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Take heed and read before I show you my might when the moon is bright!

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Zero D. McCloud (also goes by Multiplies) is the Commander of the East Army of the Revolutionary Army lead by Angrboda D. Seiryuu.


"I'm like the two sides of each coin. Heads: I'm the easy, fun-loving guy that just loves to lay around and eat and play! Tails: I can be very mischievous and I'm not afraid to impersonate even a loved one to make you think they hurt or even killed you in cold blood. The just urge of seeing someone's broken after that... excites me... But I'm a pirate! I'm supposed to be bad right? My father is a bad guy but my brother and my mother are both good guys! Should I be bad to balance it out? Should I side with the good just to oppose my dad? He loves me! He hates my brother! It's quite difficult! Keeheeseesee... I'm getting off track. I'll let you know I play by my own rules. If you do anything to piss me off, I'll make you sure you pay. I could care less who you are..."
—McCloud defining his whole character.

McCloud is a very easygoing and laidback character. He often loves meditating to himself at night and loves eating sweets. However, McCloud can be a very tricky person often playing pranks on others and impersonating other people in order to catch them off guard. His father, Zero D. Rooke, claims that this tricker side came from having his "Hate Plague" passed into him but McCloud says that he felt this way after consuming his Devil Fruit at the age of 5. This is demonstrated at times where he does let his more sadistic side show whenever he is serious. When he was younger, McCloud would often hunt around in his full kitsune form and eat/kill smaller animals for the pure fun. Many claim that he has an alternate personality but McCloud defuses this saying "It is me! It's fun to be a little crazy sometimes!"

McCloud, as stated by his quote above, has difficulty at first deciding to be either good like his mother and brother or bad just like his dad. McCloud eventually decided on neither and would rather do things on his own. Being a pirate, McCloud hates the Marines but can't hate his brother Hooverson. He also hate how his father, Rooke, conquers islands and even conquered one in his name but can't hate him either due to Rooke showing small compassion for him.

McCloud also has a large passion for eating unique food. Whenever he is on a new island, he has the habit of wanting to try out their unique dishes. If he likes the food, he happily eats it down with his tails swaying happily. If he doesn't, his face will scrunch up and will spit out the food.

McCloud also has a unique laugh: "Keeheeseesee" which sounds similar to a fox chuckle fitting his personality.

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