to help take down the pirates. Fermi, himself, witnessed how hard working and devoted to Justice Echo is and believed she could be of usage. Sure enough, Echo was able to easily help liberate the pirates thanks to her Rokushiki training and better use of her Devil Fruit powers. It was then that Fermi believed she would be ready for Vice Admiral and can even create her own smaller organization of fighters that were personally trained by her (known as B.A.T.)